Reviews for True Confessions of A Troubled Heart
TIGGY1 chapter 76 . 2/2
Really good! Let's get the wedding over with and their first Christmas together as a married couple.
Babina chapter 76 . 1/31
Please Continue, Did the F4 findout the truth
Guest chapter 69 . 1/15
This is great, but please marry jypo snd jandi.
SweetGirlie14 chapter 76 . 1/14
Wat will happen to ji hoo love life now
Cari-Bum chapter 76 . 1/12
I just read all the story and let me tell you's amazing! Everything is soooo freaking good!
Now iI want to kill Seo Hyun and of course that stupid boy! how can he agree with that kind of plan?! It's illogic she isn't a Song...her father said that she look like her mother for god's sake!
Olamy chapter 76 . 1/11
thanks 4 updating,and sorry abt ur sickness,have a lot of rest nd pls update soon
gloryshine chapter 76 . 1/10
Thanks for updating. Pls update more chapters as i cant wait to discover the truth of haejin matter and also see jandi and junpyo wed living happily ever after as well as others. But hyunjae and seohyun i think know smthg
Olamy chapter 75 . 1/8
Wow!interesting,ur story is so...i dnt even no wat 2 say,but i'm stil lookin forward 4 ur update,tank u.
JENGE chapter 75 . 1/6
... Wat a chp ! I cried ...
I feel their pain...u write wonderfully !
Pls update sooooooon :-* waiting eagerly
Toyosi796 chapter 13 . 1/3
I think you should write d story like you are narrating...yeah more like reported speech;-)
SweetGirlie14 chapter 73 . 10/29/2015
Unni,pls continue the story,it has been long since i read it but i stumbled against it dis afternoon,and i want to know what happen next,we love the story
AutumnYuki18 chapter 73 . 10/4/2015
Update pls . love it
Jen chapter 71 . 10/1/2015
Wow! Sunbae i really like it hope u complete it. Gomowo sunbae
Guest chapter 73 . 9/5/2015
omg! when are you going to continue...i will sure be waiting for the next chapter
Loveth chapter 73 . 6/22/2015
Hello, this is getting interesting and intriguing she might be sent to rehabilitation center.
Hope to see another edition
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