Reviews for The Mission Stays the Same
Albert Scoot chapter 1 . 8/27
What's the point of a WH40k story that has humans if you're not going to include Space Marines.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/31
will you put ti up for adoption. there is no shame in it. it is your decision.
Ezezee chapter 1 . 7/31
A cross over done right, brilliant
dragonnargus chapter 11 . 7/31
Heh. This is a good one. I'm glad you made the Eldar have such an impact on the battles. The story would be much less interesting otherwise :3
Azrael's Son chapter 20 . 7/29
why discontinue this it is so good im highly impressed please start it up again.
Ilireanwri chapter 7 . 7/27
In your defence: Jack is crazy enough to be a Psyker (actually most Psykers seem to be even less sane than her... Is it just me or are there practically no human, Space Marines excluded, Psykers who are at least somewhat stable?).
Another S.T.A.L.K.E.R chapter 17 . 7/2
Its not "gases gases".
ItsGas Gas Gas!" in rapid succession. Shorter\quicker to bark out at comrades.

Also it doesn't make the speaker seem like a tool.

I only give the most helpful and honest feedback (well, honest anyways).
Another S.T.A.L.K.E.R chapter 16 . 7/2
Captain Garalldi gave too much ground to the xenos lover in this chapter. He should have made it abundantly clear of the cruelty of the other universe.

Peace is a short-lived lie, and nothing more.
Another S.T.A.L.K.E.R chapter 7 . 6/28
A well written chapter, especially with the small touch on the AC unit recall. It will kick off a galaxy wide AC unit-race(as opposed to arms race).
Guest chapter 16 . 6/4
Tela fell to the asari arrogance. She thought that she was so superior to the shadow broker that she could use him but in the end she became just a pawn for him.
Ilireanwri chapter 20 . 5/16
This story is very good. I'm sad that you won't continue it, but I can't fault you for doing so with your reasons. But still the story was very good and interesting, and I hope that you'll maybe sometime in the future will decide to write another story, re-write this one or simply finish it, because you are a very good writer and I would love to read more from you.
Ilireanwri chapter 16 . 5/16
Ha, Gyrinx on the loose (I think...)
Carre chapter 20 . 4/28
I have a few questions.
1. Will EDI (and the Geth) become followers of the Machine God and begin dress in red (and in monkrobes) or paint themselves in red, both on "bodies" and digiral?
2. Javiks reaction to Gallardi and Gallardi to Javik, consider how their cultures are... alike and the same time not alike. (In mine opinion, the Prothean Empire sounds like a combination of the Imperium of Man and the Tau Empire.)(Yes, I read on youre notes Gallardi stayed on Earth, but still.)
3. Is Maeteris going to tell the crew about the Fall... and Gallardis reaction to it?
(On the good note, the Fall did end the shit-warp-storm wich plauged Age of Strife, wich made in turm possible for The Big E to launch His Great Crusade... but still, a Birth of a Chaos God...)
And would Gallardi mention about Reign of Blood, Assain Temples, Regiments of Renown (Valhallans Ice Warriors, Armegeddon Steel-legion, Tallarn Desert Riders, Deathkorps of Krieg etc)?
Perheps even use Maeteris "psyk-rune-stones" to visulase/show it?
4. I know this story is discontinued, wich are the reason I write this questions.
Whatever you are doing in youre life now: Keep Up the Good Work... or something like it (Carre shrugs akwardly).
Anonymous234 chapter 20 . 4/2
Don't lose hope guys! I've seen a fair few authors burn themselves out, only to return months / a few years later when they've given their minds a break!
Slim Dustpan chapter 11 . 4/1
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