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Moi chapter 48 . 8/21/2015
I just thought of Daniel's epiphany in ch. 22 again. When will it come to Daniel (or has he already realized it?) that IF Adam Pierson is/was indeed at least 5000 years old or lived back then for a bit and knows it (hence the 'flying under the radar' bit), then logically the same must be true for Benjamin Adams when the claim to be twins comes into play. Or rather, if flying under the radar is something Pierson has a lot of practice in, then logically faking his death must be part of it in regular intervals (barring ascension), explaining the timely re-emergence of 'twin brother' Benjamin Adams when he was caught. While it still wouldn't solve the problem that there was definitely a very dead body Daniel saw with his own eyes wearing Pierson's face (thus eliminating ascension as an explanation yet again), it's a remarkable 'coincidence' that Adams later stumbles over literally the only goa'uld in all of Colorado Springs (never mind being called dead in the process before his arrest).
*smiling happily at all those lovely possibilities*
On another note, it's quite funny how the haughty Tok'ra react to the same treatment they usually dish out, culminating in Methos calling their medicine for all intents and purposes primitive and lacking, a description the Tok'ra (apart from Martouf/Lantash, who had a motive to be more polite) liked to use on the Tau'ri as a whole when they first met. To have a common Tau'ri doctor compare the level of their over all knowledge in medicine (geared at their hosts' ailments) and declare matter-of-factly he probably is at the same level or higher, that must have stung. Badly. Who would have thought. So much for the 'Tau'ri can only offer potential hosts' to have the Tok'ra consider them as valuable allies (as stated at the end of the double episode The Tok'ra after Jacob Carter and Selmak blended in season two). *snicker* Time might have changed their view, but the sentiment was there once, strong enough to very nearly reject the offer of becoming allies against a mutual enemy, the goa'uld.
DNelson chapter 48 . 8/21/2015
I'd get it myself, but I don't have thumbs!
Riddle7777 chapter 48 . 8/20/2015
And round and round we go :D
Moi chapter 48 . 8/20/2015
Loved Methos' dig at death at the SGC (Daniel)!
Sneaky, sneaky, just tossing a piece of Ancient tech at 'Hebron'.
So they have made the connection between 'Benjamin Adams' and Sydyk's beheading. What will Daniel make of the hell freezing voice answering "Death." he heard before the electrical storm (aka the quickening) broke loose?
Add a translation of the Welsh sounding bits at the end of this chapter, please?
A very pointed view, not only on "Hebron's" personal history, but on the Tok'ra's approach to medicine. In a way, the latter reflects on the goa'uld's approach to technology and inventions as a whole. Over the millennia, as a whole (barring a few exceptions) the goa'uld have developed remarkably little. Both groups of symbiotes (plus in this case hosts as well) seem to be surprisingly stagnant and un-inventive much of the time.
A bright idea on Methos' side to emphasize on his doctor identity in the meantime, building up a traceable reputation before it will be questioned when he catches up with his original timeline. No matter if Methos *meant* to help those people anyway or if it was just a part of a bigger plan, once he had his memories back, he knew he would be questioned at some point if he wanted to make it back to Earth one day or ran across certain Tau'ri.
One identical man down, one to go (at least for Daniel).
The problem with another DNA-test would be that even twins, especially ones growing up in different circumstances after a while are not completely identical any more. Individual genes may be switched on and off over the course of an individual's life, determined by environment and lifestyle. With the advanced technology the SGC must be having at their disposal by now, they might be able to catch onto that. So, nice save Methos (see below)! That comment certainly clears up his identity.
That last dig "Does the name 'Amanda' mean anything to you?" was just hilarious! I am SO looking forward to that answer. Fallout! *snicker*
Methos is REALLY a gifted actor. Though you have to give it to Daniel, he has recovered remarkably fast from the events of his last few hours/days.
Thank you so much for your swift update. I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter!
anja.quickert.9 chapter 48 . 8/20/2015
ferduran chapter 48 . 8/20/2015
Interesting turns of events
Beloved Daughter chapter 48 . 8/20/2015
Another great chapter - thanks for updating!
Arekanderu chapter 48 . 8/20/2015
Moi chapter 47 . 8/15/2015
Nah, won't be getting my own account unless I'll manage to actually FINISH my very own first fanfic. (My email accounts frequently 'die' of not using them.) Though you are not the first author to ask for this, as at times my reviews tend to be . . . rather lengthy when a story sparks my own mind/fantasy. If you really need to, you could always answer by reviewing your own story in the meantime. *wiggle eyebrows*
For that matter, you (very prominently, I'd have to say so) and a number of other authors have recently motivated me to write my own fic for the first time. Funnily, after literally a decade of reading Harry Potter stuff, it happens to be a Highlander/SG1 story. *snicker* (Both series I've only watched on and off and I know neither Captive Soul, An Evening at Joe's, nor any of the audio stories, and any of the HL movies beyond the first one I either haven't watched or it was too many years ago, BTW blissfully ignoring the second one as it fucks with the series, IMO.)
Unfortunately, as I am definitely not a native speaker [and German TV is ALWAYS with dubbing, hence why I'd have to figure out what makes the characters so very in character in English first, "campers", "yer ken him?" (for the Scottish accent when MacLeod gets emotional or we see a flashback, I'll just listen to an interview with Robert Carlyle for The Full Monty then, though for the life of me, even after watching some Torchwood, I'm not able to identify Welsh at all or pinpoint most American accents)], creating a good plot, sticking sufficiently to canon and hopefully managing to hit the characters spot on with their accents and speech patterns might take a while. Tough I can proudly claim that I'm nearly at 20.000 words and a thoroughly frustrated Daniel Jackson by now. Never mind that there's the little snag of managing to breath enough 'life' into the non-dialogue parts of my already existing writing.
Talk about writing, you've managed with a relatively small amount of words to create a well flowing while still dense plot. That kind of skill is amazing!
By the way, no, Methos could not point out anything about Kinsey, as technically he cannot claim he has seen him in his Benjamin Adams identity as he allegedly (bloody finger prints) never entered the house, never mind as Adam Pierson. So amnesia it has to be, maybe with the odd 'flashback' when it suits him. Play dumb and hope for the best! *smirk*
And wasn't there the claim that Benjamin Adams was deady-dead as well? ! ? *cackle* Occam's Razor indeed.
Talk about Kinsey: if he's at the SGC, technically the Tok'ra could use a healing device on him. BTW, Freya/Anise, the one adamant about not freeing Hebron from Tanith until he has outlived his use (a conversation not had in Hebron/Tanith's presence for obvious reasons) is absent. Fancy that.
Not transmitting naquadah and the protein marker from a female ex-host to a child indicates that the fetus or the placenta must have some inherent protection against 'contamination' then. Interesting thought (on a theoretical level). I've been watching parts of the episodes Tok'ra 1 and 2 yesterday. It would also mean that a child is protected from the emotional parts left behind by the symbiote.
Oh, about one of my last reviews, I did not mean Sokar, but Anubis who might or might not have built a base on Memphis. Typo there. Methos' time might not have been fun on the planet, but likely very informative. Though I doubt he'd willingly subject himself to the hassle of becoming anybody's king (*cough pharaoh *cough*). Been there, done that.
You know, the thing about re-reading a story is that with every or at least some of the new information or twists and turns coming up, it gives a pre-existing plot-line or comment a completely new meaning. Hence why I couldn't resist to just do a bit more of reviewing this time around.
Have you by any chance read "The Surgeon's Dilemma" by Evelyna1? That's one story I'd hope to see extended one day, as it gives the whole Stargate Jack O'Neill thing a completely new, so much darker twist.
Anyway, I really, honestly love your story!
See ya,
Moi chapter 47 . 8/13/2015
A completely off topic question: I know, I know, immortals are sterile, so not aiming for that. However, goa'uld have a genetic memory. What happens to a former host who has absorbed a dead snake when they reproduce? The host has recollections of the symbiote's life on and off. Or some sort of instinct kicking in at times. Methos now knows about the protein marker and the naquadah and I am fairly certain the Tok'ra had not been idle in their own research. However, would descendants of absorbing-ex-hosts be somewhat affected?
And would a real sarcophagus experience affect an immortal's body, come to think of it (not talking about fertility, but thinking about Daniel's addiction to the contraption when he used it while his body was in perfect health in season 2 or of scars like the one Kronos had or Kalas and the Kurgan gained on their necks)? Drugs (alcohol as well *grin*), just as zats and tasers are faster 'metabolized' by an immortal than by your average mortal, after all. (Though interestingly enough, food isn't.) Deadly gases seem to affect them time delayed (Xavier 's robbery).
Moi chapter 46 . 8/13/2015
*shudder* Imagine the goa'uld found out about gaining true immortality by merging with pre-immortals. They'd stop at nothing to track them down!
What would the protein marker and/or naquadah (think of its properties!) do to the physiology of an immortal (the energy of a quickening). Or rather: could it affect an immortal at all? I know, an immortal's body can change (hair length, muscle mass, fat, all over fitness), so they do adapt, but health wise and when you think about it if the object isn't too big even projectile wise (though that seems to be more an issue of recovery time than anything else to remove foreign objects and to replace damaged and missing tissue), immortals keep snapping back to a default state.
Oh, Jalen was "Hebron's" first Tok'ra contact? She's accompanied them back to the SGC now, hasn't she?
stargate . wikia . com on Memphis claims that it remains unknown if Sokar planted his base on Memphis or not. Did he (in your opinion)? Would Methos have found or made use of Ptah's research - or at least the bits he could still find on the planet? Methos lived through long stretches of time when nature and the world at large were hostile at best. Calling a planet hostile would be put into perspective by that (in contrast to the life of your average 20th century human). The place has mountains? Fine, he spent more than a century in the Himalayas, BCE! So, what would Methos have made of a place populated by 'monsters'? Methos as a starting point had what he can remember of his memories as a host to Tanith and if he focuses hard he can access both McCaffrey's and Sydyk's knowledge. I wonder what he made of whatever he found on the planet.
If the SCG and the Tok'ra realized the extent and just what kind of information Methos might be privvy to by now (depending in part on what you had him do during the last eight years), I very much doubt they'd ever let him go (though there's still Daniel Jackson and his own suspicions that are driving him nuts). So, mentioning those stasis pods were probably the best idea Methos had to save 'Hebron' from even more abuse/unpleasantness and protect the secret of immortals.
Moi chapter 42 . 8/13/2015
Yup, if Kinsey tells his tale and they take fingerprints, Methos will be busted. He just claimed he wasn't in the airman's house.
Moi chapter 33 . 8/13/2015
I wonder just how long it will take Kinsey to be well enough again to be questioned. *grimace* That conversation between Sydyk and a heavily improvising Methos is NOT something that will help Methos explaining the situation if the Air Force starts poking around. As Methos cannot claim to be Adam Pierson any more who at least was told about some bloke called Tanith-who-was-dead, this little dialogue witnessed by a terrified Kinsey (whom he helped which should raise a different set of questions as NO goa'uld would have done so) getting reported could be a nightmare.
Moi chapter 30 . 8/13/2015
Yep, something Ancient, just not in the sense of the meaning Daniel would tend to think first.
Moi chapter 29 . 8/13/2015
And here Daniel had it all spelled out to him "Here begins the Chronicle of the immortal Methos". *snicker* If he figures it out, do you think he'd kill Methos?
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