Reviews for The Mission Stays the Same
Nomin Cognito chapter 33 . 1/18
Read the whole thing thus far from chapter one to here. Both the original author and the new one have done excellent work. I don't normally post reviews or comments but I saw some truly awful responses from certain respondents.

My message to the current author is this.

You clearly have a passion for the material. As someone who loves both 40k and Mass Effect I can see that in your writing.

You have done an excellent job matching the style of the author that came before you. To me the transition between their part and yours felt nearly seemless.

I like what you have written, and eagerly await the next installment. Thank you for bringing some extra joy to my life. Don't listen to the haters.
aperson1234567890 chapter 5 . 1/15
It's such a minor thing, but the Greeks actually did know the Earth was round and came up with an estimation of the circumference that is surprisingly close to the actual measurement.
M1stymix chapter 30 . 1/12
you could give jack a moving meditation have her pick up a sword and do katas as moving meditation like how some star wars
Cooldude101011 chapter 17 . 1/6
I am actually surprised that the Systems Alliance never developed some variant of ODSTs (y’know, cuz paratroopers.), either with drop pods or with a mass effect version of a grav-chute or something.
Cooldude101011 chapter 13 . 1/5
A WH40k version of Over The Hills And Far Away?
Cooldude101011 chapter 12 . 1/5
So Ardat-Yakshi is actually just Daemon possession?
Cooldude101011 chapter 10 . 1/5
I think it’d be more interesting if the painting “Dusk on Thessia” wasn’t some abstract mess but an actual beautiful painting of a dusk on Thessia.
Mikazuki Augus1 chapter 1 . 12/13/2022
rolling voluses
cant get the image out of my head
puru.krg chapter 33 . 12/4/2022
Well it has been almost 9 months and no update. I guess this fic is dead. Truly I hope this is no the case as this is one of the better works.
Dasgun chapter 1 . 11/30/2022
gardren chapter 33 . 11/30/2022
Oh my, I like like this fic! I hope continue will come!:)
Dasgun chapter 33 . 10/26/2022
one damn Guardsman chapter 33 . 10/24/2022
i have to say after discovering this fanfic a week ago i have read the entire thing through and I must compliment the new authors ability to take over the story. I'm looking forward to more when I get back from infantry osut. this is the best crossover fan fic i have ever read period.
Guest chapter 33 . 10/23/2022
Just saying: When I don’t like a story, I simply stop reading it. That’s it. I certainly won’t throw a hissy fit because a story written by an Author without getting paid for his/her efforts is not measuring up to my expectations. In other words: I would NEVER even consider complaining about something I’m getting for free.
allison61509 chapter 2 . 10/16/2022
Found it again
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