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RaspberryMascara chapter 115 . 2/15
Hi! I have no idea why i read Quietus just now, but it made me fall in love again sasusaku fanfictions, thank you for that! I can sense the ending and i can't wait what is still to happen. Waiting for updates!
This is the longest fanfic that i have ever read and i have read a few, and i was scared that i couldn't finish this but it kidnapped me so that i think that my husband worries about me! :D I was little disapointted that the adult scenes weren't here or in deviant art, still this made my alltime top3 fanfic!
Makiiii chapter 115 . 2/12
Thanks for the update! I just screamed at my phone in excitement and might have scared my dad and cousin, but oh well... Loved the compassion from Sakura and her understanding that regardless of everything, Rin's presence is needed.
Makiiii chapter 114 . 2/12
Thanks for the chapter! I'm throughly enjoying the mischievous and cunning Shisui and Itachi 3
Makiiii chapter 113 . 2/12
Gotta say, I love the scenes where Itachi and Shisui are teasing Sasuke 3 I really hope they will survive the war.
Makiiii chapter 113 . 2/12
Thanks for the update! Don't mind me while I'm squealing in my pillow...
Guest chapter 115 . 2/6
I keep re-reading the last few chapters and hoping for an update! Can't wait to see how this all plays out!
Sasusaku 4ever chapter 115 . 1/28
This story is untouchable! Nothing can beat this amazing story!
JakuraAngel chapter 115 . 1/14
Still after many years I love this story! Can't wait to read the next chapter.
AfricanFire chapter 111 . 1/13
so I started reading this story some days ago and I really like it. Suigetsu's 'death' hit harder than any in this fic, I also started to like SuiKarin. I'm also glad that Itachi and Shisui got reanimated, a healing balm for Sasuke's soul. And poor Chiyo, i enjoyed how you portrayed her character. All in all, it's a good fic, good language and storyline. I hope you find it within you to continue


Val-Vale chapter 115 . 1/8
such a wonderfull work3
AfricanFire chapter 36 . 1/8
i just reading this story recently, reason it being it has over 1.5m words. I like it honestly, I'm still on CHP 35, hope my review motivates you
Avivya chapter 115 . 1/5
You always hit in on the nail, Seraphina!
Here I am on this lone, cold and dreary January day discovering that you uploaded a new chapter in OCTOBER! OMGGG! I have no idea how I missed that, but I thank God regardless, because today I really had the time to intently re-sink myself back in to this elaborate tale.
It is all immaculately weaved, as it always is, buy there was something absolutely reeling about this chapter. I buzzed with excitement the entire time, at the edge of my seat!

Perhaps it is your mastery in world building. I was immediately transferred back into the underworld, everything vivid. From itachis ring to the blood dripping down obitos chin. This chapter felt like the colors white, silver, sapphire, violet and lavender- indeed becoming the realm it takes place in.

I have guilty hope for Karin and suigetsu lol

Thank you Seraphina,
I hope you are blessed in the coming days The way you've blessed us with this update. Stay well 3
Leonaaaaaaaaa chapter 115 . 1/2
Thank you. This story is the only one, unique. No one will ever beat it. This is a titanic work that we will always remember and wait as long as it takes. Forever in the heart. The author is a genius.
France fries chapter 107 . 12/31/2023
France fries chapter 105 . 12/31/2023
Happy new year!
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