Reviews for Quietus
Ramya Ramani chapter 90 . 5/20/2023
I am y/n.
iiittt chapter 114 . 5/6/2023
iam rereading the whole thing.. because i miss this story sooooo much
iiittt chapter 114 . 4/25/2023
love your work
Guest chapter 1 . 4/19/2023
I m telling you… this work is good, really good! I started reading this fanfic somewhere in 2013. Since then I have read several books that narrating Persephone’s myth/taking. But the way you describe the underworld, the palace the tension between the two is brilliant! Seriously, please consider re-telling the story in a book.
thaymalak chapter 114 . 4/15/2023
I'm impressed how clever you are with this script. I hope to read more soon. thanks!
thaymalak chapter 113 . 4/15/2023
That was so fun to read
Guest chapter 1 . 4/12/2023
You got me worried with on a indefinite hold, is this story going to be discontinued?
kaaxly chapter 1 . 4/11/2023
What the fuck is this comment below mine?
Lost from light chapter 114 . 4/7/2023
I can feel Kushina’s naughty’s style in the strategies to piss off Madara quite a lot and at the same time Minato’s compassion in tricking Shisui and Itachi by putting them “to sleep”.
I imagine their faces sayingyou may be intelligent but you’re still brats, I won’t allow you to die like this”
shinho4869 chapter 113 . 4/7/2023
love shisui here
Lost from light chapter 108 . 4/7/2023
May you be damned Author-san. The last 10 chapters were everything but “quietus”! I thought everyone would die at that point…and then Itachi and Shisui are revived.
My god, my heart can’t handle so many emotion…my love for Itachi Uchiha.
Not to forget Suigetsu being alive…I was so upset when I saw him die.
Lost from light chapter 97 . 4/7/2023
My god, I’m crying…Hypnos and Thanatos gave their life for peace…it’s so saddening. I feel bad for Chiyo who had to witness everything unable to help them
Guest chapter 108 . 4/6/2023
I cried
Lost from light chapter 4 . 4/5/2023
That’s literally Fate playing pranks on him ahahahaah
Lost from light chapter 4 . 4/5/2023
This chapter was a round on a roller coaster hahhaha
1st attempt: I thought “wow, she is going to be kidnapped so early? The guy sure is fast” but then…FAILED AHAHAHAHAHAH

2nd attempt: I thought “again, wow this time he is really gonna make it” but then…FAILED AGAIN AHAHAHAHAH

Too funny! I bet Sasuke’s blood pressure must have risen from normal to very very high ahahahah
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