Reviews for The Dark Behind the Shadows
Floomp chapter 1 . 6/6/2014
Hooray, Vexx story! :D I like it, you did a great job! Like only, 3 typos spotted at most (most fanfictions I find have many many more.) But it's cool that you did Vexx, because there are only four of them (including yours) underneath the rating of a M (don't read those for good reasons that pretty much explain themselves.) I'm working on one of my own and yours helps me get in the mood. :) So, about... What the heck? FIVE SUPER STARS! I seriously like your fic that much.

So please finish the other one? PLEEEAAASE? (Even though you can't see it, there is the most adorable animal face staring at you. Use your favorie animal to make it more compelling!)
azure chapter 1 . 5/26/2013
I like it lol I searched vexx fanfics after watching a "lets play" of it I played it way back on the ps2 when it came out
Time Lord Ash chapter 1 . 10/11/2011
Well, I quite enjoyed that story; it was great right from the outset! Now I previously knew nothing about Vexx bar a few basics but I still found it easy to follow the story despite my ignorance. I'm glad you began the story with Vexx already at Dragonreach, rather than depicting the delivery of the dare and his departure from the village. Since it's a oneshot it's nice that you just dove right into the action, yet you still managed to deliver the crucial background information without disrupting the narrative flow.

Once you started into the action it seems like it didn't stop, with the story feeling face-paced more or less all of the way through. The fight scenes were handled very well; they never felt clunky and artificial and at the same time they didn't feel oversimplified. You were able to keep the story flowing through these scenes but also included enough detail so that the fight's could be easily visualised. I particularly think you handled the shadowcreeps well since I actually felt a bit scared of them despite never having seen them. I even felt a little bit repulsed by the gory decapitation at the climax of the fight, and just a bit saddened by thr shadowcreep's demise. But don't worry, that's a complimnet. :)

My only disappointment was that I wanted to see Rak exposed for the scheme he had hatched and maybe even receive punishment for it. But I suppose, realistically speaking, it would be unreasonable to expext you to cover that in what, after all, is only a one shot story. That reminds me, I thought it was terrific that Vexx's motivation in the story was his desire to fit in and be accepted by the other villagers. It's something that we can all relate to and it shows that being a fierce warrior hero doesn't mean that lifeis going to be easy.

As for your experiment, I think that it worked well. Adding a short punchy sentence in an appropriate place really added impact to the storytelling. As long as you don't overuse them and only place them in effective places, I think you have a winning idea on your hands.

All in all a fantastic little story and I look forward to your next Vexx offering.
Flightgirl chapter 1 . 10/10/2011

I just wanna say, man i really liked this story! Like, a LOT! That you came up with the names for the characters and perfectly described the setting and everything was just brilliant. I applaud even your choices of vocabulary. It was truly wonderful.

As for the short sentences, yes they do tend to add more effect or power to that particular thought, but in knowing that, be careful not to overuse them. They should flow naturally from your imagination, through your hand, and onto the paper. If they're forced, it loses effect. This story is a pretty good example of proper use of them; there were only one or two spots where they might have been questionable.

All in all, a lovely story. I truly, truly, TRULY enjoyed it. Great job! ;)