Reviews for Across Dimensions
Ford1114 chapter 13 . 1/9/2016
The final act I’m rereading to celebrate its fifth anniversary. The heroes are returning home to their native dimensions. Man, Takato must have a lot of issues such as Yami Houou, this, and of course his major role in D-Reaper’s Fury, takes a lot of guts for him to grow as a hero. Yes, we remember knowing about the Dimensional Trio Gods with elements of the god cards: SliferGigaSeadramon, RaPhoenixmon, and ObeliskMegaGargomon. Cammy Hino must have feel the connection.

Brave is here, and the heroes learn how Yamato came to existence. The duel on that ice planet, and so forth. Yes I remember Datamon’s three androids traverse to Ken’s world, alongside the D3s see the Hulk.

Yamato and Ken are showing more of their hate to each other, but Brave makes the sacrifice. The heroes get to encounter Sedna’s clone with Zamielmon’s involvement named Sailor Andes alongside a BlackVictoryGreymon. They briefly fight before the evil beings retreat. When the time comes, the Triad will find GranDracmon’s place and siege it.

And that’s the end. I have love the interactions are well done and how it’s a great fanfic crossover. With everything like DoC and finalized past plans done, it’s time to look forward to what’s to come for the Triad. Resurrection B is the third of the special trilogy, and of course Cross Generations, four of these fics have Anime X-Overs and Digimon since they tie together as dimension crossing, the second half of CG will be the finale of these stories. Xros Wars gets involve, and there’s a very big chance that Adventure tri. will be. For what is worth, I thank you all for making a DF/YYGDM finally happened.
Ford1114 chapter 12 . 1/9/2016
The battle is about to reach its conclusion with Paradixalmon. Haha, “the longer you live, the worse they…HEY!” it’s cut short. People are cheering on the Ascendants at their enemy.

Omega and Angemon X becomes Level 2s. Oh wow, Dramon X reveals his Level 2 form as Miracle Mode. Dramon X then goes berserk. Yeah, Hiei shows some hostility to Ken (and Kaiba :P), but not as bad compare to Yamato.

We now see the introduction of the Omega Code Sphere, which allows Paradixalmon to become his XP mode. A voice hears Ken’s mind in encouraging him for fusing with Omega and Angemon Xs to become the Xros Ascendant none other than Gaiamon X! Metalla X is beyond pissed. Finally, they defeated Paradixalmon.

While learning of GranDracmon’s place, they learn about three Digimon that are DMC4 expies. The big kicker, Beyond mentions about the D-Reaper and the reason why they thought ridding of the Ascendants relates to prevent his revival. Flash forward to D-Reaper’s Fury, the Triad unified as a whole defeats the monster and the story is about to be done very soon.

Yeah, I remember the day you first announced that the YYGDM cast are involved in D-Reaper’s Fury, which comes with good results. Looking back, dimension travelling is confusing at times, but manages to get use to it. Heck, without Across Dimensions, none of any future ideas would have exist (such as my Across Conventions Theme Park I created, and the first two party corners before it expands more of the Cornerverse with two special stories: House of Madoka and Shinnen). I feel 2012 was a good start for you and Chaos. :)
Ford1114 chapter 11 . 1/9/2016
Oh shit, the heroes are getting it now since Arkadimon becomes Super Ultimate. Celesta X is about to let out her Amazing Grace, while Metalla X is being the arrogant jerk of wanting to kill that monster. Seirika’s attempt to free Takato and Guilmon continues till it’s complete and restored. The Warlord sure is taking a beating from the D3s before he escapes.

Celesta X becomes Level 2 attracts attention to the heroes, including GranDracmon’s cameo. Celesta X manages to vaporize Arkadimon.

Only one battle remains, the fight with three Ascendants vs Paradixalmon is magnificent to behold, like three Duelists vs Paradox taking turns. Then, Paradixalmon fuses with Beyond to Paradixalmon X. Two more chaps to go.
Ford1114 chapter 10 . 1/9/2016
Next part of the battles. The D3s renew their battle against the Warlord trying to gang all of his shit.

The Tamers have to face Dark Suzakato and ChaosGallantmon about now. The trio of brothers (Fujin, Raijin, and Sujinmons) begin to break free of their control and want to die (which they do so by the end). Celesta and Metalla X faces off against Arkadimon, oh don’t even dare remove the collar Yamato (to late, Arkadimon becomes stronger :P).

Oh shit, ChaosGallantmon becomes his Destructor Mode (fan-name by Ninetalesuk since the official name is ‘Chaos mode’). With Sakuyamon become Priestess mode, Rika is going to give her love to free her boyfriend and his partner (and yes, another foreshadowing for D-Reaper’s Fury Ch. 48).

Yes again, thank you Yamato for making the situation worse just like you allowed Virus to reach Perfect form. :P
Ford1114 chapter 9 . 1/9/2016
The first part of the final battles start. They are pretty decent so far. Yeah, I reread the part of Takuya facing off against Gaiomon, the samurai WarGreymon challenge him to regain his honor of he should have been the one to slay Cherubimon. Zamielmon taken out by Sedna and company, oh I think I remember seeing some foreshadowing. And Mars & Hiei gives a overkill to the frog expy of DMC4 to dust. A brief moment of the Triad Ascendants facing Paradixalmon, but it’s a warm-up and Omega X watchs how Dramon X can do.
Ford1114 chapter 8 . 1/9/2016
Act 8, its been a day since the first conflict with the villains, as our heroes are resting in the Xros Wars dimension and getting to know these characters. Haha, I remember the part of Sonja hugging Sparrowmon like a plushie. Nice to remember seeing Yui getting acquainted (unafraid) with Yamato and learning of their backgrounds.

Oh wow, Yamato insults the beast card as a piece of paper, much to the heroes’ anger of him. Worse, Kensuke calls him out and shows him the Yamato sword. This cause Yamato to freak out and sic ZeedGarurumon to attack, only that Kensuke uses the Digisoul (which DATS reference) to punch him. This is the first hostility between Ken and Yamato, the one that Yamato hates much more than Taichi.

And now, the conflicts throughout different lands has begun.
Ford1114 chapter 7 . 1/9/2016
Act 7, the villains are calling forth a retreat.

This is it. Chapter 7, yet another number themed reference in your fics. This is where three groups from three dimensions come together to meet for the first time. X has make his detailed statement big time. Recognizing each other in TV shows, but they see each other in the flesh. Yes forgot to mention that Angemon X is saved. Karin and Tai (Kai) have a heartwarming reunion. Yes Yamato, better watch out to not mess with the Houou, she’ll make you her bitch. :)

Finally, the heroes have traverse to the dimension of Digimon Xros Wars! One of the biggest plot twists in fandom. Yeah you did say originally of Data Squad, but they already exist in YYGDM-01 (in CG, DATS will get involve for sure as to celebrate another of their anniversary). Wonder how Xros Hearts be involve to interact with the triad, let’s find out.
Ford1114 chapter 6 . 1/9/2016
Act 6, the battles wages on between the Kai heroes and Paradixalmon’s army. Omega X and Paradixalmon are showing off their ‘calling out attacks’ such as Paradixalmon using his dark-Omegamon attacks. (which then reference to the battle between Omegamon and Alphamon in tri.)

Then, Mars becomes Houou Mars. 2011 was the Last Stand’s 5th anniversary to showcase her powers (and how we collab of Houou Mar’s major involvement in Shinnen’s Ch. 32 :D). This is the sign that the Houou is much stronger than Ascendants and Saiyans. Breath of Wyvern and Dragon of the Darkness Flame collide to end this chapter.
Ford1114 chapter 5 . 1/9/2016
Act V, yeah I remember of how Dragonball travelling through time is crossing to another dimension branching it, so it’s no different from DFKai. Oh yeah, had Tamers exist in Ken’s world, then he would have seen how dangerous Megidramon was (or worse, NegaMegidramon in D-Reaper’s Fury), hah, this reminds me 2011’s release and 2016 is Tamers’ annniversaries, so that makes more sense that Takato’s capture is involved. Oh, GranDracmon use to have ChaosGallantmon, and that a tribe made out of Inumons were involve.

Ah, the villains have gather their Digimon army that I remember some well. Two of which Arkadimon and GigaSeadramon stand out with the DF-616 watchers commenting on them. The siege begins with Omega X facing off against Paradixalmon in a fight, but can the Ascendant of Courage last? Find out!
Ford1114 chapter 4 . 1/9/2016
Act 4, Ken has visions in his mind that he needs to keep trying, and looking back alongside some of Chaos’ old mails that Ken is the Child of Unity to bring the three dimensions together for the first time.

Ken and Yusuke share relations of fighting with their fists and enduring pain (yes, pain as a theme foreshadows future storylines of Ken to come). I remember Ken once had a friendship with Quaoar in his dimension and a Pluto in XLR-8 (granted, since now we learn that Mimi’s Japanese VA is Pluto and Kai!Mimi gave birth to Dimitri, everything in your fanfics relates to Pluto in some way.). Ah, XLR8!Uranus’ car gets destroyed by the Hulk. Alphamon’s name is mentioned (then the tri. movies make him a major character). Wow, Rika is so piss at Ken. Takato and Suzaku try to free themselves, but to no avail. The villains reference the Digimon that were part of the Bio-Hybrids.

Finally, Ken reveals his Ascendant form that looks like a Gundam mix with AlforceVeedramon, arise Dramon X! Oh right, so this is where the Dragon Saber actually came from made by Ninetalesuk, which foreshadows a new user using it.

The battles in DF-616 is about to start.
Ford1114 chapter 3 . 1/9/2016
I agree that your starting partnership with Chaos works so well in the long run. :) Then, you have me involve and have the same positive results.

Rereading Act 3, this is the first meeting between Ken & Veemon and the YYGDM heroes. Some are receptive, others like Hiei and Rika (for reasons why) are not in the mood to meet the Accel Ascendant. The characters are learning about the backgrounds of Ken’s Digimon.

Meanwhile in the fight, Paradixalmon summons the controlled Dark Suzakato and Gallantmon. Sedna has her attempts to save them, but while Ken and YYGDM heroes arrive, Dimitri & Faith are captured.

Yes, more conflicts will arrive at DF-616.
Ford1114 chapter 2 . 1/9/2016
Act 2, so the YYGDM heroes are at the pocket dimension in heading to Ken’s dimension and knowing about what these Ascendants are. I reread the rule that you can’t enter a dimension where another version of someone already exist.

The villains are now facing the ‘fake’ Ascendant. It’s on that they deliver a lot of attacks on each other. Yes, Ken's Shoutmon is a different version from Taiki's.

Meanwhile, the Ascendants and their allies are training to prepare their first dimensional conflict. Yamato works hard than the others for personal reasons.

Ah, Dimitri and Karin make their appearances in Dimitri’s rebuilt future. Suddenly, the villains traverse to the DF-811 dimension and they are about to clash.
Ford1114 chapter 1 . 1/9/2016
Can’t believe it’s been 5 years since the crossover special that got DFKai, YYGDM, and AS together as the Triad (with tributing Digimon, 4 years later in 2015 showed the first tri. movie and CG’s sneak peek). Seeing how Season 3 fics: D-Reaper’s Fury goes from 2013 - 16 (3 years) and Dawn of Chaos from 2010 - 14 (4 years), 3 4 equals 7 as that symbolic number. Just like the anniversaries of DFKai (2010-15, 5 years) and YYGDM (2003-13, 10 years), 5 10 15 for Shinnen’s release in 2015 to culminate its anniversary, looking back past fan-works, and a game changer recipe. I, Ford1114, decide to reread this with a new outlook.

Here we are in Shinjuku, 2008 is 5 years since four anime franchises unite to defeat Pharaohmon back in 2003 (2013 will be their tenth anniversary to celebrate after their forthcoming final conflict). This is a picnic for these groups of characters to enjoy. Then, the trio of antagonists appear to cause trouble to the heroes, the first signs of the nexus outside of their dimension. There’s the Warlord’s Sin Harvest, and of course Paradixalmon capturing Takato & Guilmon.

It’s been sometime since Celesta X defeated Virus. Yes, X and his band have sense the Warlord causing disruption to the nexus. 2005 in DF-616 signifies meta: it was the year when the original D-Fusion ended, 5 years passed to 2010 is DFKai’s release, and another 5 years for 2015 is the 10th anniversary of DF’s end/5th anniversary of DFKai/Shinnen to tie-in. Looking back makes sense that DF-616 is going to get involve.

Our DFKai heroes have gathered to the Pizza Palace and discuss about these villains and dimensions. Yeah I reread that Paradixalmon is created by GranDracmon. The Ascendants and allies need to train their strength. Likewise, the first appearance of Ken Rainer of XLR-8 is gonna get involve.

This is the first chap that started the crossover all across the dimensions.
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 13 . 1/14/2012
Awesome work, guys. I loved how this story worked out for ya two! Thumbs up from me all the way! b _ b

I liked how everything wrapped up but you left us some open-ended conflicts for us to look forward to in future fics. Granted, the main plot here was resolved. The Takato and Suzaku issue was finally resolved. Eri meet Rei and Cammy to learn of their family's ancestors was cool. Eri bids farewell before merging with Cammy to finalize their union. Rika and Takato have a cute moment together (D'awww 3 ), and it was awesome to see them confirm their bond.

That was neat to learn of the three Digi-deities. We already know about SliferGigaSeadramon from the latest Digimon Kai chapters. ObeliskMegaGargomon and RaPhoenixmon? Cool names. So the three universes contain these three digigods? Man, what a neat idea to tie these three dimensions together! :D

Lol at Sonja's new obsession for Sparrowmon! BW and Davis better hope they find one in their world. XD

Oh, Yamato. You're up to your usual shtick. Picking a fight with Brave, who just got a new body, and a fight breaks out. Ken makes his move and calls out on Yamato's bullshit. And then we're greeted with the debut of...


Sailor Andes? ZOMG!

And we learn why Zamielmon sent that arrow with Karin and Ken's blood to GranDracmon. That explains the 'Andes Project'. Andes makes quite the impression here and she lets the heroes know she's here to stay. Good thing Sedna and Sonja save Ken from near death. Man o' man, if that wasn't enough, we get a BlackVictoryGreymon that turns out to be Andes' partner? Sheesh, she came ready to fight, but Mercuremon scaring BVGmon was surprising. Whoa... o_o;

Heh, forgot to point out Tai and Agumon checking out the new Grey. Agumon trying to get Grey to open up and talk was cute. XP

I loved seeing Karin and Ken's new sibling bond. Since they can apparently link their minds, they can talk across dimensions and give each other encouragement. _

So, yeah, the Trinity, as you call it, has been formed and looks like they're heading to a showdown with GranDracmon. Whenever that'll be. Is it really before or after Dawn of Chaos? I'm curious. /

Anyway, great job, guys! This story was a success and the next collab crossover will be the GranDracmon one? Sweet! Can't wait to see it when it's out! And I am looking forward to DFKai Season 3 when the YYGDM Tamers, Legendary warriors, and Kuipers being involved. Man, business is picking up with that season and these future fics are looking great. But, I can't wait to get back on Dawn of Chaos!

Kudos to your new partnership, guys. The new future team-ups look promising. You guys get thumbs up from me! Ciao! _ b
Belletiger BT chapter 13 . 1/13/2012
I enjoyed this story. Wow, Sonja really wants a Sparrowmon. Poor thing, being hugged to death. And I liked the idea of the new digi-entidies based on the 3 egyptian gods. I wonder how will be their personality like. Oh, Andes is bad to the bone. And it was interesting to see a Black Victorygreymon in there. Good thing Sedna saves Ken before he was killed by her. It wasa very onderful story. I hope to see more the Ad universe. :)
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