Reviews for The Forgotten Salmon
Debbie Hicks chapter 3 . 10/22/2014
Chapter 4.
while driving home to with all of the Sudden a Very Horrifying Car crash was Heard two Sibling with five all of them Had their Bones Removed by someone and were Killed yes killed by a Aged Mr Harvey he was back Again the three were in Heaven together and with Holday her dog then the Police found the remains mr and Mr's I am Afraid have terrifying your children they were Killed and murdered so that was it the remaining two Aged too late and went old then the siblings witnessed the coming they had moved on with them with as all of tribzallions or all of the Sudden Alison was killed next then with Some thing Their Parents dead at long Eternally last was a Agent for the Angels but sudden their bodies were found dead like corpses in peace but Harvey had killed as all the rest of more as all as All of young as all of tribazillions as all of them very way as tribazillions or more as all of their own Bones then all of the Sudden Burned the Ciorpses and Cursed them to Spend in Limbo as very all of them and the sick Sister then was Killed by him but with her opwn parents murdered and all of the very trizallions or as all of Homes and all of them suddenly all opf them were all of them Thrown but all of their own souls Reached but violently reformed with out feelings at all but suddenly with their Grandmother sick but suddenly Killed but burned as all of the Bones and all of them already dead rememerged and were Welcomed Home forgood but Suddenly sharpest pain into their sides and all of the suden Ray with REruth ertr Next with as all of their own children with their families with as all with Brian with his with suddenly he Totalliest Cursing them to Live beyond Earth as Death Angels with as all of them forced to Suffer with as all of with as all the rest it was a mass Killing and more of them Brutally and all of the ire own Bones were kept and all of them were all of them Decayed but sudden more of them suddenly Reappeared but as all of them reverted the day they were younger with of all of them suddenly Could not go to Earth more of them with as all more as all of them all of them reported it is that Killer he is back using us with them then a strange group were very mysterious but unearthly but they were Extraterrestrials they had died fore now acting as Guardians of Death them one of them I want Vengeance I want to hunt the killer down please save us from here Lindesy you down well yes it's my job but something gone very wrong with as all of them Nancy you are weeping herself began to feel a loving thing then performed a Vulcan mind meld caused a unholy heartbeat of healing but loving compassion but grieving in a very soft expressionless but very cold voice your pain runs deep and draw strength via the mind meld your mind to my mind your thoughts to my thoughts your life to my life our thoughts are merging and we are one suddenly she felt warmth then all the deceased were now telepathically bonded but suddenly underwent a painful change of al it was time to move on but violently crossed over but something gone very too wrong all of the bodies all of them but all of them suddenly fell out and all of their spirits never rest but all of the suddenly violently but screeched like Le-Matyas wailing as all of them more as all monstrously and all of them but the Curse of him fell onto them very too soon but it was too late they were officially Cursed by the will to move forever from life to the beyond their lives but wandered like a clan moving about their City forged in their Murder declaring themselves as Angels telepathically locked but linked in a hive spirit were different from other Angels all of them had kids born of violence and were Vengeance Angels were Executor angels all of them suddenly lost their as all of their bodies vanished but the curse was there and the bondes were found by Poilce the year 2014 roared but everything was more different the sites was haunted by their spirits lived beyond their bodies were Katras had to use their powers then in letters of Alion it screamed help us we Been killed find him Hurry! strike thy Weapon Use your LIRPA! DESTROY HIM END HIM FEED HIM TO ANIMALS! before we are GONE! KOON'UT,FIAEE! It came too late they were declaring Battle Challenge were female people then his ensign burst but slammed the door but panting hard in his robes with shoes wild Dark golden brown eyes Black hair pale skin pointed ears then reported for him with so many deceased big Animals roaring but screeching as very but shrilling like their creatures Sir! they Declared Battle Challenge for the males if on our planet for Susie and Lindsey and their brother with the families WHAT?! He had a very thunderous and more powerfully temper was tall and Muscular wore his robes and his low boots but it happened it was changing with them moved on but stopped but were cursed to haunt Earth forever more for real but it was over for now.
Princess Unikitty chapter 3 . 10/30/2013
looks great so far.
KAnders4198 chapter 2 . 8/17/2012
I think you hit home plate about Buck's emotions. I feel like Buckley would have some emotional trouble. Most small kids grown up having emotional problems if something major happens.
magicians chapter 2 . 6/28/2012
I'm not sure if I agree with him never really knowing her. I think he was young, but not totally oblivious or stupid, for me, it was more he would always miss her, like, he missed his older sister who played games with him and cuddled him and was there to protect him. He missed a sister he knew he had but didn't really understand why he was missing her. I think he had memories of her too, but his were more blurred and painful because he wasn't 100% sure what he was missing.

I do think you wrote the emotions well, and I agree with him maybe having some emotional problems, but I think Buckley would be stronger, in a way.
magicians chapter 1 . 6/28/2012
I absolutely love this. I love what you have done with Buckley's character, how you have made him grow and expand into this person who just seems to have such a lovely soul. I really liked Buckley in the book and wondered about him, about his life and how he would adapt, so it's nice to see a story like this.
civilwarrose chapter 1 . 11/22/2011
Wonderful writing! I can identify with Buckley because he would be about the same age as me, lol. I like the way you took the character of the background little brother and painted a picture of him as a young adult! Very detailed!