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Biba79 chapter 1 . 10/7/2011
They try to keep from repeating mistakes and instead they manage to make new ones, but they try.

That is so true. They will make many mistakes now, especially because they are together.

He thinks that she's ashamed. Of their situation. Of him. It's not his words, but his tone; she's come to know it better than anyone's. She understands this and she's frustrated because he always claims he's forever trying to catch up to her when in reality, she is always racing to catch up to him.

OMG. This totally broke my heart. How he thinks she's ashamed of him, and yet they are trying to catch up to each other. I love how you wrote that, Ren.

They are strong apart and stronger together.

That's so true. and what are you doing to me. So many emotions right now and I'm not even half way through the fic.

"Let's get out of here, mama."

Brennan shakes her head. "I'm not going to protest the title. It will only encourage you."

You need to stop that right now, I'm grinning like a fool now. I love how she likes the title, but she has to say something, it's their thing you know.

Brennan deliberates and then grabs the rest of the magazines from the rack.

"What are you doing?" Booth asks cautiously.

"We need to buy them," she says.

She's going to buy all the magazines? lol Of course she is. I love how shocked she is that they printed this story, I guess she doesn't know too much about gossip and media, but I bet she's about to learn.

"That's pretty clear," Booth scoffs. "You keep us so far hidden from everything else because we're obviously such an embarrassment to you. Or is it just me, Bones?"

Oh no! He did not just say that. I feel bad for Booth that he feels that way.

"Well I'm not," Brennan stresses vehemently.

Why did she lie? Nooooo! I feel like she's trying to protect her privacy way too much and it's going to backfire on her. I hope Booth didn't hear that.

"I have never thought of you as an embarrassment. I find being associated with you very pleasing, Booth. Always."

You better tell him Bren. Seriously, we already knew that. She loves him. It's time for Booth to know too.

This baby and Booth are new to her and she has no desire to share either one of them with anyone who does not absolutely need to know. She feels that they are, quite simply, hers.

I love how possessive she is of Booth and now their baby. That's why she didn't want to share their news, because this is so new to her that she's afraid she won't have it for much longer, and that my friend it's why you are a wonderful writer. The way you write just makes my heartache for these characters.

This was so brilliant, omg, you are freaking awesome Ren. It was beautiful how well written it was, the emotions, theirs and mine, it was totally there.

Thank you.
P chapter 1 . 10/7/2011
I like urs best BTW. ;)
RositaLG chapter 1 . 10/7/2011
You had me at "It's new." I was crazy grinning like a fool. You write so smoothly it baffles my mind that you can think otherwise. Every word is strung together like a melody of a song. It just flows in this beautiful way that would make me secretly hate you if I didn't love you so much.

There were several levels to this. The surface, "Holy shit, can she ever write!" level where I gush about your talent and the second "I know this girl and all the references in this story" level. Since we all know you're a genius, let's start with the first level:

This paragraph blew my mind: "It's exciting. But it's scary as well for these two people who have been living apart for so long. So they're a little afraid of allowing the other to leave their sight, and neither of them really sleeps, and they try to stay vigilant. They try to see all the signals. They try to keep from repeating mistakes and instead they manage to make new ones, but they try. And because he's a gambler and she's a scientist, they know all about increased odds. As long as they keep trying, they're bound to get somewhere. Eventually. They've already made a baby, and while that had arguably been the easy part, they both feel (kind of) confident that they'll (maybe) make it."

And this:

"Because I didn't make the decision!" she shouts. "It's my life, Booth. My work. And the decision wasn't mine!"" - I love that you chose to make Brennan the person who wanted to keep it a secret. It's a 180 from my take and I loved the way you explored it.

"and then she's a whole new kind of pissed off because she certainly had more common sense than to go around striking things that don't feel pain before Booth. Booth, with his idiotic penchant for slamming doors and punching walls and yelling at other drivers that can't even hear him. It may have gotten her arrested a time or two but at least assaulting people produced far more satisfying results. - Such great characterization. Also, is something that has actually happened in my brain so I like it even more.

The Booth side of this same coin with him in the gym/shooting range? Just circle the whole damn scene in bright blue ink and write FAVORITE next to it. Genius.

Now the deeper level:

"Brennan breaks eye contact suddenly, and coincidentally she's now very, very concentrated on the clothes spread out on the bed in front of her." AND this: "Booth's eyes flit helplessly above her head, as if he expects to find the right answer somewhere in the air around them". These are Ren faces. lol. And the fact that they are in this story made me so incredibly happy.

Would you, could you, "In a hammock?" or "against a tree?" We really have to stop mixing Dr. Seuss and fic. It's getting strange. lol.

Cupcakes? Come on, you know I gotta support that. ;)

Ten Jenny points and my undying devotion, my dear. You knocked it out of the park again.
JMHaughey chapter 1 . 10/7/2011

Fanfreakintastic, lady!

I love the convos. For some reason, I can see some of these in my future with Hypothetical H.
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