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zainuchiha chapter 1 . 9/18
I'm such a huge fan of story such a huuuuuuggggggeeeeee fan please oh please update unwanted I know u r busy n all with all d works n life but if u can please make out little time if u could this story is hands down brilliantly u r awesome I love each n every buts of this story your writing u made our imaginations go crazy it's brilliant honestly please update Asap n for all d readers read this story ik it's incomplete but it's worth ur time...
Guest chapter 1 . 9/18
Please update
SakuSasfor4ver120 chapter 51 . 9/16
Such an intense story! I really hope you update soon!
Luxillume chapter 51 . 9/12
I was sucked in by a comment someone made on tumblr that showed up in my Hades and Persephone tag. I knew nothing about Naruto or either of these characters but the description of how you'd written Sasuke into Hades had me curious and now I'm so hooked on SasuSaku it's ridiculous. I know I'm WAYYYYYYY late to the fandom and I see that you have life stuff going on but I really hope that things work out for the best for you and that we can hopefully see the end of this.
uglypotato chapter 1 . 9/11
Ughh I cant remember who I was before that story. This is great! Thank you so much.
Anonymous7654321 chapter 51 . 9/8
I love it. Can't wait to find out what happens next!
kyah chapter 1 . 9/6
nicole maybe angel has something called a life don't be so rude
she writes as a hobby and can take as long as she needs
i'd rather get a great chapter than a rushed one
update when your ready angel x
Nicole chapter 51 . 9/5
Just update already for God sakes. just what is keeping you! update, please! please!
Eris the Unpleasant chapter 12 . 9/1
I really can't get enough of this story
Shanzay475 chapter 51 . 8/30
Can't wait for the next chapter. Please update soon.
silver light of chapter 51 . 8/30
YAY! I can't believe that I missed this being updated. It was so worth the wait. I love it, and can't wait for the next chapter.
The Ram Princess chapter 5 . 8/30
Impatiently patiently waiting for an update lol

Seriously though. Impatiently waiting for an update.
aAangeldaisy chapter 51 . 8/30
Hi! So far, I've read all of your chapters up until it stopped at 51. Before I say my concerns and critics, I have to say I must praise you for your skill and fantastic mind yo come up with a plot so clever and a story so elaborate. All applause to you! Thank ypu so much, I enjoyed reading this so much! It brings me to the edge of my seat to find a story so good and well-thought. The drama, the love, the angst, the beauty of this love story is just so heart-moving!

Alright, what I have to honestly say, though, is that while I was excited for Sasuke to realize his mistakes and for even Sakura to see through some of her blind spots when truths were revealed,

I was disappointed in Sasuke's character for failing to bring home the point of his emotions. I might be thinking that I'm simply impatient for Sasuke to admit already that he is undoubtedly in love with her, but come on, surely it's been a long 50 chapters already? xD But unless the story still moves forward to make up for the moment we all ache for, then I shall put my trust in you for the continuation of this story.

Maybe what I also want was that in the moment Sasuke was guilty in the scenes around where Sakura nearly eats the pomegranate to the point they confront each other angrily in Sakura's room, Sasuke's feelings could have been elaborated a bit more? It was a bit disappoinying that we had seen mostly through Sakura's POV. It made me think a little ill of her to be so stubborn to be so very naive sometimes (when I read chapter 50-51). I wish she would think a little more sonetimes. Then again, same for Sasuke, he has his own stubbornness and arrogance as well. I thought that maybe he would've been too passionate for Sakura too much to actually hurt her. Didn't he also say he wouldn't kill her either? Why threaten her to Tartarus? I also thought that he already admitted in guilt that he deserved her hate and that he didn't mean things to go this way.

The angsty ending I envisualised is that maybe Sasuke would have guided her to the surface because he loved her, or despair instead when if he left her (or not) because he loved her.

But if this is the way the characters are supposed to be because that is who they are, then oh well. I guess I'm just rushing things :( I only wish the best justice for both of them, and to feel love from both of them. While I do love the hot sexy scenes, please don't forget the romance! It's been far too long for them to just forget the attraction they've discovered with each other.

Sorry that I can't give too many exact references in your story to prove my point. I hope you sorta get what I mean. :/ The story had been exciting as I watched them grow close, as fate had wanted them to.

I also wish Sugietsu wasn't a complete prick. All the vulgarity and his personality being shown off in the story was unexpected since he wad a freaking Ocean God. But you are right. He can be violent and changing, like the ocean.

I wish you could show a little more are in Sasuke. Although I do know you've already made it official in the story that they've been shown caring each other, I feel like there's not enough and it's being forgotten. Their relationship as of now is falling apart and I'm panicking! Help! ;_; lol

Also, question, why are the mature contents on deviantart instead of on fanfiction? Just curious! Loved it tho. Steamy~ Thank you for all your work! Sorry if I seemed bitter, I love your story so much!
Emma chapter 51 . 8/29
plz haterz, keep ur opinions to yourself... I doubt u can get half d reviews that Angel has, so pocket ur venom n shut d fuck up...I will take it upon myself to b d PA nd no rubbish is tolerated here
u rock Angel, keep up the good work *wink*
me chapter 51 . 8/29
OMG...I didn't knw that this chapter totally existed. u almost gave me a heart attack there, Angel. U r soooo lucky because I wanted to trace u n threaten u to write another chapter...I wish did story was animated...
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