Reviews for Rocks and Hard Places
IronWolfe chapter 1 . 5/28/2016
Huh. Fun little story. I like how Chrono has that whole "wait, what?" moment. Thanks for writing.
FluxBlade chapter 1 . 10/16/2011
This was definitely an interesting fic here. I have to agree with what DezoPenguin wrote in his review.

I do like how Chrono thinks back to how his reaction is mirrored to Amy's reaction to his proposal and then his first thought after that is, the worst case scenario.

Thank you for the story.
DezoPenguin chapter 1 . 10/9/2011
Very nice work. I think what struck me the most was Lindy validating Chrono's feelings as the father about the situation. Almost every "unexpected pregnancy" story I've seen focuses on the feelings of the woman, not just as the central point of the story, but as the only significant point-that the father's feelings about the situation are irrelevant, and his decisions, if he's even allowed to make them, are limited to whether or not he is going to support the woman in her choices (i.e. he usually has two choices: (a) do what the woman wants, or (b) be scum). While obviously the woman has a greater immediate stake in the situation (the biology of carrying the child to term, or not doing so), once the child is born, they both have the same stake in the situation* and as parents, with regard to life issues, career goals, responsibilities. I really admire your writing here for taking this tack.

*You know, I'd like to see a story where an accidental pregnancy occurs, the couple doesn't get married, and the father is the one who takes in the child while the woman simply walks away from the situation-not because the kid gets dumped on the father by the mother's inaction, but because it's his own choice to be a father.

Also good: Lindy's advice concerning looking for the "pros" of the possible options instead of just the "cons." One thing that happens a lot to people when they get unexpected bad news is that they try to adapt to the bad news in order to minimize the damage, but they don't look often enough at the possible good that could come out of their changed circumstances. Life-changing experiences can open up new opportunities as well as disrupt them.

A nice story overall, and good to see the focus on characters who don't usually get the spotlight directed on them.