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Jessi chapter 68 . 3/18
Okay I read that and well I had to read it over but I know Benjy blushed when Bea poked him and TonyxWinter is ongoing. As for Craig and Emily it's kinda hard to hate just like Mouse and West from the Carrie Diaris
Alice the Malice chapter 68 . 3/5
My bet is that Craig is going to be eliminated.
DarkShockBro chapter 68 . 3/5
Alright, finally, we're halfway done! Let's roll!

Edgar continues to be insincere, Molly continues to be adorable, and Tony and Winter continue to be a good couple. Yeah, that's about what I expected.

So, with Pandora and Ted gone, Megan continues to be kind of creepy with her obsession towards Pandora, and outside from that, not too much else.

That scene with Ted and Tyler is adorable, especially when they were talking about their girlfriends. And Ted getting work from Tyler's father is just the sweetest thing.

...Oh dear god, why. Bedlam really is evil. Shooting a rhino and cutting off its horn for fun? You can't even eat rhinos! That was just... dear god. No wonder Pandora's upset.

So, the solo immunity challenge, pull out a tooth or get sprayed by noxious fumes. Glorious.

Chris, I hate you. Why would you do that to Amy? Le sigh.

...Ouch. Poor Craig, getting stuck in the lion's mouth like that. At least Gareth reassured Amy, which is much appreciated.

And Vinsun continues to make things worse. Glorious. Poor Emily.

Nice job, Gareth! You and Amy continue to be awesome.

Wow, Ling banged it out! Awesome!

And Ramona fails and smells like New Jersey. Truly, a Fate Worse Than Death.

Seriously, Chris? Why would you put Chef's gym socks in that place? Ugh, disgusting.

So, Megan gets the right to send Jarvis to Squalid, naturally, and Jethro has to send someone there too. Good choice by picking Tony, though, Jethro is clearly still very smart.

Aww, Amy is a goddess, and I'm glad Gareth and her fell for each other. Truly, this is awesome. Hopefully she can survive and Vinsun can fall, though.

...Yikes, Pandora is losing it. Fortunately, Jarvis is still willing to fight for her, and that's exactly what Pandora needs, because Bedlam is crazy evil.

And finally, the truth comes out, and Emily is infuriated. This can only end well, but at least Emily doesn't hate Vinsun anymore.

Aww, Bea and Winter continue to be adorable, and hey, maybe Beanjamin will be a thing. Who knows?

Megan wants to vote Benjamin off for losing a coin? Lovely.

And oh dear, Molly finally gets to talk to Lars. This oughta be good.

And now, the vote. This'll be intense...

Yay, Amy survived! Amy goddess is still here! It's just a shame Vinsun had to go, causing drama to erupt. And yeesh, Ramona, you've gotta have a little more faith in Craig than that, even if he did screw up. But hey, Gray Morality and all that.

Did Megan seriously construct a key to get to First Class? They're called boundaries, girl.

So, Benjamin, Bea, and Winter are still tight, and Edgar is still an asshole. Oh, Jethro, you do not know what you have done...

Man, Emily is losing it. This oughta be interesting. And Amy and Gareth are still together, so yay for that!

And wow, Lars was finally able to tell Molly the truth about Jethro. Fortunately, Molly is kind, so I doubt we'll have another big downfall for Jethro, at least I hope. I really, really hope.

All in all, great chapter, man! Best of luck with BvB!
The Ben Who Must Not Be Named chapter 68 . 3/3
This... was a rather depressing chapter. It was pretty rough on me, and I'm actually pretty majorly depressed it won't be worked on for a while. Oh well. Hopefully the Craig thing'll work out...

Fearsome Fireflies

Bea: Crush on Benjy and Winter? Wow. And too think, I wanted her to go this ep.
Molls: Finally! Lars is listened to! Hopefully Molly will tell eveyrone, though, because Edgar won't have power if Jethro is found out.

Gruesome Glow-worms

Craig: NO! NOT CRAIG! I LOVE CRAIG NOW! SAVE CRAIG! Dang... that's pretty sad. Hopefully Craig will pull threw. If not... sad day.
Emily: Yes, it's Craig's fault, but please, he's really sorry and he didn't mean for it to go the way it went. It's all ok. Just forgive and I'll be content.
Gareth: He needs to be fixed. It's annoying that he's all over the place. Stay solid!
Ramona: Great job backing up your boyfriend Ramona! Top notch job.
Vinsun: In all honesty, I saw it coming. Not the way it happened, but I still guessed Emily would have voted for him. Still... kind of sad. But, I didn't like Vinsun too much, despite me feeling bad for him. All in all, good boot.

Mystic Moths

Jarvis: At least he's catching on. That counts for somethnig at least.
Lars: YAY! You have successfully told someoen the truth. Now you just need help by telling Jarvis what's up with Pandiora...


Cheese: You totally used my cheese thing with Ling! Oh my cheese! Nah, probably had nothing to do with me, but still, coincidence! Yay!
Knifez chapter 68 . 3/3
Ding dong! Vinsun's gone!



Anyways, excellent chapter, with a bunch of nail-biting tension and you had me convinced Amy was going to get the boot. Then I thought when Emily got mad at Craig that either Gareth would overhear and have everyone else change to Craig, or have Emily try and convince Ling and Garmy.

But alas, what a bummer of a way to go, and right before things get spicy...though with Bedlam committing illegal acts of poaching, Pandora should be enjoying some nice jail time, as the law doesn't really care if you have "an alternate personality". XD

So Molly now knows about good ol' Jethy. Her last confessional makes me dislike her even more. *Sigh*

It's nice to see Terrence buckling down and getting his head in the game. He's still one of my favorites, though I'll be surprised if he makes the Final 10.

Gareth all the way at the moment. He's my favorite, though I wouldn't mind if Benjamin, Tony, Bea, Lars, Terrence or Ling won at this point.

My picks for going home before the Final 10 are Megan, Terrence, Karrie, one of Tony/Bea/Benjamin/Winter, Amy, and maybe Craig. I don't know who else would be going...

Keep up the great work, though it majorly sucks this won't be worked on for long time. Curse you BvB!
Asujoll chapter 68 . 3/2
Ding-Dong, the Vinsun's gone! No joke, I legit cheered when Amy's name was called for the final souvenir. Vinsun's been one of my least favorites since the beginning of the fic (mostly for the reasons you listed at the end there), and it feels so good knowing he's finally gone. I was actually afraid he'd win tbh, but I'm glad that's not the case.

Megan's such a snarky bitch. She's really starting to shine in these latest few episodes, and is quickly going up my rankings with how original of a villain she is.

I'm torn with the whole Bedlam thing. On one hand, she seems like just another Kasimar-type villain whose only purpose is to shock, but on the other hand, I have massive feels for Pandora, and for Jarvis by extension. This has to be incredibly difficult for both of them. Hopefully things work out.

I lol'd at Craig getting so much slapstick in the individual challenge. I lol'd even harder when Gareth of all people quoted Mr. T. of all people in the confessional, especially with such a straight-faced deadpan. Gareth for merge 2016.

Less than three at Emily being such a bitch to Craig. She seriously shot up on my rankings because of that. I love that the Snails are starting to get pissed at each other. Makes up for how sickening I found them pre-swap. Except for Bonnie, but she can redeem herself in the future.

I do kind of wish Craig would get eliminated already, but the fact that he's falling towards rock bottom is good enough for me atm. I'd say it's about time he got knocked down a peg.

Lars and Molly having a conversation was great. Lars just needs to win. He probably won't, if his Kasimar edit in the first third of the story is any indication, but I do hope he goes far.

Wow, this has been a really critical review, hasn't it? Either way, I really enjoyed this episode and look forward to what happens next.
The Nameless Ben chapter 67 . 3/2
Not bad. Not my favorite arc though. After your Oregon arc, nothing can top that. Still, it was ok. My only critism is that you completely changed my opinions on a lot of the characters. Gareth and Ling are acting like jerks and Craig is so totally awesome! It’s just… so weird and confusing. That, and maybe the entire challenge was just boring. We’re used to all this action, then we get this. Idk, it’s probably just me. But, time for my review.

Fearsome Fireflies
Edgar: Yeesh. He’s in a bad place. Unless his plan works, he’s screwed. But not before Molls and Jethro. WHY MUST HE BE SO CHEESING EVIL?! Still, my theory still stands, so I’m not too worried.
Jethro: I feel kind of bad for him. He’s stuck somewhere he really wishes he wasn’t. He safe for another day, but if they lose one more time, Molly and him are toast. Hopefully the merge is sooner rather than later.
Tony: YAY! ONE OF MY FAVORITES ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING! I can’t wait for them to hook up. It’s just so exciting!
Winter: I feel really bad for her. Good thing her friends are all around to help her through it. Although, she might be a target. Her or Bea. One of them is leaving soon, I know it.
Gruesome Glow-worms
Craig: You’re so screwed I’m crying. Ramona is going to fry your hide. At least your funny. And I like you more than Ramona now, so that’s a bonus. The dumb one in the couple is usually the funnier one.
Emily: I just realized- I don’t like her. Yeah, Vinsun was being a stalker. But if Emily does what I think she’s going to do, then she’s totally on the bottom of my favorites list. Plus, I don’t really see the point of her anymore. She’s like Tyrian, only not as annoying.
Gareth: He was cool up until Pablo’s elimination. Then he turned into… this. Personally, I hope he’s eliminated this episode, because his time is near. It doesn’t feel right, but it has to be someone. However, he’s only my second biggest hunch.
Ling: My third biggest hunch. Same boat as Gareth. Killing Pablo metaphorically totally changed the game! AND I DON’T LIKE IT! I hope she goes soon, because now she’s just floating wood in a stream.
Vinsun: My biggest hunch. Everyone on Amy’s side will vote for him. And Emily feels stalked and uncomfortable around Vinsun. AND THIS IS TEARING ME APART! HURRY UP AND WRITE THE NEXT CHAPTER! THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!
Mystic Moths
Jarvis: He senses a disturbance. Hopefully he figures it out. If only he’d talk to Lars…
Megan: Could she stop bringing up evil stuff? It’s really grating my nerves. I’m actually hoping Bedlam manages to get rid of her soon. Wow, that sounds totally evil of me. I sound terrible.
Ted: It’s nice to see him and Tyler are sharing a bond. It’s a nice touch compared to your other seasons. (Minus Edith’s communications with Geoff and Tyler in Tweenabet.) I really hope this grows.
MLP References: I love how you keep adding them in here! I’m probably the only one catching them, but I totally approve!
Knifez chapter 67 . 3/1
Egad! The Fireflies! I hope Amy and Gareth are safe! The others I'm not too bothered about.

Right now I'm thinking it's going to be Vinsun going home, but it all depends on who gets immunity and who doesn't.

Ah well, very nervous for that.

As for the way you write Bedlam, I'd like to request you just put "Bedlam said." Or

"Ahahah! I love mayhem!" Bedlam chuckled.

The bolding is very distracting, you forget to do it sometimes, just one of the examples being her final confessional at the end of the chapter. You also forget to put the single quote around her name sometimes, and it's just very jarring.

Excellent challenge, not in terms of action, but just overall plot development. I'm biting my nails in anticipation to see who goes home!

Keep it up.
BaconBaka chapter 67 . 2/28
Very nice chapter, as usual!

Aww, Bea... You're falling in love with someone! Two someones, in fact!

Bedlam's got a gun... This won't end well.

And someone's light on the Glow-Worms is gonna go out soon... I'm betting it's gonna be Ramona.
DarkShockBro chapter 67 . 2/28
Yay, new chapter! Let's get this show on the road!

Hooray, Jethro continues to be a good leader, Molly continues to be adorable, and Edgar continues to be creepy. Seriously, dude, lions aren't edible, and even if they are, eew.

Black and white is what's in, huh? Oh, Amy, never change. You're amazing. And Vinsun is just being horrible in terms of turning on the charm around Emily. And how is Craig supposed to be a womanizer again? Oh, right, he's not! And I'm defending Noah on this one, Call Me Maybe Spice Girls, and I will not hear otherwise.

Let's see, Lars continues to be CPN, which is nice, and Bedlam does a not too good Pandora. Ugh, Mal flashbacks. Please catch on soon, Jarvis, you're smart, I know you can do it. But, to be fair, he doesn't understand Pandora's full condition, so I'm not too pissed.

Molly and Jethro are great together. They really are. Jethro's negativity combined with Molly's positivity is really something special. And wow, Edgar is acting normal. That's, like, the first step in creating a convincing facade. I'm amazed he got to it. And d'aaaw, Bea and Winter are great together. Hopefully Winter's secret will blow over soon.

Wow, Craig actually took responsibility for almost ruining Vinsun and Emily. That's amazing. Good on Ramona for helping him see it through too. And oh, Amy, every single thing that came out of your mouth in that scene was amazing. You are such a goddess, you know that? Gareth, take good care of her, or I'll be angry.

I'm amazed that Megan of all people is the smartest in terms of Pandora. Then again, this is her schtick, so I suppose I can't fault her. And forget what I said, Jarvis, you are smart, and again, I can't blame you for not completely catching on, but hopefully you will soon. And Terrance and Karrie are there. Yay.

Poor Molly and Jethro, being in such a bad position with their teams. Hopefully they'll manage to make things work so they can continue to bond, because I'm loving their relationship thus far. And yes, Edgar, you do deserve to be in a bad spot. I'm really hoping you go before Molly or Jethro, dude, I really am.

Yay, Craig managed to stop Vinsun from driving Emily insane! And friggin' Amy, why must you be so amazing? The Quahog reference is always nice. And Gareth is suddenly the smartest guy in the cast, which is cool. I'd love to see South America visited, personally.

Glad Ted is believing Karrie, it's never a good idea to have bitterness consume you, and all that. And Terrance is a bit of a romantic. OK, a lot. And Jarvis moves up for using the term OTP. That's just amazing. And man, Pandora is popular from Lars and Megan... for all the wrong reasons, of course, but still.

Aww, that Winter X Tony moment was adorable, for certain. And while I do like that Edgar has teamed up with Molly and Jethro, his method of survival, Molly guilt-tripping the others into giving her a Golden Passport, is just not cool. Thankfully, Benjamin has said passport, so we're good. I do want Molly and Jethro to survive, however, so... yeah, a bit conflicted here.

Oh, man, there are so many great Amy moments in this chapter, I don't even know where to begin. And I'm glad Craig told Vinsun his advice wasn't working. Now Vinsun just needs to make things right with Emily, and I have faith he can do that. And yikes, Ling sadly wasn't able to reassure Emily. I sense a problem in the future, but hopefully Vinsun and Emily will still get a happy ending.

So, Megan is trying to get Lars to vote for her, huh? Hmm... this is interesting, for certain. Terrance and Karrie are still there, and NOW Jarvis should detect some red flags. Messing up his last name? I'd be very suspicious at that. And, fortunately, Jarvis agrees. We'll see where this ends up. And Ted fanboying over Tyler is just the cutest thing.

Yay, Molly and Jethro's team didn't lose! That means more moments for them! And Amy isn't going either unless some serious nonsense happens. Vinsun, Craig, Ramona, and Emily, however? They're at risk, for certain. We'll see what happens, 'cause this is intense! And please don't kill anything, Bedlam.

Great chapter, man! Can't wait for more!
wifishark chapter 66 . 2/28
I can tell this challenge is going to be fun.
Asujoll chapter 67 . 2/28
Oh my gosh there's a legitimate chance Vinsun could be going home in the next chapter. You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to that.
Now watch as it turns out to be Gareth or Amy. :P

I gotta say, it's cool having Edgar not be forced OTTN anymore. An obvious retcon though it may be, it does make this fic that much better.

Of course, it wouldn't be a CB fic without some Chaotic Evil jerkass somewhere in there, so I guess Bedlam's a major thing now. Okay.

Hey, Jethro actually did Jethro things in this chapter. Nice. I did miss the days where he would scheme and strategize and whatnot, I must admit. And his alliance with Edgar and Molly is something I approve of.

Any other thoughts I had on this chapter I've already said before. If you really want my opinion on a specific character or anything, I'll tell you.

But yay, the update is finally here. Nice work. :)
JayJay chapter 66 . 2/27
Um, I wonder what Bea's secret is, personally I ship Bea and Benjamin if they aren't a couple it's okay but I do ship them, same for Tony and Winter, Ted and Suki, Pablo and Ling, Craig and Ramona, and Vinsun and Emily, I've started to wonder if Jethro is going to be a good guy in the end, more great things to come I guess
The Nameless Ben chapter 66 . 2/27
Sorry I’m late. I’ve been preoccupied with other things. But, here’s my review!
Yay! Tween Tour! I’m still upset about Edgar (more on him in a moment) but I really do miss this story. It is getting a bit slow though. I mean, no offense, but characters like Bea, Tony, Ling, and Gareth who I liked before the team change aren’t getting attention and makes them boring and useless. I will admit characters like Lars, Craig, and even Jethro are starting to get better, but there are still gaps. But, that’s life.

Fearsome Fireflies
Benjamin: Glad to see he’s back on his feet. It’s nice to know he’s still hurting, but if he has Tony and the others to back him up, he’s good to go. It was also nice to see how much he cares for Winter. Not in a lovey way, but as a friend and unrelated sister. It was a tear jerking moment for me really.
Edgar: I forgot to mention my theroy about Edgar last review. So, Jethro hypnotised Edgar to snap out of it if he fell 1000 feet, or saw the Slenderman. Well, what if he only got half out of the trance? Maybe he needs BOTH things to happen to fully restore him to normal. Just a theroy.
Jethro: He’s an orphan? Dude, your making me LIKE Jethro! I know I shouldn’t like him, but I do! UGH! I still ship him and Molly as a side note.
Winter: Dang. That’s harsh. Humans can be pretty nasty, especially homophobes. Homophobes are the disgusting ones. Gah. Good thing all her friends are there, otherwise I don’t think she would have survived emotionally very long.
Gruesome Glow-Worms
Craig: I like you now! You can’t be killed right when I start liking you! WHY?!
Emily: …. For cheese’s sake, run! Vinsun turned into Mr. Stalker! RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN!
Gareth: I don’t like cutthroat Gareth. Hopefully, come the merge (if he gets that far) he’ll revert to normal.
Ramona: Don’t kill Craig! Just suspend his kissing and cuddling privlidges! That’ll be efficient. Right?
Vinsun: Since when did you become a creepy stalker? Don’t you know how insane you seem? This is just so… un-Vinsun.
Mystic Moths
Lars: He has the potential to be a pretty legit guy. Too bad he picks on Ezekiel. Oh well. It would be pretty cool if he were the one to save Pandora. That would be legit.
Pandora/Bedlam: You’re a sick twisted person. Your worse than Mal, and I hate you! Pandora, you cute and adorable. I love you. Bedlam, I WANT TO TEAR YOU APART FOR WHAT YOU DID TO WINTER! I’m really hoping Megan doesn’t meet Bedlam. Death to the world if that happens…
Ted: Poor Ted. No Oliver, No Pablo, No Suki…. YOU HAVE NO ONE! But it’ll be cool to see him be a third wheel with Pandora and Jarvis. I think it’ll be pretty kick butt awesome! WOOO!

Gaylord the Goldfish: Is that something I shouldn’t really know about? Awkward….
MLP Reference: I love how you make Chef and Chris fans of it! It’s so hilarious!
Explosivo25 chapter 66 . 2/24
I can't wait to see where you plan to go with the Edgar thing!

Also, is that a Pandemic reference I spy?
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