Reviews for The Good Dog
Tolazytologin chapter 24 . 3/9
This story is so good! I wish it had more chapters!
Babyd0ll.MK0826 chapter 24 . 2/21
omg you updated yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :) update soon :D
BlueGrace422 chapter 24 . 1/18
I really love it so far, you're a wonderful writer. I'm definitely gonna check out some of your other stories.
Kitty who meows a lot chapter 24 . 1/15
Hello! I came back to reread this again! The first time I read it, I've already love it! But I couldn't review at that time because I read it somewhere else. But now that I can, I'm reviewing it! To be honest, when I read the first chapter, I thought the story was different and really originalI'd never read a fanfiction where Yusuke turned into a dog beforeand that makes it really interesting! I hope you find an inspiration to continue this story again :D Thank you for writing this! I truly appreciate for your effort!
Nosfe chapter 24 . 1/11
Heh, I saw your wanting of reviews. So I'm gonna give you one. In response to what you've said, the main reason why I don't often review is because I usually only do it once, then Follow the story and read it again when it updates, a silent watcher, because by the first review most of my feelings are made known. Since I have a liking for longer stories reviewing every chapter gets annoying, so I review the most recent chapter.

But, I suppose, for an excellent story such as this one, I might as well change things up a little. If this gets another chapter, I'll post a review again - breaking my own ideals. Huh.

From what I've read, there are a few mistakes, but they're nothing truly worth pointing out - for the most part it's fantastic and easy to let slide. There were a few repeating phrases, but not at all harming the story or its flow.

I do tend to read authors notes, and must I say congratulations on what you've achieved this far - you're quite impressive, as is the story. I don't often find good ones like this, so I'm glad I did.
chlolo1213 chapter 24 . 12/15/2016
Hello just stoping by to say this is an amazing story and if you every find the time/inspiration to come back to it I will be here in the wings waiting to tell you how amazing you are.
markaren chapter 24 . 12/7/2016
Dogs are God's way of showing us that He cares.
The Dramatic Muffin chapter 24 . 11/27/2016
I hope you someday update this story. I know it's been some time, but it really is very lovely, and I would love to read the rest of it :)
Guest chapter 8 . 11/21/2016
Read your reviews. Noticed that you haven't updated in almost exactly 2 years. That makes me sad. It's hard to find a good Inu x YuYu crossover and just as hard to find a fanfic with Yusuke paired with anyone other than Keiko or Yaoi of him with one of the guys. This story is also well written and all of the characters are very believable.

I won't pressure you to continue it - I would just like to know if you are in the near future or if it's on hiatus/discontinued. (I've noticed you recently updated one of your other stories.) This is assuming you still read reviews in this. Well, thanks for the read anyways. I'm glad I found it. :)
Spastic Freak chapter 1 . 11/2/2016
Hey there! Decided to re read your story because it's freaking awesome!

I hope you're doing well. And hope that maybe you haven't given up on this lovely piece of work you have here. I know life can get on the way. A lot. But I also know that writing can be a great escape from it. And the reviews are always a plus too.

Anyway. Hope all is wel! I look forward to your amazing return one day!
blueanimegeek chapter 24 . 9/10/2016
I've just was this story and I'm so sad that you haven't updated in so long!
I LOVE YYH/IY fics and it's a shame that there isn't a lot if good ones but yours is the best I've read! Hopefully you date soon!
WinterXstarxz chapter 24 . 8/12/2016
you're absolutely wonderful. I've always seen this story in communities but I've always passed by it as I don't really know the yyh storyline all that well. it was a pleasant surprise to find that this story was so well written to the point that I didn't even need to know some of the characters to enjoy it.
PurplePanda1231 chapter 24 . 7/28/2016
soooo gooood. please make moreeee
RogueRaven89 chapter 24 . 7/19/2016
Hi there, I have just finished re-reading this and I'm happy to report that I have enjoyed it as much as I had the first time. While I'm sad you haven't updated in so long, I understand that life gets in the way. I'm not sure if you still check these, but I shamelessly hope that you come back and finish this piece. If not, well, I guess I can let my imagination run wild.

Guest chapter 24 . 7/8/2016
This is a lovely story, I admire the way you've written Yusuke especially! I tend to see him written as overly brash and rude in other fics, so this was a pleasent change of pace! Thank you so much for this treasure of a fic!
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