Reviews for The Normal Life
Ann chapter 33 . 4/29
Since the show, Bitten, was terminated by Sci Fi via NBC, the merging of Bitten and Wolf Lake would be great. At the end of Bitten, the pack then realizes that a family or a society of werewolf families are now possible. The secret of a female werewolf lies in her lineage, a werewolf dad and a maternal werewolf grandpa. A continuation of Bitten can reflect the development of this society and its mores, while keeping secret from the outside world.

You should submit that idea and your fan fiction to the Sci Fi channel via NBC.

Good Luck
Shellbean chapter 13 . 12/30/2017
Hey there Didi,
I am buying this story. It's great! Thanks for writing. Shellbean:)
Guest chapter 33 . 7/21/2016
Loved this story. This is my favorite complete fanfic for wolf lake... no doubt about it :)
Guest chapter 1 . 11/13/2015
i love it i just found out about wolf lake early in this year but i love this story think u
Ann chapter 33 . 8/20/2015
I recently found out about Fan Fiction. I liked your story because it didn't have an illogical ending. Most of these WL stories end with Luke obsessed Sophia having second thoughts about a destined mate, which is ridiculous. Since wolf mates can't live without each other, it didn't make sense to separate them by moving one of them to separate towns. However, I would have liked to read a sequel.
WolfVampGhoul345 chapter 33 . 4/28/2015
Great story! I really hope you start a new sequel!
Cinda chapter 33 . 5/3/2014
It has been eleven years since your last update and I would love to read more. You are a great writer and I really enjoyed this story. I love Luke and Sophia and the new pack. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I hope you are doing well in your life and will soon revisit this story so we can enjoy more of your writing.
Lorelei Candice Black chapter 33 . 8/22/2013
I absolutely loved this story!This was great!
kymmie chapter 33 . 6/19/2013
Please write a sequel. Loved this one.
Guest chapter 33 . 6/15/2013
Please do a follow up this story was amazin. U have a gift a passion and i thoroughly enjoyed both ur stories. I would love to know what happens next. How luke and sophia get on. There marriage do they have kids. And john and ruby hows there pack doin. Hows life treatin them. Please do a follow up i beg u. Thanks :-) x
yotoots chapter 32 . 2/7/2013
Pouts I don't want your wolf lake story to end I enjoyed it far to much
yotoots chapter 31 . 2/7/2013
Lol blackstone is so great you really captured him I love it
yotoots chapter 30 . 2/7/2013
Ooooo I'm with ruby , Matt might be the one strong enough to take a pup like Kanin down his powerful and strong to
yotoots chapter 29 . 2/7/2013
God Matt needs to be alpha and John his number 1
yotoots chapter 28 . 2/7/2013
Oh god does this mean Matt has to step down as alpha or fight kanin
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