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Hay chapter 24 . 10/24
I've waited so fucking long for this story to continue.
I . Love . You . And . This . Story.

-xoxo xelA
Fey chapter 24 . 10/7
I'm a biiig fan of yours and I made you a fanart,, It's not that good but I hope you like it :D please check it out! . ?fbid10204068116217987&id1676960943&seta.10204054754083942.1073741828.1676960943&refid17&_ft_top_level_post_id.10204065825400718%3Atl_objid.10204068116177986%3Athid.1676960943%3A306061129499414%3A82%3A0%3A1446361199%3A-8741750602778154957&_tn_E
Please make Xanxus be happy... Thank you!
Panda chapter 24 . 9/28
I really really love this story! I like it so much I can read 15 chapters nonstop :3 whoohoo... I love the way you write about Varia and Xanxus' feeling, it seems like you understand them so much.. I can't wait to see Xanxus make Chrome become the Varia mist guardian and take her over tsuna hwahahaha.. Oh will she reply to Xanxus' feeling? Please make him happy... Btw this is the best fanfic I ever read and I even recommend it to my sister kufufufu.. :D Please update regularly please please please... Thank you!
Tyffanie. T chapter 24 . 8/25
ahh yeah! I've been waiting for this! FINALLY they kiss :D haha keep it up! :D
nougamis chapter 24 . 8/19
First off: welcome back! Secondly: holy crap, Batman, I took way longer than I should have to see this update. My apologies.

Now, let's get started on the review. Gratuitous swearing ahead, by the way. If this review can't be published, that's totally understandable.

I want to fucking burn Iemitsu. I want to destroy him until there's nothing left, because no one's happiness means more to me than Chrome's. Nothing hurts me more than saying Tsuna has six Guardians instead of seven. Chrome's spent so long trying to become something for someone else, learning and hurting for their sake, and nothing invalidates everything she's done more than that single denial. I can and will shed actual tears.

Fuck you, Iemitsu. Fucking fuck you. Fuck Gokudera for hitting her where it hurt all those chapters ago. Bless Hibari, Lal, Basil, and Bianchi - the last one especially, because Bianchi, duh, and also because she understands and accepts Chrome's choice in a different way than most. She's proud of her, respects her, and it's wonderful. I also explicitly mentioned those four because they know how strong Chrome is; not just as a fighter, but as a person.

Chrome Dokuro being her own person is very, very important to me. Chrome Dokuro being acknowledged AS her own person is also way up there on the list of 'Things Everyone Should Care About'. As much as I hurt, she's made her own decisions and she's standing by them to the bitter end.

Ryohei gets a slightly less enthusiastic 'fuck you', if only because he's conflicted about what to feel. I swear to god, if Tsuna doesn't personally X-Burn the Vongola to Hell and back when/if he finds out, I'll fucking do it myself.

THAT SAID, the fact that I have such an emotional reaction to this is just a testament to how invested I am in this fic. (Hint: very, very invested. I can't wait for the next chapter.)

Moving on to Xanxus ... okay, I'm not going to lie, that hurt me too. He still needs a few lessons on what to do when a woman says 'no', but considering how much frustration he's been holding in for the past eon, I suppose it's slightly less bad. Still an ass, though, because he wouldn't be Xanxus if he weren't.

But what really got me was the fact that, beneath it all, he's still young; he's still vulnerable. He wants to be wanted, and I honestly think that's not a feeling Chrome is unfamiliar with. She has so much of him in her hands and the fact that he's accepted it, that he's given in, speaks volumes. No one controls Xanxus. No one's supposed to. He's the boss of the Varia, likely one of the most feared people in the underworld, and he's always. in. control.

Except when he isn't. And commence the breaking of my heart.

I feel he wants to love her as much as he wants her to love him. He wants the one thing Chrome can't give him - something that's more than her power, or her loyalty, or even her life. Sad, tragic, awful twist of fate. And you know what else hurt me? That she wanted to give it to him. That it's breaking her to do this to him, because. Fuck. Chrome Dokuro cares so much.

She cares so fucking much about everything and everyone and doesn't care at all about herself. We see her humble herself, even in the face of Xanxus' praise, because she honestly thinks she's not worth it. She cares so much that she sacrifices herself over and over without even expecting acknowledgement, let alone a 'thank you'. She's so kind and so, so strong, and I think I'm going to cry. Again.

(As an aside, Spanish senator dude totally deserves what's coming to him. I kind of want another Mukuro scene, just because the Chrome/Mukuro dynamic in this fic gives me the warm and fuzzies.)

I hate and love you all at once for this chapter. Christ, you've done an amazing job - it's like a characterization fiesta, and it's glorious.

Now, excuse me, I'm going to go look for the scattered pieces of my shattered heart.
Kibummie chapter 24 . 8/13
I'm dying to know what chrome did to protect everyone. I first read this fic years ago and now I've finally come back to it. I remembered how amazing it is. I really love how you write, hope you update soon !
Guest chapter 24 . 7/29
Yes assess assessed your back I can't wait for a new update and kyaaaa Xansus x Chrome #first kiss u can't wait to find out what will happen next please update
BlackAngel'sWrath chapter 24 . 7/29
OMG FINALLY! They finally see chrome again! YAAASSSS UPDATE SOON
Valerie chapter 24 . 7/28
Loved this chapter! I have been waiting for this moment! Xanxus and Chrome finally kissed! Although it seems like their relationship development is rather slow, still looking forward to what will come next. You have a way with words that just makes me cringe and giggle every time a Xanxus and Chrome scene comes up. Keep up the good work!
sparkling apples chapter 24 . 7/26
This is still as amazing as ever! Thank you so much for persisting with this fic, it brings great joy to me. :)
BillyBobBoo chapter 24 . 7/25
Still reading it :) still loving it and when ever you post ill always be happy.
SeoulXTusta chapter 24 . 7/24
Indyctator chapter 24 . 7/24
Ooooh the fanart is awesome! :D
And wow I finally caught up! YAY

Oh Xanxus is calling him Lussu :D
I need to learn how to tie a tie...
holy shit i would love to comb Xanxus's hair with my fingers...
FINALLY ugh they took their time to kiss.

Oh they must all look gorgeous ;-;
And we're so close to learning the truth I CANT WAIT

I'm super excited to read about the party :DD
viore chapter 24 . 7/24
ARGHH! dat cliffhanger! i have tons of question now! what happened to chrome? why she is banished from vongola? did she has unrequited love at Tsuna? why she reject xanxus? did she has some kind of trauma? why ryohei hate her? did she do something to kyoko? why she allowed to come to Tsuna's party if she do something before? ugh, please please update ASAP!

And LUSSURIAAA! why did you choose a very wrong time to appear? you ruin the moment! :'(
Indyctator chapter 23 . 7/24
I just saw the note you made omg DO I DESERVE A SURPRISE? ;-;
Gosh, you were thinking about me when I wasn't even showing any sign I was alive... you're too nice to me.

HARU IS HEAD ACCOUNTANT. That's awesome :DD oh god, I love that idea!
OH I LOVE THIS. I mean I love Chrome and the Varia but THIS. The friendship between two women who look out for each other, I LOVE.
I confess I giggle because of the "Haya-baka". Suits him :D

Oh I love that idea of Flames changing as you grow up and grow old, according to your priorities. It's very clever and it makes sense!

WOW the illusion she put on her target. It's so cruel and effective. I approve.
Oh Levi came without Xanxus telling him to ;-; Nice Levi. Oh god, I love how you write Levi. This is how I imagine him. It's so good.
That part between Levi and Chrome was great! Both their loves are beautiful ;-;
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