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er chapter 1 . 1/27/2010
so your character is not a mary sue? uh, why do you even have to say that? why don't just begin the story?

Astra an unusual name. Mary sues usually have unusual names. Why don't you just call her something normal?

And she's a half elf. I've seen far more sues who were elfs or half-elfs than i care to mention. If you have the slightest idea what a mary Sue is, you should know this.

And her pet, whatever it is, is superspecial too. "changeling Skywise?" who call their pet "changeling skywise"? of course, superspecial, shapeshifter pets need superspecial names, right?

If there's one thing i hate more about Mary sues than how superspecial and fucking different from everyone else they are, it's the fact they ALWAYS steal the spotlight from the canon characters. You say that your OC and Harry Potter is going to share the spotlight, in other words, she and Harry is going to be the main characters and more inportant than everyone else. Another typical sue-trait.

worst of all, she's AMERICAN? for a Harry Potter OC, being american is a crime. All Harry Potter sues are american exchange students or muggles or some other shit nobody cares about. again, why can't she just be british like most other HP Characters?

I've only read the first two chapters and thev've mostly been about her and Harry Potter. Really hope the rest of the fic is not going to be like that.

So far...special name, special non-human breed, special pet, american, best friend with special name, already connected with the main canon character and you introduce in the first chapter in the very first line...tell me, why excactly is "Astra Knight" not a mary sue? because you friends say so? very immature argument.

You have a homepage that make fun of other suetors and then you write something like this? how ironic.

the famous Ebony was at least funny, you're just boring.
Redcoast chapter 1 . 3/18/2006
Wow! Crappy!
OMG chapter 2 . 12/16/2004
I forgot to tell you I love your fanart!
OMG chapter 1 . 12/16/2004
OMG! Did you see this?
Uhoh girl chapter 1 . 7/9/2003
I LOVE YOU! I loved your art work before I loved your fanfics, and now I love them BOTH! I even created a back round for my computer of your art work! I might sound obsessed, but hey, no body's perfect. PLEASE E-mail me! I would love to talk to you about how you learned to write and draw so well. I SO Envy you! T.T.F.N. Ta Ta for Now!
Erica Evans chapter 21 . 3/27/2003
Okay, so I finally got around to reading this, and it was GREAT! I read the whole thing all the way through, it took me an hour and a half! I'll read the others later, you know when I get a chance. Between college, papers, having a social life, writing my OWN fan fiction, and reading the ones that I've been following, I'm sure I can squeeze in another hour and half to read another one! But I loved it!

~Miss Erica Evans
Ookii Mamoru chapter 20 . 10/2/2002
Interesting fic, thanks for shareing it.

Ookii Mamoru
CS June chapter 21 . 6/25/2002
anyway i was gonna review before but the stupid comp frooze :kicks: but i love the new chapters! cant wait for more yumminess 9
SnowBliz chapter 18 . 6/24/2002
your forgiven and i kinda expected somethin like that to happen when i sugested an H/A but no more i'll never say a thing about it eva again _ now REALLY GREAT STORY! yes do go Light speed I want to see the ending! i'm addicted to ur stories cant get enough of em! well i gots to get off now so bybyz
SnowBliz chapter 17 . 6/13/2002
((ok ok i promise dat i will take and forget to eva mention an H/A have mercy on porr pitifull me)) _ on other terms GREAT STORY u know u got too far in just a few weeks! but thats not the've kinda run outa ideas..._ I KNOW i'll just put upp another post when i think of an new silly lil idea!...

-_-'' forgive me i get strange when i'm hyper...
Snowbliz chapter 16 . 6/12/2002
GOD my comp. keeps goin wack! _ te-he music is a good way to find insperation! now i really dont know what to say now but if u DO want to do something for valentines day i gots a interestin lil idea _ have a valentines dance and plz tink of a way to get an H/G it would be so cute...or ((~_~ plz dont get mad at me)) an H/A that would be cute lets see here mabe have a cloud of pixis get loose inside and pretty much crash the end of the dance for humor _ hehehehe i've just had my purple pill _

XD oh dear i gots to go...tis too late now so ttfn tah tah for now _ see yahz later!
KumoriKage chapter 3 . 6/12/2002
Hai! Hebi wa kawaii desu! (Yes! Snakes are cute!) _
ShadowWitch chapter 15 . 6/8/2002
Yeah, cool chapter, with Sirius and he is soooo hot! Ok, post soon, but you do it fast enough!
CS June chapter 13 . 6/6/2002
this story like so kicky ass - (Miss Swan)

by the way do you have your comic book online b/c id love to see it! my e-mail is contact me if you do
CS June chapter 11 . 6/5/2002
i love this rawr! its so funny and cute and action ass kicking packed! love it! *kiss* keep going.
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