Reviews for In Repair
PastOneonta chapter 1 . 5/11/2016
This has to be one of the best reflections of Jacob in the early days of his friendship with Bella that I have ever read. He thinks about his mom, his sisters, how everyone he loves leaves him. He knows he is falling in love with her. He knows she is not 'all in'. He's honest with himself. But he keeps trying, he becomes hopeful. Until he phases. And that's where you leave us. This was excellent. Thanks for writing and for leaving posted.
ehqueue chapter 1 . 7/21/2012
This is just perfect and sad and romantic. It's really hard to remember that Jacob's actually a really tragic character, despite Meyer's happy-go-lucky presentation; you really captured that. Thanks for posting this!

P.S. I already left a review for Bitemarks and Bloodstains but wow, it is fantastic. It is absolutely one of the best fanfic I've ever read. Your Jasper is just... Wow.
sweeneyanne chapter 1 . 10/11/2011
Hello honeybee, guess who! Even though I had the honor of betaing this fic, I loved it so much, I wanted to leave a proper review and tell you why all over again!

This fic owned my heart from the very first sentence. As I read, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the words. You know I love words and all the imagery and emotion they conjure up. You have such a gift for stringing words together in a way that makes them weave and dance.

You also have a unique gift for taking a one-note, cannon character and spinning them into a multi-faceted, authentic person that the reader can identify and feel empathy for. In cannon and in the Twi-Saga, I did not care for the character of Jacob. He struck me as an emotionally manipulative, immature little brat. But here, you have laid the layers of Jacob’s psyche bare, and for the first time, I care. I deeply care about this Jacob. My heart aches for this Jake. You see what so many readers miss and then you take this and put your own spin on it.

In each fic you write, there is a passage that literally brings me to knees. For In Repair, that moment happened here… “Now she's starting to realize she can see through the surface, and it's not looking so good for him anymore. The fantasy ebbs just like the surf, and he starts to understand that it's not really all about breaking through to her or picking up the pieces; she's got to want to put herself back together again, and he doesn't know if she cares enough to.” Jake’s observation that he cannot fix Bella like he can fix the bikes is so bittersweet, as is his realization that she has to fix herself. When I stopped to absorb the emotion of that passage, it was so overwhelming and sad.

No can touch you when it comes to writing angst and you infuse such beauty into these moments of sadness. It is just breathtaking to witness. Thank you for writing this and sharing it with us.

Peace and love always, Annie
Minnakoda chapter 1 . 10/7/2011
hey, this kicked some ass. I mean, I don't like Jacob - but I liked this - it was a nice view into what might have been going on in his head. Great work!
Rose-la Cullen chapter 1 . 10/7/2011
AnnaLund chapter 1 . 10/7/2011
I absolutely love that there is no dialogue. At all. And you're making me like Jacob. I really don't like Jacob. But you make me.

I just love this: "That's the best part of a fantasy; it only needs the smallest of shoves to keep it going."

Oh, your Jacob broke my heart. The poor boy.

Well done, bb. Really, really beautiful.

aerobee82 chapter 1 . 10/7/2011
So what if his mom drove to the store one day and never came home? Who cares that he hasn't seen his sister since he was thirteen? Bella just got her heart obliterated, was ditched out in the middle of the woods, and almost died. That's gotta be way worse.

This really struck a chord with me. As humans, we tend to think of our emotional pain as being "not as bad" or "worse than" someone else's... when in reality, pain is pain and *everyone* hurts. I really liked how you wrote this.

He finds it comforting that if he's watching her so carefully he doesn't have to look very closely at himself.

He's got chains lashing him down to La Push and he's lost all that he gained and only gotten back some of what was taken away in the first place. He has Embry again, but now there's no Quil. Now he has to be the one who leaves.

The voices say there's no use in fighting it. There's nothing left to fight for anyway.

Beautiful words, bb. They all are. Getting a deep, introspective look into Jacob's brain is something I can appreciate. I may not have appreciated SM's love triangle aspect, but the way you wrote this made me feel like Jacob was a) given a raw deal in life and b) wiser than his years.

*fluffles you* 3
IzPerplexing chapter 1 . 10/6/2011
Ho-ly... FUCK! Woman! That was amazing! I honestly just had a better realization of Jacob and his inner workings with this. I was NOT expecting this AT ALL. Wow, just... wow, bb.

Seriously, the whole shit with his mom and his sister and his dad swirling around in his head making him feel so damn broken. Then for Bella to show up with all her baggage and giving him hope only to have it sucked right the fuck back out again in the end. I seriously feel sorry for the dude. (Still don't like him, though) I mean talk about having issues.

Where the hell did this come from? lol This was nothing short of pure brilliance and... mind fucking to be honest. I can really see how Jacob would feel this way after everything he's been through. Then to see it all unfold through his eyes make total sense. Your motes and fortresses analogy was SPOT! ON! I love how you utilize his sister into this as a sort of background to work with then, then incorporating Bella into the mix to show just how much worse she has it. Then to have him finally change and see how he was just deluding himself all the while. Because honestly, I believe that's exactly what he was doing. He saw what he wanted to see and that led him down the path he choice to fight for a woman would could never be his.

Goodness, I'm floored. You are so very talented, and I've always told you so, but this just blew me away. Reading a Jacob POV and liking it is a hard limit for me, but this is damned brilliant. That's all I can say.

Great job, B. *Standing ovation*