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Guest chapter 1 . 6/11
Would she even want to wear a dress?
Nice story!
Starzinmieyez chapter 11 . 10/2/2011
So I'm going through the Mulan fandom, starting at the oldest stories, and I have to say, this fic was really good :) The description was a little limited and the story line moved a bit to quickly, with some things not making full sense, but the fic overall was very enjoyable And I just HAVE to love Grandma Fa :3 She's awesome!
Happyfish chapter 11 . 7/16/2010
AJCCLMBCN chapter 11 . 7/15/2010
Ahah, awh I liked it ! Although I honestly think that she was being too well, I guess the word that I'm thinking of is "needy" and I don't know but like in the movies I don't really see her as that. Because they pretty much potrayed her as being a strong and independant woman, so I guess I'm pretty much confused ? In my opinion, I think Mulan should of just accepted the job along side of Shang so she would of been with him. Anyways she would eventually go back home to her family, right ? Well anywhoo other than what I just said I honestly enjoyed this story alot, Great Job :)

- abegail
Anonymous2009 chapter 11 . 1/1/2009
Oh please do continue!
RedWingedAngel002 chapter 5 . 7/13/2008
Hmm.. Interesting.. Very interesting. So they all know who Mushu is, huh? That naked conversation made me laugh.

Ari chan
RedWingedAngel002 chapter 4 . 7/13/2008
Oo-hoo Looks like things are getting interesting. Lol.

Ari chan
RedWingedAngel002 chapter 3 . 7/13/2008
Omg~! Mulan _

Ari chan
RedWingedAngel002 chapter 2 . 7/13/2008
A giant red thing. Lmao. XD Great job..

Ari chan
RedWingedAngel002 chapter 1 . 7/13/2008
Whoot! I am here once again. Lol. I'm so glad there is a sequel! You'll be hearing much of me now. Lol.

Ari chan
Silvara chapter 9 . 12/21/2007

Please... for my sake, it you pity me just a little bit, never, ever, ever, write that again in a fiction (least if it's a parody)

No. This is definitely a parody. Look, I don't give one cent at this Yi-Pek guy for credit.

First, he know that Mulan is restrained mentally, but then he freak out because he doesn't find her in her usual room. Second, he accept the presence of Shang in his house. Third, he threatens to reveal their dishonor to china, but then, Shang threatens to reveal something about him (what secret? I have no clue) anyway, he answer by threatening his live, and then, what does Shang does? he threatens to reveal one of his sister's secrets. Aha! Now Yi-Pek surely can't kill him. Very logical, huh!

Ok, let see If i undertond the chronology ell... In the earlier chapters... Mulan tell SHang that she has to marry Yi-Pek to protect her loved ones... then, sudently, here we goes : "You'll marry me, or I'll kill Shang."

Mulan stared at him angrily. "I WON'T!"

Ok. I'm officially lost.

"What in the world do you know about my brother and his love?"

"Absolutely nothing about either of them. Although, he assumes I do because I'm the General's son, and I am acquainted with figures of authority."

No, sorry but I don't buy that. Is that Yi-Pek man a clown or what?

"I'm sure many people would have listened to what Yi-Pek had to say about us."

"I wouldn't have."

"That's because you're the man I didn't sleep with."

What did I say about corny? Well, that wasn't only corny. It sounded silly.

"But I won't. Even if we do marry, you and I, you're still General. The morning after our wedding, you'll be off again training troops, fighting for your life."

Where does that come from ? Is it really a moment to steak about such minors worries?

Besides they all keep repeating things over and over (as an example, Shang having a secret plan). It may get boring in final.

Just one last thing I you please.

How comes Mulan defeated Shan Yu and is now afraid of Yi-Pek. Does knowing that Shang loves her makes her weepy and a frail? She sounds line a useless doll. Too bad...

Well, these are the wost aspect I noticed. Of course, this fic has a lot of goods one, since I'm still reading it and wishes the best for its success. But I don't really believe that enumerating the bright and good point for this fic may help fixing it. This is why I only wrote about the problems I saw. I hope you understand. Anyway, don't lost hope not love for this interesting fanfic! I only wish it the best.

Take care

(PS: if you want to join me, I'm logged as Silvara in here. I'm now logged out in case these problems are already fixed, and then my comments get useless)
Silvara chapter 8 . 12/21/2007
I was very interesting, but, say.. Did you really had to put the caps lock on so frequently? It just make Shang sound corny...

Besides, the couple get to ramble when they're together, especially on this chapter. Let alone the scene when Shang is delusional (through I find it strange that instead of worrying to see such a man in such a state, Mulan think it fun)

"Mulan, can I be your concubine when you get married to him?"

"No, Mushu, I saved her that time. I'm glad you're counting though."

"There's some food in my pack over there. You went through everything. I figured you might have found it.

Oh, I did. I just ate it all."

These ae my favorite quotes! XD

To put that fiction in the Romance/Adventure category, but I'd had rather in Romance/humor since the Yi-Pek look like a little too soft at my opinion to call it a Mulan adventure. But it it were in humor, it would explain a lot of things and remove the light hovering corny feeling when it comes to Shang.
Silvara chapter 5 . 12/21/2007
Oh. strong and sweet at the same time. True and deep.

"when he reached in, he felt them creep on his hand.

"Ahh!" Shang yelled, pulling his hand out.

What, what, wha?"

Silvara chapter 3 . 12/21/2007
I'm glad you respected the Chinese tradition and all.
CluelessAngel chapter 11 . 4/22/2005
That was a really cute story! i can tell you i loved it! lol cant wait to hear more stories like that one!
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