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Galactic Guardian Felix chapter 16 . 3/26
Oh my god (falls to the floor laughing ) but you probably don't recognize me and the reason for that is because I am a Fanfiction Trekker at least that's what I call myself I go from fan base to fan base in different sections and if inspiration hits me I write a story or 2 then move on but I love to this story it was awesome I ocasionally discover stories I love and this is definitely one of them you have earned a favorite from me I am saddened I didn't come here earlier but I'm glad I gotta read such a wonderful story great job with it Live Long and Prosper Galactic Guardian Felix out
kitsunelullaby chapter 16 . 1/10
Seahorses are awesome!
kitsunelullaby chapter 15 . 1/10
Twins would be great and they have an entire starship full of people willing to help :-)
kitsunelullaby chapter 11 . 1/10
Poor spock
kitsunelullaby chapter 4 . 1/10
Loved the teases! And it was perfectly cheesy for bones :-)
DoctorBonesFannibal chapter 16 . 9/30/2013
awwww! This is amazing awesome fantastic adorable brilliant! you're such an amazing awesome brilliant fantastic writer! I love it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooo much!
AngelPanda3 chapter 16 . 9/22/2013
This one and the first were very cute! Never read a McSpirk before but I liked this. :)
Guest chapter 1 . 6/15/2013
It... Was different. I loved the plot, even though the characters weren't acting as themselves. And, you may want to put in the summary that Bones is also in the relationship. It freaked me out a bit, 'cause I was under the impression it was a relationship based solely on Spirk. Nice read, though.
MSU82 chapter 16 . 5/12/2013
Okay, first off, I just have to say I adored both the stories in this little two-part series.

Second, I'll let you know that the anonymous reviewer who named their self 'Guest' is an insufferable moron in my book. Saying men can't cry? Men cry. Captain Kirk in the 2009 movie was ready to cry after the mindmeld and


Jim and Spock BOTH cried at one point during the movie. I won't say why, so I guess it isn't really a spoiler, but still.

I can see the Enterprise having some sort of small restaurant for diplomats, and I can see some of the rooms having kitchenette areas, and any family living spaces having a kitchen.

And as for one detail, though, they did make a, though I regret to admit, good point.

Spock's full name is S'chn T'gai Spock. S'chn T'gai is his last name. The names on Vulcan are set up like in Japan, so the last name is first.

So, if you want help with that part, the baby's proper name should be, I think:

S'chn T'gai Amanda T'Stolik Spencer Kirk-McCoy, or Amanda T'Stolik Spencer Kirk-McCoy-S'chn T'gai

But, to me, this story is still amazing, and the other story was just as amazing. Write long and prosper! XD

}: - Vulcan Face XD
Guest chapter 16 . 1/20/2013
Of Vulcan? why would she be named of Vulcan? she isn't 'of Vulcan'. She's 1/4 Vulcan. And 'of Vulcan' isn't Spock's last name. Once again, that's just stupid writing.

Your story had really good moments, but at times it was like it was being written by a 12 year old. Unrealistic as all get out.

The "of Vulcan' part is just another not-very-well-thought-out detail that your story was full of. You have the potential to be a very good writer, if you would think out your details better and get out of the 12 year old girl mindset
Guest chapter 7 . 1/20/2013
This chapter is just too ridiculous to even discuss. And I'm not talking about the mpreg.
Guest chapter 5 . 1/20/2013
Wonderful chapter!
Guest chapter 4 . 1/20/2013
Already this chapter has me rolling my eyes. All he can do is sit? Because even today, 200 years not in the future with vast and amazing advances in medicine, they get you out of bed and moving around as soon as possible. The not moving around crap has long been outdated, even in today's medicine. And if Kirk is so infirmed that all he is allowed to do is sit? He has no business on the bridge or on active duty. That's just stupid. I'm at a loss as to you are writing such lousy details that make no sense.

The Enterprise's new restaurant? For real? RME's. Just how big do you think the Enterprise is? This is not the Enterprise the size of the one on The next Generation.

They would not build a fancy restaurant for 'important guest'. They might have a nice room set up for such occasions, but it wouldn't be something used all the time, with wiatresses and expensive menus. They wouldn't waste personal like that and there would be no way a military serviceman could afford such a thing regularly and with a limited crew of just over 400, there wouldn't be enough business to keep such a thing in business. There wouldn't be civilian workers on ship either. The whole thing is stupid. It would have been better for the Captain and Spock to decorate a room or even to set up the VIP dinning area for this occasion, instead of it being a fancy restaurant always there and in use. That isn't realistic at all. Again, you put very little actual thought in to your details, or have very little understanding of the military, the very LIMITED space available and the practicalilities of half the stuff your are writing in. And for that matter, fancy dinners do not have Ambassadors and VIP's sitting in BOOTHS. I thought you said it was set up for state dinners with VIP's and yet they are sitting at private booths? HUH? How much sense does that make. You'd have done better to have had them set up a romantic setting in an observation deck or something other than unbelievable unrealistic crap like this.

But the stuff back in the room, that was cute again and very sweet.
Guest chapter 3 . 1/20/2013
The melds and Jim and Spock talking proposals is why I read this story. It's sweet.

But again, there are huge unrealistic chunks in the story that make no sense to be unrealistic. (as in, there is no need to suspend disbelief in order to make it work, seeing as it is not important to the story at all.)

They live on a Starship. A military starship. With limited space. There will not be luxury spaces wasted with things like a freaking kitchen in any of the personal quarters, not even the Captain's. It is canon that he has a replicator in the wall, but THAT IS IT. He doesn't have a freaking kitchen in his quarters and it's stupid to write one there. It's just too unrealistic that kind of space on a starship would be wasted on space for a single individual. They have a mess hall for a reason. Possibly there might be a small kitchen used by the entire crew somewhere, but it would NOT be in the captain's quarters or anyone else's for that matter. There is no reason to be that unrealistic in the story, since it's not really important to the story at all. It just makes it look like you aren't really thinking of the details, just adding crap in willy nilly.

And McCoy wasting precious minutes discussing going to sickbay for a medical emergency? No way in hell. He'd be out the door as soon as he got the call. Don't dumb down his professionalism. If the ensign was that bad off, he might not have minutes to spare while McCoy discussed the situation with his lovers. McCoy wouldn't risk someone's life like that. Again, it comes across as you not really thinking of the details or the consequences of of such crappy details.
Guest chapter 3 . 1/20/2013
Again, disappointed. Why is Spock carrying Jim? Even with today's medicine, that's not 200 years into the future, they would have had Kirk up and walking, even if it's just down the hall and back. And if he was unable to walk to his quarters, he'd never be allowed to leave sickbay while still stationed on the ship. The military is funny that way. If it's the hospital bit where you have to be wheeled out for insurance purposes, again, this is the military, aboard a freaking starship. That wouldn't fly in this situation. It is NOT an established fact that a wheelchair is used to leave sickbay and if he can't walk, he has no business leaving sickbay. This kind of unrealistic bull is what ruins many a good fanfic. Because they are unrealistic for NO GOOD REASON, except lazy writing.
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