Reviews for Pride of Time
LaurieHime chapter 49 . 10/1
I read this a long time ago, and re reading it now was just as enchanting the second time around. It was like a brand new story. Epic, amazing, and wonderful! I'm so sad it's over... But I definitely will be re reading this again one day. :)
RaseyafromRavenclaw chapter 50 . 9/22
This was incredible. I just read through the entire thing and I'm so impressed. This was long and well done and just really really awesome to read.
RaseyafromRavenclaw chapter 10 . 9/21
Hahahahahaha. That last part is the best. Oh my gosh, that was great. And this is great!
J.D.Bell chapter 50 . 9/7
Wonderful. Really really wonderful and well written. Some of the best fanfic I have read.

Just a thought: I enjoyed your adherence to canon for most of it and the things you changed were necessary in your construct- though, that being said, a lot of the actual books seem to deal with death and dying and you robbed it of some of that. Any thoughts on doing an alternate ending? With the real conclusion of the battle? I would be interested in seeing your Hermione deal with Snapes death. You'd have to be in a dark mood. Probably be tough to write. I wished he hadn't died as well so I guess I can't complain :)
Guest chapter 50 . 8/30
This is the best fanfic I've ever read. Well done :)
Samwise O'Keefe chapter 15 . 8/25
You take the time to make things real, rather than a quick back ground for your characters.
Well written
ScriosAisling chapter 50 . 8/22
First off, wow. This was an amazing story of love, loss, and sacrifice. Thank you for writing this. It has impacted me deeply. Also, this was the best time travel fic I've ever read. Thank you for sharing your creativity! :)
recycledsmiles chapter 50 . 8/20
Thank you thank you! This story is so wonderful!
TranquilSapphire chapter 50 . 8/15
It was a beautiful tale.
Guest chapter 50 . 8/10
This is a really good story
ShannaSnape chapter 50 . 8/7
The ending kind of disappointed me, closing with who you did. I realize it's been done for years but I think a fast forward to like 5 years later would have been interesting. On a note that doesn't make me seem like a prat, I fully enjoyed the entire ride of this story. This is one of those pieces of work that just sticks with you for a good long while. It's not often that I come across works that make me feel the same at the end as I did when unfinished the canon HP books. Bravo and thank you.
chibi-Clar chapter 50 . 8/4
I like that it sorta leaves it that life still goes on... Like its continuing and gives the implication that everything will go on as it should...
Harry and selenius have a brother thing going on...
Harry got more family (selenius) and I'm happy that tones - Remus - and Fred are alive.
This story is very well written.
There's a lot.
But it all connects; learning anti venom of snake bites, the time turner in the docks, Draco becoming a big brother got selenius... ( I think that's a perfect friendship. Draco will be close to potter since he will be bear selenius. And! Severus is Also de aged. )
This story has everything you need in a story and more.
I really loved how you set up and described Severus and he roomies relationship. It want perfect but realistic; but I think that's what made it perfect and "real".
Anyways. Thank you for writing such an incredible story.
chibi-Clar chapter 48 . 8/4
I remember that Fred survives.. Will the same happen to Remus and tonks... I wonder.
chibi-Clar chapter 47 . 8/4
This is a great story!
Like awesomeness!
I wonder how hermione will use the time turner this time
chibi-Clar chapter 46 . 8/4
Awesome! I love it.
This is really really really good!
Yea... The goblins needed to join this war
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