Reviews for Seeing Double
ambielynn1980 chapter 27 . 11/23
Don't pay attention to the mean eemails because you are a great writer. Keep up your great work they are just jealous of it. :)
Guest chapter 30 . 11/20
YOU ARE AMAZING. I have just finished reading your story and I LOVED it!
HayleyLouise chapter 30 . 10/30
I have loved this story! And I would just like to say that although, at times, your grammar did stunt the flow of the story slightly, it did not affect the story in a negative way. This is a well thought and well written story, regardless of grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. I don't leave reviews very often, but after you author's note, I felt I had to praise this story that I have enjoyed so much! You've done a wonderful job, even if I do think you would benefit from having a beta - I understand your reasons for not wanting to have one. If you do change your mind, drop me a PM, I am not interested in plagiarising or stealing anyone else's work. Please keep writing, you have a talent, don't let anybody stop you.
DunkieDoodles chapter 1 . 10/20
I absolutely love this story i was sucked in right away and look forward to reading more. Keep up the good work!
harryginny4life chapter 27 . 10/16
great story
hi chapter 30 . 9/21
Keep it uo this is one if my fsvorites your the best!
hi chapter 27 . 9/21
Dont let them get you down! I have aspurgers so i understsnd :) i think your amazing and those poeple who dont undersyand should keep there mouth shut!
New to HP fic chapter 30 . 8/29
Don't know if you're still reading reviews but I have to say, especially after reading about your struggles, I am very impressed with this fic! The plot development was excellent-intriguing and surprising! I couldn't not read it! The imagery and content improved steadily throughout the piece! Grammar- grammar can be easily corrected! You've got a real handle on the tough parts!

Thank you for the lovely read!
anabelle chapter 18 . 6/28
serius? y ese quien es?
moo im a kitty chapter 27 . 5/17
I'm not sure if you are still writing on here, but your story line and content is amazing. Keep on keepin on :)
The Lion And Lamb chapter 17 . 3/19
EXPELLIARMUS not expelliuos or whatever the hell you put. Here is a break down for you EXPELLI-meaning to expel, to get rid of. ARMUS- as in thier arms, their wepons (in tjis case their wand). Capitalize a fucking sentence once in a while. Oh my lord get the ficking characters names right, Sirius not serious (fyi thats the expression. As in, I am serious.) PUNCTUATION!
Shantelle chapter 30 . 3/15
Amazing story. I sat down and read it in a day. You have a gift. I'm glad you continued to write despite the negative comments. This has been one of the best Hermione Fred and George stories on this site and I've reading HP fanfiction for years. I hope you continue your great work. I don't know you but I am very,very proud to be a fan. I can't wait to star reading part Two.
poisonivy160911 chapter 5 . 3/15
I like the story so far, but the grammar and spelling are pretty terrible and it definitely detracts from the experience. So far, my number one problem with this is your usage of sense when the correct word is since. The problems make the story choppy and hard to immerse oneself in.
Shadow chapter 27 . 2/21
Dear, dear Karategirl666.
I'm writing this for second time and this time I am going to be shorter. I think...
Shakespeare once wrote "I will use words, not dagger"* I fing it fitting as I write this. Words have a lot of power in them, they can bring joy or saddness and I think that your words bring joy. The story Seeing Double is amazing and I'm sure there are others that share my opinion.
Don't ever stop writing and doing anything that makes you happy, never stop.
People that sent you insults, they are just bullies. Their lifes are crappy and they can't stand that someone is doing better than them, so they need to make that person's life as bad as their is. In this case that person is you. Don't let it get to you, it's not worth it. Those people are sad, pathetic excuses of human beings and I pity them because of it.
I know you wrote that you won't let it get to you, but it helps to have someone say it to you, at least it helped me. I'm not a writer, but I know how it is to be told you are not good enough. It sucks.
Your story made my day better and I love it. Stay strong, because life is going to give you some shit along the way, but it is usually worth it.

* Hamlet said that, I read it in my mother language so the translation my be wrong.
nightwing9964 chapter 27 . 2/20
Don't let anyone ever put you down... yeah I know your already don with this story, and that there's even a part 2, but I'm a little late with my fanfiction. Yours is the first I've ever read. Really, let nobody put you down ever.
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