Reviews for Backfire
Feral Phoenix chapter 1 . 10/11/2011
yes good

I have missed your writing so much. Even when you're spinning vast self-fulfilling whirlpools of drama (hi Elena), your attention to detail is exquisite and you are the master of the awkward scene.

Ugh, I love some of the things you've come up with here. Emilia caught the goth loli bug from Eater! That never occurred to me and it is excellent. Nessiah the casual fashionista amuses me quite a great deal too.

fight hard luciana, for you are attempting to smash together a pair of dumbs. actually mashing their faces together like barbie dolls would probably be more effective than what you're trying right now.

also! also if you are interested in taking this further please go ahead. (i should see if i can get an AO3 invite for you too-the DHE fandom is a little less dead over there.)