Reviews for History as it never was
Lolz chapter 10 . 6/21/2016
gabelou1991 chapter 13 . 3/25/2015
Trop drôle.
SuperKamiGuru.Jr chapter 1 . 10/15/2013
ginerba chapter 13 . 10/22/2010
me cagué de la risa con este fic! muy bueno! XDD
DBZLover4Ever chapter 1 . 9/5/2010
The first couple chapters were really good, but the ending was abrupt. However, it provided me with quite a few laughs!
Dark Kaizer Ken-Wolf chapter 13 . 9/12/2006
God, this was absolutely HALARIOUS!

I couldn't stop laughing!

Wow, great job, loved Goku's lines, and Vegita playing with barbie dolls was just too good.

Great fic!
Sun Knight chapter 1 . 5/23/2006
hey this is a awsome story i love it i would so love it if you could update soon

your storys rock
Anime ADHD chapter 13 . 8/28/2005 was really good..and i luved the vegeta/barbie part, but the last couple of chapters are a bit...confusing!
Miko Kikyou chapter 13 . 6/24/2005
the last few chapter were a little etchy, and some of the charcters were out of character, but i really liked it. except i dout vegeta would show pity on gihan after that frying pan issue. he would probably tell the story exactly how it was, witout codenames, and then beat the snot out of gohan. but that's your choice. and the idea of making vegeta gohan's teacher was genious.
Garowyn chapter 13 . 8/23/2004
The chapters could have been longer and you kind of strayed away from the original idea. Then things kind of got confusing. However, you did pretty well in the first set of chapters.
limelie chapter 13 . 5/22/2004
HAHAHA This is so funny!
Afrodite chapter 13 . 2/16/2004
Great ending-very funny, especially Vegeta's explanation for why he plays with the dolls: "Look! You can change the hair AND it comes with two hats! TWO! How could I possibly resist that?"
You had some great comical moments in this story, and you didn't draw the story out unnecessarily. I have a hard time doing that sometimes-I get bored with stories so quickly. You have a good technique in this story of keeping your chapters short but meaningful. Good job!
Afrodite chapter 12 . 2/16/2004
Lol, I'm enjoying the occasional randomness in this story! The scene with Vegeta and the dolls was hilarious!
Afrodite chapter 9 . 2/16/2004
Wow, what a twist-I certainly wasn't expecting Buu to show up! Videl is being such a snot-in the series, I like her better after she weds Gohan because she mellows down.
Afrodite chapter 8 . 2/16/2004
This is getting funnier by the chapter! I'm particularly amused by Dende's attempts to avoid Gohan's wrath!
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