Reviews for Just to Be
cagzclarine chapter 30 . 4/30
Histoire lue et relue toujours avec autant d'émotion. Tous vos personnages sont bouleversants, même ceux qu'on voit à peine et ne passent que par quelques lignes, comme des étoiles filantes. Magnifique d'humanité. Merci.
TigramIngrow chapter 30 . 4/6
Rewelacyjna historia. Realna, wzruszająca, romantyczna. Niesamowicie mi się podoba!
Guest chapter 4 . 1/16
"I tell them to keep their heads down and their mouths shut, to be on the defensive, [...] when she knows about them, but they often suffer in silence [...] they do not trust any of them."

Of course they do so, cause he told them to shut up!
I hope later, you point this to your Snape!
*reads on out of curiosity*
CassiopeiaB chapter 30 . 12/11/2020
This was such a great story, thank you! I felt you really know very well where every character comes from and their development is so fitting. A lot of fics are spoilt for me, when Hermione and Snape have a very sappy wedding with flowers and everything - yours was just so perfect, in character like everything else. "Molly Weasly had volunteered to cook for everyone" made me tear up.
AABibliophile chapter 30 . 12/2/2020
I adore this fanfic. I’ve read it so many times and never get tire3d. A unique plot and a beautiful style of writing. Well done and thank you.
strivengoddess chapter 30 . 11/21/2020
Its been forever sense I've read this story, and yet it still makes me cry. lol
you did an amazing job with this work, its so beautiful.
Guest chapter 30 . 9/22/2020
This is a very wonderful fic! Original, sweet, intelligent, wonderful! Than you for share
Caramel4me chapter 30 . 9/14/2020
This was beautifully done! Thank you so much! Your characters are real and full, your story engaging and detailed. Thank you!
mom2divas chapter 30 . 8/18/2020
Omg what an emotional roller coaster! Very well written.
LadyPatata chapter 30 . 8/11/2020
Thanks for writing this beautiful story!
Invariable Wallflower chapter 30 . 8/11/2020
This is still one of the best stories I've ever read. Worth every tear, smile, late night and heart ache is brings.
ggf1 chapter 30 . 7/19/2020
My eyes are moist ..
I had no clue this would be so moving. Thank
Renny236 chapter 30 . 6/20/2020
I really enjoyed this story. The writing and the unique plot elements kept me engaged throughout. I was so invested in the fate of those kids, and admire your choices in not giving all of them happy endings.

Your ending of the Severus/Lily friendship made a lot more sense than the canon one, and I giggled like a kid when the time turner appeared on the nightstand beside them during their argument after Sev found out Lily had slept with James. I could hardly blame her for severing (ha!) the friendship after his comments.

I really liked the way you added factual bits from the real world into the story. Oddly enough, I never saw Leopold and Clara as Severus and Lily, but instead saw them as Harry and Hermione. I am glad they got a happy ending.

Loved your Ron and the impact of Luna on Snape. Him giving in and hugging her hard toward the end warmed my heart. But it was the unexpected epilogue sentence of Molly Weasley once again cooking for everyone that made me tear up.

This was a really special story, and I am so glad I found it. Well done!
murilloyalila18 chapter 30 . 6/16/2020
I cried like a baby at some parts. Especially the epilogue. The part where Leo hugs Sev. I balled. I was scared when I started reading this Fic, I wouldn’t like it. I was so wrong. Great story truly touching. Gosh one of my favorites!
NotEnoughTimeOnMyHands chapter 1 . 6/14/2020
Just saw this mentioned on an Instagram post and I was really intrigued. Great start!
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