Reviews for Demons of Konohagakure
patrick.dejong94 chapter 45 . 23h
hey since kurama merged with naruto does that mean hes not related to kushina and minato anymore? if thats the case theres no incest in any way and that means that there wont be any problems if kushina were to get naruto's kids
Tsukoblue chapter 1 . 7/3
Can you rewrite this to fit in with canon?
Noldenas chapter 37 . 5/21
I... love you for this chapter. "Should we take the head? You know the Yamanaka could find us out if we leave it here." Shizune nods... but decides to make hamburger meat of it instead. "Anything else?" Funny... dark, but funny.
Noldenas chapter 16 . 5/21
I love the story... but I think you may be over bastardizing Kakashi just a little bit.
Noldenas chapter 4 . 5/20
While I GREATLY enjoy reading about idiots and fan girls getting a rightful beating... I also think the story could go the other way too. You know... like with this new power they didn't have before they eventually change the people of Konoha by preventing the events that led to them jumping back through time in the first place and having a slightly more positive outcome. Still, loving the story so far, just a little disturbing just how much an adult could want to carve up a child like Shizune seems to want to, even if it is just a story.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/25
Can't get revenge for something Sasuke hasn't done yet. Seems pretty dumb to go back in time for that.
xNinjaxRebelx chapter 52 . 4/18
One of the best stories ever
Guest chapter 2 . 4/18
I kinds hoped Naruto would've poked his damn Uchiha eye during 'therapy.'
SwampyMush chapter 52 . 4/5
Honeslty, holy crap this was a really good fanfic. I loved every minute of reading it and so far its my number 1 favorite fic. Sad I finished it but was still a great read nonetheless
SHADOWNINJAMASTER chapter 52 . 4/2
Awesome story
InfernoKing chapter 52 . 3/30
Finally finished reading the story and I absolutely loved it now to go finish reading The Ultimate Dojutsu. :)
Galacter chapter 1 . 3/13
Still not shutting up I see.
Orange Waterblade chapter 52 . 3/9
Seriously this is one of the greatest fanfiction I have ever read ! It's simply awesome on every aspects: battle, plot and pairing ! Just perfect
Guest chapter 2 . 3/4
this story does not disappoint. It has everything I could ask for. Naruto is a badass and not a pussy. Sasuke and sakura are getting there asses kicked. Im in heaven.
dmt chapter 52 . 2/6
epic story 10/10
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