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DetectiveKyle chapter 113 . 11/18/2015
*sighs happily* A wonderful ending to a wonderful season. My new struggle arrives... waiting for another season like this. I hope there'll be an All-Star season with the fan or author favorites... that'd be incredible.
The Ben Who Must Not Be Named chapter 113 . 11/18/2015
I can’t believe this fic is done either. But yay! TDL3 TIME!
… I freaking love Dexter.
… I’m not sure if I liked the Penny Vicky moment or was slightly freaked out. Either way, THOU SHALT NOT HURT CUTHBERT’S FEELINGS!
Albert, what happened to you! I liked you back when you were in the game! Now you’re robbing Lars of his hamburger! SHAME ON YOU!
Whoa… I still don’t ship Darby/Morton. I just don’t.
Ugh, someone get rid of Henry.
Aw, cute moment with Bea and Winter!
I’d be more like Sneezy compared to Tony, to be honest.
OMC! OTIS WAS THERE! Cute couple moments, but OTIS WAS THERE!
And that was Edgar’s scene. Moving on.
AW! You really did fix things with Emily! I now know who is officially in last place just because of this moment.
Robbie’s pun killed me. It was that stupid pun that finished me off. Thank you Robbie. Thank you.
Jethro’s amazing! SQUEE!
Zora/Oliver is kind of cute. I don’t see it though.
Jarvis and Pandora, lying on the ground, watching the sparkles float around!
I wonder if all these interns are coming back for Nowhere Islands.
YES! MEGAN/CRAIG SCENE! They may not be an official couple, but I do feel Megan can’t be left alone right now. She needs people. I pray she interns with Nowhere Islands. She needs someone to rely on. Hopefully it’s Craig, but we’ll see.
*cries* That Lars scene though…
Great chapter! Great finish! So awesome! Can’t wait for more stuff from you!
imanol7211 chapter 113 . 11/17/2015
One thing though. Are there gonna be alt endings? and maybe a time skip on how eveyrone is later
The Ben Who Must Not Be Named chapter 112 . 11/17/2015
Hey, I’M proud of you! Record for you! Makes a Ben happy to see someone surpass everyone else. Cool for you, dude.
YAY! I’m really upset they broke up, since I loved Craig/Ramona (it’s what made me love Craig to start with) but… this opens up the other ship I want to see, so…
For some reason… I like Lars but I don’t like his supporters. Yeesh… Vinsun and everyone else again made me feel like worthless crap.
Hey, I’m a Disney maniac! I knew the answer to all of those questions! Makes sense Lars didn’t though.
Whoa, Hitler loved Snow White? …. Moving on.
Tara Strong voices everyone. Makes sense Tony would get that right.
Disney quizzes. I ace them. So all the finalists have a shot. This is giving me anxiety!
Ling a Disney Princess? … I don’t necessarily see it.
It seems everyone is evenly matched in this last challenge except for Ling. Yay, maybe?
Craig totes jinxed himself. *groans* Oh well, the anxiety is building… and I suddenly realized, it has to be Benjy. Remember Dawn’s vision two Cruise of the Loss’ ago? She saw a happy child with no face. Which of the finalists are connected to someone with no face? Benjy met Slender back in Oregon! I’M GETTING TWENTY BUCKS!
… Yay! Craig won! I’m so happy! *cries as he pays up twenty bucks* Still happy Craig won! Yay!
One last chapter. I must admit, I’m kind of glad it ended the way it did… except for Lars’ ending. You kind of made him less of what he had become, and turned Jade into a #$%. Still, as Craig has now won, I’ll start my rankings… after the next chapter, because I’ll be honest, I’m at a tie for who’s in last place. This chapter should fix it.
Also, when I post the rankings, I’ll rearrange my winners. Just thought I’d let you know.
Knifez chapter 113 . 11/16/2015
I can't believe its over :o! I've been following this story since before I even got a FF account, its one of my faves!

What a nice epilogue! It's great to see this story come to its close. Despite its faults its also had its wonderful moments, and overall I'd give it an 8.5/10. I still don't really think you've got the knack for writing tweens down, they're either all acting like their 16 or 6, but nonetheless this story was still super dope!

Congratulations on finishing this, over 100 chapters and 1,000,000 words. Insane, just insane.

Looking forwards to the return of TDL3! Intense stuff is gonna go down in there, I bet!

Well done, cragmite, well done :)! What an awesome, awesome story.

DarkShockBro chapter 113 . 11/16/2015
...I can't believe it's finally over, man. It's been a wild ride, but it's been a ride that I truly, truly enjoyed. Well, not much else to say: let's do this for the final time. :)

Dexter is love, Dexter is life. 3

Oh, Cuthbert. When will you ever grow up? XD

Also, I have to say, this random friendship between Vicky and Penny is actually pretty great. The code of honor is something that I feel Penny can really learn from, and the two have pretty good chemistry. I'd love to see more of them in NI, for certain. :)

SnobShipping. 3333333. Seriously, Albert X Elvira is truly wonderful, no matter what Lars does. Sending food back for the sake of it and ordering expensive things... beautiful. XD

And speaking of great random friendships: Morton and Darby. This is one of the pairs that I actually don't mind not getting paired, because their relationship works a lot better as friends in my opinion. Still, they're very cute and seem to respect each other, which is great. :)

Also, congratulations, Jade, you're the new TDL3 Fripp. XD

Henry and Sophie yelling in an airplane. Beautiful. 3

Man, Winter's got some sass to her. Amazing. XD

Tony calling Benjamin Grumpy and Benjamin saying compared to Tony, anyone is grumpy. Beautiful. 3

If Amy and Suki actually end up as BFFs, I will be so friggin' happy. The two have amazing chemistry, and of course Amy Goddess loves cotton candy. It's pink. 333333

Also, Ted and Suki are still adorable. Nice to see. :)

Oh, and because it's the last time I can do so, I will take full advantage of this opportunity to say that Amy chasing Donald Duck for honey buns was beautiful. In other words... (takes a deep breath) AMY GODDESSSSSSSSSS! 3333333333333333

...Alright, I'm good now. XD

...Holy crap, Vinsun's gone full emo. Unexpected... but it sadly fits. Poor Bonnie.

Edgar's a fat pig. XD

Stop teasing me, Dil and Natasha and say you love each other already! I DEMAND IT! XD

...Oh my god, YES. YES YES YES YES YES. Best scene in the chapter. Bar none. I can't believe you managed to salvage the Emily plot line in spite of it getting repeatedly clonked over the head... but you did! And it's absolutely brilliant!

Sabina... what can I say about her? She lost her way when she became a druggie, and yet wasn't portrayed as a monster, because the drug dealers did go too far against her. However, the dealers shouldn't have been in that position to begin with. Such amazing gray morality, seriously. She did a bad thing, for certain, but she truly seems to regret it, and does seem to be likable, looking back at her actions and wanting to improve.

Also, the fact that Sabina was willing to go through rehab, something she really didn't like, by saying 'do it for Emily' was VERY heartwarming. 3

And the fact that Emily was willing to forgive her cousin for being a druggie and approaching the dealers with a knife to start a fight shows that she's grown from her actions as well, which is beautiful.

I honestly didn't think Emily could be salvaged. But look at her now! Just goes to show you... ANYONE can be redeemed. And it's beautiful.

Top this off with it being a wonderful showing of family between Sabina and Emily, and you get a scene that truly made this epilogue comparable with BvB's finale. Well done, my man. Well done. :) :) :)

And there's still more, yay! Anyway, Ling and Pablo are adorable, and I love how they're still at Tarzan's Treehouse. Labyrinth Ling will live on! XD

Hooray for Robbie, Karrie, and Terrence mending their friendship! First off, the dynamic between Robbie and Terrence is fantastic. Terrence's dry style of humor works well with Robbie's innocent joke-telling nature, and their dynamic absolutely shined in this scene. :)

Also, Karrie finding Robbie's joke hilarious was so cute. :)

And speaking of cute: Mollethro. They're still my favorite current TT pairing (since Craig and Megan may or may not get together), and it's very easy to see why here. Molly's chipper innocence plays off of Jethro's snarkiness perfectly here, and I sympathize with Jethro, since I hate roller coasters. XD

Plus, Molly saying hanging out with her is good karma uncertainly and letting Jethro stroke her long, blonde, beautiful hair to calm him down... she's got a heart of gold to match the color of her hair. Jethro's a lucky guy, for certain. :)

I'm so glad Oliver and Zora got together. Zora's adventurous spirit pairs will with Oliver's wisdom, and they truly seem to have great chemistry, along with an appreciation for childhood fantasy. I really hope they stay together. :)

Jarvdora, AKA CuteShipping, certainly lived up to their shipping name here. The two are just so genuine and cute that I adore them to pieces. 3

Ah, the interns. Truly a nice, big, dysfunctional family. XD Still, I enjoyed them, and I'm glad they're enjoying themselves at Disney World. :)

Oh my god, Craig is amazing. That speech made me absolutely melt with feels, and it's so true. Forgiveness is a truly powerful and beautiful thing, and Craig knows that now. And the fact that he managed to get Megan out of her room and convince her that there is love in the air... it's just beautiful. 3

It's official, Craig is my favorite winner, and officially #2 in my TT rankings. He went through an unbelievably amazing growth arc, and I'm not gonna lie, he'll be VERY difficult to top for me. MORM perfection, he is, and Megan's a truly lucky gal for letting him into her life. She WON'T regret it, truly, and I can tell that clear as day. 3

Aww, that's a nice final scene to end on. I'm still not a big fan of Lars, but I'll admit that made me smile. And to me, there's not much more I could ask for. :)

All in all... yeah, this is definitely on par with the amazingness that was BvB's finale. It wrapped up a great story perfectly, and now, TT is over, my FAVORITE of your five stories with my favorite winner who I honestly don't think is ever going to be topped. All in all, what an amazing experience this story was. It was truly something beautiful, my man. (hug)
DetectiveKyle chapter 112 . 11/16/2015
This was an incredible fanfiction; the best I've ever read, and to be perfectly honest, I've started on my own Total Drama series, which I might upload in time. Overall the greatest Total Drama I've ever seen; someone needs to either send this to Teletoon for a new season or animate it. I'm glad Craig got first... he deserved it.
insertnamehere21 chapter 112 . 11/15/2015
What a finale! Seriously that may have been the best one yet.

Also, Craig won! YES! It wasn't Benjamin! Definitely a well-deserved winner - too bad about Ramona :(

Can't wait for the next chapter. Let's see how Ramona will cheer up Emily...
Knifez chapter 112 . 11/15/2015
WOW! So nail-bitey! Holy crap, the suspense was through the ROOF, man!

Craig is a good winner, he deserved it and I respect that. Benjamin getting second was nice and I'm really glad Lars didn't win.

Terrence being a finale helper was great bc Terrence is amaze.

So Ramona and Craig broke up? That is a shame, but not too big a deal.

I feel like someone other than Jade could've gotten karma on Lars like that, someone he abused more, but meh.

So one more chapter? Is there going to be an All-Stars type sequel for this? Or at least a 2nd season? I'd LOVE to see more Dexter, Henry, Albert, Gareth, Amy, Terrence, Suki, Ted, Tony and Benjamin!

Congrats on hitting a million words! Insane, bro XD.
A Shining Yoshi Star chapter 112 . 11/15/2015
Congratulations on getting one million words, dude! You won the million! *is shot* For real, what an accomplishment this is. Also, after four years, this story has finally had its winner revealed, and I'm so glad my winner pick for the Final 4 won overall. Craig, you earned it, dude!

No for real, Craig had an amazing story. He had a really rough start, but he learned the error of his ways and did everything he could to better himself. He loved, he lost (on his own terms), and he won the freaking million. And while it is sad that he and Ramona broke up, I'm glad it was a peaceful, mutual breakup.

Benjamin is a great choice for second. Him as winner would have been a bit too predictable, so I'm glad he was at least able to get second and get one last challenge in with his bro (and my favorite character from this story), Tony.

Yeah, everything Lars did in the beginning kind of caught up to him. I love how it's always Jade who decides to make people pay for what they've done, as if it makes her look any better. Regardless, at least Pandora's forgiven him, and he still has the opportunity to turn things around.

What a day for Ling it has been. From learning she's going to be a big sister, to going to Disney Land, to enjoying the day with Pablo. I will say out of the four finalists she went through the least, so fourth makes sense, but she still got something out of all of this.

It was nice seeing all of these guys cheer on the finalists. I will say that I like that Albert and Elvira are their own people, that Molly has Jethro wrapped around her finger, and that Bonnie and Ramona are willing to try and cheer Emily up after everything that's happened to her. Honestly, I'm excited to see the epilogue.

It's been a great four years reading and following this story, man. I'm glad to see you stuck with it and never gave up. You've truly earned the title of the first person to reach one million words, and I can't wait to see where your next stories take you. Until next time, dude.
drawmadness chapter 112 . 11/15/2015
Well, we did it. We made it to the finale and we have only one winner out of the four and you know what it is. You guessed it ... IT'S CRAIG! He's completely a screw up no more. Hands down and let's get started with the evaluations.

My certain evaluations about the finalists:
1st: Craig (Ah, yes, the winner of the season. He's been through a lot of hard times including his conflict-turned-friendship with Megan. Throughout the season, he has changed from becoming a shameless ladies man to a more friendly guy. I'm proud of you. Originally, I wanted Lars to win, but after all that, I'll just go for Craig since he obviously is a changed boy, at least.)
2nd: Benjamin (Honestly, I wanted Ling to be in second place. But I don't mind Benjamin being the first runner-up. Like Craig, he has changed himself for the better. From backstabbing his own teammates, I can assure he does that to save his dying mother. However, it was too late as he become over-ridden with grief. Overtime, he played the game like it's all fun and games. Also, he was also able to make friends such as Tony and Bea along with Winter.)
3rd: Lars (As stated above with Craig, I originally intended for him to win. But after reading some reviews about him, I decide to change my mind since really, he's more of an obvious choice to win. Surprisingly, his misdeeds has finally caught up to him as he became bitter that nobody was cheering for him. What made it so unnecessary for him is that the fact that Jade zaps him with her taser and reasoning him about him being the bad guy. I think he needed karma for his past actions, but it was very unneeded, to say. However, Pandora was able to reason him that there was some good in him. Overall, Lars might need to change his attitude completely and hopefully, he'll be likeable in NI.)
4th: Ling (Finally, Ling. She has been through rough times also along with the other three finalists. First, she was grieved that Pablo was eliminated. Then, she had cooled down a bit and continued on with the game using her level-headed strategy. With Ling becoming a big sister and reuniting with her boyfriend Pablo, she'll be able to get back to her changed life, indeed.)

Now, we have one chapter to finish and it's all good to go. Thanks for this story. Along with all of your competition-based stories, it had clearly helped me pitch in my ideas for the new stories I'm planning to write. Alright, one more chapter to go ... let's do this, shall we. Afterwards, I shall head on to Nowhere Islands along with TDL3 and Cliques vs. Cliques.
The Ben Who Must Not Be Named chapter 111 . 11/15/2015
One more chapter bruh! One more and I know the winner! Keep going bruh!
Looks like this is going to be a close call! Except the awkwardness with Craig and Ramona. Geez…
Tarzan’s Treehouse. I can just feel how badly this will go. Hopefully Tarzan will be on their side! (Mostly Benjy’s.)
Tony’s a powerful ally! Also, Pablo is still the cool rich guy I love. Yay!
… I didn’t enjoy it Rammy, I swear. And I forgot Ling could read chi.
The suspense is killing me right now!
Guns aren’t for kids Tony. I’m sorry.
I feel suspence! Come on Benjy! I believe in you! And Craig, I know you need luck.
I DON’T KNOW WHO’S GOING TO WIN! Also… Emily continues to make me feel like crap.
Joel Connell chapter 112 . 11/15/2015
You did it. It's OVER ONE MILLION WORDS. You have officially made Total Drama Fanfiction history. It has been a long run and aside from the upcoming epilogue, it is complete. Also, are you going to have Zeke and Bridgette becoming a couple since they have grown closer?

Anyway, congratulations again for being the first to write a million word fanfiction for total drama. Keep up the good work with your other fan fics.
imanol7211 chapter 112 . 11/15/2015
ALT endings?
DarkShockBro chapter 112 . 11/15/2015
It's here! It's here! And not only that, it finally eclipses that famous one million word mark! Man, even if nothing happens in this chapter, it will go down as a chapter that causes something famous and something that's never been done in TD fan fiction history. Congratulations, man! You've earned that milestone, for certain. :) :) :)

Alright, without any further ado, let's crown a winner to celebrate one million glorious words! I'm pumped and hyped, so let's rock! :)

Awwww, that was really cute. It's always nice to see when a couple takes a break-up in stride, and that's exactly what Craig and Ramona did. Not every boy and girl needs to be paired with each other, and I know that Craig will help Ramona find the one for her, being the love doctor he is. :)

Until then, these two are truly wonderful friends that play off of each other very well, and I think they work as friends best. As big of a shipper as I am, I think can admit when friendships are better than romances. Occassionally. XD

Vicky supporting Lars because she thinks he could slay a dragon. Wonderful. XD

Morton saying Lars made for the best TV. Well, he's not wrong. XD

...Damn, Vinsun's taking the break-up and everything that happened to him pretty harshly. Dude needs a hug badly... that love polygon didn't end up well at all, huh?

Oh, look, Edgar's supporting Lars. That should automatically be Lars' cue that he ain't doing things right. But, eh, it is what it is. :)

Justin thinking Lars could become a male model. ...Excuse me while I pass out in hysterics. XD

Princess trivia questions in Fantasy Land. This is utterly brilliant. 33333

Lars failing the Little Mermaid questions and Terrence not helping him. 3333

And naturally Ling answers all three questions without a hitch. Brilliant. 3

Also, aww man, the Tomorrow Land challenge is solo, huh? That's a pity. But Pablo is cheering you on, Ling! You can do it! :)

So, after a slew of very wonderful questions, with the highlight being Craig saying 'Jamaican, mon', Benjamin is in second, Craig third, and Lars fourth, heading into the final challenge. This'll be intense! :)

Ouch, poor Penny. She doesn't seem too happy. Hopefully she'll get happier soon. :)

Jade calling Ling electrical. Beautiful. XD

Oh, snap, Robbie's all about the puns! XD Still, I'm glad they'd be fine with both Craig or Ling winning. I feel the same way, truly. :)

Oliver and Zora, the two recent lovebirds, supporting Ling too is also nice, with Oliver showing off his geeky charm, and Zora her aquatic charm. I'm really glad the two got together. They're a cute couple. :)

Hi, Pablo. XD

Aww, it's cute that Pandora would be happy with Ling or Lars winning. She's got a heart of gold.

Alright, because this is likely the last time I'll get to say this: AMY GODDESS! 3333333333

Ah, I remember the Go-Karts at Tomorrow Land. They were fun. And now it's the tweens' final challenge. Good stuff indeed. Also, I love how Grace took Craig to go-kart tracks when her friends kept canceling. Once again, Grace is bae. 3

Whoa, this is crazy intense! Ling blows her lead, Lars blows his tire, and Craig's go-kart skills net him a slight lead against Benjamin! It's so close to the finish line! Let's goooooo! :)

Chef holding a banner that says 'I HATE KIDS, BUT GOOD LUCK ANYWAY.' 333333

...CRAIG WINS! CRAIG WINS! Oh my goodness, YES! I'm so happy Craig won. He was by FAR the best candidate to win, and got more and more awesome as the merge continued. Craig... well done, my man. You've earned that 2 million, and you may even be a winner higher on my rankings than Ruth! Amazing job. Go spend that cheddar on something awesome! :) :) :)

Oh, and Megan's smile. 333333333

I'm glad that Benjamin's alliance was so nice to him, even if he didn't win. He's a respectful guy, and he definitely deserves that silver. Well done, man. :)

Penny calling Ling a true hero, and Ling's supporters being so strong in their care towards her just makes my heart warm. Even if she didn't make the podium, she did a wonderful job. :)

...Looks like Lars' bad deeds and bad attitude finally caught up with him. I can't say I was happy when Jade used her taser on him and mocked him like that, but I can understand why. At the very least, Pandora forgave him, and she's right, he does have some good in him. But it's up to him to reach into his soul and make a change for the better. No one else can do it for him, truly. I wish him luck in the future, and hopefully he'll realize the consequences of his actions on TT.

...Wait, Chris said all 40 campers could spend a week in Disneyland? Who is this man and what has he done with Chris?! Ah, hell, I don't care, that's AWESOME!

All in all... yeah, I think this finale definitely ranked up there with BvB's finale. A perfect ending to a wonderful and wonderfully long story as well, and the perfect way to celebrate that million word milestone. Well done, CB, and congratulations. You deserve it all, my man. :) :) :) :) :)
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