Reviews for Conspiracy of Silence: The SevenHeaded Serpent
Faith chapter 6 . 5/2/2002
Wow! Can't believe Malachite died, and so many other people too. Well, I really hope you'll continue the series!
WingedWolf chapter 7 . 5/2/2002
As much as I loved this fic, I'm glad to see it FINALLY end so I can stop checking it every single day! I like how you fit Snape wanting the Defense Against Dark Arts job at the end.

Ay, 'twas a grand ride while it lasted, I thank you.
Ladysherlock92 chapter 7 . 5/2/2002
I forgot to mention a question in the last post: what about the two teachers that were dating? Epphemaria and the short one (i forgot the name, though i know it's not flitwick). Whatever happened to them?
Ladysherlock92 chapter 6 . 5/2/2002
This was so damn good. it was worth the wait. I can appreciate your need to take a break, although i will be avidly waiting for a new istallment in the HP series. It's a shame you won't be doing anything more with young snape. Your character is more fun than the originals in the book. And i would have liked to know how he reacted to Lily's death at Voldemort's hands. And why he decided to quit the Death Eater's a year before it happened. I was hoping you would have ideas on this and were going to put them in the fic, but i can see that you're not. So, until you decide what to do next with HP, i bow down to your creative genius.
Demeter1 chapter 7 . 5/2/2002
*sobs* No, not really. I remember being a wee un when this fic first came out... and now... I'm old as butter. Oh wait, butter's never that old. _ Okay, so I'm acting weird, but I get to. I'm lamenting the quiet death of Malachite. Of all the professors, I liked him most, and I usually hate OC with a passion. However, I have to admit, Snape of this time does seem somewhat like a Mary Sue, like you said.

Probably because I'm still fairly bewildered about how he could possible be Sev of the future and connect it with Sev of now. As for the Marauders. Good for you; kicking them away was one of the best plot devices I've ever seen. *giggles* I think because I consider them the 'Golden Boys' and they 'Golden Boys' always get what *they* want and damn who gets hurt in the process. _

As for Lucius; still have to admire his continuance as the oddest villain. I like him; sue me, but I really do like him. I still love the fact that you mentioned Draco by progeny so long ago. The Shrieking Shack incident was enough to just make me roll on the floor with laughter.

Malachite's death seems to have hit Snape harder then usual. Oh, he's still Snape, but he's promised and he will make good on that promise. Good bit of canon continuity. So is *that* why he constantly wants the part of DADA? Wonderful!

Well, your fic was a great series! It was fast, not overlywordy, which some are dreadfully, and it was concise and clear. Keep writing in the future!
dontgiveahoot chapter 6 . 5/2/2002
This was a brilliant conclusion to this epic fanfic series - answering all the pressing questions while still leaving some unanswered - after all, the future is not written in stone. I loved this series and wil recommend it to all my Snape-loving friends!
bluemeanies chapter 7 . 5/2/2002
a little cleareer, but I'm not sure it would even be half clear from the snippet between him walking in and losing the cloak... I'll have to read it again. Good death with Malachite
j chapter 7 . 5/2/2002
No doubt in my mind. You _are_ _evil_. I was going to post that after ch. 5, actually, where I first realized it. ;) But now is just as good a place as ever. What's this, now? Sev as Voldie's son? Yes, he doesn't seem the type to scream "nooooooo" and fall to a near-death.

Thanks for investing so much time into this series. I loved every little bit of it. Omniscient!Snape, as unbelievable as the character sounds when I try to describe the story to someone, is just beautiful. :P
Sev Rickman chapter 6 . 5/2/2002
*sniff* Ok so it's over, but then everything has to come to an end sometime. I very much hope that you'll be back as this has been an inspirational serise, and you are too good a writer.

Your Sev is a wonderful creation I appologise in advance if I steal anything.
Akimekura Amura chapter 6 . 5/2/2002
*cries* That was sooo beautiful... God your stories are excellent... I remember reading the very first one when it came out... They just keep getting better and better... And now... it's over.

*sigh*... But good stories have to end now an then... That was a very good look on Sevie's days at school... I'd have to say you can be compared to JK Rowling with your writing skills... You are that good.

Well I guess this is good bye... *sniffle* I enjoyed being privledged to read your fantastic stories...

Good luck to you... Until we meet again

Tidmag chapter 7 . 5/2/2002
Sounds like you are an amazing person.

I wish I had half your talents and natural gifts.

Especially photogenic memory*looks at word, that can't be right. hold on while I check the spelling. Nope that wasn't right. Great, nunc dico that the memories are good at being picture perfect* I meant photographic.

Well. Meet you in another life.
Tidmag chapter 6 . 5/2/2002
This was a very cool Series.

Thank you very much for sharing your talent in the HP universe with us.

May you live in peace.
HomemadeMagic chapter 7 . 5/2/2002
awwwwwww...*sniff* it's over...I can't believe it...I love this series so much. I would love it if you kept going, but you did such a perfect job ending it. There are so few authors who could keep a story like this going and make the whole thing fit together like you did. Aw, now I' getting all fluffy. *another sniff*

As for killing off Malachite, I really can't blame you, I saw it coming and the whole thing makes sense. I just liked him. Oh well. Now we know why Snape wants the Defense job so bad. Ugh, this is getting long. Great job, and I WILL keep coming back to see if you've written anything else.
Ariana Deralte chapter 6 . 5/2/2002
Wonderful! Aw, no more huh? So sad...Well I hope you do get inspired again one day. I think I'll go back and reread this series again:) I'm glad you gave Malachite some last words here, and the little touch with dumbledore catching Snape's eyes and him acknowledging him was nice. *having read the acknowledgements* No more Voldemort-Snape conversations...darn...So let's see. This was a fantastic series. Every characterization was spot on (though Sev, I suspect is a bit different than Rowling pictured him:) Your OC's were interesting as well, and you really did make us care about Malachite. I think your story appeals to those of us who always find ourselves loving, and rooting for the villians in what we watch/read. Thank you for a great read. I don't suppose it would be possible for you to let me know if you write anymore HP stuff, would it? Cheers.
WingedWolf chapter 5 . 5/1/2002
I liked it! in the sense that it scared me brainless. thanks for assuring that I will not get a wink of sleep tonight. *shudders* carry on!
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