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Chaosblazer chapter 11 . 12/28/2011
I love this, Serika and Sakuyamon PM take down and restore Suzukato and Guilmon, Celesta X goes amazing grace and beats Arkadimon to rectify Yamato's actions, to bad the trinity had to sacrifice themselves for her but at least they choose redemption, and now it's time for the final battle, Dramon X's opening scuffle was awsome, but here comes Beyond's ascendant form.

The final battle has come, it's time to rock
JNaegi chapter 11 . 12/28/2011
Yes, Takato and Guilmon are back to normal! Rika used true loves kiss to save him and Sakuyamon was really kick ass dispelling the darkness from Guilmon. Now all that's left is for Takato and Suzaku to make up. Celesta X goes all out and destroys Arkadimon but at the sacrifice from the trio. Man, Dramon X is fierce with his no hands bar fighting style, even throw's sand in someone's eyes, but that's Kensuke. Beyond and Warlords partnership seems to have hit a reef and now he has merged to become Paradixlmon X. He's going to be a tough opponent.

Keep it going!
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 10 . 12/23/2011
Gah, good grief! Lots of fighting and more developments. This was a great chapter!

Where to start? Oh yeah. Let's divide these parts by lands. :P

Cyber Land: I really liked Ultima X/Davis and Sonja's teamwork. They make an effective team. Zarakimon was a tough customer. Sonja sure got annoyed with him quick. Haha! Good contribution from Ken I., JewelBeemon, and Justimon. Good to see the Warlord get his from X and the others. Can't wait to see X own Warlord like nobody's business. :P

Vampire Land: Oh, slay me! MegaGargomon vs BlackMegaGargomon had me in stitches. XD ; Poor Henbu and Sara. Man, what an intense start with the Tamers and co. against Dark Suzakato and ChaosGallantmon. It's turned into a tough battle. But, hey, Rika isn't gonna give up and she opened up for Takato! (d'aww!) and so awesome seeing Sakuyamon Priestess Mode! Definitely looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

Canyon Land: Poor Triad. That Paradixalmon is such a bastard. It's good Mercuremon, Pikkan, and BW are willing to let them repent. Damn it, Metalla X! Just when I got down praising you, you pull this crap! Gah, poor TK and Shoutmon DX. Looks like Kari/Celesta X is gonna bust out Amazing Grace. Ascendant vs. Arkadimon Super Ultimate! That's gonna be freaking intense.

Haha, Dramon X is giving Paradixalmon a fight. But, I feel Paradixalmon will pull out Super Mode next time. Omega X and Angemon X have got to jump in when that happens.

Awesome chapter, Kanius-sama. Can't wait to see how Celesta X and Rika resolve their battles before we head to the main event! Great job as usual, guys! _ b
belletiger chapter 10 . 12/23/2011
Awesome chapter! the battes are great as usual. Oh oh, looks like Yamato did something he shouldn' d have. I wonder what will happens next. The battle agaist Dark suzakato is getting intense. Will Rika will save him ? Will Sakuyamon miko mode save gallantmon? Cant wait to see what happens next!
supergoku1987 chapter 10 . 12/22/2011
Great chapter, man. lots more fighting and some sad scenes. Paradixalmon biting off more than he can chew. cool to see pikkan, bw, and mecuremon free that triad crew.

cool to see Sonja and Ultima x fighting together. lol at Megagargomon vs blackmegargomon. that was funny as hell. Awesome moment with takato and rika and rika admitting she loves him. Didn't expect chaosgallantmon to digivolve. that was sick. Hop rika can save takato for good.

Damn metalla x. You fucked up. Now Celesta x gotta turn ascendent level 2 and clean up his mess. hope she's the one to fight arkadimon.

Badass chapter. y'all doing great work and can't wait to see the final battle. update soon, dudes!
JNaegi chapter 10 . 12/21/2011
You guys are kicking ass with this story! I have to say, I have a new respect for Dimitro, he is calm, calculating and takes names. That Paradixilmon is a coward controling for making those three take the lives of innocent digimon and at least they will find redemption. Sonja is really kicking it into overdrive and at least that group was able to get rid of another enemy. Megagagomon vs his counter part was good, I guess it helps that he likes telling his perverse, silly jokes, much love for Terrrimon! Man the battle with Takato and Rika was good as well and that speech Takato did when ChaosGallantmon transformed, it's so sad yet in a way, it just proves what is in his heart and what's this, Rika admitted to loving the goggle head and not as a friend? Maybe "The power of love" song from the Sailor moon should play when their battling?

Dammit Yamato and I just gave you a compliment in Kai and this is what happens by destroying that collar, now they have to defeat him before it's too late!

I wonder if Warlord can hold up agaisnt X and the others?

Man so much stuff and it's almost over? Wonder how everything will be closed up?

Keep it going!
Chaosblazer chapter 10 . 12/21/2011
All the fights here were awsome, can't wait for what comes next as the build up to the bigger fights get, the rewards get so much sweeter.

Let's keep at it until the end lol.
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 9 . 12/17/2011
Whoo and we jump right into the action! So, we've got battles in the Dragon, Honey, and Gold Land zones. Good choice starters, Kanius-sama!

Dragon Land fights: Nice to see Team Xros Heart cleaning up a few bad guys. Could've wanted more scenes with them, but eh whatever. It works fine. Ouch, didn't expect Venus to get controlled by Ebemon. Sure must've been hard for Rio and JetSilphymon (Izumi) to overcome. Still, they managed to get help from Team Xros Heart thanks to Beelzebumon and Mervamon (the wonder couple!). Thankfully they saved Venus and all is well.

Honey Land fights: Yeesh, three BanchoLeomons? x_x; Haha, it's ok. I was still able to keep up. Nice strategy by the two BanchoLeomons to take the faker down! Jaarin (Ranamon) got time to shine and kicked some Zamielmon ass. Woo, Jaarin's really improved as a Legendary Warrior and able to fight Mega-level Digimon in her base Human Spirit form? Beast! Ouch, poor Sedna got arrow'd in the arm (NOT KNEE!). Good thing Sedna and Jaarin took that creep out.

I wonder what GranDracmon needs that arrow with Sedna's blood for? An Andes Project? Impending plots coming forth. I can feel it. ;3

Gold Land fights: Awesome battle with KaiserGreymon (Takuya) and Gaiomon. Gaiomon was a pretty cool guy despite being with the bad crew. He had the sense of honor to fight Takuya fairly and it ended with KaiserGreymon regaining his pride. Hmmm, Gaiomon is from the Frontier world (same YYGDM version?). That's intriguing! Yeah, it's always great to see Sailor Mars and Hiei bust out their Dragon-Phoenix attack. Sailor Moon, Cammy, Yusuke, and Deckerdramon had some nice fighting screen time, too! Ha, I also loved Yusuke and Deckerdramon's combo attack! That was win! 8D

Ah, now Ken unveils his Dramon X form in front of Omega X and Angemon X. I bet they and the bad guys were surprised, weren't they? :P

Awesome chapter and I enjoyed the developments. Next time, more Xros Wars Land battles! Can't wait for the next chapter, guys! _ b
Belletiger BT chapter 9 . 12/16/2011
The battles are getting hotter in the each chapter. I really enjoyed the battes at Dragon, Honey and Gold lands.

I never expected Venus being controled and Rio is forced to fight with her. And we have the return of the ultimate attack "the phoenic dragon attack"! Yeah! cant wait for more!
JNaegi chapter 9 . 12/15/2011
Battles are getting good! Venus gets controlled, Rio and Izumi save her with the other digimon's help. Takuya's battle with his advesary comes to a close with him getting a win, Moon, Mars, Hiei and Cammy get in the action along with Yusuke and Deckerdramon. Ranamon was really kicking it keeping up in just her basic form and helping Sedna, and Mikato and Shizuka help out Bancolemon.

This story is heading in a good direction, keep it up!
supergoku1987 chapter 9 . 12/15/2011
damn, this was a good action chapter. I liked bits of Rio forced to fight brainwashed Sailor venus and trying to save his girl. I watched some xros wars and got to know the characters better. Xros wars is pretty decent. They cool and it was cool seeing team xros in action. Seeing all those bancholeomons fighting was crazy.

Ow, poor sedna got cut bad, but Jaarin kicked some ass on that zamelmon prick. wonder what that whole arrow deal was. we also get to see grandracmon get the arrow with sedna's blood. what the deal with that?

Great finish to takuya and gaiomon's fight. Gaiomon was cool. Really cool to see sailor mars and hiei take bealmon down with a phoenix and darkness dragon attack. That was badass. Yusuke teaming with deckerdraon was cool.

Liked this chapter. good fights and can't wait to see things moving on. Paradixalmon's about to throw down with omega x, angemon x, and dramon x soon. update soon, man.
Chaosblazer chapter 9 . 12/14/2011
this is when the fun really gets going, Rio was able to hang on for Venus sake, the Xros Wars group took down GigaSeadramon which was good, Takuya finally settles his score, and all the others did good as well, especially Jaarin who did so well in her human form.

heh, I wonder what GranDracmon plans on doing with that arrow and boy is Ken mad, look out Paradixalmon. *insert evil laughter* looking forward to next time. lets keep this up
JNaegi chapter 8 . 12/10/2011
That was a good chapter. I'm loving all the interactions and certain truths and misunderstandings are coming to light. Seriouly though Ken really needs to get over whatever issues he has with Usagi! Good thing Takuya is over his funk thanks to Dimitro and battles are going to get underway!

Keep up the good work!
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 8 . 12/10/2011
Yay new update! _

Great chapter. No battles, but a lot of neat plot and some character development. I like the relationships and interactions with the different universe teams. I liked their exchange with Team Xros Heart. It was cool.

I LOL'd at Sonja hugging Nene's Sparrowmon. Poor Sparrowmon. Surprised Sonja didn't crush her quickly. XD

Cool to see Takuya and Mercuremon sparring to prepare him for Gaiomon. Gaiomon's not such a bad guy. He just wants a epic fight and he'll get one when he clashes with Takuya in their rematch!

Yamato's interaction with Yui was cool. I liked the DarkGabumon and Gabumon short exchange. I'm surprised Yui was able to approach Yamato, knowing he's a Vegeta counterpart. I don't blame Yui's friends being hesitant to talk with him. Don't worry, Yamato. You have a fan in Yui. _~

Still not cool Yamato talked crap to the YYGDM group and putting down Suzaku. Damn! And he got a surprise learning about Brave inside Ken's sword (ironically called Yamato XD). Ken clobbering ZeedGarurumon was LOL worthy, but awesome. Yamato got put in his place! Now if only Ken confronted Hiei.

Ken making friends with Sonja and BW was cool. I liked seeing the leaders (namely Tai and Taiki) getting Ken's mind on the right track.

Oh, Deckerdramon! Nice! And so cool he's a Digimon comrade for Ken!

After Ken got over his funk, I liked him giving Kari that encouragement she needs to unleash the power she used to destroy Virus. I can't wait to see Kari unleash that side of her in this story. Things gonna get crazy when she does (and when Digi-Fusion Kai gets updated, we'll know)! BD

Speaking of encouragements, it was really awesome Rei (and Renamon) talked to Rika out of her funk. Rika needed it. Now she's ready to confront Takato without killing him. Rei Hino, you are so awesome.

Yeah, the big fights start next chapter? I can't wait for them all, especially the three Ascendants (Omega X, Angemon X, and Dramon X) tangling with Paradixalmon! The story's getting epic, son! :D

The excitement is too much for me to contain! I can't wait, Kanius-sama! _ b
Belletiger BT chapter 8 . 12/9/2011
awesome chapter! I really loved the meeting with the xross heart group. I thought interesting Yui talking to Yamato,thought the otehrs were a bit afraid. I liked how Rei encouraged Rika to save takato before its too late. I cant wait what will happens next. please, update it!
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