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prettysenpai chapter 97 . 55m
Not gonna lie, but I definitely had to switch to Ao3 for the throne lemon scene! My goodness that was hot. But overall again I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter! My favorites are when we got a flashback to Itachi and Shisui's sacrifice and when Sasuke let Sakura judged the old lady soul. Excited to read the next chapter!
K4sum1 chapter 97 . 16h
Holy sweet Jesus. Ok first.. the death of Itachi and Shisui *sob sob*. I had tears in my eyes. My poor, poor boys.
Suigetsu and Karin. Once again, brilliant comedy. I need them to f*ck the tension out of their bodies. It's inevitable xdd
And lastly: Wohoooo! Go Sakura! He may be proud king, but more of this boldness and he is your b*tch xdd
Guest chapter 98 . 17h
Thank you
I'm in here chapter 98 . 18h
The cave was so beautifully written. I could envision the stars and picture the water that Sakura and Sasuke were in. Who knew Sasuke would respond to his name with the suffix like that. As always, I truly enjoy reading them having their growing intimacy. As for Suigetsu and Karin, I was just with Karin as far as they found the hideout and leave. Although Suigetsu was right in the regard that they had to make sure it was the hideout, or else they would've wasted the Olympians time. After all their bickering, it was amazing to see Suigetsu step up and save Karin. To get her out knowing he'd be left behind. I hope Sasuke listens to Karin and they're able to get in contact with the Olympians for the next chapter. Looking extremely forward to your next update :)
nufina chapter 98 . 10/26
damn suigetsu!
Guest chapter 98 . 10/26
JasmineDragon22 chapter 98 . 10/25
Whew! What a rush there at the end. I really think you have the best painted Karin and Suigetsu pairing I’ve ever read. Nailed it perfectly. Now on to the awkward “reunion” and I can only hope for her sake that they are dressed when she arrivesbut the whole starlight cave was beautiful. Loved it.
juusatsu-chan chapter 98 . 10/25
dun dun dun ! what a great chapter. Karin is officially my favorite character.
sakurasasuke chapter 98 . 10/25
Action and romance, we can't pray for more. Every chapter gets better. Thank for your talent!
leez-bee chapter 98 . 10/25
Aghhhhhh! Amazing chapter as always!
Anon chapter 98 . 10/25
Wow, what an exciting chapter! I was hoping to see a different sort of progress between Suigetsu and Karin’s relationship, but this all makes sense, with how things are unfolding between them. Thank you for updating!
prettysenpai chapter 96 . 10/25
I loved that SasuSaku scene in the bedroom! So passionate. Nobody can resist the Underworld's king when he's in seduction mode hahah. The Sakura Ino moment in her garden was also very cute to read! They have an admirable close friendship. The ending with Chiyo's vision gave me chills tho. It makes me nervous!
Iris Aurora chapter 98 . 10/24
Damn. That was WILD. I'm glad to be fed with a lot of steamy and romantic SS scenes including the amazing visuals of the Underworld.

Given the Karin and Suigetsu situation, I hope the Olympians get to help as soon as possible, including Sasuke and Sakura as well.

Speaking of Karin and Suigetsu, I feel mixed about their complicated relationship. I still want to ship them, but both of their happiness is what matters in the end anyway. I wish Suigetsu can be more open about how he truly feels for her. But given his character, he'll sure be having a hard time doing that lol.

Thank you for this wonderful update as always. Take care!
FrikiHimechan chapter 17 . 10/24
OMG! First, an apology for the late review, it has been 17 chapters before I could leave a comment. I'm so sorry for that, but since I discovered your story I have only been able to actually start reading it a couple of nights ago, and I was so eager to read more and more that I totally skip the leave a review part TToTT. Not happening again, I swear it.
Then... on a more fangirl mode... OMG! I totally, totally love your story! I'm a super fan of all this mitology stuff, and to find a fanfic that mix it with SasuSaku it's just... it's... perfect! *screams* I can't believe I have't discovered it sooner. Where the hell was I?! But, then, I guess it's a good thing... that means I have many, many, many chapter left to read *w*
By now I have so many questions in my mind... Is Sakura really Tsunade's daughter? Why is that she live a normal, mortal life but he rest of her circle cleary has not? And who is the one who watches them all from the sky?
AAAAAa... I want to know! And with this chapter and the scene between Sasuke and Itachi makes wander where is he? Because I don't think he is the one that everyone clearly despise.
Ok, I think it's good for now, I have to get ready for a night shift in the hospital, but tomorrow I promised I'll be reading a new chapter.
Thanks for your wonderful work and I'm sorry for the long and exhausting review and maybe a bad english... but I tried my best, hahaha.
Greetings from Chile.
Bye byeee...
Nyssandria chapter 98 . 10/24
as always great chapter! :)
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