Reviews for Deadliest Warrior Cloud S vs Siegfried S
Guest chapter 1 . 10/9/2012
personaly, i say Cloud wins. As you said before, he has shown that he can easily cleave through huge chunks of metal and stone, which would make it so that Siegfried's armor would do little to stop him. Like you said, Cloud is also faster, with the added bonus of being able to jump massive hights and distances. In short, i think it would come down the the fact that Siegfried would attack, Cloud would dodge, and then counter attack with a strike that would make Siegfried's armor look like wet tissue paper; all before Siegfried could recover from his first missed attempt. Even with the excelerated healing, you can't heal a severed torso.
Also there is the fact that Cloud bested Sepheroth, not once, not twice, but three times. Sepheroth went through many more physical augmentations and mutations than Cloud, making him faster and stronger; he also had the benifet of added experience from long years of combat. All of this, and he still lost to Cloud. All in all, Cloud takes home the champion's belt.
GNXmike chapter 1 . 10/7/2011
WHOA! Totally killer bro! ;P

This is such a great idea for a story and I'm glad to be the first one to comment :) I really felt like I watched Deadliest Warrior to start with, then the way Siegfried's and Cloud's best points, low points and key points of their skill, weapons, armor, moves and such was on point!

I haven't played Soul Calibur (or FF really) in a long while and so for someone who's never played either and read this story, it'll school them well about the characters they've seen or played before ;P

I like both guys, but I think I'd have to root for Siegfried. He's more badass for me, and I'm a guy for baddest-ass XD

Keep it going!