Reviews for A New Dynasty?
ReinaBlaka chapter 1 . 10/6/2011
Hmmm. Nice concept of a story, JDoug. Both of your OCs are awesome warriors, and I love their backgrounds. Tamara, the misplaced girl who is fused with a Spiked Beast; and Chen Tzu, the mighty warrior who is Tamara's guardian and consort. From your writing I understand the tale that you are trying to convey, of how your two heroes are dragged into Orochi's world, and how they started to gather a force that would eventually become a new dynasty. But-and that's where the "but" comes in-I think that your writing is a bit fast-paced with run-on sentences. Many of them can be made better if you put in more commas, but that is just my advice and please do not take it offensively. Overall, it's a great beginning to the story and I'll be looking forward to more.

They've run into Okuni, right? Well, I'm wishing for some more Three Kingdoms characters to appear next, especially those from Shu. Tamara has studied them when she was still in high school, no? I'd like for them to have some great interactions.

Anyways, good job and I'll be staying tuned for the next chapter. :D