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CrimStudent47 chapter 70 . 7/31
hi! I just found your steps five days ago and I just finished reading it, it was intense, scary, funny and kept me coming back for more. It was amazing and I do hope one day you might add more to it, but I really enjoyed it up till this point! Thank you for writing it.
Jj chapter 70 . 5/26
Hope you decide to update. It's a shame when great writters stop writting their fics, especially when the fic has a great plot, great character developing has been going on for years and has faithful readers from the beggining now, waiting fir an update, or at least a message or something letting us now you will stop updating because, honestly, it's disrespectful
Guest chapter 70 . 3/21
Not quite another year, but getting there...please update! I know you're probably busy with life and everything, and that's fine and normal and to be expected, but I (and I'm sure others) would appreciate it if you came back to this, however if you're not in that place, that's okay too, and I'm sure all your fans will manage.
JoJo chapter 60 . 3/8
It feels so very out of character for Santana to let Rachel drink. Rachel is the one person that Santana has spent her entire life trying to protect, I just can't imagine her ever passing her a glass of vodka. Especially with Quinn there. They wouldn't let Rachel do that even if she hadn't gone through everything with Will and the car accident and the surgery. It could have been a scene with just Santana drinking alone, or her and Quinn drinking, but Rachel did not need to be a part of that. Put her in the scene if you must, but she shouldn't and wouldn't be drinking.
JoJo chapter 59 . 3/8
Ohhhhhhh my god I forgot how much I love Sugar. She is literally the best thing that ever happened to the story she just cracks me up. I just love how she tells it like it is (or how it is in her eyes) and doesn't tiptoe around shit or sugarcoat anything or put on that damn "Rachel needs pretty shiny happy things" face that the rest of the family wears around the midget. It's hilarious.
Zoologist chapter 70 . 3/5
Absolutely love this story, it is so beautifully written! I just recently reread all of it, hope you can update soon!
Guest chapter 70 . 3/3
Ok JoJo I am not going to get in a back and forth match with you over this but I would like to say since you feel the need to "review or critique" every chapter - be respectful about it and about other reviewers - he she or it was uncalled for. Secondly are you in the medical field or child services or a lawyer? I am not saying that the story is 100% accurate however I am not an expert in any of those fields and I suspect you are not either. This is not a documentary, this is a fiction and authors on this website are free to write what they want. I have read the other reviews for this story and most are great not all are "unicorns and rainbows" . It just that you are now bashing this poor author for each and every chapter ... If you could do it better post a story yourself.
JoJo chapter 33 . 3/3
To the reviewer who thinks he/she/it can tell me what to read or how to review: mind your own business. This author, like many other fanfic authors, asks for feedback and reviews. Feedback isn't always going to be sunshine and rainbows, you gotta take the positive with the negative.

I think there were some inaccuracies in this chapter, from a medical standpoint. The paramedics that brought Quinn and Rachel in after the car accident stated that there was internal bleeding. Rachel had been in and out of consciousness and had vomited, clear signs of a brain injury. Their first move would not be to perform a rape kit. They're going to focus on the life or death stuff first. The injuries from being molested, while no doubt traumatic, would be the least of their worries. Additionally, evidence can be collected up to 72 hours after so they certainly could have, and most likely would have, waited. Even if she didn't have those other injuries, they would not have performed a rape kit on someone that young without a parent/legal guardian present, especially knowing that the mother was nearby and already on her way. They certainly would not have allowed Quinn to be there and to see Rachel's injuries in her private areas. In all likelihood, considering the way Rachel was acting, they would have waited to do the rape kit until after the surgery, while she was still sedated. I'm not trying to be negative or nitpicky but you lose credibility when you sacrifice accuracy for more drama.
lovethestory chapter 70 . 3/2
JoJo - Im sorry but I am a very big fan of this story and while I have been rereading it as well I dont think that you should pick apart each and every chapter that you are reading. If you think the author is not treating Santana right then stop reading story - nobody asked you to read it and no one is forcing you to reread it - just stop reading and definitely stop reviewing - we get it - you are not a fan of Rachel or Quinn and you think she treats Santana worse than the others.

Let us enjoy the story and hope the author gets around to an update soon/ I for one hopes she doesnt get discouraged by all your reviews to not continue this story that so many have loved.

Beaner008 if you are still out there - please dont be discouraged - while its easy for someone to pick apart the story you have always been so faithful to us and you have never disappointed me when I get the update. I know Im not the only one - please update soon! I really miss this story
JoJo chapter 30 . 3/2
Please. Stop. Describing. Rachel. As. Tiny. We get it, we really do. However, you've also mentioned that she's about 75 pounds which honestly isn't all that small for an 11-year-old. Lower end of average, really. And definitely too big for everyone to always be picking her up and carrying her around. Maybe Bear or Pop Pop because they're rather big but 75 pounds is too much for someone like Santana to be lugging around. Trauma or not, no one Rachel's age should still be carried around.

I don't know what it is but Rachel is about 5,000 times more annoying the second time through as she was the first time I read this. I've started skipping over any scenes with her because she's so irritating and it's really unrealistic how you keep throwing one bad thing at her after another just to show that her suffering is somehow worse than Santana's or whatever your purpose is.
JoJo chapter 29 . 3/2
You just try too hard to make EVERYTHING so bad for Rachel and Quinn. It is so very unlikely that even one of them, let alone BOTH of them, would be randomly selected for inspection at the airport. Honestly, Quinn isn't even necessary in this story. It feels like you are trying to cram too many different storylines into one novel and it's so overcrowded. Just focusing on the Corcoran's past trauma, Rachel's current situation, Santana being outed, and Noah's struggle to find out where he belongs would be plenty.
JoJo chapter 26 . 3/1
Okay here is another chapter that became way to cluttered with unnecessary moments that really distracted from what should have been the main focus. You stated in the notes before the chapter that you hoped to do justice to Santana's outing but then you took away from it with other character's stories. There was no reason to throw in the loss of Quinn's baby, except to further your case that Quinn has it worse than Santana. And then you add the nasty comments from Ruth about Rachel because everything is always all about Rachel and how she has it worse than anyone. To top it off, Rachel freaks out and goes missing and of course accepts a ride from Will because we needed more scenes all about Rachel. You did exactly what Glee always did: took an idea that could have been really good and then stuffed in too much irrelevant stuff that distracts from the big issue. To make it all worse, Santana's outing and her personal struggle with her sexuality are pushed to the background and all but ignored in future
chapters. It's like Shelby has ONE conversation with her about it and then it's all but forgotten because again, Rachel and Quinn have much bigger are much more important problems. Honestly in this family I really understand why Santana is always screaming and throwing things and feeling angry or upset and worthless. I would feel worthless, too. I know she pushes people away and doesn't want to talk about things but everyone's excuses of "I'm just giving her space" or "I don't want to push her" or "She's just so angry" are total cop-outs. She's a kid and she needs help and everyone just leaves her to her own devices so of course she doesn't know how to cope with all those really strong feelings she has!
JoJo chapter 25 . 3/1
Re-reading the whole story since its been AGES since the last update. There are some things in this chapter that just bug me. I mean I love the story as a whole but some things are too repetitive and just drag the story out and make the chapters longer than they need to be.

First, it gets so tiring hearing about Rachel's eating habits. We get it, she's a spoiled brat whose mom has allowed to dictate what she will and will not eat. She "never outgrew" the shakes and smoothies? No one ever tried to make her change. Her lunch of a smoothie and energy bar is a "snack to the rest of the world" like who cares? We already know she's picky and has not been made to increase her food consumption. Its unnecessary details like this that make the chapters too long and cluttered and it's really not central to the plot. Along with that, you can stop telling us that Rachel is "tiny." I'm pretty sure that is the most commonly used word in the entire story. You told us at the beginning that she was small, we don't need seventeen reminders in every chapter. She's petite, we understand that. Additional comments by various characters about how small she is are, again, unnecessary for the plot and just clutter up the chapters. Also, the same goes for Quinn and her issues with eating.

On the topic of Rachel, I hate Joey yelling at San and Noah at the end of the chapter about Rachel disappearing. She's eleven and they shouldn't be responsible for tracking her whereabouts within the house.

Finally, the scene with Shelby screaming at Santana about skipping classes and telling her to "grow up" and asking "do you think I need this right now?" send a horrible message to Santana. Shelby is forever reminding Santana that she is the mom and San is the kid but then when Shelby is inconvenienced suddenly Santana needs to grow up. And the whole "do you think I have time for this?" just reinforces Santana's belief that her own struggles are not important because clearly Rachel's inability to function in a normal school setting and now Quinn's myriad of issues are so much more important. Furthermore, Shelby stands there screaming the list of all of Santana's recent sins but as a psychologist herself she should be aware that acting out is a huge red flag indicating more serious issues. Shelby would never stand in a parking lot screaming at her precious Rachel or Quinn about everything they've ever done wrong and it sucks that she does it to Santana who, even if she won't talk about it, is clearly struggling. Scenes like this make it easy to see why, years removed from the trauma, Santana continues to feel worthless.
zero0000 chapter 49 . 1/23
You know the storyline is dark when you have to read a Cannibal!AU fic to dial down. Good work tho
lilabb456 chapter 70 . 12/15/2015
Love this story , hope you update soon
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