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Crimson G chapter 13 . 1/11/2012
I enjoyed this story. I am excited for future team ups that are coming down the line. Stay gold Kanius
supergoku1987 chapter 13 . 1/11/2012
Great ending man. The after party with the heroes was cool for a while. nice to see grey become a victorygreymon. good to see Takato and rika have another moment. crazy stuff with the digi priestess. cammy and sailor mars are more closely related.i gotta read more of the YYGDM stories, I fell behind. yamato sure don't give up and tries to settle it with brave.

damn, it sucks Brave died when he got his new boddy. This andes girl means business and the bitch nearly killed ken. glad sedna saved him. a blackvictorygreymon? crazy shit. Tai and agumon don't like being copied and neither does karin.

looks like a big fight with grandracmon and andes is coming. yeah, things looking damn exciting. can't wait for it and digi fusion kai season 3. you two did a bad ass job with this story and hope to see another collab, man. god speed and take care, man!
Ford1114 chapter 13 . 1/10/2012
And so is the ending of Across Dimensions. Sailor Andes and BlackVictoryGreymon is extremely surprising, consider putting them in battle stadium day.

Yamato's gonna took a level of jerk- in Season 3, I imagine having conflicts with Dimitri all over again. I mean, he was angry of how he cannot reach level 2. Celesta X, Omega X, and Angemon X did it because they are fighting to protect others, while Metalla X's is hard to achieve because of jealousy and caring about himself (or in Matt's case, its because of the Yamato side that's blocking the way).

GranDracmon becomes interesting because...Devil May Cry 4? ;)

Will Xros Wars and even the Data Squad have any involvement? Consider we talk about this alot of email...

Anyway, yeah, I enjoy this story! And I have one more chapter of Across Fantasmic to go! I'm hoping I want to get notice more (especially of expanding Battle Stadium DAY, I tried convincing Chaos to see if he has suggestions for the Accel stream side, but receive no answer).
JNaegi chapter 13 . 1/10/2012
A good end to a kick ass story you two! It's sad what happend to Brave and he wasn't able to seal Yamato, but that persone is needed still I guess. Takato finally 'officially' working out his issues with Suzaku and that blush Rika made was cute, just proves their love for each other.

Next the Hino sisters and their reletive Eri was good as well. Morrigana had a sister and went there seperate ways and Cammy is Eri's reincarnation (just like another girl from another popular anime!).

I am guessing that Cammy is going to be more powerful now, I mean seeing her in DOC is proof of that. Sonja's got to have her a Sparrowmon, she is too funny trying to hug that digimon, she really is a Tsundare. Now Andes I was not expecting in the last chapter, so that's what that blood was used for and now she will be a problem for Ken and Karin in the future and BlackVictoryGreymon got scared of Mercuremon that's interesting. Ken and Karin calling each other siblings was a nice touch!

Oh and the other two upper deity digimon was interesting too! So YYGDM has RaPhoenixmon, XLR has ObeliskMegaGaogomon and Kai has SliferGigaSeadramon, I wonder what the two former personalities will be like?

So the teams are going to stand by each other when they face the big bad huh, man so much expectation.

The Digimon Kai Season 3 will be alot of ass kicking, if you are getting the Beast/Victory Tamers, Legendary Warriors and the Kuiper Senshi involved you know the stuff is getting real!

So their will be a little spoiler's when you get to the Grandracmon fic huh, well I can go for it!

Over all thoughts on the interactions was good, some were able to have more sceane's than the rest (of course there are a lot of characters so it's to be expected) and I liked it! I am just hoping that Kensuke's view on Usagi has improved for the better and I wonder if Hiei will get over his issues with him, I am not so much concerned for Yamato because I have a feeling that Andes can kick his ass (my two cents on that matter, egomanic need to calm his ass down!).

Another success with colaberating with another author Kainus! You and Chaos should be proud of yourselves for accomplishing this story and good partnership and I will continue to keep up with Chaos story as well, since it's good and I wanna see how far Ken can go.

See you around!
Chaosblazer chapter 13 . 1/10/2012
A very great conclusion to this awsome collab story, I enjoyed writing every bit of it.

let us both have great futures writing both our stories and the next collab fics we do
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 12 . 1/7/2012
Yeah, what can I say? FUCKING AWESOME CHAPTER! _

The final fight comes to an explosive end! The big fight was epically done. From Omega X and Angemon X going Ascendant 2 to everyone orgasming to Yamato losing it again (XD) and then the ultimate Xros Ascendant!

Ha, take that Warlord, but I'm sure we'll be seeing him again.

Glad Sedna and Suzakato were involved in the final Paradixalmon fight. Suzakato was lucky to get his shot in and Sedna pulled off a neat twist freezing Paradixalmon's feet to give the three Ascendants time to merge.

Wow, Ken went nutso crazy on Paradixalmon! Didn't expect any 'gorey' details. o_o; Luckily Sedna was able to calm him down. But, hey, Paradixalmon asked for it. Don't mess with Ken's friends! :P

I didn't expect Eri to be instrumental in Gaiamon X's rise. Hell, Gaiamon X was just freakin' epic! BD

Nice touch with the finishing blow and so we learn Beyond had a purpose for what he's done. I was shocking to learn it was because of the D-Reaper. Nice way to tie in the ultimate big bad in the future. A-yep, the DFKai Majin Buu is just waiting to be revived! Hope Tai and everyone are ready for it.

Nice touch with the goggleheads coming together before they had to leave. Albeit brief, but it was really cool and gets me excited to see them in the Xros Wars Hunter series! _ b

Yeah, this chapter, as your partner Chaosblazer describes, defined awesome and the fight between Gaiamon X and Paradixalmon XP rocked my world! I even put Clear Mind on full blast during that last fight! Kudos to you and Chaos for putting together an awesome anniversary special!

Can't wait to see how all this wraps up! One more to go! _ b
Belletiger BT chapter 12 . 1/5/2012
I loved the chapter. The fights were excellent as usual. And what amazed me more was the digi-xross with the Ascedant. I would say Gaiamon X is one of the most powerful warriors in the DFK universe.

Good to see Zekegraymon is alright, but I wonder how much he changed in there. Oh, the d-reaper as Majin boo? interesting. I cant wait to see what happens next!
Crimson G chapter 12 . 1/5/2012
Love this chapter and all the rest. The fights were excellent and the story was awesome. The D-Reaper is now full Buu now, but since it's not going to be totatlly the same as the last one I can expect new things coming.

Gaiamon X rules!
supergoku1987 chapter 12 . 1/5/2012
Holy shit, man. no words to describe what I've read. Warlord gets taken out, lots of back n forth fighting, and omega x and angemon x go ascendant level 2. yamato sure is pissed, ain't he? hiei ain't happy either with ken showing a new form either.

Paradixalmon x kicked some ass and became XP form. Damn, ken was going mad crazy tearing up paradixalmon. can't blame him after what happen with zekegreymon. Gaiamon x forming was awesome and he takes out paradixalmon xp. epic finish man.

now, beyond isnt such a bad guy. he lost it all but realizes the sins and pain he brought to others. so, we know the d-reaper will be coming and is waitng to be freed just like majin buu. Epic chapter man. can't wait to see the final stuff and the after party. later and take care man.
JNaegi chapter 12 . 1/4/2012
The conclusive battle for the dimensions comes to an end! I have to say that Dimitri, Ken and Tai were a good combo to make the ulimate Ascendant and kicked ass agaisnt Paradixalmon! Dimitri and Tai can go Ascedant 2 and Yamato was just beyond POed. I guess Hiei is not going to get over whateverissues he has with Ken huh, maybe it will grow to gruding respect? Warlord is out of the picture for now but I wonder if he will come back later? I was happy that Takato got one swing at Paradixalmon and Sedna did too. Eri helping out in the end was good too and she is with Cammy now, as it should be. Glad that Zekegraymon is ok and it was a kodak moment with all the goggle heads. So Beyond did all this to stop the D-reaper, man you can't judge a book by it's cover and at least he has found peace dispite all the attrocites he committed, I can't say I really blame him, he lost everything but I digress. Everything is good now, everyone was freed and now just resting for the big party, it should be good!

One more chapter to go! Keep it up you guys!
Ford1114 chapter 12 . 1/4/2012

A third and final form of Paradixalmon and Gaiamon X (You know, the name reminds me of 'Gaiamon' of Digimon World 3 as a what if, if Galacticmon succeed in merging with the earth.)..

I knew that Beyond is the least evil of the three, more likely a tragic character that his time is destroyed by D-Reaper. Now that he's alive, where will his path take.

Yes, dimension crossing is mind boogling and confusing to me, and force me to change things of my future suggestions. XP

One more chap to go.
Chaosblazer chapter 12 . 1/4/2012
Action everywhere this go round, Warlord gets kicked out first, but not before being relieved of some of his personal effects.

Back and forth power surges are awsome, three more level 2 ascendants and one of them goes completely insane at the loss of his partner, make Ken angry and you pay for it, as he will do anything to make you suffer, even if it means self pain infliction, and at least ZekeGreymon is still alive.

Gaiamon X's design was awsome to me, heck so was Paradixalmon X and XP, this whole chapter defines awsome.

D-reaper cameo at the end was nice too

Now all that's left are the loose ends, which will be dealt with next time, this is awsome story, let's keep it up dude
Belletiger chapter 11 . 1/4/2012
Awesome chapter! Finally Gillmon and Takato are free from the darkness thanks to Rika and Sakuyamon. Needless to say seeing Kari/Celesta X unleashing her level 2 Ascendant power was also pretty cool. I cant wait what will happens next! update soon!
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 11 . 12/31/2011
Wow, yeah. Those were nice wrap-ups to these battles! Seirika, Sakuyamon, and Celesta X really shined in these chapters. :D

First off, good to see X and his friends send the Warlord retreating. can't help if the Warlord will still get involved in the final fight somehow. It's within that weasel's character to stick his head in there. Bleh! XP

Glad Seirika was able to kiss Suzakato and release the darkness outta him. Ha, see? Taking Rei's advice worked out well! Sakuyamon purifying Gallantmon was a great move. Heh, loved the bit of Rika threatening Takato not to tell anyone back in their world about their 'moment'. D'awwww. Better listen to her, gogglehead. _

Yes, Celesta X went all out Ascendant level 2 to kill Arkadimon! She sure racking up big wins over a few Big Bads. Go, Kari! Too bad it had to come at the price of seeing the Triad die, but it was necessary to unleash her power again. Heh, Kari saved Yamato's ass again! :D

Yep, looks like Beyond breaks his alliance with the Warlord. Dramon X kicked some Paradixalmon ass, but now it's taken a turn for the worst. Paradixalmon and Beyond merge to form Paradixalmon X! Uh oh, hope Omega X/Tai, Angemon X/Dimitri, and Dramon X/Ken are in for a tough battle!

Looks like we're winding down! I'm looking forward to the finale fight! Happy Years, Kanius-sama! Be safe! _ b
supergoku1987 chapter 11 . 12/29/2011
Gonna make this quick. Celesta x and seirika were great. I liked seeing Rika and sakuyamon save Takato and Guilmon. I smiled seeing rika kiss takato. Celesta x taking out arkadimon was boss and made yamato look like a fool again.

Is beyond and the warlord already have trust issues? Dramon x is kicking ass and taking names with paradixalmon. I was surprised beyond and paradixalmon fused. shit, now Omega x, Angemon x, and Dramon x have got to fight Paradixalmon x. this getting intense. can't wait to see this final fight blow out. should be kick ass!
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