Reviews for Pursuit and Disposal
Arkham House chapter 1 . 6/10/2013's nice to see "Thomas Veil" again after all these years. I have to *not* think about that show too much, or I get mad all over again at how they just cut us off at the knees without ever clarifying what the hell was going on... Oh well. It's strange-and very cool-to see Tom *after* the blackout ending of the series, going on even though he *knows* that even his identity as "Thomas Veil" is a false front. This story has very much the rhythm and texture of an episode of the series-the strange woman who may or may not know who, what, is going on; the mysterious-or maybe not-so-mysterious-return of Alyson, given as something that just happens, like everything else in Tom's life; the obsessions with the negatives of the bad guys; and the weird ending that just sort of drifts off into anticlimax. Nothing really makes sense, and the general effect is that of a dream. I always believed that "Veil" himself was more important than the damned negatives in the first place. If the Supersecret Sinister Conspiracy *did* hang four US Senators-if they're that powerful, that they can do so with impunity-then they're invulnerable. Certainly enough so not to be scared of a few photographs, that could be discredited in the media-"don't believe conspiracy theories!"-and that, even in the unlikely event of their being believed by anybody, wouldn't lead in *their*-ie, the Conspiracy's-direction, anyway. No, Veil himself was always the issue, and that was subliminally clear in this story, too, I thought. A nice job, and I hope we see you tackle Thomas again someday...
Cruelest Sea chapter 1 . 10/10/2011
Awesome to discover fic for this show! Well done; hope you write more in the future.:)