Reviews for Finding the Rogue
Guest chapter 17 . 8/12/2013
Nice I love it
Guest chapter 16 . 8/12/2013
Nice. Please countinue
Agent Spazzo chapter 17 . 4/15/2013
I loved this series, but I think that it didn't end right? I think that it needs a chapter or a third instalment to the series. Just saying! I still love it if you don't, but it's an idea.
lexy93 chapter 16 . 5/28/2012
This is excellent by the way :) I love Daisy and Blane! You should definately write more :)
ItsyBitsyBlonde chapter 16 . 2/6/2012
Yes, please!

Fyre x
Dangerous Redhead chapter 16 . 2/5/2012
ItsyBitsyBlonde chapter 15 . 12/1/2011
Thanks. I'm not sure David could have had a happy ending, so you definitely ended it right. Thanks again,

Fyre x
ItsyBitsyBlonde chapter 13 . 11/26/2011
Um... Wow. It's really getting dark, isn't it? Is there gonna be a happy ending?

ItsyBitsyBlonde chapter 12 . 11/10/2011
YAY! David's back!... Kinda
Dancing Through The Afterlife chapter 12 . 11/7/2011
Please please please please please write more? Thank you!~Princess... xx
FeelingCrossToday chapter 11 . 11/4/2011
I guessed that! I did I did I did! But the I unguessed it, so I guess it doesn't count :(

I'm sorry. I don't mean to be rude. I was just like I've just been mindf*cked by this crazy plot twist so I need to blame someone.

Thank you for updating so quickly((;
Jessica K Scea chapter 11 . 11/3/2011
OMG DAVID but he was dead

please update

pretty please with sugar on top P
FeelingCrossToday chapter 10 . 11/3/2011

Screw you -.-
FeelingCrossToday chapter 9 . 11/1/2011
Dylan's in it too? Jakskdld.

Ddahh, I have no idea who it is. At the beginning of the chapter I decided it was Stark because I didn't know who else it could be but then they were trying to work out the connection with Chad and I assumed that meant a romantic connection and I ship Blane/Chad so I was like dnajsjsk It's Blane but then I decided that was wrong so I was like dhaksk It's David (new otp) but then I decided he was dead. The only other MI9 agent that has been mentioned in the programme that I can think of is Oscar's dad, but that seems needlessly random.
FeelingCrossToday chapter 7 . 10/30/2011
I freakin' love all teenage support characters so Lewis then Irena then Chad means that I'm like ehakkdkrhjdksjdjkd right now. Great story.
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