Reviews for Getting Hitched
tanseynz chapter 5 . 10/21/2014
She didn't even tell Gran she was bringing a guest, let alone a man she was engaged to that she'd previously claimed to hate? The girl has lost her marbles, clearly! Or is pregnant, or he's blackmailing her. No wonder Gran is worried. Any sane parent (or grandparent) would be.
tanseynz chapter 3 . 10/21/2014
It's worth remembering that as a second language speaker of English, Eric would not use bad grammar. Two phrases you used incorrectly, ' Don't take it personal' instead of 'personally', and 'bit off more than I can chew' instead of 'bitten' would not happen as part of ESL teaching is to use idioms correctly. It tends to be native-born English speakers that misuse the language in that way.
tanseynz chapter 2 . 10/21/2014
Revenge is sweet! He's gonna be soooorry!
tanseynz chapter 1 . 10/21/2014
She can't say no? She must have had a great face on when he revealed his strategy in front of his boss. I'd have given him away in a heartbeat...
Guest chapter 5 . 3/16/2014
It is such a shame that you haven't updated in 2 years. I guess you are abandoning this tale. You left us at an important stage in their relationship. I hope that you can find the motivation to start up again.
MandaW4 chapter 5 . 9/15/2013
Really a great story. i love your writting.
MandaW4 chapter 1 . 9/15/2013
Funny ...
Guest chapter 5 . 1/18/2013
Great story hope you continue with it.
Ragna01 chapter 5 . 10/22/2012
Your story is funny and engaging! I can hardly wait for the next update! Hope you get post it soon, I am flying attendant so I undestand how taxing it can be to spend your day hoping the kids dont cry AND getting things done. Hope yours is ball of sunshine.
FutureMrs.Northman chapter 5 . 10/20/2012
I love this story and I wish you would finish it. I hope you will.
Toni chapter 2 . 10/17/2012
This story is a treat
jwarden chapter 5 . 10/14/2012
Love the story. Please update!
Bschoen515 chapter 5 . 9/21/2012
Ahhh! What happened to the story? I like it...where's it going? Where has it gone? Are you still there and planning to finish? Hope so...hope you are ok:-). Please continue.
RiverQuaimegi chapter 5 . 5/20/2012
I hope you will continue this story because I really love it! Eric and Sookie are great, and I always enjoy when their relationship begin with them hating each other.
Mara chapter 5 . 4/21/2012
SharaMoon hello my name is Mara, I read ur story Getting Hitched and instantly clicked to it. I hope that u write more cause I would love to see what happens with Sookie and Eric, I can't wait to see how this plays out..
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