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Imaginary-worlds chapter 30 . 9/13
Loved it! It was a great read from start to finish, and it's a happy ending that is still realistic, and not a "happy ever after". Thanks for an interesting new read - I haven't read a fic about the generation of children who's parents were Death Eaters... Makes you think about the damage of war on children, no matter which side.
gerrylynnr chapter 30 . 9/9
You wrote a very excellent story. I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you.
Dinah Drake Lance chapter 30 . 8/31
Hi! I absolutely love this story (and many of your others). I just finished rereading this for the 5th of 6th time and each time I feel as though you've taken me on a journey!

One thing I did notice, after Draco has brought Brigita and Leo back to Grimmauld, Severus lists off the the room numbers for the other girls. He lists 6 room numbers. I had thought there were 6 of the older girls there total, and with Brigita safe, there should only be 5 left at the brothel. Hopefully I didn't lose track of someone.

Thank you very much for sharing your stories. Each one is brilliant.
ahelling chapter 30 . 8/30
This story is wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Thank you.
waterfallits chapter 30 . 8/17
Amazing moving and original!
WhereforeArtThou chapter 11 . 7/31
God I love this story so much.

But I'm not sure I agree with your/Severus' reasoning about the oldest children not being able to come live with them. Yes, they would be a bit squashed unless they managed to completely redesign the house layout. Yes, the younger children would be horrified and probably traumatized for a while as they quickly learned what the world was really like and what probably awaits them, their hearts breaking for their older siblings. Yes, the older children would be hurt and bitter and resentful that this safe haven hadn't been made available to them when THEY were young. That they had to drop out of school and join gangs or be raped for pennies, while the younger kids have art therapy and listen to stories about Alice in Wonderland. But does any of that even effing matter?! The bottom lines is, TWELVE YEAR OLDS ARE BEING BEATEN AND RAPED. I'm pretty sure ANYTHING is a better option!

Sigh. I'm sorry. If anything, please take this as a compliment to your writing, that I am so distressed on behalf of these fictional characters. And I know this ugly choice weighs heavily on Severus. But still, I'm pretty sure you've got him picking the worse of two bad situations.
WhereforeArtThou chapter 5 . 7/31
Eeep Neville and Luna will be involved?! Whoo! This is so awesome :D
WhereforeArtThou chapter 2 . 7/31
Wow I already love this! And of course when you described Snape's new hair, I just pictured Alan Rickman's normal hair lol. It's a good look.

Also, I have to commend you on the death eater orphans idea. I've been reading Harry potter fanfics since the Order of the Phoenix book came out, and SSHG fics for at least 3 or 4 years (I used to be a Hermione x Draco fan haha), and I've never come across this notion before. And you're right, I think it would have probably happened, with maybe 1 or 2 here and there that would be taken in by extended Dark relatives and be raised to pretend to be Light but still carry the old ways in their hearts. I'm not sure which is worse, really.

I'm super excited to read this! On to the next chapter!
Mystical G Panther chapter 30 . 7/12
great story! :3
Kat chapter 30 . 7/6
This is one of the most awesome stories I have ever read on here, the plot is fresh, the characters well written. I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for posting
irononmaiden chapter 30 . 6/18
This is one of the most amazing stories I've ever read. It had me in tears many times. So poignant and well-written, especially when exploring the effects of abuse and neglect. I loved your portrayals of each of the characters (though McGonagall made me sad) and watching all of the relationships progress.

Fantastic job!
AwkwardIdeasLeadToThis chapter 30 . 6/17
There is much to think about. Thank you.
Allycatreadseverything chapter 30 . 5/18
Wonderful. Heartbreaking at times. Then heartwarming. Difficult to read - so many dark themes and happenings. But wonderful - simply wonderful.
Guest chapter 30 . 5/17
Really amazing and original story. One of the best stories i ever read. All these poor children... I felt so bad for them. I only wished that the perverts that used those girls were punished for it. I always feel incredibly uneasy hearing about forced prostitution. It makes me want to punish (read: seriously injure) the people responsible for putting girls in that position and also the men that used the girls as though they are no more than living machines that are meant to be abused...
I loved the character of Leopold. It makes want to know more about him.
It's also great that severus and hermione managed to work through their combined issues. I so did not see it coming she once slept with Harry. But the way you described the situation makes it completely understandble. Severus his reaction i also completely understand.
And mature Ron! That's refreshing! I am glad he remained on the sidelines though. I'm not that fond of his character. But that could be due to me shipping Hg/ss. Ever since i read a story on these two years ago, i was hooked. I read so many throughout the years, but for some reason had not read this one yet. I'm so glad i now did. It really is an amazing story!
sanjulak08 chapter 30 . 5/10
This story is, quite possibly, one of the best fanfiction of Snape and Hermione I have ever read. A beautiful tale and wonderful characters. Thank you for the oppurtunity to read something so heartwarming!
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