Reviews for Total Drama Tween Tour
insertnamehere21 chapter 87 . 4h
Calling Netherlands Holland is like calling UK England. It's just a province which just happens to have the best stuff.

Also, bacon usually begins in Denmark...

Other than that, really good chapter. I like Emily's new development
Asujoll chapter 87 . 8/29
Tween Tour is back. Yay. :)

I'm still kinda annoyed that we don't know what Emily's deal is. I predict we'll find out next chapter, but it's still a bit weird not knowing what her deal is.

Tony using Winter Puns is pretty great. XD

I get what Ted's doing here, but wouldn't it make more sense for Ted to run the karma meter? Lars could always fudge it or not realize that he's doing something wrong. I get that Ted can't follow Lars 24/7, but still.

How is Teen Titans Go on TV in 2011? Tween Tour is one huge anachronism, I swear. :P

Terrence the righteous anti-villain. Less than three. Honestly though, Amy is still a brat, and just because she's less of a brat doesn't mean Terrence doesn't have a point here. It's not like he's calling her out for being a brat as much as he's wondering why everyone else is fine with it. I'd wonder that too. I kinda do. Honestly, Terrence is more in the right than Amy is half the time, since he at least apologizes when he does something wrong. Amy's just demanding and whiny and probably only gets away with it because she's with Gareth. I realize I'm probably triggering the Amy fanboys here, but if they can publically disagree with me, then I can do the same to them.

Megan's randomly tying up Craig and leaving a passive-aggressive note was hilarious. Craig lends himself well to slapstick, assuming this counts. I think it's funny regardless.

I love the subtlety of Terrence's rivalry with Jethro, because it makes a lot of sense. He has every reason to believe that Jethro is not changing and is only manipulating Molly, and is only really looking out to protect Molly. I'd say, dramatic irony aside, he's entirely in the right in this situation, and yet his status as a pariah causing him to lose his sanity little by little makes it easy for him to look like the bad guy here, making a perfect grey-moralled character. I could go on for days about how Terrence is a perfect character tbh, but I have other things to comment on.

Alol at Lars losing track of everyone he's messed with. I think we all have.

Speaking of which, I forgot Edgar was ever aligned with Benjamin. Though my favorite is how Tony forgets about Bea altogether. I guess that's what happens when you're useless and forgettable.

"Benjamin took off his head, turned it inside out, and looked at a tag in it." Well okay. XD

Kind of a shorter review this time, but I only comment on things I think are worth commenting on, and a lot of this chapter was just buildup for the next one. Either way, can't wait for that next one. :)
DarkShockBro chapter 87 . 8/29
Hooray, it's TT time! Let's review!

Dammit, Chris, Amy Goddess is always right. XD

Also, yikes, Emily is really feeling the after-effects of that phone call. ...What could have happened? Guess I'll have to keep reading.

Aww, Ling's concern for Tony is really, really cute. And Tony thinking Ling is a horsie was also really cute to me. I'm loving this new friendship, truly. :)

...Holy crap, that was an AWESOME scene! First off, Lars thinking TD is better than RR makes me giddy, but like him, I'm giving RR a chance. Second off, Ted's grown a serious pair, which is sweet, considering he's nice enough to make calling out Lars seem more goofy than overly negative, and knows Lars fairly well.

See, this is how you call out someone! Take a non-negative person or at least someone who knows the other fairly well, and have him/her be honest with the person being called out while not directly blaming them or being overly mean. And since Ted did that, this scene turns from a scene I'd likely hate to one that I enjoy and one that shows Gray Morality very well. Also, the karma meter is hilarious. Go Ted! You are flying up my rankings!

OK, that was hilarious. Jethro destroying the TV due to Teen Titans Go showing up and him tolerating Molly. Again, he's flying up my rankings! :)

...Sigh. Alright, I know I'm going to sound like a bit of an asshole for complaining about this, so I'll just take a deep breath and detail why I really despise this scene.

...Here we go.

First off, Terrence and Amy had quite literally almost NO connection before. All Amy did to Terrence was yell at him when Terrence was arguing with Jethro, because he was disrupting her sleep. And knowing how important sleep is, I'd say that action was quite justified. So Terrence calling Amy out... it's none of your damn business!

Second off, the hypocrisy. I'm well aware Amy is shown as more heroic and Terrence more villainous, but that's because that's where they should be. Amy, even I'll admit, was regressing a little, but it was so minor that I barely noticed it.

To add, she HAS improved from Day 1! Quite a bit, in fact! In Day 1, she complained about everything, hated Dil for being fat and Gareth for being weird, and was generally an unpleasant brat rather than a fun brat who isn't perfect, but is fun, over the top, and clearly loves Gareth and values her friendships with Ling very highly. I re-read the first episode, and afterwards, I do truly feel like has changed for the better already.

To contrast, Terrence has continued to get worse. I actually took his side when everyone was yelling at him for using Pandora's state against her in secret, but as the episode unfolded, he started to show his true colors. He went back on Jarvis due to paranoia. He didn't feel enough for his actions to try to comfort Pandora or even see her off. And yet, he still thinks he can lecture people because he's calm and rational.

No. That's not how it works, Terrence. You need to develop a connection with people and use reasons besides you want to 'improve' and 'change' people. What business is it of yours? That's right: it isn't. And the fact that you want to put a damper on Amy's fun, OTT personality just to create your twisted form of order... you really have become a villain, Terrence. A true Drill Sargent Nasty. You may be able to hide it fairly well, but I see right through your motives, and you have crossed the line from a hero to a villain for good, whether you realize it or not. Enjoy the dark side, because you'll be there until you realize the darkness has taken over your mind.

I really hope that this Amy plot doesn't last long and Terrence is rightfully called out for it, because... I'm sorry, but I just can't support this. It's the Patsy and Rai plot all over again, except a lot more subtle.

...Although, thinking about it that way, this plotline shows just how much you've grown as a writer, even after BvB, which I STILL consider to be the best story ever written in the TD fandom. So, despite this rant, just know that none of this is because you aren't a good writer. In fact, to be able to convey these emotions in such a subtle way... in my mind, it makes you an AMAZING writer. :)

...Alright, now that I've gotten that out of the way, let's go to the Benjamin scene. It was very subtle, yet there was some serious emotion bubbling up underneath the surface, and I'm glad Benjamin got some time to truly mourn over his mother's passing, in a morbid way. He's starting to grow on me. :)

And speaking of people who are starting to grow on me: Megan. She's so bizarre and snarky that it's actually kind of awesome. And yet, I'm not too upset at Benjamin wailing on her either, given what happened to Pandora. And Gareth is a pretty awesome Straight Man too. ...Holy crap, I actually enjoyed EVERY character in a fight. How do you do that?

...Holy crap, Emily is pissed! Man, what happened on that phone call must have been some seriously bad news. And although I would get mad at Emily destroying Molly's good mood, I can't exactly blame her, given that, from what it seems like, someone hurt a girl named Sabina, who Emily is most likely close with. That... couldn't have been good for Emily's psyche at all.

And now Megan flies up my rankings! Seriously, I had no idea she was into bondage! I'm more surprised Craig isn't. Glorious. Craig X Megan OTP! XD

...Yikes, Emily's even tossing Craig, her ally, to the side! At least she helped untie him. She clearly isn't evil, just very angry. I'm also assuming she was the mystery villain, but looking back, I think this works a lot better. :)

And wow, that was probably the best Benjamin and Tony friendship scene I've ever read! Tony showed himself as selfless and surprisingly serious / making a strategic move, and Benjamin showing himself as a big brother with Tony as close as one of Benjamin's actual brothers by helping Tony through Winter's elimination. Really, this is a mutually beneficial relationship if I've ever seen one, and it's really, really cute. :)

...Holy fucking shit. This scene was AMAZING. It's one of the best scenes, if not the best, in the ENTIRE story, I feel, and I'd love to explain why I feel so strongly.

First off, the beginning was beyond cute, with Molly singing while brushing her teeth, and I'm so happy that Molly is listening to music now after being deaf for most of the story. It just makes my heart soar.

Second, Molly countered EVERY SINGLE ONE of Terrence's points in completely awesome ways. Given that Terrence is my current least favorite and tried to get Amy Goddess to tone down her goddess-hood, this is INCREDIBLY cathartic.

Terrence points out that Molly used his pass to save Jethro? Molly says he was in danger and finds it incredible that Jethro is so different from her. Terrence says Molly is cherry picking? Molly says everyone has flaws. Terrence asks Molly to name five positive things about Jethro? SHE DOES. Terrence says good and bad don't go together in romance? Molly uses experiences from her OWN PARENTS as proof to the contrary. By the end, Terrence is beaten and can say absolutely nothing, and Molly has finally managed to shut Terrence up by just using kindness and logic. It's absolutely beautiful.

Third, while Molly does completely shut down Terrence's points, she does it in an incredibly kind and mature way, and this scene shows her at her absolute best, given that she's just talking normally and yet, her kindness manages to completely shut down any detraction against her friendship with Jethro and rightfully so. Like, this is why Mollethro is my favorite pairing, and the two NEED to hook up soon.

Heck, Molly was so awesome in this scene... I'm genuinely unsure if Amy Goddess is still #1 on my rankings. ...I NEVER thought I'd say that. Seriously... well done, man. Well done. :)

And now we get ANOTHER awesome scene! Lars and Jethro... they are kinda two sides of the same coin, surprisingly enough. And given that I love Jethro, I think I may actually be warming up to Lars. Honestly, I never thought I'd say that, but given that Terrence is genuinely becoming a villain and Lars is genuinely warming up while still being snarky enough to say that he'll be the best man, given Mollethro will hopefully become a thing... yeah, I actually like him now. You are SO GOOD at writing, CB. :)

Also, yes, Jethro, you have gone soft. F.U.N, anyone? XD

Amy Goddess using 'pink' as an expletive. OK, never mind, she's still the girl I love, and her getting food for Craig was genuinely nice. Hopefully Craig does make good on his promise to help Amy Goddess out. I'd really enjoy that. :)

Megan reading romance novels about vampires. ...Why is she suddenly awesome now? Oh, right, because Pandora is gone. Eh, I'm certainly not complaining. Go Megan! XD

Hooray for Pop-Up Pirate and Amy still being great! Although the pirate does deserve to be put down for bopping Amy on the head. By the way, great job repaying the favor, Craig. You owe Amy Goddess, and I will hold that against you. And Amy still being Amy while talking about donating money... yeah, I think she'll be alright. Doesn't mean I can't be a little worried, but so far, Amy Goddess is here to stay!

And Emily just threw a mug at Lars. Um... why? Does it have something to do with the phone call? What's going on here? Eh, guess I'll find out soon. At least Lars is pretty chill with it, surprisingly.

Megan is officially owning Terrence in terms of awesomeness, and I'm so happy about that. And Megan spying on Molly and Jethro in exchange for Slenderman's autograph and Jethro talking about Spongebob and the Seven Deadly Sins when Terrence thinks he's talking about something diabolical... that's pretty great. Terrence is great when he's at the butt of jokes and his deluded helpfulness is shown as deluded. XD

Tony calling Ling 'Big Sister Ling.' Oh my god, that is so much win. Him also pointing out the times when joining Benjamin's alliance was a bad
BaconBaka chapter 87 . 8/29
Interesting chapter as usual.

Yeah, things are starting to get Grey. With Tony as the only cheerful person left, it may not be too long before he's given the boot.

And Chris reading a Men's magazine. Imagine if he was reading something like Better Homes and Gardens...
The Ben Who Must Not Be Named chapter 86 . 8/24
Hey, I was just reading your note to start off with. You know, I’ve been hoping to cheese you’d finish this first. I’ve been dreaming hard about this thing and it’s been making me sleep wrong. Glad to see that this will be finished first.
Also, again before I start reading, Total Drama Letterz. It was you’re first story. You were just starting out in the TD fandom. I feel that, as a start, you made simple mistakes all amateurs make. And I can understand that, as I’m going through that stage too. I’m where you were, and I can say that you’ve shot up ten fold. I look up to you as a writer, so never lose sight of that.
Time to read now, enough of my sappy Beness.
I’m starting to think Terrence is starting to feel pressure. Terrence could easily win this, but maybe not? Hmm… All I know is, Terrence is pretty screwed with Lars watching after him.
Ted moving on was totally obvious. Winning? Obvious. This entire first win was obvious. I’m not really shocked.
Ling huh? Cool! I think her confessional was nice too. She really wants to break out of her intial shell and I’m pretty proud of her for getting so far here.
Like I said, I’m hoping Lars wins here. You’ve yet to have a villain win, and I think Lars would be the best one. Plus, him getting payback for his friends is fun. I’m going to enjoy this pain.
Tony? I mean, I knew he might move on, but really? I find it a fluke. Jethro should have had that. Fluke!
Lars is Lars. He is in no category but something of all his own. That’s what makes Lars so special.
No, Jethro, no! Don’t think about that! You nasty cheesepuff. Anyways, I’m fine with Jethro winning the challenge. I’m fine.
I don’t like Terrence, but him moving on seemed like something that was bound to happen. As the tweens dwindle though, I’m sure that I will be quite happy with his eventual elimination.
Ergh. My dream about her losing first in the merge is not coming true. Darn it.
Ugh. I knew Megan wasn’t going now. Why, dangit? Why?
I knew sending tweens to the mall with fifty dollars was all kinds of bad ideas…
It is kind of morally grey. What if Molly figures out they were stolen? Oh cheese… that’s how she gets out, isn’t it? Oh sheep oh sheep oh sheep…
Yay! One of my favorites got in! I can totally live with this.
And Gareth moves on. He’s too obvious for a winner though. You know this, I know this. Still, nice to see he moves on.
Oh my cheese. I just realized I don’t like Emily. This might work in my favor… Benjamin getting in was ok, but I think he’s been used up. I think he’ll lose soon.
SHEEP! This is going to be so close. Yay for Molly, but if what Jethro effects her does what I believe it will do… oh sheep…
Lars’ speech… I’M GOING TO CRY ABOUT IT DANGGIT! I’M NOT GOING TO CRY! I’M NOT! (Breaks down crying.)
Winter… I love you. You’ve been great on this show and I have enjoyed that you have come out and been that girl in this show. Thank you for opening my eyes.
I figured that was where the ranking thing Confessional mentioned was going. Although, Megan and Craig is going to be major drama…
He stole… but Molly loves him. This is going to put me on edge.
Good-bye Pandora. The two guys who care from the Moths will avenge their fallen friends in combat!
Terrence might go. Megan? No.
Terrence didn’t show up? That’s… very depressing actually.
I think that elimination killed a lot of parts in our souls. Thirteen tweens left, several many of us dislike. It hurts us a lot, but we will continue forward. For you two!
Oh my gosh, Ted has to win now! He’s going to Disneyland! If he doesn’t win, my soul is absolutely crushed.
Nice of Ling to extend her hand of friendship to the others. I doubt she’ll win… but I can be surprised.
See, now Terrence is setting stuff up with Jethro. At this point in time, Terrence is causing more problems and starting them with the past villains of the show. This is wrong in the sense he’s done it with Lars. I find it quite annoying, to be completely honest.
They both lost something, but it should motivate them to try even harder. Also, to answer Benjamin’s question. I believe it will be Disney Land that will hold the spot for the last challenge. I can ultimately feel it resting in my bones.
Emily had a phone call? Something about this seems off…
Oh cheese… I’d take Megan if it were me.
Oh gosh, what the heck happened now? Family, I’d guess. Something happened. Something bad. I don’t know what, I’m not sure what, but something happened and it’s not good. (I still do not like Emily, just to make it clear.)
Ultimately, quitting was probably the best thing you could have done with Pandora. She was the first character to actually know where her limits lay. She was done, and I totally accept this.
I guess I ultimately did not see Winter in the winner’s role. However, I wish she had stayed. But I can live with this elimination because I feel it can open up more characters. I will miss her smartness though.
Great! Keep on with the updates! I think the final ten would be the biggest mildstone at this point, so let’s shoot for that soon!
Poll: Also, since I forgot, I chose Holland because… well, what’s not to like about Holland? Windmills, awesome people. I’m looking forward to it really.
Knifez chapter 86 . 8/23
I'll admit I'm a bit bummed to see Winter leave, though I don't think she really had much left to offer the story. I don't like Emily though so I wish she had went in her place.

And you actually went through with Pandora's elimination! YASSS! I'm so glad she and Jarvis are GONE.

Megan needs to go next. I really think she should quit to experiement her stupidity on the others at the cruise. Given her actions these past three or four episodes its almost OOC for her NOT to quit.

Gah I really hope Molly goes next. This fading back into deafness impossibility is just plummeting her even further down. And Jethro's "why can't I be mean" to her act is getting stale realllllllll quick.

This challenge was a good one though. I love soccer and this challenge kept me in suspense.

I'm not sure why everyone is kinda back to hating Terrence. I thought he apologized and was in the clear for the most part? No?

I'm pegging Craig as the next one to go. He worked much better as a pre-merge early story protag but he hasn't had any real plot with anyone other than Emily in a long while.

Keep it up!
insertnamehere21 chapter 86 . 8/23
Did you just compare Rebecca Black to Queen? I suppose I'm not one to talk, since Rebecca is my 17th favourite YouTuber (but not because of her music)

The new plot with seems interesting. I was honestly expecting Emily to leave tonight, but now that she's staying, I'm curious to see what else she offers
DarkShockBro chapter 86 . 8/23
Hooray, more TT! And there will be a lot more TT in the future, which is fine by me. Let's go!

And Ted scores the first goal! Dang, he's like Dave from Hell's Kitchen Season 6, he's ten thousand times a better competitor with one hand! Also, screw you, Chris.

And Ling's got some skills too! Awesome. And Jethro comparing himself to a pin cushion is great. Such a Tsundere. XD

Oh boy, Lars is back to shoving people again. Glorious. Where is he on the morality scale anyway? And lol at Megan being casually morbid. That's actually kind of great, along with Molly trying and failing to defend Lars. Beautiful. XD

Aw, man, Tony stole Jethro's goal. Well, then again, random dumb humor is what Tony's best at, so I can't get too mad.

Aww, that was a cute scene between Pandora, Lars, and Ted. True, Lars is still an asshole, but I think he's starting to warm up. Soon enough, he'll feel a bit more comfortable shifting his focus to P/M toned. But first, he needs to learn to not brag about blowing his principal up, Otis-style. Holy crap, am I ACTUALLY warming up to Lars? ...I need a minute.

...Alright, now that my minute is over, let's get back to the game. And hooray, Jethro scored! Poor Amy Goddess though, I wanted her to get a shopping spree. And yes, she's still my favorite. She's beautifully over-the-top to the point where I can't help but smile, and I re-read the first chapter enough to know that she HAS grown even when she's being bratty, at least in my eyes.

Also, is it me, or is Lars doing a lot of morally dubious things still, even when he's against Terrence and Megan? I can't completely tell where he is morality wise, but I think that's a good thing. Gray in writing is always good in my eyes.

OK, Craig distracting Katie and Ted distracting Tyler was great, along with Tyler saying 'OMG'. Wowie. Oh, and Terrence scored. Bleh. His hypocrisy is getting to me a little, but he's still OK, I feel.

This is the segment I like to call: 'Amy Being a Goddess.' From her saying 'yoink' and 'thanksies' to Gareth swooning over her, to her rhyming in response to Molly being cute, and ending by proclaiming 'Epic Yes.' Perfection. XD

Justin cowering from the kids and yelling 'not the face.' He's so pathetic. XD

And OK, with Pandora gone, I think Megan has the potential to really go up in my rankings. When she isn't performing experiments or showing a terrifying lack of empathy, her general 'i don't give a fuck' attitude is pretty cool and hilarious, at least in my eyes. :)

Tony squeeing. Amazing. And Lars drinking diet soda despite the fake sugar being harmful and casually crushing a can against his forehead... wow, I can't believe I'm actually starting to like him. It's crazy. Without the hypocrisy associated with him, Lars is actually pretty cool, I feel. :)

And Ted giving Pandora a bag of candy and Pandora not wanting to accept it at first... that's cute. Oh, and Ling sneaking chocolate is perfect. XD

...Whoa, Jethro stole hearing aids for Molly? ...Interesting. There are good and bad aspects from that action. Such a gray moralled bae of a story. XD

Craig saying it's his destiny to score. Amazing. I don't know why, but I kinda find sleaziness in general to be OTT hilarious, so I appreciate lines like that. XD

...I'm sorry, but this is starting to bother me now. Why is Winter constantly complaining about her high heels? No, better question, why would she WEAR high heels for a competition? This isn't a modeling show! Bleh.

Still, Gareth scored, meaning Garamy survives! I am happy! :)

...OK, that was pretty badass. Nice Wounded Gazelle Gambit and strategy, Benjamin. He also gets points for rooting for Molly. :)

Molly saying a prayer was cute, Molly saying 'boo' and hurting Justin's eardrums was cute, and Molly getting the ball into the goal due to Owen getting distracted by a butterfly... cute, cute, cute!

...And speaking of cute, holy hell was that apology gift from Lars cute! That was a beautiful scene, truly, and I'm so glad it happened. Lars finally showing enough vulnerability to apologize to a girl he was so mean to... now THAT'S character development. :)

Alright, final round time! Izzy's chant for Emily set things off great, and now it's time to see who got eliminated, and...

It's Winter. Honestly, I never liked her as much as other people did, but I do feel bad for Tony. Even still, bringing high heels to a soccer match? ...Yeah, this outcome should have been obvious. Sorry, Winter, but you had a good run. :)

...Uh, Tony's in Second Class, right? It says he was in first and second class here, I'm afraid. Don't tell me Winter's elimination made him develop a Bedlam of his own! XD

Also, Craig begging to not be in the same class as Megan and Megan scowling at Craig... you know, if there were more moments like this, Megan never would have been low on my rankings after Jarvis' elimination. Seriously, she's actually starting to be funny and I love it. :)

And Chris actually allowed Pandora and Winter an hour before they took the Drop? ...I need another minute.

...And after that, we get the best scene in the chapter BY FAR. This is probably the cutest moment in the ENTIRE STORY. It's subtle, it shows how far Jethro has grown, it presents Molly as vulnerable, it shows Jethro as kind and willing to help Molly out by putting hearing aids in her ears despite him not liking physical contact along with him being patient enough to see if they work, and it includes Molly being able to hear for good despite being deaf at the beginning of the story, leading to her happiest moment... THANKS TO JETHRO. This scene is so beautiful that it allows me to completely overlook how the hearing aids were acquired, and that's just a testament to how great you are as a writer. What a perfect scene. It really shows that the simplest things can be subtle and beautiful enough to create a truly wonderful scene in a story. :) :) :)

OK, that role reversal of Lars making the insensitive comment towards Pandora was great, even if Lars is a bit obsessed over Terrence and Megan now. It's very much understandable, I feel, but still noticeable. Also, poor Tony, he really does care about her.

Gareth joined sending Pandora off, huh? That's nice, and Lars being flabbergasted by Pandora forgiving him is so cute. Also, Tony's bear hug towards Winter was also incredibly cute, but man, he's feeling her elimination more than I thought. Poor guy.

...Wait, Lars may actually HELP Ted? Wow...

Ling giving Tony a hug and helping him out... yeah, Ling continues to rise for good reason. I think she's pretty great and deep. CPP done right, for certain. :)

Well, at the very least, this scene showed me that Terrence has officially fallen lower than Jethro in terms of heroism as of now, because Jethro is absolutely right in my opinion. That's... not a good thing. Terrence has become fairly negative and doesn't seem to realize it, which stinks.

Also, I know this is strange for me to say... but I'm not sure Amy needed to be in this scene. I guess I'm just used to Amy being bouncy and OTTP, is all. Still, she had her goddess moments in the challenge, so I am content. :)

Man, Megan is obsessed over Craig. Knowing Megan, that means she has a crush on him. I ship it! XD

Molly listening to Bieber. ...God help her. XD

...OUCH. That HAD to hurt. Poor Craig.

...Oh nooooooooooo. This isn't good at ALL. What happened in Emily's life for her to become as truly angry at this? I mean, she was angrier than the time she accidentally voted off Vinsun here! This isn't good... and yet, I'm curious to see what happens next.

All in all, great chapter, man! I can't wait for the next one! You're awesome! :) :) :)
Alexa Molina chapter 86 . 8/23
And the annoyances known as Megan and Terrence are still here...but on the bright side since Pandora was literally all of Megan's plot I hope it means she'll be leaving soon, cause if she last longer than another actually likeable character I will scream same with Terrence i hope he leaves soon

Uh...Terrence? What happened to apologizing to Pandora before she left? Are you not even going to bother to apologize to someone you hurt in a major way? Ans dont blame it all on Megan! You're the one that came up with the idea, she found the trigger but it was your idea to use it so dont act like you're better than her, but I at least thought you'd have the balls to apologize to her, some soldier

The challenge was fun and so was the reward, oh Jethro...That feeling is love! But when Molly finds out you stole them she may not speak to you in a while and that sucks cause they're so cute together! _

Right now in the game I am rooting for Lars, Molly, Craig, Gareth, Ted, and even Jethro and I hope one of them wins this game D

Can't wait for the next chapter, this fanfic is getting so good, I wonder who the mystery villain is and it looks like they got what they wanted because Winter left, but I wonder why thy didn't mention anything about it hmmm oh well maybe next chapter but it makes you wonder...did they know this merge twist was coming? And who will be their next victim? Is it Emily with this mysterious phone call from her mother? GOD IM SO EXCITED PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
Asujoll chapter 86 . 8/22
Gasp. The next chapter.

Alol at Pandora McQuittypants. Chris can be kinda great sometimes.

The fact that the story can't even decide if Lars is a good guy or a bad guy now is kinda jarring. I feel like he should stick to being a villain protagonist, or a snarky anti-hero, because the whole in-between is kind of awkward.

Amy's really starting to get on my nerves. Honestly, is she really any different from how she was at first other than the fact that's she's being played for laughs now and isn't a hate sink? She's still whiny and entitled.

OTTP innocent cute Molly is best Molly. I'm glad to see this side of her once again.

Silly Lars, diet soda is actually worse for you than regular soda. There have been studies on it that suggest that diet soda actually makes you gain weight rather than lose it. Something to do with the artificial sweeteners and how your brain reacts to them expecting sugar.

I'm pretty sure "illegal yet morally grey" is an oxymoron. But then I'm a stickler for the rules, so I'll just run with it. If anything, it's showing growth in Jethro, which I can appreciate.

The way Molly scored a goal. Beautiful. Less than three.

Winter's gone, eh? Didn't see that coming, I'll admit. Just as I was really starting to like her, too. Sad day.

So where is Tony sleeping exactly? The Bedroom Ranking scene is kinda cluttered and messy and it's hard to tell what's going on.

What's Lars' deal with Megan and Terrence not showing up for the elimination? Why would they? Dang it, I'm starting to dislike Lars.

We're ending on a cliffhanger? What is this, BvB? XD
But seriously, that got old a long time ago tbh.
Elizabeth Life Stone chapter 86 . 8/22
Oh man...What was the news that Emily's mom told her? I wanna know!
Alexa Molina chapter 85 . 8/21
Ok this probably shouldn't bug me as much but I can't help it, why does Megan get away with all the BS she pulls in this show? SHE DOES NOTHING BUT BE IRRELEVANT that and obsess over Slenderman 24/7 now Pandora has to go?! That's not cool at all, I don't get why people hate on Pandora so much, just cause her personality is shy? and cause she acts sad? Come on people, when you respect a girl abusing medical conditions over an innocent girl because 'her sthick' is boring that's a very bad thing

Megan is horrible to the core and this is my opinion cause reading all the other reviews just say "Megan is bae, hope she wins!' She's not even a good villain people! She brings nothing to the story and now she got two awesome characters eliminated in less than 24 hours, I HATE her and I'm praying she's the next one gone

Terrance...are you seriously not gonna take responsibility when someone calls you out on your BS? You can't just throw it back at Lars like he doens't know all the bad he's done, at least when he makes a promise to the people he hurt in the past he keeps it, you're just being an ass for the sake of being an ass (Again just my opinion) I hope he leaves ASAP but based on the eliminations now I'm sure he's not going anywhere anytime soon and it frustrates me to see someone who abused someones medical flaws for the greed of money and then not even have their back when they forgive him?! He's horrible and it kills me to see him get whatever he wants just placed on his lap and not feel any remorse...and no, him saying Lars is right is not remorse, remorse would be if he actually apologized to Pandora for all the shit he put her through

Yeah I'm sad Pandora quit but hey nothing to do about it now but pray like crazy that, thtat bitch Megan leaves right after her

The story is going good and man another Mystery Villain? Who it'll be this time
cnat login chapter 85 . 8/20
The Ben Who Must Not Be Named chapter 85 . 8/19
I’m not quite sure what that mystery villain arc was, but at this point, I think most people are over-using it. I find that once an idea has been played on multiple times, the effect just isn’t the same anymore. I’m sure whatever it was would’ve been fun, but I’m ok with it being out.
I love Chef’s comment at the end. Four years. This story has been running on a ghost crew that long. Well, if you’re on top of it like you said, it might be done this year. I hope so. I know you’ve got a lot of plans in that head of yours and with this story finally finished, you’ll be open a lot more. So what am I waiting for? I should keep reading.
Craig digs MLP? YES! I LOVE YOU CRAIG! YOUR NOW MY FAVORITE! … Then he liked Rarity. I hate you Craig. I. Hate. You. Also, yay for Ling liking Fluttershy! This friendship was built to last, I know it was!
Gareth and Amy are still cute and all, but I still think Gareth should place higher. Amy… I’m just not feeling it from her. Sure, she’s still funny and cute, but I really don’t see why she’s here. Maybe it’s something I’m still missing…
If it weren’t for that looming twist, I’d say Benjamin has this game under his arm. But… something tells me this twist will not be to one of his strong suits.
Jethro cares! I hope he helps Molly get to the end. It’ll prove he’s not a selfish whiny baby who cares only about himself.
If Pandora does indeed do this, then it’ll be the first contestant in your stories to quit. Quite honestly, I think it is very time for Pandora to go, and if she quit, I think it would be the best way for her to leave. I’ll have to see, but I think Pandora might just make me happy today after all.
Also, Ted rocks!
Winter is in a good spot, and I definitely see her getting a bit farther. Emily is screwing herself over for being so cheesing annoying. And Megan… ugh, kill me dangit!
You know, Terrence makes a point in saying Lars has done bad things and has no right to judge. I think Lars is more in the right though, because Terrence knew what was bluntly wrong and bluntly right. Since Terrence knew and chose against it, I think Lars has more justification in saying what he did. Also, Lars fully admits and accepts he’s in the wrong and is actually trying to make things right. In this battle of who’s right, I will side with Lars.
Oh, yeah, Benjamin and Ted are kind of close. Maybe the four will become a bad-a alliance!
Tony trying to be strategic. Yeah, now I’ve seen everything.
And I now think Emily is scared for life.
Megan still hates Craig? Molly forgave him and she hardly even remembered the guy! Come on Megan, quit being so freaking annoying!
Benjamin is too connected. I’m starting to think him getting this far is one giant ruse for his upcoming elimination…
Ezekiel isn’t really doing anything. He and Lars simply just hang out now and again. I don’t think he’s in the wrong really.
Looks like Molly really is going deaf. Hopefully Jethro manages alright.
Benjamin is totally going to be disappointed about that twist, whatever it is…
Oh great, the Pinkie/Fluttershy argument. Look, I’m with Ling on this. I love Pinkie to bits, but Fluttershy actually does develop. Granted, it’s only temporary and never sticks, but she’s actually enjoyable. Plus, Fluttercord is THE ONLY SHIP in that show I support, and Ling, I love you for respecting that ship. I hope you win now.
If Pandora quits, I’m totally going to laugh at Megan’s reaction. Priceless!
At this point in time, I am currently certain either Craig, Lars, or Ted will win. All the others are not even considered at this point in time.
I see. So the voting is gone in this game. I have to say, I think I saw it coming back when you were finishing off BvB. I know you like experimenting with your stories, and I respect you’re decision. I’m sure I’ll still enjoy this story quite a bit. Just… don’t always make it about the challenges. Sometimes the drama from the votes adds to the greatness of the story. Just saying.
And suddenly, Pandora’s out. I’m kind of relieved. Like a lot of your fans, I was starting to think she was an attention hog and that she just needed out. I still like her, but I think being the first one out at merge time is the right way to go.
I expect a full explanation for Pandora after the next chapter. If these are two parters now. Are we only doing two parts now? I’m a little lost on that. And I respect this twist. It’s always nice to have something new to add. So long as it isn’t every single season, I can totally live with this, especially since this season isn’t normal to begin with.
Knifez chapter 85 . 8/19
I get Asujoll had a bit of a freak out about the mystery villain, and I personally am glad the mystery villain is gone because I find those plotlines tedious, but if thats what you wanted to do you should've sticked to your guns and written it how you want to write it.

Anywho, I am SO HAPPY that Pandora is out. YES! YES! YES! These eliminations keep making me smile, so I'm just waiting for one to make me go "D:".

As for the instant elimination thing, I think its an interesting idea and one you can use well, but I do wish you had saved it for another story. With all the hub-bub about alliances and stuff in this pre-merge, I would've liked to see those carry over. It now sorta takes all the drama out of eliminations, but its fine with me for the most part!

Super interested to see who is the first "official" merge boot! My money is on...damn, I don't really know. Hopefully Molly or Jethro, but I can see Megan leaving because she'd rather be on the Cruise observing Pandora and Jarvis than sit around in the game.
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