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wiiTneSs chapter 24 . 3/27
Amazing story. Wow did not expect shippo. I can't wait to see kagome's reaction to Dog's true form.
misherukuro chapter 24 . 3/6
Thanks for the read. ,
The Path of Supreme Conquest chapter 23 . 2/27
Love you, Shippo!
Bloody-Asphode11 chapter 24 . 2/16

I wanna see the chapter when Inuyasha realizes he's on the bad side of not only a of an S-class Mazoku but basically the future "Daiyokai of the whole Demon realm"

his expression of Oh Fucking Shit I'm Screwed' on his puppy face will have me ROFL

Winillow chapter 24 . 2/12
Oh Kurama, always so quick. But that's why we love him. Ahah! I feel like he was the puzzle piece that will get things going a little faster now, and as always... sooo eager to see what it brings out! Though we certainly have Yusuke's vast expressive nature to thank as well! Gotta love that snarky-ness of his. Considering Yusuke's been off by himself since the start, it's nice and refreshing to finally be able to see the tiniest bit of interaction between him and one of his friends, silent looks of communication or not. It wasn't much, but it just goes to show how much they understand and know one another that Kurama was able to pick up on it as well.

While the idea of having Youko and Kurama be separate entities is appealing, and I wouldn't have complained about it even if you had chosen to go with it, I also think it's not quite necessary in this story since Kurama isn't a er... /main character/ per say. Not this time anyway. Haha. So you did just fine! It's not like we get to see that internal monologue we all know he and Youko have anyway, even in the series. (tear)

/SO/ eager to see Hiei make an appearance though. I especially love the spitfire/snark exchanges between him and Yusuke, and in Yusuke's current condition- you know Hiei won't hold his tongue back. Lol!

So brava to another well done chapter! You truly are magnificent, and I still forever worship your ability to keep everyone so well into character even if the story is so far from the norm. Keep it up hun!

As for the Americanized references, they're little things that really don't take from the story at all. Christmas is still celebrated in Japan, even if it's not for religious purposes. :) Besides, it brought our beloved Kagome an extreme amount of happiness. So how could we ever complain?

Keep it up hun! Thanks again for such a wonderful chapter!
laknight11 chapter 24 . 2/12
I can't get enough of your story! I was always more of a Kagome/hiei fan so I avoided this story for so long, but I finally decided to give it a try. And dang! You got me to hop on the kagome/yusuke ship, I absolutely love this story! Now I have all these questions buzzing around my head like what will happen with keiko, how will yusuke meet kagome as a person instead of a dog, how will kagome convince inuyasha to let her stay in the past, when will shippo meet her in the future, and so much more! You're a wonderful writer and I'm now reading your other stories:) I hope you update real soon because you have me sitting at the edge of my seat to see what happens next!
Guest chapter 24 . 1/18
I'm so obsessed with this story I re-read it from the beginning to the current chapter during slow updates.
Kagekitsonegal chapter 24 . 1/17
Seully chapter 24 . 1/11
Yuuussuukkkeee! Though Dog is still a pretty sweet name lol
Aly Goode chapter 24 . 1/8
I have to admit, I am not such a huge fan of Kagome/Yusuke pairing. I am a die-hard Inuyasha/Kagome pairing, but this fic has me thinking otherwise. Now that I finished the 24th chapter I realized that I'm totally in love with the Yus/Kag pairing. Seriously ...

Brava for coming up with an original plot! Yusuke turned into a dog, hahaha, who would've imagined it? (You, of course!) And though Kurama is my fav character from YYH, I love Yusuke. I think you wrote him perfectly! His thoughts, actions and ways are just amazingly accurate. You had me in tears when he dragged a bloodied Kagome and when Mrs. H hugged Yusuke and thank him.

I also love the fact that you kept Keiko in character. Some authors just make her bitchy or kill her off. It seems more real to me if she was doubting her relationship with Yusuke. And, really, who could blame her!? Poor girl waited three years just to see him again, if I am not mistaken. And, ahhh, you wrote Kurama perfectly well too! I can imagine when he walked into Koenma's office looking all pissed off. I love how he just figured out everything.

And I knew it was Shippo the moment I read that the old lady's (or puppy police) eyes changed to green and that he had claws. I was like,: "THAT'S FREAKING SHIPPO!".

One of my fav lines: "The detective's eyes caught the flicking of a cream colored tail and nearly groaned. A kitsune. No fucking wonder this whole thing had been executed to perfection. If Kurama had taught him anything about the breed, it was that they thought a few couple hundred steps ahead."

Lmao! I laughed so hard. I wonder what would happen if Shippo and Kurama ever met directly. And, I am very excited because Hiei is in the next chapter! At least he can voice Yusuke's thoughts (right?). Anyway, I would love to see his reaction when Kurama tells him Yusuke is a dog now. Kuwabara too! And since he such an animal lover, he would get a long with Yusuke juuust fine. Lol. Update soon!
Dreaming while awake chapter 24 . 1/7
So... I wasn't going to review even though I followed the story ( I know, I know, I'm terrible!) but I hate writing on my ipad! Still I was reading your profile and stumbled upon the one review policy and... It's true. I loved this story so much that I should at least tell you as much. So please forgive my almost mistake and update soon! :)
shadowfox1528 chapter 24 . 1/1
I need to know what happens next ( not a real account )
Lunardragon33 chapter 24 . 1/1
this is amazing please update soon
Avarianna chapter 24 . 12/30/2014
lol awesome happy to read the updates looking forward to more soon!
sakutirz chapter 24 . 12/20/2014
So finally someone found out about Yusuke's situation and also where he's been for the past months! Really enjoyed this chapter and waiting patiently (but not so patiently) for the next chapters! well written again! keep up the good work ;)
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