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Miconis chapter 46 . 10/11/2015
Oh Methos actually was Hebron/Tanith which makes Daniel right all along though in a twisted sort of way.
Guest chapter 45 . 10/11/2015
Three identities in one story, four if you count pretending to be Tanith, is impressive.
Miconis chapter 41 . 10/11/2015
I missed the chapter title but caught the quip about only being mostly dead and immediately thought of Princess Bride. I'm surprised Methos would use a name he's used before. But I guess with a century separating the identities it's safe enough
Miconis chapter 40 . 10/10/2015
So who else was there for the snake to jump in to? At least Amanda's free though she'll have to be careful coming alive again
Miconis chapter 39 . 10/10/2015 I'm picturing Amanda and Vala trading thieving stories over a bottle of wine and talking about Daniel. I had to look up McCormick to see if he was who I thought it was. I love the line about Jack giving the excuse of magnets..that would be Jack
Miconis chapter 36 . 10/10/2015
Another Immortal..Mac perhaps? He really is boy scout enough to come running especially where Amanda is involved
Miconis chapter 34 . 10/10/2015
I'm still not sure who Sydek was hiding inside. Sounds like Jack but he should be at the Pentagon at this point in time
Miconis chapter 31 . 10/10/2015
An Immortal being taken as a that's a new level of bad
Miconis chapter 29 . 10/10/2015
I imagine a tattoo, even gained after becoming Immortal, would last for a while before the skin healed over. Old Man is getting sloppy. But then again it gives him a good cover for knowing ancient language if they think he's part of some kooky nerdy historian group
Miconis chapter 27 . 10/10/2015
To be fair to Daniel, his specialty was ancient Egypt not mid-evil Europe, but you're right he should have a broader correct knowledge of other eras
Miconis chapter 25 . 10/10/2015
So many hints given about Methos' identity yet Daniel still can't conceive of the idea
Miconis chapter 23 . 10/10/2015
The SGC truly wouldn't be thrown off that easy I think. It's not like it's the first time they've seen someone dead and then come back to life
Miconis chapter 18 . 10/10/2015
Ahh Amanda..she's worse than Duncan at finding trouble at times
Moi chapter 49 . 10/5/2015
PS: One reviewer mentioned that we were getting close to a wrap up. But do we? Methos called this his worst week ever. Taken literally, by my estimation your week cannot quite be over, can it? *smirk*
Day one. We have the morning Daniel recognized 'Tanith' and Methos unexpectedly 'Dan-yer'. Methos got kidnapped that night.
Day two. Imprisonment. 'Adam Pierson' gets released, Amanda shows up.
Day two or three. 'Adam Pierson' tragically 'dies'. Daniel and Amanda get sloshed.
Day three or four. The whole Sydyk business. 'Benjamin Adams' turns up, Amanda 'dies'. We're still there, a Thursday as you said. Though I wonder if they want to risk to let Adams go at all, after the genetic results in chs. 8 and 9 of his 'twin' plus the Hebron/Tanith bit. While for Pierson they had no leverage aka 'good reason' at all to keep him under the mountain, here they could try at least to demand to 'debrief' their person of interest.
I wonder, with Methos now being left with residual naquahdah (for however long that will remain with him) in his body, will he from now on be able to sense and be sensed by other 'snakes'? Sydyk-in-Amanda couldn't distinguish the buzz from the other feeling, but he was the symbiote, not the host who might sense things differently. Or will Methos eventually fully metabolize and be rid of it? So far it's been eight years. Someone is bound to want to run tests. After all, Sam Carter so far is the only ex-host to a dead symbiote (no, O'Neill's symbiote hadn't managed to take over before it was killed and he can not sense other 'snakes') the SGC so far has had access to. Base-line data and all. The Tok'ra aren't likely to volunteer any information on that particular subject.
I just realized you mentioned Bates before as the one in charge of the mop up (ch. 42). I wonder what he made of that (plus Methos' gun) before he came back to the SGC and there met Methos aka Dr. Adams.
Hah, I completely forgot about that custom made contraption Methos calls a coat. Wonder when that'll come up.
Now, gotta go and watch Stargate Atlantis!
Moi chapter 49 . 10/3/2015
SO loved that chapter. A nice touch to get the IOA into this. Bates is Atlantis' ex-chief of security, isn't he? Got into quite the spectacular fight (rightly so, I might add, as he merely took his job seriously, though insulting Teyla was unprofessional) with Teyla Emmagan and John Sheppard before they figured out her pedant was a wraith tracker Sheppard accidentally activated and that there was no traitor. I wonder what Bates would have thought about Sheppard letting the wraith (Todd) go after they successfully managed to escape the genii prison by working together. He even insisted on leaving him next to a gate on a wraith controlled planet.
Methos must have quite the grasp at estimating recovery times for immortals with regards to the injury, cause and time of death and the effects an autopsy may have on that. The series held a surprisingly wide variety of healing versions, didn't it? MacLeod once had a bruise on his ribs that did not fade away even after he had returned to the barge. Or when he jumped from a cliff (when Tessa was abducted) his broken bones only snapped back once he was among the living again. Kronos prevented/massively delayed Methos from reviving by sticking a dagger into his heart and only removing it (Connor in the first episode needed Duncan to remove a large piece of metal from his chest to revive after Duncan had to dive into a river to find his body) when he had relocated his brother's body from the parking lot to that water plant (or whatever that place was where Cassandra and MacLeod later showed up, too, before Methos let the building go up in flames).
So, I'll just deduct vital parts first (brain, heart, etc.) then the rest and other factors play a part in the healing process as well, be they age, mental condition, physical condition, power of their quickening, general control, etc.. Though there's one thing I've been wondering for a while. Most younger immortals might not have needed it, but many of the older ones might not have survived otherwise (you do not only die of being beheaded, but also if you are being quartered). What I'm talking about is slavery, witch hunts and similar assorted things. If you were being flogged, tortured and whatnot, healing right before the eyes of a bunch of fanatics or your owners must have been dangerous as hell, especially if they turned inventive and inquisitive. Some immortals have obviously mastered illusions or the Voice. It made me wonder if others have learned to control their healing/quickening, at least as long as they were remotely conscious. Even fooling hunters like James Horton (remember, he checked if the wound under Tessa's band-aid was genuine) would have been possible, at least long enough to get away from them.
However, Sydyk was buried in a rather delicate part of Amanda's anatomy, delicate because necks are particularly vulnerable in immortals. Cracked necks do not seem to be a problem per say, so a parasite wrapped around an immortal's spine might not be remotely as bad as a large cut to the neck/throat. Tanith's entry wound on Hebron's throat did not seem to have left a mark, so Amanda should be fine. I wonder if intent has something to do with immortal healing. A pre-immortal can die of old age, but needs a VIOLENT death (that leaves no damage behind) to trigger the immortality. So maybe an organic being entering and exiting an immortal's neck would not be counted as violent and thus allow a wound to heal completely, even if the body might take a lot longer to bounce back from it. It would also explain why Methos' body did not try and manage to break down the symbiote (who had its own enhanced healing, mind you) over time, something that might have happened to any other organism/object that managed to enter his body. Otherwise many an immortal would have to be littered with projectiles. Methos took several bullets for Joe and unless they merely used a life signs detector to find out if he was a goa'uld, they would have shown up on any X-ray or similar the SGC might have run on him (on Adam Pierson, but due to time constraints possibly not on Benjamin Adams), hence the theory that objects of any kind must be somehow dissolved over time by an immortal's physiology.
Aaah, clever. Methos brought it up that he beheaded Sydyk, so he dominated the first interpretation of the situation. Though the way he worded it was interesting. He said "And I took his head.", not "I beheaded him." or something else not mentioning the severed head explicitly. The semantics/implications here are intriguing, even though I doubt Methos, immersed in immortal culture, would have noticed it. To take someone's head is a phrase that indicates an active part in it, a conscious act, taking as in to take ownership of something. "Watch your head." is a similar phrase typical for immortals.
Don't you (or more likely Daniel) think it's eerie that a man who is temporarily blind manages to behead in one stroke (and that's no easy feat) a man he has seen only once or twice before with a sword that he cannot claim to have practiced with before? And during the act be completely dispassionate about it? Though I wonder if Methos knows or guesses that Daniel heard parts of the interaction between him and Sydyk, the one Daniel has just been reliving. Though he is damn lucky Daniel hasn't heard all of it.
The discussion in Landry's office was fascinating. I'm looking forward to how that will turn out. Speaking of Landry, I loved Methos' reaction to Carolyn Lam. Obviously he knows who she is, but I meant his change in demeanor. *smile*
So hoping to see a new chapter soon. :)
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