Reviews for Pride of Time
Jonia chapter 50 . 2/28
LOVED this story! Very well done! Thank you!
AnnaOxford chapter 1 . 2/19
Great start.
onlyjaded chapter 50 . 2/11
I finally managed to finish. Wow, I think this is my favorite time turner fic ever. Well done, this is brilliant and very well written. I love it!
eliwin chapter 50 . 2/2
Okay just got through reading all of this. Well written I could not stop reading.. I would love to see whatvhappens to them all in the future
BlissaTree chapter 10 . 2/1
Looooved Chapter 10! Sheer brilliance! :)
Guest chapter 50 . 1/30
3 days of reading...
You're a fantastic writer. The characters were spot on! I especially liked the differences between the ages of the characters, and how you described them.

Thank you so much for posting this. I'm sure just reading this will help me with my writing!
Runaway Roadkill chapter 50 . 1/31
I'm not sure if there's any point in leaving a review three years later but I have enjoyed this story so much it would be a worth a review even 13 years later.

Without a doubt I can tell you this will always be THE HGSS story for me. My favourite above all else.
the sheer magnitude of talent you have and the effort you have put into this fic boggles the mind (even moreso after realizing you wrote an entirely divergent original ending as well!) and no other fic comes close, even all these years later.

Though saying that I still find myself bemused by the way you just sort of hand waved over Selenius' birth and early years.
I understand why but it was still rather confusing to have Hermione six months pregnant and then page break. BAM Selenius is here. BAM. He's four years old. it just seemed really abrupt after reading such detailed chapters of other important moments in Hermione and Severus' life.
Of course saying that, this fics version of abrupt is a significant amount more then most fics entire chapters so I really I can't complain.

Anyway I could waffle on for ages so

TL;DR: this fic is my head canon. Thankyou for taking the time to share it!
NCorder chapter 30 . 1/31
Sirius should really me named Selenius' godfather as well... he loves that kid so much
NCorder chapter 26 . 1/27
Severus is going to be pissed when Granger goes to the dance with Krum... I can't wait xD
NCorder chapter 12 . 1/24
its officially going to kill me inside when ja

James and Lilly die... i know them on a personal level now...
Meimae27 chapter 50 . 1/23
It's done. A great book with a great story has ended. I don't know what to do with my life now.
NCorder chapter 2 . 1/22
Harry is just like his father it seems lolz
Sam chapter 50 . 1/1
I absolutely loved this story! Character development was spot on, in my opinion. I really enjoyed how you kept it canon compliant with events while still focusing on the changes. Most time travel fics I've come across here always result in the characters hiding or completely changing the time line by playing god and somehow, every 'good guy' survives. I also appreciated how you handled the ron and hermione romance. While I did not agree with them together in the books, I liked how he developed and grew as a person, becoming the guy that could have been a viable interest for our heroine.

Great work! Thanks for posting!
Guest chapter 50 . 12/23/2014
Bloody hell ! You are a genius
Morbid DramaQueen10 chapter 50 . 12/20/2014
I've spent nearly a week reading this, and I don't even have all of the words to express just how awesome this story is. I The extend of your research, they way you infused the story with original and canon bits, all while spinning your own tale...I cannot find a way to tell you how impressed I am. Brilliant. Just bloody brilliant. By far one of the best pieces I have read on this site after nearly a decade of membership.
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