Reviews for He Noticed Her
little miss michelle chapter 27 . 4/9
This is so good!
TempletonRex chapter 26 . 3/4
Poor Harry. I mean this poor kid just gets abused left, right, and centre. I'm glad he has Hermione and for all his shortcomings Ron as well on his side. You never realise when reading the stories first time around how bad he really has it because you take it in stride just like he does. I loved how you wrote Hermione here.

Oh and "That manky little bint…" hahaha! I couldn't stop laughing!

Can't believe there's only one chapter left.
TempletonRex chapter 25 . 3/4
Absolutely loved that scene with Fred and his Mum. Priceless that was. Not to mention Harry's comments about pairing Hermione with Ron, too funny.

I know this posting is old but sorry to hear about your slag of a boyfriend. I hope things turned out for the best for you.
TempletonRex chapter 21 . 3/4
I get such a kick out of Fred's occasional moments of personal reprimand like when he thinks how he's in deep or uh-oh I've got it bad. It's pretty stinking adorable.

My curiosity was itching when I wondered how you'd play out this particular scenario. I like it.
TempletonRex chapter 19 . 3/4
That was a great chapter. I'm sorry I don't have anything more original to say as a compliment sometimes, but alas that's why I'm the reader and you're the writer of ;)

Must say well done on defending yourself to snippy reviews in the author's note this chapter! It still amazes me how many self proclaimed Potterheads are out there that have never read the books.
TempletonRex chapter 17 . 3/4
Ahhh! That was the best ever! I loved reading how she was kinda excited by Krum but then Fred miraculously shows up and nips it in the bud. But when he kisses her mid rant at being told off I nearly lost it! That sums those two up so well. Loved this chapter!
TempletonRex chapter 14 . 3/4
Really enjoying the little sentiments from Freddie throughout the chapter. Particularly the one about being mother and wife yet he still dreams about her. Very sweet.
TempletonRex chapter 12 . 3/4
Ron was such a prat in this part of the storyline. I mean really did he actually think Harry wanted anything like this after all the years of being the centre of unwanted attention and fighting to not be killed? It was at this point in the original story that my love for Ron dwindled. I'm glad you made sure to acknowledge it.

I was a little surprised Fred and George were unsure oh Harry's innocence to begin with but even still it's not really OOC for them to question things. They usually just do it so fast with each other that by the time other people ask them they've already sussed out their opinions.

Great read so far! Really looking forward to some Fremione next chapter.
TempletonRex chapter 11 . 3/4
You're so thoughtful. Just reading through your author's note I couldn't help but smile that you care so much about how your readers feel, that's so nice. I liked the chapter. Glad you pulled that scene from the movie bc it really is adorable. Until next time.
TempletonRex chapter 10 . 3/4
This story was already well written once I got my hands on it but I'm personally hoping Krum asks Hermione and Fred tries to steal dances with her. Much more angst-y ;) Can't wait for the next chapters!
TempletonRex chapter 4 . 3/3
100% ditto on your author's note! She's so versatile in any pairing. I use to be heavy Hermione/Sirius but then I discovered Fremione and it's amazing how quickly it took my affections.
Looking forward to the next chapter, can't wait to see how things go. I'm especially curious how Ron's feelings for her are going to pan out.
TempletonRex chapter 3 . 3/3
I loved your they frog-marched Hermione up the hill, pretty cute and believable. It's always hard for me to get on board with nicknames but I usually warm to the eventually. I can say though I much prefer that too 'Mione.
TempletonRex chapter 2 . 3/3
Good pacing for the characters and really like how snippets of the book are peppered in.
MrsGreen01814 chapter 27 . 11/30/2016
Love it!
XxTaintedxDaggerxX chapter 27 . 11/23/2016
Loved this and can't wait to read more!
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