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JNaegi chapter 6 . 11/17/2011
OMG This is getting to good! You got Dimitro, Jarrin, Rio and Minako up in the house, color me impressed (I am not going to geek out but it's too cool!) Takato busting out of Paradixalmon to confront Ken for kicking him in the nads, or just beating him to a tie was good and him confronting his 'big and little sisters' was good to. The emotional exchange between them was bitter-sweet at most and Rei going all Phoenix on them blew my mind (Bow down to the goddess!). Cammy got the mirrior and it protected her so it should get interesting on how she uses it. Takuya got it handed to him and what could of happend! Ken pulling out the big guns to get rid of the bad digimon (Litterly) and Hiei busting out the Dragon of the darkness flame to counteract the wyvern. And Matt got a sense that something is connected to him.

So much stuff is happening and it's kicking ass and taking names!

supergoku1987 chapter 6 . 11/17/2011
awesome chapter, my man. this shit is off the chain. I loved all the fighting with omega x and paradixalmon, also liked seeing x and his crew hunting down the warlord. nice small bits of celesta x, metalla x, and the others. Good confrontation in there with dark suzukato, ken, and sailor mars. nice talk between mars and takato. I almost forgot mars can turn into the houou, been a while since I remember that. surprise Venus and the others got there.

Awesome attack by ken. Tenchu reqiuem was badass. damn takuya is in trouble. and hiei about to challenge dynasmon! crap lotta cliff hangers. can't wait to see the next chapter, man! This story is getting sick!
Chaosblazer chapter 6 . 11/16/2011
I dunno where to begin with all the fun stuff that went down here lol, Dark Suzukato getting out to get Ken back was pretty funny, although i'm sure neither of them expected the Houou to take charge of things and the ending was definitely a nice touch, cause it's a multi-cliffhanger

Can't wait to see what comes next,this story rocks on with each chapter.
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 5 . 11/11/2011
Gah! Another evil cliff! O_O

This was a flipping good chapter, man! A whole lotta exposition in the beginning with Ken learning more from Team YYGDM. Poor Ken has to deal with not only Rika, but Hiei, too. At least he's earned the others' trust and faith.

Speaking of Hiei, ho god, I was totally rolling when Ken found out Mars and Hiei were a couple. Ha, he wouldn't ever imagined a couple of characters from different anime! His reaction was just freakin' priceless! XD

Wow, Sedna sure knows her dimension stuff. Well, she did learn from Ryo and time travel I'm sure from Sailor Pluto. She ought to be a college professor with the knowledge she's got! XD

Poor Usagi will have to learn the basics of time and space from the Guardian of Time.

It was also interesting Ken told the Tamers about not judgment a Digimon by their reputation but their actions. I'm sure Rika and Henry were stunned to learn that Megidramon is an ally to Ken in his world. I know I'd be if I were in their shoes. :3

Paradixalmon, Beyond, and the Warlord finally invade the Digi-Kai world with their army. Good thing Omega X and the others came prepared!

Oh, boy. That rock, paper, scissors bit was unexpected. Too bad you lost the game, Yamato! XD

Yikes, Omega X's in trouble after the beating he gave Paradixalmon for a minute there! How's our favorite Ascendant gonna pull himself outta this?

Great weekly chapter and can't wait to see Team YYGDM and Ken help the Kai crew against the baddies! This is where it's all building to! Yay! _ b
supergoku1987 chapter 5 . 11/10/2011
A lot shit went down. Holy. anyway, cool to see ken still getting to know the yygdm crew more. Rika and hiei still don't trust Ken, poor guy. Ken said intersting stuff about good and evil digimon and the whole megidramon thing. Sedna knows her dimension and time stuff. pretty cool.

lol at Ken flipping out on sailor mars and hiei being a couple. shit, I'd flip out too. shit's finally getting down in the digimon fusion kai world. lol at Tai beating yamato in roshambo. Omega x finally getting down fighting paradixalmon. can't wait for fighting to go down!
JNaegi chapter 5 . 11/9/2011
Man this gets better and better! Hiei giving Ken the blues with a valid reason, Rika siding with Hiei on how Ken's personality changes, finding more relevant info on each of the charecters interactions and a major battles going on in the Kai universe! Man Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who fights who, man Tai and Matt really know when to pick it don't they. Gotta say Ken finding out about Rei and Hiei was funny and I gotta give the others credit for not going crazy or emo finding out that they are "anime" in other dimenions and Usagi learning from Setsuna about the fabric of space/time was cute and Karin should be a teacher but that's getting off topic.

It's been 5 weeks since this story's been out and it's kicking ass guys!

Keep it up!
Belletiger BT chapter 5 . 11/9/2011
finally we will see Tai and the others in the story. I am felling the battles will heat up in the next chapters. Lol, I bet Ken had a surprise of his life when he learned that Rei and Hiei are a couple and have children. Anyway, I cant wait for the next chapter!
Ford1114 chapter 5 . 11/9/2011
Now the E-Vil trio attacks DF-616! Did I spot Reapermon and Zamielmon, I believe they are different stock characters than their actual selves.

If Metalla X finds out Dimitri is trapped he'll be furious.

2 more chapters till the epic finish.
Chaosblazer chapter 5 . 11/9/2011
Can't exactly blame him, anyone in Ken's shoes and not of thier world would have that reaction, his chat about how digimon are good and evil to him is based upon action than status is also somewhat true, after all people can't judge books by thier covers._

Ah the fighting commences as well, poor Yamato losing R,P,S oh well at least all are doing ok for now, but Omega X better watch himself out there or he's gonna lose;

Looking forward to the fun coming soon, let us both keep at it lol.
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 4 . 11/5/2011
Whoa! A whole lotta exposition!

That opening was really cool. It was really neat seeing Eri the Digital Priestess talking with Ken. I liked the pep talk and that Dragon Gaze Mirror thing sounds interesting and even more so that it's meant for Cammy. _

Sheesh, Rika wants to KILL Ken! O_O; I understand what she's going through, but hey the others are downbeat over losing Takato and Guilmon, too. Thankfully, Ken and Karin managed to patch things up. I liked the bonding between them.

LOL at Ken noticing the polar bear! Now, you've got me curious about this Dragon Saber deal. Another weapon reserved for a YYGDM character? I wonder when Karin will be ready to wield it? Guess we'll find out later.

It was neat seeing Ken interacting with the whole YYGDM gang. I wonder how Rei and Cammy are going to react when Ken tells them about Eri. Hmmm.

Wow, who knew Inumon knows all that background on Tsukuyomimon and the Crests inside Ken! Anubimon knows more than he's letting on. :D

I real feel bad for them having to see how Takato became Dark Suzakato. It's really upsetting learning what Paradixalmon did. I really do feel bad for Rei (especially HER), Usagi, Rika, Henry, Himura, and Karin having painful memories brought to light again. That whole Yami houou thing was one giant wound that didn't need to be reopened. /

Heh, oh, Yamato. You're ever so overconfident like always and Pikkan calls out on his arrogant pride. Sick burn, boytch. Guess you didn't live and learn after all those beatdowns. XD; Tai, carefree and excited as always waiting for Paradixalmon.

Well, crap. O_O; Ken sure ain't playing, is he? Dramon X just took those two Digimon like nothing! Two fatalities in a row! Yikes, even Hiei's on edge! Didn't think that was possible. Whoo-hoo, the YYGDM gang and Ken are heading on to the DFKai world!

Can't wait for the big fights to erupt in that world! This fic is getting good, Kanius-sama! _ b
supergoku1987 chapter 4 . 11/3/2011
Nice chapter, man. good to see Karin and Ken patching up. Their bond's across dimensions? that's sick and that Dragon saber thing is meant for Sedna? that intersting. Liked all the talk Ken was having with the YYGDM group.

lol, Rika wanted to kill Ken, but good thing the whole dark suzakato lightened her mood. too bad. They can recover from this and get ready to save takato. Shit, dramon x went crazy cutting those two digimon! Ken's bad mutha of an ascendant! shit! He even got hiei's attention.

yeah, can't wait to see the DFKai gang to face Paradixalmon. next chapter is gonna kick ass with omega x leading the team. update soon, man.
Belletiger BT chapter 4 . 11/2/2011
awesome chapter. Wow, for a moment I thought Rika would kill Ken. And I thought interested when they saw takato's memories throught that memory data scanned. I wonder what will happen next. Update soon!
JNaegi chapter 4 . 11/2/2011
Kick Ass chapter! Finding out that Karin is a weilder to the dragon saber and she and Ken form a bond that trancends time/space. Rika was not happy, I thought she would have atleast broken a couple of his bones and cast him to the winds. Man that whole Dark Houou really did mess up Takato bad and he fell into despair and it really made all those closet to Takato sad as well. We see how the Digi-Kai gang is they are up to bat next!. Man if Ken is busting out power that makes even a bad ass like Hiei react than there is no end in sight to how high a peek Ken can reach (I'm wondering if Hiei is going to treat Ken like Kazuma, I mean he calls him his favorite word, Fool!)

Anyway this story is rocking and rolling Keep up the good work!
Chaosblazer chapter 4 . 11/2/2011
The plot keeps on rolling, Ken now has a mental link with Karin/Sedna which is good, too bad she can't use the Dragon Saber yet but when she is able too bad guys beware

Good thing Ken got that memory data scanned otherwise Rika would probably kill him, though after what just transpired I doubt that, now Hiei is the only skeptic left lol.

Dramon X is on the scene too! Decapitation and impalement all around, so much fun_ I love it!

I look forward to what comes next, peace my bro lol.
Crimson G chapter 3 . 10/30/2011
Glad Karin wasn't taken, but Dimitri is now under their control. I sense tons of heartbreaking battles in the future. Now for the final stage in the Kai universe.
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