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Twilighternproud chapter 6 . 7/16/2012
Loveeeee itttt
Don't let freakin haters drag you downnn
Whoever doesn't like it doesn't have to read it
kaysbookworm chapter 6 . 7/14/2012
I'm quite gutted that you are leaving this site, but I totally understand the reasoning behind it.
I would like you to know that your stories are amazing, and you are one of my favourite authors.
Don't let a stupid review like that stop you from writing, because you clearly have amazing talent.

Chin up, and keep writing!
:) Thank you for the stories you have written! xx
LivelyLadyBlackThorn chapter 6 . 7/12/2012
That person who said all those things is a hipocryit( don't know how to spell it)
Don't listen to stupid people like her. Why did she go to m if she "knew" that it "inapropreate" acording to her. Don't give up because even if there are people that are giving u flames remember tha there are also some that are giving u . an awesome author and she's just a ugly mean cow.
Guest chapter 6 . 7/4/2012
I love -love-LOVE your stories they-re amazing and deliciously devious- keep writing I know my words aren't much over teh many emails of hate you've gotten but remember this comment from me- it's amazing! I love it and will keep reading all your fan fictions!Good luck on your new page and I will be following it as well !
Guest chapter 6 . 7/2/2012
So sorry to see that you won't be posting anymore on the site. You are hands down my favorite author on this site, and I've read A Marriage Most Convenient more times than I can count! But I understand why you don't want to be on FFn anymore. It's really sad that people say things like that, when they are totally unprovoked. I will definitely be reading your stuff on the new website!
Guest chapter 6 . 7/2/2012
I'm sorry you are leaving the site and this story. You are one of my favorite FF authors, and I was really enjoying the story.
Guest chapter 6 . 7/2/2012
May I just say, who cares what that other girl has to think. Just because you have something remotely sexual in your story does NOT mean that you are a "sicko."

The last time I checked, TV today was worse than half the stuff I find on this site under the rating "M," and I have found a LOT (I'm talking TONS) of reading material that could be deemed "sick." This is nowhere near it. This has a plot and a story line. It's got multiple chapters.
Something doesn't classify as "Smut" unless it only contains sexual content. This story may lead up to a climax with a climax (yes, pun intended), but it doesn't centrally focus on sexual encounter after sexual encounter. "Smut" is when some 16 year-old girl writes a one-shot with "lots of lemons! XOXOX ;)" Hell, last time I checked, all you've written about that is even close to smutty is one very heated kissing session. You see more than that on daytime TV. If anything this is only a "T" story so far. That may change later, but she had no right posting that, especially if you were nowhere near a scene that actually depicted sex.

As far as I am concerned, if she has a problem then it's her own damn fault. FanFic has a reputation for being a little inappropriate. If she didn't want to read something that would rattle her prudent little cage, then SHE is the one who should learn how to read a rating warning and stay away from anything that might offend her.

And her comment about you being a "spinster cat lady" was ridiculous. If anything, she's the one who has a sad life! If she took time out of her day to not only read your story, but write a nasty review of it, then clearly she has nothing important in her own life to attend to.

Now that I am finished ranting about that rude woman, may I just say that I really like this story. It may have a few grammatical errors, but what story doesn't? It's FanFic, not a freaking novel. And the last time I checked, it was stuff like this that got novels started, so poo on that ridiculous woman's face.

Please keep writing. Not JUST here on this story or this site, but in general. It takes courage to put yourself out there and write, trust me I know. Don't be disheartened just because some idiot thinks she has the right to judge you because she's a prude. You're rocking it, and don't let anyone stop you.

Thanks for the great story! :)
SilverSilhouette16 chapter 5 . 7/2/2012
bloodyrose1294 chapter 6 . 6/30/2012
I wanted to comment because I read your authors note at the beginning of the chapter. First the reviewer of the review you added along with this chapter is clearly nuts. As long as I have read there has always been smut, and nothing is wrong with it or the people who write it. It actually can give a story more depth if utilized in the correct way. I absolutely love this story so far and if I was you I'd end up laughing at people who have nothing better to do than spite others. It always amazes me at the stupidity of the general populace. Ok off my soap box now. I like how you are portraying hermione as doubting up til the very end because it seems to fit with her character. Everyone is marvelously in character at this point. I do find your antagonist creeper worthy, and I'm sure he hasn't given up on wrestling hermione away from Draco just yet. Great job so far!
Whyte Board Marker chapter 4 . 6/29/2012
Personally, I believe that Hermione is forsaking her magic since she's so disbelieving of everything, including her heritage! She's making me angry! I totally support Draco in their verbal fight. . .
Lady Cassiopeia Malfoy chapter 6 . 6/29/2012
I wish you didn't stop writing this here. I'm not too familiar with other sites. This is a beautiful story... I hope you can overlook all the bashing. Your words are better than paint. I can picture everything so clear. People should just try to respect one another. If you don't appreciate whatever is in here, then please don't read. For the kiddies' issue, I believe the parents should be responsible for that matter. Anne M. Oliver, you will always be my most favorite author here... I've read almost all of your stories and I always enjoyed them. Do not stop wrtiting. I believe in your gift and craft. I hope my simple words can uplift your day : )
JasmineT chapter 6 . 6/28/2012
, you are an absolutely fantastic fanfic author, and I can't believe that anyone out there would post something so horrible as that troll! You shouldn't have to move to another website (which btw I couldn't find ur stories:( ) to post! If she didn't like the content on ffnet then she shouldn't be here! I really hope that you do come back here, and honestly, this fic was so good and I'm afraid that I will never get to see how it ends :( But thank you for sharing your talent for writing on this site, and I hope that you will finish it because I love completed stories (which my search brought me here butI understand why it isn't "completed" :) THANK YOU and I am glad to say that I definitely support you! :)
l'amour perdu chapter 6 . 6/28/2012
I've seen a few people complain about that same message getting left to them, I'm REALLY sad that you're letting one stupid person's opinion stop you from, what I hope you enjoyed writing. I know I enjoyed reading it and I really wish you would change your mind and continue writing... or maybe post on a different site? and forward on where it's posted?
I love your writing, I hope you're doing well and I hope to see you return here as well.
Great story!
1990Ana chapter 6 . 6/28/2012
I love reading your fics dear!
Don't let that stupid review get u down! He's the one who's "like a spinster cat lady" or he wouldn't even bother writing such hateful and idiotic review, he would find better things to do!
Either way, whatever u decide on, i'll follow you and continue on reading your fics i really like them!
Be strong!
Ana, from Portugal:p
MayaStormborn chapter 6 . 6/26/2012
Omg what a "foul loathsome evil little cockroach"! She's so wrong! Yeah ok so kids of 10 are on here, I've been reading on here since I was 15 you CANNOT access Mature stories unless you are over 18! I despise haters like that your story is BRILLIANT and I will go to the other site to finish reading it. I'm also going looking for that 'roach and reporting her! Too many fantastic authors are being scared off this site.

You keep writing, you're amazing.
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