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Gabbyleyanna chapter 78 . 7h
Like, I have the urge to reread until the next update lol I get so into this book.. it could be hours of reading and I won’t even notice the time
Gabbyleyanna chapter 78 . 7h
I love this story so much, your writing is so descriptive and captures the moments perfectly. I look forward to the next chapter!
Guest chapter 78 . 10h
Ahhhhh! Love it! Thank you for the update!
Luunafreya chapter 78 . 20h
i hate it when im at the last chapter while waiting for the update. ITS BREAKING MY HEART CAUSE ITS TOO GOOOOOOD
Uchiha chapter 78 . 20h
Wow , really enjoyed reading this chapter... ️ Waiting eagerly for the next chapter...keep it up...thank u soo much for writing this fanfiction ️️
Des-C-Kudi chapter 78 . 23h
Awww what a great chapter! I loved it! Finally Sasuke is realising that it would be the best to help them. Great character development and really convincing! I needed two days to read the chapter! Thank you for creating such long chapters, its always a pleasure to read it since real life is really tiring right now. Please keep healthy author san!
lunar-beautyy chapter 78 . 10/25
AHHH AWESOME CHAPTER AS ALWAYS! Can’t wait for the next one!
MissKonoha chapter 77 . 10/24
The REVELATIONS this chapter! Holy shit.
Wh- WHAT! You mean to tell me that Cronus envisioned Kore DYING BEFORE AN AUDIENCE!
FANTASIZED of making it all a SPECTACLE upon the battlefield!

To have made his GRAND entrance with Kore strapped to his steed, as if parading a trophy. Only to deceptively release the young goddess and have her deteriorate in her family’s arms. Corrode before all to see!

Why do I get the feeling that Madara will one day tell Sakura of his intended plans. Of the climax he had planned for her in a life long ago. For Madara to rejoice in seeing her expression...

Evil does little in describing Cronus. He is HEINUS…he is VILE down to every miniscule fiber of his immortal body. A truly grotesque monster with the deceiving face of an angel. A master of illusions.

At least….AT LEAST Kore was given the mercy of having to withstand the egregious torture in some privacy. To have spared her mother- ...spared Apollo- the pain of witnessing her death. But it did not spare dear Aphrodite from the wretched finale.

I lost it when she found Kore. I fucking lost it…

To have placed her hand over Kore’s weary heart and to have just KNOWN this was irreversible. The fragile organ was unsalvageable. Uncooperative to her expert touch. Kore's pain ran deeper than the poison rushing through her bloodstream. The heartache permeated every cell of her body.

Before Aphrodite's arrival, the scene in its entirety was STAGGERING! The personification of so much pain. The way you depicted such an unorthodox, emotional swing! The insurmountable relief of FINALLY being released. Of finally being FREE. The initial solace she found in her presumably receptive forest and welcoming flora.
All to just hastily escalate to such a sharp and unforgiving precipice. The TUG and FALL was GRATING! Nauseating! We are left swaying in the after affects of whiplash

Kore’s agony knew no bounds, it was visceral...GRAPHIC!
The trail of destruction she left at her wake was ghastly! Her bare footsteps were not exonerated from the tarnish. The way her body was actively hemorrhaging. Wow wow wow...

Her symbiotic relationship with nature was no more. She was now a PARASITE.
The flora no longer yearned for her touch but shrunk away- DESSICATED! The black tendrils originating from her fingertips felt SO VERY WRONG. Too similar to that of death's element.

"Persephone" !.!.!.!.! OMFG!
I fucking ADORE the fact that Thanatos used her FULL name.

There is something so sensual in saying Kore's full name. I will melt the day Sasuke says it! Paying homage to when post-coital-bliss-Kore asked Hades to call her 'Persephone'. To acknowledge her as a woman. The fact that Thanatos, of all people, called her that - HAS ME REEELING!

I am too weak when it comes to Thanatos. His immediate presence...his immediate action to help soothe Kore's hurt! The irony! That HE served as THE ANTIDOTE that Kore needed. Oh how the roles are momentarily reversed! Persephone is Death and Thanatos is Life!

The way Aphrodite begs the young reaper to take HER instead! Anything to save her sister!

Thanatos crafting the tripartite seal…so wicked. Along with Hypnos and Zeus, they designed such an exhaustive and multilayered seal. To have thought of keeping Sakura cloaked for the next millennia, and once she reached her final life- ONLY THEN 'reveal' her to Sasuke.

The THOUGHT of allowing Sakura to live. To allow her life to cycle like the seasons themselves. To not have the powers of life transfer to Demeter. For Kore to NOT die. To grant her LIFE. As if she were the LAST GIFT Itachi can give I’M SORRY of sorts. An I LOVE YOU. THIS BREAKS ME!

I was not prepared for all the heartache. I should have known that what was left to show were not the “happy” flashbacks. Were not the chariot races…were not the endearing forest interactions… much less the scenes of enraptured lovers…

Hades and Kore’s final goodbye was excruciating. For Hades to have said her true name..."Sakura...I..."! NAMES it is always names with them! The significance of Hades saying it- equates to the significance of modern Sasusaku addressing each other in their ancient names... i am weak...

Their ONE FINAL TIME together to have been this way. To have KNOWN it within their souls that THIS WAS IT.
Standing on opposing sides of a war and "intending to speak words that would forever remain unknown". Time was cruel to them. SOOO much left unsaid.

Poor Hades. He expedited her death- UNKNOWINGLY! But not in Kore’s eyes. Never in Kore’s eyes. In Kore’s eyes, HE GAVE THE KILLING BLOW. He hastened the poison barreling through her system.
Kore's final moments to be inundated with SO MUCH BETRAYAL! To MISCONSTRUE Hades's final act. To shed horrid darkness on his intentions.

To not know that in his final moments of FREE WILL- Sasuke chose Sakura. ALWAYS HER.

For Kore to not know of the repercussions that followed. To not know of Hades's grusome punishment at the hands of Cronus... at the eyes of Cronus.

I weep at the way Hades remained resilient at Cronus's incessant questioning. Trapped under the Uchiha Patriarch's vindictive hold. Sneering at the possibility of Hades ever reciprocating 'love". Demeaning the young prince.

The way THANATOS APPEARS! Always with the best of timing! Always there to save his beloved little brother! The EMOTIONS THAT TWIST IN ME! I literally had a moment of silence at Thanatos's first word...

So much happens! The tension between all the Uchiha men was TOO THICK! The way Thanatos placed a hand on the Great LORD. The amount of WILL in him to remain poised and obedient. But that ICY GLARE from Thanatos WAS PIERCING!

They had an AGREEMENT! What!..."I promised his survival- not the peace of his mind"... poor Hades...the blackmail...

As always, the duo was together. Hypnos's presence was amazing!... "he reached up, pressing a gentle palm against Hades's forehead, pushing the hair out of his eyes"...I CRY! He is so GENTLE WITH HADES! Gods! Sasuke had TWO BROTHERS who cared deeply for him! Two brothers willing to do anything to keep him alive. ANYTHING...

Despite the risk that Hades took in releasing Kore- I'd imagine Thanatos being proud of Hades's actions. Proud of Hades for following his heart. For LOVING...

Sasusaku this chapter was PHENOMENAL!
The way Sakura sobs into Sasuke's chest. So immediate! So instinctual! Their special connection allowing them to communicate, create the beginnings of a SAFE HAVEN between them.

All the while Sasuke is plagued with so many questions and half-formed theories. Which he brilliantly deduced. Sakura being marked with the Hiraishin seal...Itachi leaving behind his SHARINGAN for HIM!

The way Sakura holds and hugs herself with the terror of it all. Sasuke looking at her, seeing her so vulnerable...
Their searing eye-contact will forever be MAGICAL!

Fuck! The eye-contact when Sasuke rescued Sakura mid Stymphalian bird chase. I LOVED IT! So powerful. So all-consuming. The way he relinquished his Kusanagi to her vacant arms so that he could heal her wound. Repeatedly going out of his way for her safety.

Gods! The moment Sakura rejoices at having successfully attacked one of the fearsome birds- the smouldering eye-contact that follows is enough to bolster any remnants of passion between them.
That proximity on the motorcycle did all sorts of things to my Sasusaku heart.

I adore the way you chose to depict Sakura's upgrade to Sasuke's bike. So in-character for Naruto to gracelessly wreck his ride. The transition flowed so perfectly! The immediacy left no room to discuss the new arrangement any further.

What does require grueling efforts of discussion is the Sasuke/Naruto dynamic. HOLY FUCK!

An undeniable TICKING BOMB! Sasuke was just waiting to pounce on the Sun Deity.

Naruto, being one of the few who is able to elicit such a powerful reaction from Sasuke.
The hostility further rising at Naruto's ..."She's my best friend! I care about her more than you do!" ...oh no...

The angry flames of JEALOUSY are one of the many fires that burn in Sasuke's chest!

The ANXIETY! Sakura's feeble attempts at dispelling the tension. The sadness that saturated my heart at Sakura's anguish! At her LACK OF POWER to sway the altercation.
The way HE CASTS HER IN A GENJUTSU! What! The act is sooo Sasusaku that it hurts...

Despite Naruto's tunneled point of view regarding Sasusaku, Naruto UNDERSTANDS Sasuke the most in the heat of combat. Understands Sasuke's current need for an outlet. Naruto is undeterred by his obvious disadvantage with an unrestrained, enraged Death Deity.
Naruto cares so much, he only wishes to bear some of Sasuke's pain. Do anything to get his best friend back...get his reluctant brother back.

SAKURA BREAKS OUT OF THE GENJUTSU! OMFG! I am so proud of her! She was so beautifully in-character! Blindly stepping into the fray. BEGGING everything to stop. And SASUKE STILL PUSHES HER AWAY! AHHhhhhhhh! The emotions! He had to summon Susano'o, of all things, to shove her away! There was so much rage at his fingertips, but never directed at her. The thrust looked vicious but he cushioned her impact! kept her safe despite all his fury...

The sorrow in realizing the extent of Sasuke's hatred. Had Kakashi not stepped in, how far was Sasuke willing to go...

A chapter 78 . 10/24
Love Sasuke's development. Naruto was hilarious I love him, he's one of my favorite characters. You write them all so well.
Anon chapter 77 . 10/24
So amazing! Thank you for updating
Sweet.Crazy-DramaQueen chapter 78 . 10/24
I’m begging you Miss Author, I’m really craving for a hot steamy SasuSaku moment soon! I know Sasuke is mad and he has Orochimaru and the gang on his neck, but anything! A dream, an imagination, anything! We’re starving out here, Miss Author. Throw us a bone once in a while!

Other than that, amazing work as always, but I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that. Remember we’re super grateful that you’re writing this, anxiously waiting for the next chapter. It can never come soon enough before we’re starting to show withdrawal symptoms. Thank you for everything!
sheyul chapter 59 . 10/24
Seniia7 chapter 78 . 10/24
the road on the mountain reminded me of LOTR... and the spiders scene of the Forbidden Forest with Aragog and his family
K4sum1 chapter 78 . 10/24
As an arachnophobic that last part of this chapter was reeeeeally hard for me to read xd but all that goody goody SasuSaku stuff was worth it, ehehehehe.
I'm in here chapter 78 . 10/24
You were not joking when it came to chapter 77. There was so much questions, and there were some answers to how Kore died. I love when you do flashbacks, just cause it keeps adding to the story. As for chapter 78, it was definitely a new step for Sasuke's character. I really love how Sakura knew she had to be the one to talk to him. To get him to listen, and it shows that he did. He took her words and applied them, by saving Naruto. I'm really looking forward to your next update :)
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