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ohmyheart chapter 34 . 3m ago
Finally! The kiss! Can't wait for more *giggles* I love love this chapter :D
joe chapter 41 . 21h ago
I can't wait for the lemon chapter by the way when will that be
NARUTOSEXY chapter 41 . 21h ago
I like chapters from Karin's point of view because when Sasuke shows up she's like Sasuke loves me not Sakura'. *cough*bitch*cough.
soulxcloud97 chapter 41 . 4/18
Gah! It's killing me! Nice chapter! I like the scene from the past...
Keep it up! I love your work! \\\!
Dango98 chapter 41 . 4/18
that...was...AMAZING! you had made my day...
Avidreader212 chapter 7 . 4/17
I get that she is supposed to be this really nice and lovely individual but she was just kidnapped. I feel like she should be angrier or something. He ended her life, took her away from all she knows and claimed her as his. And the first thing she does is agree to take a bath. What kind of complacent personality is that. If I was in this situation I would not do any of the things that she did, perhaps thats why I feel so indignant cause of her response to being kidnapped. It's like she has no self-preservation, she really has no right to being mad that people are always taking care of her and watching her because the second she is out of their sights she ends up in the underworld. This story is really really good but Sakura is acting so dumb i'm reluctant to go on. I perhaps will read a few more chapter and wait for her to find some sense.
TooLazyToThinkOfName chapter 41 . 4/17
First off, I would like to apologize for being a "silent reader." I happened to stumble across this gem of a story about 15ish chapters ago I, let me tell you, I think about it allll the time & constantly check for updates. When I see that the story have seen updated "X hours ago" my heart rate accelerates before I click the chapter, Thank you for being a great writer & creating such an Immersing, enchanting story. They way things are starting to fall into place is so natural & exciting.
I cannot think of anything in particular I want to comment or ask about but I will hopefully have more to contribute in regards to a review next chapter.

A loyal reader
Chazza1121 chapter 41 . 4/17
This is by far one of the best fanfics I've read. I LOVE IT, I KEEP CRYING WHILST READING IT. I can't wait for the next chapter, I was literally up until 6am reading this last night... So good...
skyllu chapter 41 . 4/17
I WAS SO THRILLED WHEN I SAW YOU UPDATED. I definitely am addicted.
But really. This chapter made me giggle like a stupid shojo girl, because it was sooooooooo good and cute and great and confusing at the same time, and Sasuke is like the sexiest guy on earth and OMG I think I died.
Well, you wanted initial reactions, there you have.
My only constructive comment would be that underlining words to accentuate them is in my opinion useless and a bit annoying ( unaesthetic, I mean) Of course it is just my vision of things but I really think that you don't need it. The way you write already indicates which words are important.
I can't wait for the next chapter!
SilkTie chapter 40 . 4/16
Look up on Google Theseus and Pirithous and also look up for Minthe... you know what don't look up Minthe. Ill tell you right away that she is a bitch who pursued Hades before Persephone turned her into a plant called MInt. So just look up Theseus and Pirithous. Maybe that will be a good turn-over in the fanfic :)
HelloKittyrulz chapter 41 . 4/16
Are they going to sleep together? Is he ever going to find out that Sakura is Persephone and that she infact is the goddess of Nature and Life? And when are you going to do the whole tango dance scene like you said in an previous chapter of Quietus?
MissKonoha chapter 41 . 4/16
I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY! OMG, my favorite part is the Hades/ Kore flashback. Their interaction was Brilliant. I loved every bit of it. The choice of music along with the dance was perfect.
Oh, and the cliffy at the end! I want to know what happens! I seriously can't wait to find out.
I wonder why the hell Sasuke has no recollection of what happened in the past? Does Naruto know? Does anybody know? Did Madara do something to erase all their memories as soon as Kore was killed in the past (which I am guessing is what happened)?...Yuuup. I have concluded that I know close to nothing. Thus, I am super eager to find out.
Thank you for taking your time to crafting this perfection, we all truly appreciate it. D
Goddess Isis chapter 41 . 4/16
Please make Sasuke tell Sakura! The stalling is kinda wearing me out. I feel like they're beating around the bush for far too long. They went to Chiyo, Sakura's getting visions every other day, Sasuke needs to do two things; get his butt into motion and figure out WHY he doesn't remember also, and tell Sakura the goddamn truth. Witholding information is not cool and total damage to their (albeit little) trust. Maybe they can discover what they were together. Now wouldn't THAT be ironic when Sasuke comes to the realization that it had been indeed just HER. Always just her. Delicious.

Now I don't think I need to tell you how much of a superb writer you are, do I? You are of course. I am, however, a little apprehensive about lemons. If it were up to me, I would ask you to make some in your story, and if what I read in you A/N 30 something chapters ago is still true, it means you were planning to put some anyway. I hope you do, I swear, and I hope FFN will allow you to do so as well, with all their aping around about a year ago, I fear. I hope you have this story posted on another site outside FFN where you write whatever you want. Either way, I hope you haven't changed your mind about those lemons, I'm really looking forward to Sasuke and Sakura fully committing themselves to the act. Several times, might I add. Lol anywho

Great story, nice pacing, stop lolly-ganging around and cut to the chase a bit faster with our pairing there and stay awesome!'
Miyuki chapter 41 . 4/16
Wow, another amazing chapter! I loved the backstory between Kore and Hades, especially Sasuke's suave move at the end. He always manages to find some clever way to turn things around in his favor, doesn't he?

Since he can't remember Kore, I have a hunch that part of his memory has been locked away, just like Sakura's. I'm tempted to look for clues, yet at the same time, I don't want to for the sake of the story. (Or maybe there aren't any...) It's just very intriguing, and I'm sure you love keeping us on edge before delivering an awesome revelation. :)

Oh, and as much as I would like Sasuke to tell Sakura, I don't think you're going to have him reveal anything yet. This little quote- "Oh, how he was tempted!"-tipped me off to my assumption, but I would be GLAD to be wrong.

Anyways...I had fun reading this chapter, almost as much as you had writing it! (Because we all know the writers get the most fun out of creating such awesome stories, right? ;) Hope you have a wonderful day!
Glenys chapter 41 . 4/16
Very intriguing - did someone wipe Sasuke's memories (for good or evil purposes) or was there such a traumatic event that it caused him to forget? The relationship is really changing rapidly and getting some serious depth.
Just a bit of physics though, if a chariot turns to the left, the riders are thrown to the right so Kore would have fallen against Hades' right arm.
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