Reviews for Light Within the Darkness
DeathsQueen26 chapter 75 . 9/21
Amanda chapter 75 . 9/17
Well you're right. Took me one night to read the damn thing because I LOVE IT! Absolutely, ridiculously, so much better than the original. I love Jasper so much more than Edward. I always thought it was just me but I'm glad there is someone else out there who took a fascination with him as well. I liked the different I printings as well, Leah and Alice, plus the triangle. Made it interesting! The twins were a nice twist in addition to their abilities. I liked that Jasper and Bella were finally out of Forks and High School. It always drove me crazy that they stayed in school so much in the originals when they clearly shouldn't have been. Especially after the first book. In yours after the first few chapters they evolved as they should have all along! Absolutely loved this version!
Kera Atchley chapter 1 . 7/24
Loved it!
DixieAnnabelle chapter 75 . 7/23
Beautiful story! Thank you
Guest chapter 72 . 7/17
I just want to let you know how much I really enjoyed this story. It was different and moved right along, your very good! Thank you for finishing
the story .I hate when people start a really good one and just stop before they get it done,just leave you wondering what the rest of the story is. so thank you again and good luck with any of your new stories I am sure you will do Great!

Sincerely, L. Jacox chapter 75 . 7/2
did she ever get to meet the bear
was she turned
whats happening to Montana and Garrett
whats gonna happen with Bella and Jasper
and whats gonna happen with Monroe and Angela chapter 66 . 7/2
no i wanted seth to be mine
ayame08 chapter 30 . 6/20
Have never read a story where Alice was gay. Nothing against it, just saying. Real different.
cillycakes chapter 75 . 6/3
Loved this story so much I didn't want it to end you should do a second one continuing with this story line
harrynginnyinatree chapter 29 . 5/29
This is hilarious, I had a feeling that that was the reason that Alice couldn't get a vision of her mate - her mate being a werewolf, but I was absolutely was not expecting Leah! And I could hear Bella's tone in my head when she was telling Sam to use his words. Priceless!
harrynginnyinatree chapter 16 . 5/29
That was priceless! I loved that entire chapter. I had a feeling that Bella knew about vampires, but I wasn't totally sure. I absolutely loved the interaction between the Major and Bella and his comment about it taking a 'special' kind of vampire to sever their own spinal cord, and I loved Carlisle's and Emmett's reaction at the end. I was cackling through the whole thing.
Guest chapter 9 . 5/9
I give up, I got to this chapter and looked at how many more there were expecting there to be about 25
vampirelady13 chapter 12 . 5/7
Still enjoying this story. I am really sucked into it. I cant wait to read the next chapter. As always your an awesome writer.
vampirelady13 chapter 5 . 5/7
You did a good job on this chapter. Still enjoying the story so far.
vampirelady13 chapter 2 . 5/6
I trying one of your other story's. I think it's really goos so far.
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