Reviews for Just to Be
Guest chapter 30 . 6/24
A great story! Thank you
ae chapter 9 . 5/17
Yep. Blech Signing off.
Guest chapter 7 . 5/17
Use your much vaunted brain, Hermione, what would have been the first order Voldemort upon his resurrection gives Snape the returned spy ? That's right:' bring me Harry Potter.' and here you go blaming the man for doing the one thing he can do to give himself plausible deniability : make Harry hate him. But then most of the readership, are equally dumb.
ae chapter 6 . 5/17
Ah. Ginny at least has manners. good for her.
ae chapter 3 . 5/17
Of course you started out approaching him all wrong, Granger, you called him by his first name. To you he is Mister Snape untill such time as he allows you to do otherwise. unfortunately this fic is marked romance so it will probably end up as a Hermione-Severus one, blech.
JeniNeji chapter 30 . 2/24
Beautiful story. Its amazing how we can see the other side of the coin. Thank you for writing and sharing
guest chapter 4 . 8/20/2022
Dreadful, and dreadfully effective. And entirely believable. There is no limit to human cruelty, most especially that of the self-righteous.
guest chapter 3 . 8/20/2022
Your characterization of Snape so far is perfect. This is precisely the reaction he would have, and who could blame him? (Nothing against HP but the overfamiliarity and simplistic thinking, but this ~is~ what SS would have to be feeling.)

Glastonbury's use of the kids, repeatedly torturing instead of killing them, is worse for the victims than Swift's 'solution.' I suspect that the only reason she hasn't succumbed to premature heart failure is that SS fears her replacement with someone worse.

I agree, BTW, with those reviewers who have lamented the lack of attention any other auth has given this problem, which was inevitable. I too have encountered no other treatment of it.

This fic is good enough overall for me to continue it even though it's labelled a Romance and hence will stick Snape with Granger, who IMO is not good enough for him. (A brilliant man like my headcanonical SS deserves far better than a plodding pedant however intelligent. There are smarts and smarts.)
DEEG1291 chapter 30 . 8/17/2022
Oh my, what a story! I have felt it all with this. Heartbreak for all those kids, happiness at Sev and Harry being able to come to a resolution, Luna finding her calling, and of course our hero and heroine finding true love at last. So many feels! It really is a tour de force. Congratulations on a fabulous story.
Auntiebib chapter 30 . 8/7/2022
This is one of my all time favourites! All the characters are so true to Canon that it is an absolute joy to read.
A wonderful and very different storyline with some very difficult issues is handled so well and the way intimacy is handled between characters is in step with the abuse of some very young characters.
Everything about the fic is just beautifully written and so well plotted that I’m sure I’ll keep coming back to it again and again.
gymnopedie chapter 30 . 3/29/2022
Can't remember if I reviewed this or not, but this is one of the most unique and original SSHG fanfics I've read. Love your explanations of Patronus magic and how you explored the theme of how "the sins of the father" affect how cycles repeat (or not) from one generation to another. Thank you for this work!
CaramelMonkPA chapter 30 . 1/18/2022
This is wonderful, thank you (reread)!
monkey201283 chapter 30 . 11/19/2021
Absolutely brilliant . Thanks for writing such an amazing tale.
cagzclarine chapter 30 . 4/30/2021
Histoire lue et relue toujours avec autant d'émotion. Tous vos personnages sont bouleversants, même ceux qu'on voit à peine et ne passent que par quelques lignes, comme des étoiles filantes. Magnifique d'humanité. Merci.
TigramIngrow chapter 30 . 4/6/2021
Rewelacyjna historia. Realna, wzruszająca, romantyczna. Niesamowicie mi się podoba!
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