Reviews for Mother's Heart
Sybil Jane Capulet chapter 1 . 10/7/2011
Anne is an oft-neglected character, and I'm very pleased to see a story about her. You beautifully captured Anne's tenderness and worry for her son, and I also liked the slight, slight hint that they was something a trifle too close about their relationship. I also appreciate that you've done your research, although I have one small note on that score: In the nineteenth century the term 'homosexual' had only just been invented and was not in wide use, so there was no real concept that men sleeping with men was anything but a fetish. Anne might be concerned that her son engaged in questionable activities (sleeping with other men), but not than that he was anything other than straight, because she wouldn't have understood that there was such a thing. However this is a minor quibble in regards to a very good story, and I hope you write more.