Reviews for Night Shift
Varin chapter 40 . 5/17/2018
That was good. You have to expect her guards needed mental health help and a support group.
Varin chapter 11 . 5/17/2018
No, she's wrong. Played correctly, the recorder is a melodious and, most importantly, QUIET instrument. The shrill squeaking sounds that people make with it are wrong.
Kniha Draka chapter 1 . 2/20/2018
The only thing I don't like about this fic is the fact that it is complete. What a joy to read!
Guest chapter 40 . 8/16/2017
I just read these all in one hit, and they are really awesome. You can tell so much with so little words. The stories are awesome!
TessaKarne chapter 40 . 12/15/2016
Let me guess, you've gotten all of these guesses before :)
I love these all so much and I wish I had read them as they were being published! Thank you so much for writing all of these! Happy Christmas!
TessaKarne chapter 39 . 12/15/2016
Again, trying really hard not to laugh to loudly. Oh, River.
TessaKarne chapter 38 . 12/15/2016
... Nope, my mind is blank. But my eyes are wide and I'm trying not to laugh to loud since I'm at work :)
TessaKarne chapter 37 . 12/15/2016
I think the Doctor would end up doing both, just because.
TessaKarne chapter 36 . 12/15/2016
Almost got caught, although I'm pretty sure them getting caught would have been worse for the guard.
TessaKarne chapter 35 . 12/15/2016
The guards must learn quickly what to question and what not to.
TessaKarne chapter 34 . 12/15/2016
And yet fezzes are not.
TessaKarne chapter 33 . 12/15/2016
I think the Doctor owes her yet another outfit.
TessaKarne chapter 32 . 12/15/2016
It really is quite preposterous to think anyone else could get away with trying to tell her what to do.
TessaKarne chapter 31 . 12/15/2016
River, at a convention, is the most hilarious image ever. And then her getting involved enough to work on theories! This is so perfect!
TessaKarne chapter 30 . 12/15/2016
And River kisses another regeneration! As of 2016, that makes four regenerations!
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