Reviews for The Art of Sui Generis
carlsgallagher chapter 1 . 10/3/2012
Name: Charlotte Davina Wolfe (goes by Char or CC.)
Hometown: London, England/New York City, New York. (Born in London but is very American.)
Alpha Track: Acting
Physical Features: Light red wavy hair that goes to the middle of her back. Long eyelashes and nice eyebrows. Emerald green eyes that sparkle in the light. Button nose and puffy lips. She's short 5'2 1/2 and weighs 113 pounds.
Personality: She is very dramatic and sometimes blows things out of preportions. She's confident but kind and not cocky at all.
Family: Leila little sister age 10. Mom New York Judge. Dad Surgeon.
Friends: Sera age 15 bff, Liam age 17 boyfriend, and many more.
Account Currently on Hiatus chapter 2 . 12/11/2011
This is really good, you should definitely continue! Also, PM me if you need anymore characters, main or supporting, and I would be glad to help you beta! Update soon please!
43dfglkhsdfn gbjklsdadfgf chapter 2 . 10/10/2011
Oh, you've settled on your characters then? Okey dokey :) absolutely ADORE Carson, she's great, SOOOO well-described! I did notice a few wee grammar mistakes and some sentences that didn't quite make sense, but otherwise that was SO well-written! You mentioned that you were looking for a beta, and something about google docs. Not only do I want to know what google docs are and how they work, but I'd LOVE to beta this story! PM me?
43dfglkhsdfn gbjklsdadfgf chapter 1 . 10/10/2011
Ehmagawd LOVE IT! that was an amazing intro/letter! I do intend to apply if the apps haven't closed yet, but would you keep them open for a few days if you haven't closed the already, PLEASE? If not, PM me and I'll PM you an app since I've used up my review! Sorry, i usually wouldn't ask, but I'm recarpeting my house, so not only am I very busy (too busy really to be filling out a decent application), but my computer, its screen and all the other attachments are unplugged and scattered around the hous! I HATE writing out apps on my iPod, but if that's what it takes to get into Alpha Academy then so be it!

Ta ta for now, Ali xx
miyame-chan chapter 2 . 10/6/2011
okaayyy... so, your grammar seems to be pretty good and you did update! yey!

though, there was this word, petty, which i think should be "pretty" (correct me if i'm wrong)? and there's also the BFFy. should the "y" be there or not?

anyways, yeah. update soon! :)
Little-Luna229 chapter 2 . 10/5/2011
I love this chapter! Sorry, can't be a beta, can't download Google Chrome :(. But good chapter! UPDATE!
iWriteStuff202 chapter 1 . 10/5/2011
A "beta", in the writing sense, is someone who finds any grammar or spelling errors you have, or generally "polishes" anything you forgot to. Some betas are really strict, but most are friendly. NOW FOR MY APPLICATION!

Name: Ashley-Elizabeth Fudge Rush. Both Ashley and Elizabeth are my first names. Fudge is my mom's maiden name and my middle name. And obviously Rush is my last name :P

Hometown: New York City, New York :)

Alpha Track: singing/electric guitar/drums. I'm like a one-girl rock band :)

Physical Appearance: I have silky, straight apple-green hair that reaches my elbows and bangs kinda like my friend Tay from that band, We Are The In Crowd. My natural hair color is blonde, but I can't stand being part of the crowd. My eyes are pretty average, but the color is a really girly-looking lavender (that's what happens when an albino and a Swedish chick get married). I'm pretty average body-wise, I guess. So I got a huge tattoo running all the way down my left (MY left, on the right when you look at me) arm. It's mostly henna and stuff like that, with a few Japanese symbols mixed in. My skin is a nice peachy, light tan that glows all year round. My lips are like Taylor Swift's, but they're deep pink (naturally). I don't wear any makeup, so that's how I always look.

Personality: I'm pretty shy when you first meet me, 'cause I don't trust strangers. If you prove to be trustworthy, then I'm pretty friendly and nice. Just don't piss me off. I pack a REALLY hard punch if you piss me off. I love fun and parties, and I'm always up for a prank or sneaking out. My friends tell me I'm really funny and great to hang out with. I'm not the most confident, but if I get accepted to Alphas, everyone else's confidence will kinda rub off on me. I'm pretty normal around guys. At least until one of us starts crushing on the other. It ALWAYS happens. Either he'll think I'm flirting or I'll fall for him and then everything's all awkward and I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS! I'm more tomboyish than girly-girl, so I tend to do kinda-embarrassing things like burp really loud or snort without really caring.

Family: mom is pretty nice now, ever since she got back from rehab she's been great. Ryan, my little brother, is pretty annoying but otherwise okay. Dad... Well I don't get to see my dad anymore. He's in the hospital right now due to stress and depression and stuff. He's a good guy though.

Friends: well you know about Tay. Then there's Alisha, my Japanese might-as-well-be-sister, Dana, my very rock and roll Ginger unrelated-soul-twin, Josh, who would probably come with me to Alphas (if either of us get in) and beat the heck outta me, who I trust my life with. No seriously. He has my meds just in case. Xander, Josh's boyfriend and great dude. Becca, my cousin who I wish was a sister. That's about it, I think. OH WAIT! there's still Jake, Steven, other Steven (who we call Steve), Andréa, André (Andréa's twin brother), Nick, Jared, Kyle, Jessica, and Rea. I have a lot of friends :)

Personal Background: I grew up on the lower east side with a drunk, crack-addicted mom and a dad who just barely made enough to get us by. Then Ryan came into the picture. Sure, he's only four, but he changed all our lives. When Ryan was born, mom just got a total wakeup call. She, with my and dad's help, got clean and is now a successful lawyer. We moved into the better part of the city two years ago, back when both mom and dad where healthy and working. At my new school, I met all of my friends, except for Tay. I met her in a music store. A few months back dad started stressing about cutbacks at work and how expensive his meds were, so he started working overtime and stopped buying his pills. Two weeks later mom found him in the kitchen with a noose and a chair. So she checked him into the hospital and got him taken care of. He's just recovering now, 'cause they used this shock therapy thing on him and that much electricity isn't good for anybody.

Alpha Qualities: determination, unique-ness, creativity, and Im more #winning than Charlie Sheen :)

Alpha Motto: Baby you're a superstar :3 (it's from a song. I forget which one though :P)

Flaws: stubborn, can't dance, low self-esteem.

Unique physical traits: hair color, eye color, tattoo

Give at least two reasons for you admittance into Alpha Academy?: 1) I'm fresh, young talent willing to do (almost) anything to make it. Just nothing pervy. 2) I'm an Alpha!

Is there anything you could contribute to Alpha Academy?: some creativity and craziness.

Tell me, what makes you different than the other girls?: read my app.

Extra Info: I'm bringing my own guitar. It's a deep purple Fender, signed by Josh Ramsay.

And if you could, would you mind submitting a character for my fic "Scarlet Fever at Alpha Academy"? It would be a big help :) and welcome to the fandom!
Little-Luna229 chapter 1 . 10/5/2011
Name: Sofija Arianna Fitzgerald

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Alpha Track:chef-track runner

Physical Appearance: I have caramel-colored beach waves, which I normally keep out with a braid down the side. However, when I'm cooking, it's in an impromptu bun with pens jutting out so I can write down new ideas for my Recipe Book. I'm Greek-American, but my skin is golden. My heart-shaped face has no blemishes on it, except for freckles here and there on my cheeks. My lips are round and full, and my eyes are gray, ringed with blue.I'm relatively short, being 5'4, but I'm lean, since I, in my free time, does track. I has a big bust-C cups, but I hate them, and desperately try to hide them.

Personality: I'm is confident, and a total sarcastic flirt. I love just chilling with some buds and a couple of guys. I'm really dramatic, and a really caring friend-if I can trust you. I'm not the type of girl that just give's their family secret recipe to a complete stranger if they're not worth their cookies. You know what I mean? Ah, it's a chef joke :)


Dad- Jeff Fitzgerald

Age: 44

Occupation: Chef turned CEO of Construct Your Dreams (construction company)

Mom- Aurora Iris Konstantopulos


Occupation: Language Teacher

Sister(s): Daphne Sofija Fitzgerald

Age: 16

Daphne and I are like best friends. She's the active twin; she does soccer, basketball, and volleyball. Plus swim team in the hates make-up, and constantly fights with Ari. It's their twin thing.

Arianna Daphne Fitzgerald

Age: 16

Ari and I constantly bicker; over stupid things like the computer or her make-up or my clothes. Anything. I guess Ari just picks fights with anyone :). But alot of the times we get along alright. Ari is the one always disobeying our parents: sneaking out, going to parties, and then getting grounded. But she's been doing it since she was thirteen, and hasn't stopped since.

Friends:Erin Pasky is my BFF. We're always there for each other: when my mom got cancer, when her parents divorced. I know she'll aways have my back.

Becca Vernon is also my BFF. She's the rounded one in our group; always making peace when we fight, always wanting the best for others. She's a loyal, sweet girl.

Whitney Parks is my third BFF. She's the daredevil, the creative, spontaneous girl, the wild child. In fact, Whitney has just died her hair pink and green. So what if she's different? We'll always love her.

Personal Background: I get good enough grades in school. My main question to teachers is: how will sitting around reading books all day help me become a chef, or a runner? Just sayin'. I'm on my school's track team (leadrunner) as well as a gymnast in my spare time (if there is any). I'm usually out at nights, whether its hanging with my buds, or with some guys. And one thing that puts me apart from others: i like to measure. That is the one thing I actually like in school: math. It's just so solid. It'll never change, those answers. And it's just so fun measuring stuff!

Alpha Qualities:Hardworking. In it to win it. Actually gives a crap about succeding, unlike these bubble-brains who just go 'Boys, boys, BOYS!' No boy will get in my way at AA. (Unless, of course, a certain boy captures my eye, then I'll give him some consideration ;). I also stand up for what's right. Meaning no one else gets crushed on my way to the top. 'Nuff said.

Alpha Motto: TIf you are what you eat, I must be delicious. :)

Flaws: Most of the time people see me as a dumb girly girl who cookes stuff, but that's just because of the vibe I give off. I'm a little too defensive, and I am kind of sensitive. I also push people too hard until they crack. My friends joke that I'm a bull-dog with a Gucci collar and hot pink claws.

Unique physical traits:

Like stated above, my eyes are grey rimmed with blue. I have a little stocky build, and I'm, how do you say, well built. That's just the Greek in me.I also have scars up my arms, ones that are barely visible. I t was when my mom had cancer, and I cut myself for two months.

Give at least two reasons for you admittance into Alpha Academy?:To show I've got what it takes. To prove I have potential to my mother. To come out on top, for once in my life.

Is there anything you could contribute to Alpha Academy?: My talent. Raw talent. Oh, and my spunkiness/sassiness.

Tell me, what makes you different than the other girls?:My ability to do whatever is asked of me, no matter the risks. To have my eyes on the prize, which is to be the ultimate alpha. And my personality.

Extra Info: Please accept me!
miyame-chan chapter 1 . 10/5/2011
hiya! just wanted to tell you that i find your story's title quite original.

and if you're wondering with the beta (in fandiction ters) it means someone who helps you in writing.

update soon, yeah?

oh, and i'll probably just PM you my characters tom (i'm in a hurry... well, sorta ;p).
AlphaWriter1 chapter 1 . 10/5/2011
Name: Calliope Alina Fabray

Hometown: New York, New York (Current location? Los Angeles California)

Alpha Track: Competitive Boarder (Skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing)

Physical Appearance: I'm pretty much a French-American combo, making me look like the average, All-American Californian girl-next door. My buttery blonde, super curly hair falls to my waist and I have golden blonde sun-streaks running through it from all the time I spend outside. I have an olive complexion, a round, rosy-cheeked baby face and a small, red, rosebud mouth. My nose is the only sign of my Italian heiritage-it's long and bulges out at the bottom. I'm tall-standing at 5 foot 10 inches-and all muscle. I stay thin thanks to my personal trainer and nutriontionist.

Personality: I'm a total dare-devil. I'll do anything if somebody dares me to-although for the most dangerous stuff I just make it look like I actually did whatever it was. I'm super outgoing. I'm a pretty good friend, but once you lose my trust, you don't get it back. I mostly hang out with the guys because they like the 'board and they don't have all that drama. This might mark me as a slut, but truthfully, I've only had three boyfriends my entire life and only kissed one of them. I'll admit that I'm a flirt but that's just a big part of my outgoing-side.


Dad-Pierre Louis Fabray (He's a lawyer)

Mom-Isabella Carmela Lovato-Fabray (deceased)

Brother(s)-Carter Guy Fabray (He's super over protective and three years older than me)

Devon Jean Fabray (He's my twin and younger by about five minutes but he acts older-he's also over protective)

Sister(s)-Narcissa Ember Fabray (Sissy is a complete girly girl and loves getting me in trouble-but apparently she's secretly looking out for me. She's two years younger.)


Hunter Andrew Evans is my best friend on the planet. I don't know what I'd do without him. He's always there for me and he's got my best interest at heart, even if I don't always know it. Devon hates me hanging out with him but he'll get over it.

Brent Ethan Collins is Devon's best friend but he's like another brother to me. He has a crush on me but he's been in my life too long for that to ever become anything. It would be a little too much like dating my brother.

Samantha"Sammy"Claire Rivera is a Spanish beauty who makes all the guys melt when she steps into the skate park. She's got talent and looks. She's also my best friend and the only girl I hand out with.

Aaron Paul Mitchell is Carter's best friend and like the older brother I never wanted. He's always around and always giving me rides everywhere. His only good concept is that he's an awesome 'boarder so I get some tips.

Personal Background: I have a 4.0 GPA and I'm always smiling. I have a full schedule, love the Arts, and play sports year-round. Seriously, who are you kidding? I have about a 3.5 GPA-not bad, right? I'm laughing a large majority of the time. I don't have any study halls, though. I take French, Drama, Music Theory, and Chorus as electives and advanced English and Math. You have to be good at math when it comes to boarding, though. My entire life revolves around boarding-except in the fall when I'm a cheerleader.

A little more personal? My mom died when I was six. I'm fourteen-going-on-fifteen now. If anyone wonders why I'm such a tom-boy, there's the answer for you. I grew up with two brothers, their best friends always around, and being raised by my father. I never had anyone for all the girly-moments in my life.

Alpha Qualities: I'm determined. I do not give up. I'm in it to win it and I bring it all. I live everyday like it's my last day and I never leave without knowing I did my absolute best.

Alpha Motto: Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die tomorrow.-James Dean.

Flaws: Besides my nose? Just kidding! I'm a little too determined. When I focus on something, it's my new obsession. I'm also a little bit too bratty when it comes to somebody who's one of those "like-yeah-for-sures" types. The popular girly girl types? Can't stand them and it's known. I'm also very impulsive.

Unique Physical Traits: My wide, navy blue eyes have a golden ring around the pupils and a hunter green ring around the gold ring. I also have a small beauty mark on the left corner of my lip and a stream of freckles across my nose. And on my wrist is a little jagged scar. And it's from an accident. No more will be said.

Give at least two reasons for your admittance into Alpha Academy: Alphas are hard-working and never give up. I'm obsessive when it comes to my mission. Also, I strive to be the best.

What makes you different from other girls: My alpha track and my personality.

Extra Info: That's all!