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pizzawizz chapter 66 . 3h
Aww poor winter! Oh no! What is bedlam planning next?
Ali6132 chapter 71 . 4/17
This is a great story. It took me, maybe, two months to catch up, and it was worth it. I find references to this everywhere, I make edits and add pages to the Tween Tour wiki, and I imagine the story if I was in it (I'm a preteen, so it works). I despise Edgar. Towards the beginning, I was ok with Edgar, and I despised Amy, Lars, Benjamin, and Craig. Oh, how the tables have turned. My favorite characters are Molly, Pandora, Winter, Tony, Jarvis, Bea, Benjamin, Emily, Bonnie, Natasha, Dil, Gareth, and Amy. That was in no real order, by the way. Like I said, the tables have turned. I actually don't detest Lars as much as I used to. I don't like and/or hate Penny, Cuthbert, Edgar, Megan a little bit, and, until his motives are completely revealed next chapter, Jethro. Oh, and agora for a bit after that little bit of Karrie vs. Zora over Robbie's elimination. Speaking of which, Robbie's backstory made me cry. I think a Nordic challenge will be entertaining. Funny, though, that I think Karrie was one of the people that wanted to got to Norway, aside from Benjamin. I remember, towards the beginning, the closest thing you had to cussing was censor-bleeping Bea. Now, you have people cussing, a mostly unbleeped sh*t, and tons of cussing. I don't have a problem with that, though. I can't believe Bedlam was more than just a voice. Bedlam is higher up on my hate list than pre-merge Jethro. Also, one question: Is your book available in the U.S., because I love fantasy books, and your book seems interesting. Well, that's all for now. Bye!
insertnamehere21 chapter 71 . 4/17
Karrie left. Did not see that coming I
And Megan slips through again. I #bleep# hate that bitch

Who will go next? The team whose name I cant remember havent lost in a while. I think Molly and Co might get Bea eliminated. She's got little plot besides trying to court Benjamin so I wouldn't care if she left.

Until then :)
Knifez chapter 71 . 4/17
Karrie's gone! Woohoo! Two eliminations in a row that I'm loving!

She was a good character but after her phobia was overcome she became rather bland. Her convos with Terrence were fun this chapter, but I'm not sad she's gone.

You had some successful red herrings this chapter, though. At first I was totally relieved that Terrence won immunity, then I was worried once he got the passport, and then I was sure he was leaving after he gave it to the stupid annoying Molly. Then Jarvis became a target and then I thought that he might be going, but in the end it was just Karrie. *Wipes sweat from brow*

Hoping Gary-Stu Jarvis or Molly goes next, looking forward to another arc! I bet Vicky would've like this next place.
ActionBoy 87 chapter 71 . 4/16
After reading this chapter, my views of Lars are totally different from before.
Asujoll chapter 71 . 4/16
Obai Karrie. Eh, that's more than fine by me. She's, like, the one person on the Moths I don't care about right now.

Guhhhhh at the cliffhangers for Edgar's plot and Jethro's story. Why you gotta make me wait, dang it?

How is it even possible that I kinda feel bad for Bea in this chapter? She's been an asshole all episode, and getting called out for it should be satisfying, and yet I kinda feel for her. I don't get it. How do you do that?

Megan was such a goddess in this chapter holy crap. Peons of Normality sounds like a band name. It shall become one. I have decided this.

I'm liking how Terrence is getting all CPM now. It's nice to see he has a personality again. *shot*

Is the rodent being named Steve a reference to Total Drama Nations? Because that'd be pretty great.

The Lars/Pandora/Jarvis alliance is something I support completely. I don't see Jarvis in the merge, but I hope Lars and Pandora both make it.

If Amy tortures people with pistachio ice cream, I'd like her to torture me someday... that sounded way less weird in my head.

Lars saying Peru was "other". Less than three.

So, not that I'm complaining, but why did Karrie go exactly? I'm afraid I didn't quite catch on.

If Ramona frees Craig and Emily and finds them making out... I'm half-joking of course, but that would make for some seriously interesting drama.

A Viking challenge is next, eh? I don't suppose a certain Letterama contestant would make a cameo? Either way, this was a great chapter and definitely worth the wait. Excellent job. :)
The Nameless Ben chapter 70 . 4/15
Not a bad chapter. This chapter I see as a small break from all the major seriousness going on. Sure, we still have some seriousness, but most of it was goofy. I can’t wait to see who’s going to be voted off, because I have absolutely no clue!
Fearsome Fireflies
Bea: I think she’s being a bit too forced. You did great with her before, carefully easing her into her plot, but now she’s rushed and going too fast. Could just be me, but either way, I sense her elimination on the horizon.
Benjamin: I like that he loosened up a little. That being said, he could loosen up a little bit more. Nothing else really.
Edgar: This guy is really starting to irk me. I had pity on you! I did! But not no more. Yeesh. And people think I’M harsh.
Jethro: Foster home? Dude, your life is freaking whack! You keep make me feel sorry for you! Heck, if you apologized or did something ever so slightly good, I would probably FORGIVE you! Man, since when have I ever been so soft on villains?
Molly: I’m kinda torn. She’s torn. We’re all torn here about Molly. I don’t really see any purpose now except for Jethro, and even then it’s kind of on my nerves. But, I’m not COMPLETELY tired of her, so I can probably handle her until the next elimination.
Tony: I really like how he was portrayed. He’s really just been the guy on the sidelines these past few episodes, and I liked that he was a goofball in this chapter and how he aced the challenge while everyone else struggled. His bout of anger was a bit concerning, but I bet it was all in fun, so I’m not overly concerned.
Winter: Now she’s retreating to the background a little. Nothing not expected though, after what happened last episode.
Gruesome Glow-worms
Amy: I’m still wondering how she got this far. She’s still annoying (cute but annoying) and she’s still overly pampered. I just don’t see how she survived this far.
Craig: Loved the scene where he punched a tree and talked to it. He may be wallowing in self-pity, but he’s still amazing.
Emily: She’s only recently been getting annoying. But she’s annoying full force. I can’t complain too hard though. Ugh, why must I find the things I do annoying in others? It’s just not right!
Gareth: It has been a while since we’ve seen Timmy. I wonder what he wants to show Gareth. I hope he doesn’t stop Lars too prematurely…
Ling: I want her gone. She’s destroyed all interest I’ve had in her by her being so… BORING! UGH!
Ramona: Oh come on! I want to see what her big plan is! You can’t just leave me hanging! It’s bad Benmanship!
Mystic Moths
Jarvis: At least he didn’t tell Megan. That would have TOTALLY ended well… On a side note, this makes him a huge threat. It might be him tonight, but I’m not worried.
Karrie: She was goofy with Ted this chapter. Made her likeable this chapter when she hasn’t been focused on in a while. I liked it. I doubt she’s a target.
Lars: I really don’t think he’s going anywhere. I’m sure he has more plot here. I hope. As a side note, him cuddling with the guine pig made me cry. I think I really care about Lars now. If he goes now, I think I’ll cry even more.
Megan: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! *Does a really cool dance that would make Earl jealous* Bye bye Megan! I know it’s you! And I feel no pity! Mwahahahahahaha!
Pandora: I’m worried. What if Bedlam shows up and tells off Lars? Then again, what if Gareth sees? AGH! Hurry and update because I’m feeling all the anxiety from this chapter!
Ted: I find it funny he wants to make Jarvis action figures. Also, he’s being a goofball. And I love it! Man, all my favorites are doing things again! Yay!
Terrence: Read Ling. Only, I never liked him since the start.
Random Scene: It was… weird. You were right, it was completely unneeded, but funny. But mostly weird. It was so weird… I really don’t know why I’m talking about it.
insertnamehere21 chapter 70 . 4/14
How I think the elimination will pan out -

The solo immunity challenge is one of physical strength, so I'd say the victory will either go to Lars or Terrence, and in order for things to go right in elimination, Terrence will win solo immunity. He might trade it away, but it doesn't matter since he's not leaving.

At the elimination ceremony, Megan will vote for Jarvis and convince Lars to vote with her.

Jarvis and Ted will vote for Lars while Karrie and Terrence will vote off Megan. 'Pandora' will vote for Jarvis, resulting in his elimination.

Though I am counting on Lars getting solo immunity, which would cause Ted and Jarvis to vote for Megan, since she is by far my least favorite character in the contest and she has way overstayed her welcome

Excellent chapter. Cant wait for next update
ChloroFax chapter 70 . 4/13
Hey man! I haven't done a real review on this site in a while but I will just for the sake of, well, letting you know what I'm thinking.

-Fearsome Fireflies:

Another win? Wow! I guess that's cool, but they can't keep it up forever. Not exactly sure what Edgar is up to, but hopefully he can't cause too much damage. And he'd better leave Molly the hell alone! Speaking of Molly, her and Jethro have a weird friendship going on, it seems. I've grown more sympathetic for the guy, but I hope he cheers up soon. Now, with the majority that consists of Bea, Benjamin, Tony and Winter, one of them is the next to go on that team. I'm SURE. While I haven't the slightest clue, hopefully Tony gets to stay. I like him. All in all, a good team with good members.

-Gruesome Glowworms:

Their first win as this team. It was inevitable when the were comprised of four couples, that this kind of unholy hell would be wrought upon the people in this group. I sort of like these six people, despite finding Emily's anger to be going a bit too far at this point. Craig and Ramona are NOT broken up, thankfully, but hopefully this is a lesson learned for both (Craig to be more wise, and Ramona to not to turn her back on him). And I do really like the trio of Gareth, Amy and Ling. They're cute and they're funny, so what's to dislike? All six of these guys need to win a few times before going back through the ringer.

-Mystic Moths:

Hoo boy. Unless everyone eats a nice juicy dish of sedatives before the ceremony, nobody is going to walk away from the ceremony tonight without having their jimmies rustled. To me, the biggest target looks like Lars, as people already dislike him and Bedlam is wanting him gone. But can he survive again? On the other hand, another couple might get broken that logically means that Jarvis could have his head on the line. I mean, he kind of revealed his PSI and there's a good chance it could be him. Karrie and Terrence seem to have learned their lesson when it comes to changing the plan at ceremonies, so they might go for the easy target, but will the flip again? And more worrisome for Lars is that Megan probably wants him out so she can get Pandora alone. WHICH MAKES ME SO MAD! Why is Megan so, you know, uncaring outside her own goals? What a self-centered jerk. Oh, and Ted's cool and all. I like him, he's funny, and since he's one of the "singles", he's probably safe for a while.

Now, individual immunity hasn't been won by Mega, Pandora, or Terrence yet. Hopefully it's one of them, given my micro-OCD over details like that. But if Lars can win again, it'll superspeed Jarvis out the door. My guess of course.

So my conclusion? This story is getting better and better, so keep it up! You're fantastically dedicated to your work, an I hope this review gives you the motivation to continue on even further. :)
Knifez chapter 70 . 4/12
I fear for Terrence's safety D:

I think there's a good shot he'll go. I think everyone else has more plot. I'm scared. Short sentences. No commas.

Ah well, I hope since this story is flowing so well we'll get another arc soon!

Probability of elimination:

Terrence: 3/7
Karrie: 2/7
Megan: 1/7
Jarvis: 1/7
Ted: 0/7
Pandora: 0/7
Lars: 0/7

Now I could be wayyy off, but that's what I'm feeling. Best case scenario is Karrie goes. Ah well. Looking forward to chapter #71!
DarkShockBro chapter 70 . 4/11
Hooray, more Tween Tour! Let's do it, baby!

So, groups have been formed; Edgar, Molly, and Jethro, Bea and Winter, and Tony and Benjamin. Should be fun, so long as Edgar doesn't do anything Edgar-like.

Yay, more Amy goddess! I still can't believe how hilarious and lovable she is. I really can't. And Ramona, Emily, and Craig together? Hoo boy, time for fireworks...

So, Megan is off on her own, Lars made a homophobic joke, because he can, I guess, and Jarvis told the team about his psychic powers, huh? Cool! Better now than later, I suppose, and I'm glad Megan didn't see that. This is T-rated, after all.

Bea comparing Benjamin to a Lamborghini. Uh... I'm getting worried now. Even if Tony and Winter is cute as heck.

Wow, Tony is getting Benjamin to loosen up a bit! Cool.

...I hate you, Edgar. Can't you see Jethro wants to be alone? Or at the very least talk to his adorable blonde haired ally? Bleh.

Amy whining is just the cutest thing. Wow, I can't believe I said that. Must be reading a fanon season, amirite? Anyway, what these guys want to do with their prize money is interesting, and Amy suggesting Ling and Pablo live in a castle without parents. Amy may not be the princess of the sun, but she IS the goddess of Tween Tour.

Wow, Craig, Ramona, and Emily all split up and went their separate ways. That's not good.

Ted and Karrie arguing over logic and Terrance losing it a little was pretty funny, as was Terrance calling Chris a 'tricky troll.' But, I'm sorry to say, but these three are kind of fading into the background thanks to all the other amazing characters in this story. Hopefully that changes soon, because I do like all three of 'em.

Wow, Lars actually defused the situation with Pandora. Unfortunately, I can't give him any points for that because he then followed up by calling himself 'bad, but not heartless.' Don't get me wrong, that's in-character, it's just a pet peeve of mine. And Bedlam calls Jarvis Jam Jars... that's VERY creepy...

...Megan, you scary.

Oh my god, that was the most hysterical thing I've read in quite some time. Noah has a cross-dressing fetish, is the perfect straight man to Chris, and Katie's teasing... it's too much! Oh, that was AWESOME!

Winter's fail insult was pretty funny. Not much else to say.

Holy crap, Tony actually raised his voice in anger. That's a new one. Although it was funny, so OOC is acceptable here.

...Edgar, if you harm ONE HAIR on Molly's head, I will be livid. Don't even think about it, dude. And Jethro is actually starting to care about Molly. Hooray, progress! Still, I sincerely hope Edgar doesn't ruin anything between Molly and Jethro's relationship. It's too awesome.

Wow, Gareth is being wise, and Amy isn't stealing the spotlight. ...Call 911!

Craig is talking to a tree. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

...Ramona's mom scares me.

And Emily got her team the win! Hooray!

Ted eating carrots, that's funny, and Karrie being protective and missing Robbie is adorable.

Aww, Jarvdora, truly one of the most innocent and pure couples you've written, CB.

Tony used his Tony powers to get the guinea pig, and Bea continues to be awkward at flirting. Awesome.

And Lars lost the challenge for his team. Looks like you're going, buddy boy. You've been fairly stagnant anyway, and since Bedlam knows about you, I think you may be next. But, you've had one heck of a ride.

Lovable and sociopath don't go together, Chris. Especially when the solo challenge involves something having to do with, well, something bad. We'll see.

All in all, great chapter, man! I can't wait to see what happens next!
The Nameless Ben chapter 69 . 4/8
I liked this chapter. It was very nice and well balanced. That being said, I need to say that story is starting to be… dragging out. Normally, this is when you wrap everything up. I understand that the cast is bigger, but this story is just so long that it’s really hard to keep my attention. It’s still interesting, but maybe throw a few more surprises no one is expecting more often. It’ll keep my attention easier. Now, my review.
Fearsome Fireflies
Bea: If I get my way, she’ll be eliminated next. If not, more Benjamin/Bea. I don’t hate the ship, but her as a whole is starting to just get old. I still like her, but she’s really just here most of the time. The Benjamin ship will be interesting though.
Benjamin: I like that a guy so stoic is so mush around romantic feelings. It shows guys can be very weak around women and aren’t as strong as they thing they are. This’ll be fun.
Edgar: He didn’t do anything much, although, that plan is pretty devious. Knowing what’s in the boxes before they are chosen? It’s… frightening.
Jethro: This guy is probably one of the most contreversal characters you’ve written. I hate him and many of the things he’s done… but can I still hate him after that? Ugh! I know I should be more serious, but… I don’t know. That was really shocking that I didn’t expect it, and I’m not quite sure how I should react.
Molly: Either she’s screwed, or she’ll end up changing Jethro. Or just work with him and end up getting the bad end of the deal. The first and last are the most probable, considering we know where Jethro is going to end up.
Tony: We really saw the bright side of Tony this ep, end I’ve missed that. Hopefully we see more of that, and also see him have a cute attack from the Guiana Pigs!
Gruesome Glow-Worms
Craig: No! Don’t float to the bottom! Really, what I would do… is probably something similar to Craig, actually. Wait a day or two, work out your words, then apologize. He should know she may not forgive him right away, but it will soften the blow a little. Hopefully he’ll realize it.
Emily: I just find her so annoying. She’s a part of the problem too! It’s not only Craig! She needs to realize she made a mistake as well and not put blame on others. I’m actually an expert at this situation because I’ve been in both Craig’s and Emily’s situation. Once she gets over that she was to blame too, she’ll realize her mistakes as well, and it’ll be easier to forgive Craig.
Gareth: Well, I guess I would be in your state Gareth. I can’t really complain. I hope you return to yourself though. I liked you normal. But, I understand the change.
Ramona: I can see it. Next ep or the ep after. Ramona gets the boot (probably by Craig saving himself) and Emily completely loses it. I don’t know, the thought is too scary to think about.
Mystic Moths
Jarvis: DON’T YOU DARE TELL THE OTHERS! If he does and Megan squees, kill me now and burn the evidence. Seriously, I don’t think I can survive that.
Lars: I’m starting too really like Lars. He’s probably one of your best characters. I’m setting him as the winner, because really, whose expecting it?
Megan: Oh cheese I hate you so much! You’re so whiny and annoying and it’s driving me insane! UGH! I know she’s merging, but why? WHY MUST YOU TORTURE ME WITH HER?! WHY?!
Pandora: I hope she does go down and talk to Lars. I trust that Lars really won’t hurt her and tell her everything he knows. Only problem is, will Pandora talk to Lars… or will Bedlam? And if it’s the latter, will Lars be in trouble? Hurry, it’s leaving me in suspense!
Guest chapter 1 . 4/6
could you please make a second season¿
Asujoll chapter 69 . 4/6
I chuckled when I saw it was Chapter 69. I think we all did.

I'm interested to see where Megan's and Lars' plots with Pandora end up going. Two of my favorite villains with one of my favorite heroes. Pretty cool.

Shite, Jethro's starting to snap, ain't he? I'm starting to wonder how much longer he'll last.

I love how Edgar wasn't even negative in this chapter. It's almost kind of weird, and yet it fits.

Benjamin being shy at the idea of romance was pretty great. And Jarvis's serious mode was pretty great as well.

Lol, Emily's so self-centered. I hope she goes soon tbh.

The others didn't really stand out to me a whole lot in this one, but that's fine. Hope you update soon :)
DarkShockBro chapter 69 . 4/6
Oh boy, more Tween Tour. Let's do it. And that chapter title is amazing.

Oh, Megan. Why must you try to figure Bedlam out. And I'm pretty sure you aren't going to help her anyway, so this doesn't strike me as good.

Ted, Karrie, and Terrance had a pretty nice talk there. And yeah, it's good to NOT give the producers ammo to portray you as an antagonist. Also, Frightful appearance. Yay.

Lars, do you really think Pandora trusts you? Because I don't think she does. And why don't you trust explain this to her NOW? There's no one there. Bleh.

...And Jethro reveals part of his backstory. And yeah, it's pretty damn harsh. I fear that the worst is yet to come, but the whole Siamese twin connection thing... yeah, that's not a good thing. I really hope Molly can keep him sane, because we don't need him to lose it. We really don't.

Wow, so finally Benjamin tells his alliance about his trump card, and then gets nervous when Bea starts flirting with him. Good stuff. Still, I can't help but be concerned about Molly and Jethro, since they're very much NOT in the majority, but perhaps Molly can get that passport after all. Who knows? The two have plot armor, after all.

I'm glad Emily and Ramona are still friends after everything. 'Dat drama, you know. Oh, and look, it's Amy goddess! She's amazing, as per usual, and Gareth feeling guilty and Ling helping him is always nice too.

Aww, Jarvis really cares about Pandora, and Craig getting advice from Tony and Jarvis was pretty cute. Good stuff, man.

Oh, goody, Edgar is cheating. Please leave, dude.

Oh, dear, Lars is getting Jethro good. And now I'm worried again. Hopefully Molly gets that passport... she needs to.

Are you kidding me, Megan? Why would you want to look at Pandora's records? And more importantly, why hasn't she been caught yet? Bleh.

Wow, Molly didn't rat Jethro out. Yay! Gotta love Molly's kindness. And I'm surprised Jethro didn't speak up about the attractiveness topic... he must be really losing it.

Not too much happened here besides Pandora thinking about joining Lars for a talk. Hey, here's an idea, why don't you bring Jarvis with you, Pandora? I mean, given that Lars isn't seen as trustworthy... eh, what do I know. We'll see what happens.

Yay, Craig and Ramona made up, Amy continues to be amazing, and Gareth continues to be CP. Gooooood stuff.

And Peru is the location for today! Hooray, South America representation!

So, Craig and Emily still won't talk to each other, and Lars says the cool kids sit in the-wait a minute, I think I get that reference, you sly dog. :D

Wrangling guinea pigs, huh? Fun stuff. And Amy goddess loving guinea pigs is adorable.

All in all, great chapter, man! Can't wait to see what happens next!
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