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Guest chapter 1 . 12/10/2012
It's really nice,but it's not my type. I visualized everything
and got the picture and the last part was awesome
full of action :).
Aya Salim chapter 12 . 7/6/2012
Okay, okay ... I'm better enough now to review, you know, just stopped shaking, after sobbing! BREATHE ! ... WHY ASYA? I was dying slowly, you know that feeling when your throat tightens, your stomach starts to flip then you hold your breath and eventually you let the tears stream? ... OH, I bet you know very well. I bet you cried while writing this. The beginning was so promising, I knew it won't last but I let my mind 'hope' for something better. This is the most time I get wrapped up in a story this way, it was so .. TRUE! I felt my world crushing on my head. Alright, I'm already crying again. You're an artist, you're the best. And you reached your purpose, more than you can ever imagine. You made us LIVE the story, live in this ending world, and feel every single tingle of pain they felt. Shed tears of our own for every tear they shed, it's hard to believe that this was just a 'story', it was a diary of some beautiful person, who suffered hell, and let us know her story. Oh My GOD! Brilliant! I honestly didn't think it's gonna end like that, but that was before I started to read the chapter. After that I realised that someone will never make it to the camp, and it was either Dede or Eve. It was so nice from you to give them - and us - some precious and happy moments, you know, all that family atmosphere ... *SIGH* They way you put the end of the diaries; adding the first 3 lines from them, wow! I told you before and I'm telling you again, you're genius!
Okay, bear with me, it's the last chapter and you know, most important review .. She really broke my heart when she asked Dean to hug her, and then to hold her hand. The way she begged them to not leave her alone in that moment... DEAR GOD! Not to mention the scene between her and Evie .. How sweet innocent she is, poor little Eve! I won't even comment on Dean, he broke my heart into million little pieces, but not as much as it wrenched and broke for Claudia.. I'm so sorry this story ended, I'll miss it so freaking much. Dark is pretty much your area, Asya. Keep going, you're an INCREDIBLE writer, So F#CKING AWESOME, you should be a best-seller already, and I swear I'm not complimenting. May I just say one last thing? - Rest In Piece, Claudia - ...
Aya Salim chapter 11 . 7/6/2012
I told you, I cried reading that one like babies! Claudia, poor Claudia .. Having like what? The worst luck in the world? I just don't really know from where to start to review this chapter, it's hard to review such chapter, I mean; no matter what I say it won't ever be fair enough! That was incredible in every possible way. Heart-wrenching! My heart was aching me all the way, from the first word to the last word. BRILLIANT songs choices, awesome description of everything. Martine ... OH MARTINE! I knew it was going to be hard ending, yet I can't just take control on how I feel. I swear for mere seconds I felt like if I looked next to the screen I might see all the blood she was swimming in. Jared, the way you put the words, Claudia's struggle from the inside, how you unfolded the whole scene, the terrified little Eve! OH MY GOD! I think I'm going to cry again, you couldn't do that more perfect, it was just breath taking, amazing, perfect, mind-blowing .. I can go all day and it won't be enough! You know, I just can't even imagine if the things can get worse, I don't have any idea what's there in this evil mind of yours! Oh, God bless that 'Evil Mind' which can make me that speechless! :'((
Aya Salim chapter 10 . 7/6/2012
Long chapter, MY FAVORITE! And OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Seriously, OH MY GOD! You made me feel like I'm with her, in the same cruel place, suffering the same thing she's going through! OH GOD! This is just flawless! You know I read it more than one time, some pieces I read many times! Oh, I held my breath many times, I was in a whole different place than where I really was, I was so caught in that episode so bad! Oh ... I LOVE YOU!
Aya Salim chapter 9 . 7/6/2012
DUDE! What a chapter! The hunt is perfect and epic as usual. Everything is awesome, everything is just perfect in every possible way, I can't get enough of your work, seriously, you're the master ! Smartass adorable Dean. I loved the rest so much, I knew they won't go on, not all the good thing last long! SIGH! I was drooling, okay? Oh Really ... FREAKING AWESOME! I really need to find new words, awesome, amazing, and all these started to get old not describe what I really wanna say!
Aya Salim chapter 8 . 7/6/2012
SO, Jarred is WAY TOO ADORABLE! And Asya, don't get pissed but I can't help but imagining the real Jared while I'm reading, you know, common adorableness :D SIGH! Dean, charming and awesome as usual, I imagined Claudia's outfit, so feminine and all :D I wonder if you posted any pics for her on fb! Dean's bad influence, absolutely .. He brought the dirty side of every possible person on earth, why not Dede ;) ? Just awesome chapter, and I know it is going to get very interesting, and this, it was only the beginning ;DD
Aya Salim chapter 7 . 7/6/2012
So, another freaking awesome chapter, dude! I knew Dean would say yes. It was so awesome, the way you described them walking into the bar, of course every eye would be on them. Some checking Dean's sweet ass and others as jealous as hell ;)) I had so much fun watching the cat fight between Sally and Dede, she's very cute; Dede not sally ;D It was SO DEAN, the way he's talking, the way he was checking Sally's 'nice name' out! You're the most one who can describe Dean SO RIGHT! You know, like you were helping the person who created him in the first place. I don't know why, but I don't like Brad! I was seeing a promise between Dean and Claudia but apparently he'll get in the way. He's nice though. Perfect chapter, dude .. you know, AS USUAL! :D
Aya Salim chapter 6 . 7/6/2012
OKAY! Well, I know I said before that I LOVE Martine, her scenes with Claudia are always flawless. And she's so kind with her. And she finally took the decision I was dying to hear, or in that case, read. The towel scene WoooooooH *SIGHHHHH* Totally understand and feel her pain, it was described in a very perfect way! I love the remark to the amulet, and totally LOVE the conversation between the two of them. Dean is always as smartass as ever, don't say that Claudia isn't, she's not bad herself too LOL. You know, Tom and Jerry deal ... I just LOVE the chapter :D AWESOME as usual ;DD
XxRana811 chapter 12 . 7/5/2012
I knew it was based on a nightmare , i knew that it wont end well , HELL I KNEW "HEAVY SIGH"
Okay i should mention few things i hope i dont forget other things in the way :D , so first of all u have to know that "The End" is my all time top top top fav ep out of all 149 episodes so far i liked Dean 2014 so much i still have a huge sth for him :D i know its so unhealthy but what do i do ;D and "Once a Dean Winchester , Always a Dean Winchester" oh Amen to that 3
well another Kudos to u and ur amazing style at writing i was seeing Dean's , Dede's and Even Eve's facial expressions and the whole chap it was like i was watching an ep i was picturing everything
And I do love Dean's interaction wiz kids its too adorable really , I had a tiny shred of hope that they will go to the camp in one peace but oh silly me T_T poor Dede , poor Dean , poor poor poor Evie Y_Y the last scene was just epic, oh God no i teared up again remembering it damn it ;(
well again Deary u really did a tremendous job , like SERIOUSLY AMAZING although it was dark and all but it was AWESOME too Keep it up Boss and ofc YOU ROCK (L)
dandy44 chapter 12 . 7/5/2012
I can't find the words so just know that I read it and when I can write a review when I can gather enough words I will put them up till then ...
Natali chapter 11 . 6/11/2012
This story is amazing!

I love it! You have everything: romance, sisterly love, a bit of horror... You, my friend, are a genius! Can't wait to read what else you wrote!

Hope this story continues! Update soon, please! :)
XxRana811 chapter 11 . 5/9/2012
OMG T_T Dude u broke my heart no no no u smashed it , again no i dont know how to describe it , well and i cried like a baby from the beginning of the chap to its end its so heart wrenching i just hope Eve and Dede wont die and Croaton THIS IS VERY REALLY SERIOUSLY BAD i kinda relieved that Brad Died b4 it but my GOD I LOVED JARED AND MARTINE sooooo much :(((((( Im so Waiting for the last chap and Rabena m3ana ba2a ,, Rabena ystor * CRYING ALL OVER AGAIN*

Mai chapter 1 . 4/27/2012
I like it & I'll keep reading ISA. I so proud of you sister :).
adaddario chapter 11 . 4/24/2012
So sad...poor Claudia and Eve. I hope their going to be okay..I hope they find Dean soon...Looking forward to the next chapter.
dandy44 chapter 11 . 4/24/2012
Sorry for reviewing so late but You know my work and its issues I read the story too late last night so I decided to wait till I wake up to review It's great and I totally love it only one chapter left as i see but u R an amazing writer I will be sad we won't read it anymore but It's time is up any way can' wait for the next chapter bec It will be more than amazing and I don't know whether to till U post soon or not I wanna read it the chapter but I don't want the story to end so it's better to just keep waiting
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