Reviews for All The First Times
TruthfulLies94 chapter 36 . 3/20
YAY! I'm so glad you finished this story :-) 3 Thank you for sharing, this was an amazing ending!
hagiasofia75 chapter 36 . 1/24
Thank you so much for this wonderful story, I am very grateful and it means a lot to me that you have given that sweet and happy end. I'll wait for more stories from you. HS.
hey chapter 26 . 1/21
fuck you and fuck your birthday
Meteorologist chapter 36 . 1/18
Every good story deserves a good ending and you finished this one brilliantly. Thanks for taking the time to complete it.
sasans chapter 36 . 1/17
Great story, excellent ending. Thank you so much for all your hard work and sharing this with us.
sasans chapter 35 . 1/17
I'm glad Meredith is gone, she is just not cut out to be a mother for very long. So glad Rick is so patient and understanding with Kate.
sasans chapter 34 . 1/17
Typical Meredith trying to upset the balance of everything. Poor Alexis caught in the middle. Thank heavens for Kate's love for her.
sasans chapter 33 . 1/17
You are so right-this was a lovely fluffy chapter. Apparently Meredith is hear to try to cause trouble since she has introduced herself as Rick's wife.
sasans chapter 32 . 1/15
I'm glad Alexis didn't get hurt too badly. Kate is so good with her.
sasans chapter 31 . 1/15
Poor Kate-it's tough on her when thoughts of her mother come front and center. Rick is so good with her.
sasans chapter 30 . 1/15
Good chapter. Absolutely everyone had already guessed about the baby. At least everyone is happy about it.
sasans chapter 29 . 1/15
I really enjoyed the chapter. I like how protective Kate is with Alexis.
sasans chapter 28 . 1/14
I really enjoyed the chapter. I am so glad Kate is now in Alexis's life for good. She needs a "mother" who will be there for her.
sasans chapter 27 . 1/13
This was definitely a much happier chapter. I am so happy Kate was ready to move in with them.
sasans chapter 26 . 1/13
This definitely had a lot of angst in this. Is is just hormones affecting her?
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