Reviews for Unbroken
Will X chapter 15 . 1/25
I'm very much enjoying this story, and hope it may one day be updated.
Will X chapter 2 . 1/24
Liking this so far, though Asuka curses a bit too much IMO.
Lovemichi chapter 15 . 1/17
Woowww! Very good fic, I loved it.
I liked seeing Asuka's perspective. how the relationship between Shinji and Asuka is consolidated. It was very interesting to see how she interacted with the different characters, her personal growth and how she had an impact on others. It seems to me that everyone is becoming very strong characters.

I hope to see how this story continues.

Hope you update soon.
j.d.bustamantetx chapter 15 . 1/1
Dude this Is bloody amazingly can’t wait for the next one!
Guest chapter 1 . 10/12/2020
Yo this story is really good, I hope you find time to continue :)
Daltarit24x7 chapter 15 . 8/3/2020
Please my guy, this was so good, finish this please
Daltarit24x7 chapter 1 . 8/2/2020
My guy this was too lovecraftian, but his aside it was really good, hope you continue writing
Guest chapter 15 . 6/20/2020
This story is AMAZING! I hope you’re doing well and are able to find the time to continue
Brool Story Co chapter 15 . 6/1/2020
I would love for this to come back. Thank you for your work on it so far.
A Businessman chapter 15 . 5/15/2020
This is one of the better time travel redo Evangelion fics I've read, you manage to portray the growth Asuka has had throughout her time after Third Impact very well while staying true to her character. I hope you get the motivation to write more for this, I quite enjoy it.
Guest chapter 8 . 5/7/2020
Thank you, this was beautiful. I cried.
calborghete chapter 15 . 4/14/2020
Hello budy, how are you? I really liked the story and I am looking forward to the next chapters )
Inuyoukai52 chapter 15 . 4/6/2020
I just wound up reading this on a recommendation, and I must admit im really sad to see that it hasn't been updated since 2017. I don't suppose that the corona virus quarantine has given you a chance to build up your muse at all 3 years later has it?
Say Ahh chapter 15 . 1/27/2020
This story is extremely interesting and I hope it gets finished someday, it is really well written and captures emotions really well
Guest chapter 15 . 1/27/2020
This is a great fan fiction and I hope it gets finished, along with the other one posted. It's been so long since it was updated I'm weary on if it will be finished but non the less would be extremely happy if it was.
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