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osibell chapter 24 . 4/9
dos años tarde haz la secuela
lightskiller chapter 24 . 8/19/2013
wonderful. will there be a sequel
HomeByTwilight chapter 24 . 5/8/2013
Bella and Alice have each other. Mara has Charlie. Angela has a ripening womb that she's understandably conflicted about-and is confronted by the same choice as Bella in Secrets and Covenants. And Jasper has Edward-huh… Looking for love?! ;-)
Hoping for a "Changes 2" someday. Thanks for the great read!
HomeByTwilight chapter 23 . 5/8/2013
Hah! Natty boy is betrayed!: "You would chose this girl... over me!" Nathaniel roared in a voice that wasn't remotely human.
"Always." She said immediately after the echo of his roar died down."
A hybrid, huh? He's an unpleasant customer-vast and menacing. Fortunately, with Jasper's battle planning at hand, the gang have it covered.
I'm still wondering about Rebecca's memory wipe… Was that something she accomplished for herself by willing it, or would the method have been fleshed out in a sequel? Open question.
HomeByTwilight chapter 22 . 5/8/2013
I like the action sequence! Lots of turns and switches as Bella gains and loses her grip on her shield during the conflict. Bella can't focus through the pain-hmm… Too bad. She's young. I hope she couldn't be so handicapped some years hence. I like my Bella's mighty (and my Alice's cute and all-seeing)! :-)
"Rebecca!?" His voice cracked slightly in a slightly restrained exclamation.
"Yes." She stepped forward and pulled him into a hug, to which he eagerly accepted. I was a little afraid to look at her, but I couldn't resist seeing her face one last time. Then our eyes met, and I felt the world begin to spin. Those weren't the eyes of a distant stranger, they were the eyes of my lover. I felt a surge of hope rise in my throat, as she winked once and gave me the warm smile that I loved so much."
YAH! Ali's back!
HomeByTwilight chapter 21 . 5/8/2013
Mara: "I have an ability as well, I can alter the speed of a mind and enhance the powers of others. It allows me to peek at thoughts sometimes, but mostly it means I can make people gain or lose focus." That's a cool power, and very original too! A perfect crash-course teacher for Bella to get her shield up and running. Nice!
HomeByTwilight chapter 20 . 5/8/2013
Rebecca is conflicted-good to know! I already knew that, because I've read this before! :-), but good to know all the same. Angela asks Bella to kill Edward during a moment of consciousness. Good. I think Eddie's personal weaknesses made him especially vulnerable to Nat's attack-he's not guiltless.
HomeByTwilight chapter 19 . 5/8/2013
Poor Bella! There aren't really words for what she must have gone through listening to Rebecca.
Angela is worlds beyond angry with Edward, but doesn't extend her resentment to the family she loves. Some malice against the Cullen's generally might seem justified to a person as distressed as herself, but Ange is so nice and generous, even in the face of such a personal assault against her and hers.
"Bella was going to survive, even if I had to turn on my master. I squared my shoulders, and took a moment to clear my mind. Then without hesitation I rushed towards Jasper and Edward, determined to do something that would change the path Nathaniel's plan was headed down." Good to know Nat's not all-powerful! It reminds me of canon Twilight, in that Chelsea's power is strong, but she can't cut the ties between mates. Blood ties are too thick to break too, it appears.
HomeByTwilight chapter 18 . 5/8/2013
Poor Alice remembers… Ouch. That was awful. And the full bitter truth of the awfulness of Eddie comes out. Yuck. There's a lot of violent emotion and general unpleasantness in this chapter which makes it difficult to read, but it's well done and certainly necessary to the story-lots of reveals.
HomeByTwilight chapter 17 . 5/8/2013
Angela shows a lot of maturity in the face of Run-Away Ed's defection from the family. If only she didn't go home-oh, that was ugly. Honestly, his mental state should not be taken into account-rabid dogs are put down and you can't drug a crazy vampire back into sanity. He'll have to be disposed of, and if it's very painful… well, bonus.
HomeByTwilight chapter 16 . 5/8/2013
We catch up with Mara and Jasper here. I really liked Mara's backstory. Feeding time for N.
"...I realized that I was being foolish. Without another second of hesitation, I left that indecision behind me, and with it the last of me that was tied to my beloved." Jasper's decision here isn't really his to make. Nathaniel gift for making thralls took that away. He has some sense of his slavery, I think, but not a whole lot. Maybe N's power works a little like Chelsea's from canon and other stories-although neither M nor J seem to have the enthusiasm of Volturi soldiers.
HomeByTwilight chapter 15 . 5/8/2013
"I couldn't be violent, I had to be subtle. I had to implant the idea that Bella was a threat. I had to get them to vote to banish her from our lives. Yet I couldn't risk Alice going with her. Then it occurred to me, the vision was all the fuel I needed. I just had to use it as leverage to get them to believe a hard truth. That Isabella Marie Swan is not a member of our family, that she doesn't love us, and that she would betray us with very little incentive and no provocation."
It's blood-boiling lines like that which make Edward so irritating in so many stories. The arrogance, the manipulation, and the narrow-minded constructions of the motivations of others-all of it combines to make him seriously unpleasant. He can be scripted as a nice guy (Irreplaceable Spark by glorymania is an excellent on-going example), but if he isn't going to be gay (Good example: What goes up by shamrock1787), I tend to prefer him as a villain.
HomeByTwilight chapter 14 . 5/8/2013
The plot thickens re: Nathaniel and we get clued in to his intentions. The vision sequence was very well done-with enough ambiguity that someone adept at reading body language could make out the play acting between Alice and Bella, while leaving enough open to interpretation that a mind-reader with a great deal of personal animus towards Bella can make a credible case for betrayal. It isn't helping Eddie's interpretive powers at the moment that his mind is being steadily hollowed out by N.
HomeByTwilight chapter 13 . 5/8/2013
Seriously nefarious deeds on the horizon-and J's alive! Not a surprise, since I've read this before! :-), but would have been a pretty stunning reveal here if I were coming fresh to this fic.
HomeByTwilight chapter 12 . 5/8/2013
Nice car! Much, much better than a d*mned Volvo. I like this Rose, too. Rosalie as a full-time Be-Aye Itch has been done, and done, and done. Nothing more to see there. Move along! :-)
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