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Musical cake chapter 15 . 1/1/2013
That was wonderful.
The Bonecrusher Hyena chapter 9 . 8/12/2012
Did you based al-ho and yu-pa on ash and Dawn from Pokémon? Ya, known because of their names and appearance?
ColorGuardSweetHeartHottieFury chapter 10 . 5/10/2012
Alho and Yupa in New York Suggestions/Ideas continued (don't worry almost finished wiht this idea I just gotta get out):

They arrive though Crane seems joyed yet more speachless, it's October, but they all notice something differnet about all of them. They seem to talk quietly to eachohter as if in disbeief

Once back at the hotel they go out to town to Applebees (thye are in NEw York two story ones) But Airy pulls her husband aside whispering to him as if angry "We can't keep this from them they've gotta knwo we gotta tell them that..."

"Tell them what' Pucca sneaks up on them both startled "uH... NOthign sweatheart go see your moma will be right back soon." She's confuses but agrees only She goes to nide instead finding the resterautn had good many places to practice sneaking and spying alogn with Garu with her.

"We got to tell them what this says.

Running Garu grabs what appears to be a pen running with it, while both adults watch as if horrified. Quickly she leaps forwards while the children are running ot the table "Garu Pucca you bring that back this instant..."

"Make us" they giggle trying to play, Crane is unsure what to do she's running many of the resterautn customers watch them amused or confused some annoyed. "Drop that pen right now."

"Make us..."

"I peed on it"

The two children froze their skin turnign white "Ew" they placed it on the table, only the table it was on could make her heart skip a beat as both ehr and skin found htier skin flush.

Sophie and Molly were the once to notice.

"Mommy she peaed on that... DOn't touch it."

"Pft guess that one has been let of the bag..." she scoffed looking at Crane who was blushing, he was quiet anxious since he could not explain it himself he wasn't thinking anyhting would happen at least not this soon.

"What' she looked knowing the shape, knowing what it was, same did Molly. They both picked it up lookign thier were two lines both pink and a plus sign.

Paled they looked up at the coulple now holding eachohter "Is... Is it true?'

Blushing they both nod "It... It is"

Both suddenly scream throwing the pen on the table hugging both. Taking her hand out of Monk's Kim held hte object stiff unable to believe it, her firend her best friend would be expectined.

What is it?" Monk asked leanign in to get a closer look. It was the strange pne "M...M... m... mY.. mY best friends pregnant" she cried in shock, everyone in the table froze looking to the humman girl, but only one did not know why most everyone was so shocked upon this new news.

Months pass her baby bump begins to show. Her first doctors appointment is in Novenmber. December they take their first Ultra sound to find the most incredible news.

Coming home both are brimming wiht joy, closing the door of the motel where not only her best friend waited but everyone else. Gleaming they asked "Well what is it... are they..."

"Their human... Well for now that we know of anyways so everyone can hold their breath." Kimmy looks confused but scoffs thinking her friend was trying to cool the air.

"But" Crane interupts smiling holding her stomach "You should be saying how they are doing.'

"They" they both gleamed lookinga t eachother, when Ary sighs and looks to everyone. "I'm having twins... Ferternal twins..."

"We're going to have both a duaghter and son."

LAter that day while everyones clamering to se the pictures Crane pulls Monkey aside puling him into a room leavng it dark "Hey what gives."

"You know what gives' he asnwers staring straight at his best friend "You know it's been more then three months since you've known eachtoher enough to be dating. ANd yet here she is clueless at commetns... If you really care for her you gotta tell her.'

"No I don't have to'

"Think when ever we have to go back she'll find out that or she'll forever recent how you up and left her disapearing completly from the world.

"Well let me explain on my own terms then."

"Fine but your not doing yourself any favors.'

A month passes it's New Years Eve, Kimmey's sitting on the toilet looking at a cup praying it wasn't what she was thinking. Finally he phone goes off and she lookes at the pen, sucking in the air as she see's the symbol. Their was a big plus sign.

Worried Kim hears her best friend fall on the ground in hteir appartment now shared wiht her husband and as usual her best friend.

"Crane I need your help" quickly he comes and breaks teh door down. Grabbign ehr uncontious best friend, she looks ot what she is cluting and gasp.

"Kims wake up... Kims' her best friend faintly hears.

"Wh... What?"

Kimmy comes to she's laying in her bed with her best friend and her best firends husband siting on the edge lookign worried. "Ho.. How long have... Have you been... Been missing?'

I... I don't know couple of weeks couple of months."

She gasps looking at her hoping for hte best. "Is.. Is Monk the.. The..."

"Yes" she turns away puckering her lips. HOlding her legs close to her she begins to cry "How.. How do I tell him we were stupid we... We shouldn't.

Kick as can be Crane tells his friend it was urgent it was about Kimmy. It seemed only seconds or minutes went by before he came in bursting the door open 'How is she, where is she, how.. how can I.."

"NO... he... He'll hate me he'll."

"What" he burst in her room to see his blonde haired girlfried crying her eyes out. "Kimberly what's the matter."

She only sobbed harder and harder, it was hard for her to speak "I'm... I'm..." she was chocking but finall managed to say the words "I'm pregnant'

He gasps "You sure" she shows hi the pen "Most of the time these are accurate but' it's been two months.. maybe a bit mroe... I've gained in the wiast... Fcae it I'm pregnant.

He finds it hard to breath, but soon flabergasted, he stumbles his way back to the hotel that is with AIrya nd Crane's help where he breatks the news to the group who become mroe shocked.

It is plaed for the sake of both and the unborn child that they should at least marry.

But this doesn' hinder the new years eve party, they have they walk out and ceebrate get on the roof to catch a glimpse of the ball dropign from a far playing games watching movies till midtnight though the two children fall asleep before hand.

Then the clock stricks Time Square Ball is Droped. Airya dn Crane kiss, Yupa and Dyal kiss. Tigress asks why everyone was kissing.

Sophie smiles "It's tradition in our world. When new years comes a guy and girl usualy kiss especially if their a couple. ONly Alho grabs her making her squel before spinign her around and ksising ehr while Old Aquantance plays louldy on the radio by the famous old band singing.

Finding it strange Po Surprises her and they suddenly kiss finding it awekard, she wasn't shy or stranger to thse feelings she knew they sorta shared.

Monkey then grabs Kimmy as he kisses her hard after such a logn day for them both.

Molly feels left out all these kissing couples she shuffles her fear feeling sorta sad until someone clears his throat blushign she looked to see the red head. Do you have someone to kiss you at midnght?

"No" she said quite sadly

Smiling he looked to her "Neither do I.. May I"

She smiled, but was scared 'S...S... Sure" she timmidly replied getnly he laned in and his lip of the bug that was currently looking huma was so smooth and kind,s he grasped him, she'd been kissed by boys but he was the best she had.

(Reason for adding this and hoping for this section... Well in Kung Fu Panda 2 it is mentioned that Mantis has comitment issues since his kind when he met the right girl in her pregnancy she would bite his head off and hear him alive... Well then it's more expressed byt eh directors in the BLur Ray delted scenes and the special features... I thought what if his commitment issues lead him to meat someone on earth who was not a bug.. I though Molly was a sweat tender gilr for him... Just thuought to give it a go."

Gently the kiss ended as Shifu smiled aprovingly at his student's all seemed to be falling inlove, it was the simple natures of life. All in all he knew the joy would soon end he knew trouble was brewing he could feel it. He was glad the circle of life still world and maybe them all being upon this earht was no accidnet but a blessing for many of his students.

It's Februrary. Kimberly's brithday, Crane yet again confronts Monkey about telling Kimmy the truth about who he was, about who they all were.

He at first refuses, but early that morning tey go to the doctor to find out their having a son. He dind't want a fmaily built on lies, he found out his son owuld be due most likely in late May or early June.

Sighing he agree's it would be best.

FInally that night their at the appartment, he takes her in the seperate bedroom sets her down, tries to stop passing, she laughs telling him he worries to much thier son was alright. Finally he just says it "Kimberly I'm a monkey."

She laughs thinking he's jocking, everyone heres outside. "Common dear be serious... Your cute in all but that's a far fetched prank Monk."

"My names not Monk.. it's Monkey."

'Sure thing and I'm the queen of England."

"No seriously... I'm being real" he grabs her wrist to which her smile turns to a fown and she watcches ansious, "Monk... yoru.. Yoru starting to.. ot scare me."

"I.. I'm sorry I don't mean to but... Huh.. It would be best if I showed you.

Steping back he sighed he loved her, but he had to admit it was for the best of everything. THe windows blow open the wind blows around him and suddenly their he shrinks before her eyes.

She backs up panting.

"Kimmy it's me..."

"What the freakin heck."

"Kimberly let me explain"

'Explain what how you lied, how you used some type of magic... Oh shoot magic is realy.. yoru yoru a ... a... No Kimmy your going crazy... YOur."

"First hear me out... I wanted to tell you but I.. I was scared.. I.. I should have but Kim... The day we met I was turned human by our old master now diseased.."

"Great an
ColorGuardSweetHeartHottieFury chapter 9 . 5/10/2012
Alho and Yupa in New York:

Kimmy yawns, her room was a mes, same was the appartment, but the paint everywhere the look of childs play everywhere only made her feel at home. She wished the place could stay this way it was homy and fun. She had an incredible weekened with Monk, he was a cool guy once you got to meet hiM. The days were speant pranking innocent bystanders playing fake pregnancy they squirting those who try to help with a waterbottle and takking a run for hte hills the next moment.

She actually liked some of his ideas, never had she had so much fun with a guy. Well since she was a child. This, this would be fun if each and everyday was spent in this childness. For once she found someone she was her true self around and she did not care what otehrs thought for she knew he was just as bad as he was.

She remembered his kiss that morning as he woke early to grab them breakfast from the coffee place nearby, it was their weekened rutine now. SHe stretched remembering how she crashed in his hold from the soda, sugar and energy overload from the cans of energy drinks coffee and soda they equally jugged down, somwhat in a contest.

Groaning she began to get up feeling sore from such an incredible week of play and tomfoolerly. Walking stiffly from her aching body that was exhausted from the overloaded crash it still was recovering from making her suffer a major headack. SHe managed to find the kitchen though all ight was blinding.

Then she smelled something, something she actually woke up to. "Cinimon." openig ehr eyes, their was the handsome muscular bruennet cooking, french toast. "You can cook" she gasped watchign him making the delicious meal.

"Yeah... But I just learned this from that Emril fello on the Food Network"

"Mr. Oldie... Yeah he has good recipies." SNiffing the air she sunk in her chair and sighed "mMmMMM... Smells yummy"

Noticng her sudden happiness he wondered "DO you like French Toast."

"More like love it, when my family used to be alive we'd have it every Sunday before church, Saturdays were Cinimon Roels Donutes or big breakfasts. But Sunday that was are tradition... Mom always added a little almond extrat, along wiht this vanila Uncle Moe before he suffered from heart faliar he amde the most incredible vanila extract one of the few in the states... My cousins now run it.. THey've been the only ones to chekc in with me my whole live... They act as my older brohers but living so far away they couldn't really get custody of me.. SO I just stay distantly in touch from time to time.

Nodding he set the plate along with the syrup he managed to find in the cuboard after their many experimental recipies, it seemed this managed to last them and not be used. He had to thank her for teachinghim what it was, otherwise he could have pulled out one to many things, some not even food items but cleanign products.

"I've had fun Monk.. YOu know I was wrong about you"

Kissing her on the forhead he smiled "I'm glad to hear that." The hold hands like an old married couple at the table before relaxing for ocne in these many days in the lounge wear cuddling against eachother as they began to watch The Princess Bride, though it was funny, Monkey was more amazed this silly little movie was Kims favorite, eh would have taken her for more serious or rebelious type of film from what he was getting used to in htis last month. Actually a great many things surprised him of her.

Back to the group.

"Ok I'm not able to get her to answer her sel, are phone line is discunected... I'm scared to know what happened. I talked to police and it seems no one under her name has been arrested for anythign... So I don't know if to be relieved or stressed aboutt htis" she ranted to Crane who was thinking wondering if he was wrong all along and his friend could be interested in his fiance's friend.

"Hey why not check the appartment befor you get yourself all discombubled Arizona." Yu-pa suggested "Maybe she's still aseelp."

"She is a light sleeper a rock hits a window she wakes up I don't think so."

"Well at least try it cna't hurt" Molly urges, as Airy sighs putting down her phone and nods. "Well it's worth a try but if their there together... I fear what I may come across."

"What do you mean?" Garu asks, she only laughs "Well' she bites her lip "That's a something you will learn about as a big kid.'

He looks confused as do everyone else. "I'm just scared to find they grew a little cough cough" she cleared her thoat as some of the figures jumped.

"Wait you don't think."

"I meant for them at least to try to get along more, afterall they never gave eachohter much of a try... I never meant for them to well... "

"Airy he's not like that"

"Well neither is my friend... BUt a girl has to worry, doesn't she?'

NOdding he looks "Let's go it's best to just find out." Nodding she grabs her keys when he only laughs as he looks to a window smirking "Lets take a faster rout."

"What' he changes back to his original form. "Care for a lift.

She pauses looking at the window then him as if it were crazy. "I'll trust you on this... But you sure this is safe."

"Well it's not safe It's not like I haven't done it before."

"Yeah like wiht me." she looks over at the large man Peter and smirks "You can cary him..." pausing she looks makre sure he was telling the truth,s he had an act for detecting the liars. "Fine... I don't see the harm... We need to avoice busy streets the best we can and windows no one can see us."

"You got it..." he smiled she wraped her arms around him frightened only to look into his eyes and smirk.


"I feel I'm Mary Jane and your my Spider Man."

Smilign he still didn't get the whole super hero referances she often made he felt sheepish by the kind remark he could tell by her tone was a grandous complement.

Soon they arrive at the appartment, the figures cuddling wathcing tv don't even notice somone arriving on the balcany till the window unhinges and blows open, and a woman gasps lookign shocked "ARE APARTMENT!" SHe nearly screams.

"This is your apartment, chaninging human before Kimmey even see's him "Wow it's a" he gets a deathly star from his fiance. "Its uh got a nice redecoration.. To it..."

"Kimmey what on earth did you do while we weree gone.

'Uh on" she blushed trying to use a pillow to hide herself against hte handsome muscular boy that looked like a jock but was a mighty good prankster she mightas well call her boyfriend by now. BLushgin she tried to use the blanket nad pillow to hide herself.

"Pst Monk tell em I'm not here... Please"

He laughed "Certianly."

"Kimmmy what the hell happened..." SHe froze comign to the living room to see Monk their. She felt as if her worst fears may be realized.

"Monk were is Kims?"

'Uh did you try her room"

"DOn't play coy I know she's here somewhere hidding none the less..."

She walked fowards only to see the blanket, the lump that had a foot mmove. Sighing she rolled her eyes as Crane walked in the room as Chris. "Kimmy get out from under their now."

"No" she screamed trying to hold the pillow. "Beep Kim's not here right now you can leave a message after the beap."

"YOu child come and face me like a woman."

Finally she got the pillow as her friend smiled liek a child sheepishly "Hi' she gleamed "Oh so your home"

"DOn't you oh you home me... What happened to thsi place.

Blushing Kimmy looked up to the man she was leaning into who also smiled guiltily "Uh... Lets say we did some remodling while you were gone... You like."

"What's that in your hair?" sHE touched her scalp only to see it was a peice of noodle "Uh SPaggetti I think" sniffing it she smiled "Yep spaggetti frm the food fight."

"A food what?'

"It's a childish thing that most schools have baned and for good reason.

"Well I'm sorry k... Thing got out of hand... I pulled some pranks and..."

"What is that?" she suddenly asked lookning to the box of empty Energy Drinks. "Monkey did you buy those for her?

"Yeah uh what's the problem?"

She glared at her best friend "You should know better."

"What I like being a child."

Sighing she glared.

"Wait" he through his hands forwards suddenly standing up and looking at his friend leaning against the pillar nearby smirking with his arms cross. "Chris you told her." Smiling wider he looked ot his fiance who smirked 'Course he did... But none of that matters... If I had known you would htink of buying energy drinks..."

"Whats wrong with them.'

"Plenty for health but... She's allergic her body can't take in caffine in the doses that Energy drinks give... She'd be bouncing off the walls.. Your lucky she didn't need hospitlization they can kill her in those doses.

"Kimmy why didn't you tell me?'

"Eh why ruin the fun... I ike ENergy drinks... The doctors just wanna keep me away from what I enjoy" she answered with a shrug purly like a child.

Wondering her gaze she suddenly saw something shining and reflecting turning to find it was coming from her friend she looked upon her hand and gasped "WHAT YOUR ENGAGED!"

So within the next few days they make the plans, days later that same Christian Churhc Monk found Kims in once Arizona arrived in a flowered white halter that made ehr glow her hair was nice and she was beautiful Garu played the ring barrer while Pucca the flower girl, Monk was the best man while Kimmey played the brides maid. THe kids and Monk agreed along wiht Po and Al-ho that the ties and the suites of the modern world were tihgt or such.

THe wedding was sweat reception dinner took place at a French resteraunt they picked out together. Kimmy surprised ehr friend with tickets to Hawii for two weeks she was blown away because they ahd plans to just stay in the city for their honneymoon. They are sent off and are gone for those two weeks.

Well their is some troule caused during htis time by Dylan and Sophie's mother especially hte old girlfriend.

They return both Po, Dylan, Sophie and Monkey could not be more pleased that
ColorGuardSweetHeartHottieFury chapter 8 . 5/9/2012
Alho and Yupa in New York suggestions/ideas continued:

They soon arrive to Niagra Falls, Arizona is quick to buckle in and turning the radio on for the tower miles away. Once again they were landing at a small independent air field just outside hte city. Afterall the cabin was outside the city as well. They'd take the next day to explore tonight would be resting and enjoying eachohter at the old cabin she kept for good reason.

Soon they arrived, she asked him to ocupy himself she had to prepare a surprise. Taking the coller she packed she spent the hours making her moms fammous recipe, it's what made her dad shure her motehr was the one, and maybe just maybe it would intrigure her love all the same. Besides it was her favotire meal and she was proud no meat exsisted in it. With him being a bird, it all made sense why eh was a vegitarian. If she loved him she knew the lifestyle she might have to just get used to, for him she would do anything as long as they were both happy.

Humming she preparied the French ONion like her mother used to their first night after arriving to thsi cabin for a welld diserved vacation. She spent the whole afternoon cooking but at last it was done.

Along with the bread she cooked in the oven with herbs in all. She prepaired a romantic berry salad and searched around her mothers old things. Finally she found the candleabras her motehr and father revieved for as a wedding gift from some friends. They were beautiufl and pefect fo tonight. Gently she carried everything she needed out, placed the hanging candles around the trees on their metal pedistals, turned on the old tree christma lights whcih she was pleased still worked and made it glow so white next to the small pond. Blowing out the match she couldn't help but notice the fine place setting somethign was missing. Running in she grabed her mothers old radio with her oldies collection her father and mother embaresed her by always dancing to like some old couple. It now seemed the one thing she desired herself. Afterall she lvoed that bird of hers.

He surprised her from behind makign ehr jump and scream. "How did you do that?'

"I think I neglected to tell you I'm a Kung FU Master I've been sneaking behind you for the last few hours finding it amauzing, besides who could stay away from you, your incredible."

"Stop it' she screahced as she grabed her and dipped her in a kis "Honey your making me blush."

"Then I've done my job" she felt overwhelmed with mixed feeligns all loving and overjoyed she felt like a child as she moaned at his soft kiss and wrapped her arms around his necK.

"Dinner please... I though you were traditional on things"

"Never said I was going against you I wouldn't dare go that far with an unmarried woman."

Sighing relieved she watched him as he picked her up iwhtout a hitch and set her in the seat pulling it out by just kicking it so smoothly.

"SO Kung FU master... What are you like from ancient China."

He looked to her obvioulsy blushign "How did you know my secret."

"I was being sarcastic."

He only shrugged his shoulders and took his seat smiling at the song Going to the Chapel played on her mothers old collection.

"SO... Well tell me about wheere your from what's it's like."

"Peaceful and beautiful quite like this' he goes on to talk about his home telling her of his life, the warriors how they came across Al-ho and Yu-pa or even Dylan and Sophie. She sits amidly listening like a child while they laugh and grow.

"So the otehrs... All but Al-ho, Yu-pa, Dylan and Sophie plus their children the rest are animals"

"Yes' He tells her what they are only she scoffs.

"Man did Kims get the perfect man for her or what." she says taking another sip of ehr sparkling cider. "She two gets a man who is her favorite animal."

"That is if thye work out."

She smirks looking to the moons reflection in the lake "I'm sure it will... You don't knwo ehr like I do... Like I said hteir in love with eachother just to afraid to show it."

Lauging he has to admit Monkey was the type to do so.

They laugh and connect when Fly Me To the Moon plays he picks her up and they dacne like an old couple. They soon grow eshausted looking at the stars and she smiles "I'll always love you Crane always"

Smiling he felt happy, but began to think, he was nervous becaue he knew smething and did not kwno if he would choke.

The next day she wakes outside though he cooked them breakfast, exhuasted he kisses her goodmorning. They enjoy the morning, till she gets dressed n fresh clotehs and they go see Niagra Falls. Once they've climbed the top the roar of the water is to loud.

"Arizona I... I want to ask you something."

"What?' she asks

"I want to ask you something"

"What' she tapsher ear and points to the water "I can't here you over the water."

"Will you marry me"

"Wait what?" she heard that loud and clear, surprised the human disguised bird suddenly gets on his knee and brings out a box with a ring gleaming up to the woman he lvoed "I said will you marry me" she gasps and looks to him people around them are videotapping as she smiles crying she nods her head and says "yes" he picks her up and spins her as they kiss.

Latter the two arrive, holding hands as they first go to tell his friends the news, entering their acting all normal before someone notices the hands and Po smiles "Pay up I told you they'd get together.'

She looks at Crane smiling even brighter "You want to tell them?" she whispers everyone is confused but Molly is the one to gasp "Oh my gosh they got engagdged, laying eyes upon the small ring on her finger. The two glisten at eachtoher before turning to the shocked group.

"Wait.. Isn't thier something..."

He smiles "She already knows... And she took it quiet... Well"

She blushed feeling all eyes upon her. "What can I say when you love a man you don't care what he is, long as he treats you right and loves me for me I'll be happy no matter what.. Besides he blows me away everyday I can't help loving him and will never love another like I love him... Of course I'd say yes..

Everyone's still shocked but Dylan pushes forward looking at Po "See this is what I was afraid of... I mean what if we go back what's going to happen to the team and what about..."

"I'm guessing he's Dylan the way he's acting he fits your description."

"You would be correct she sighs and looks to him "Hey to be all honest here my last family member I cared for passed three years ago. I've been on my own, and with some pretty not so great men... Hey if all's fair I'd happily leave here, I mean everything reminds me of the people I lost my dad mom and step father... I mean it's alot and I'm an only child except for step siblings that I'm nto close to... All in all I'd perfer to leave... It be better then living here and their all the time cause I'm wanting to run from my past from the pain the deaths rocked in my life.. I mean as the saying goes watch the hand that rocks the craddle and mine was already knocked over and dumped the contents I'm no child and could care less about continuing here... Besides." she smiled up at Crane who had his arm around her and was gleaming "Whereever he goes I go... I've never felt thsi way before, and love him to death.

They move in to kiss but Molly and Dylan groan 'Get a room"

They back away blushing. But Dylan still graons "Po if you hadn't stoped me none of this would have happened, I mean we can't just take her out of the world can we."

"Dylan your not my father, and if you were, I'm sure he would trust I was a groawn women able to make my own decsisions. Now I love your friend Crane and ntohings going to stop that... I want to spend forever with him cause I love him and with all due respect I'm happy to go otu of this world... My step siblings they'll probably not even miss me or notice I'm gone it seems to be what's kept them from calling or asking how Im doing all these years... But as an adult I know what I want I knwo the terms of agreeing posibly never seeing this world again... But my life has been a living nightmare I'm sick of it I need peace and reguge from it, I found that in the man I fell inlove with with the man I met at a musical by bumping into, by the man who just proposed to me the most romantic way I know possible and I happily said yes to. So to answer your argument I know the terms, the payments of which I may never have returned... ANd you knwo what I never cared much for htis world anyways to busy I think some old fashioned living will do me good for once."

Sophie and Molly start pulling her away and asking when the date will be, she looks to Crane for help but he gives her a look of unsurity on how to help and she blushes. She wasn't quiet hte type for suhc hyperness even if her best friend could be like this.

Each of them question the both of them seperatly and together before concluding that oldy they were made for eachother though Dylan still argues against his wife Yu-pa happily agrees to it telling Dylan to stop being such a jerk about it or something like that bigheaded over it. ANd just let bigons be bigons. (Dylan actually through the whole thing jokes that he doesn't like etiehr of the dating or relationships but warms to it even if he still jokes)

"So where's Monkey... I want to ask my best man..."

"Uh... That's the thing we haven't seen him all weekened we thought he was with you." Both Crane and Airy stare blankly at eachtother before she smirks "I'm going to kill that girl if she got herself in prisoned again for something irrrationally stupid.'

She starts calling her getting voice mail only.

Here it switches to Monkey and Kimmy, she is waking in a mess of feathers from the pillows every which way, afterall they did play extremly pillow fights like children all around the apartment. The rock band was still loudly playing.

Graoning her shiny rob had cholcate and other sugary sweats stained and melted into the material her Pj pants were covered in what a
ColorGuardSweetHeartHottieFury chapter 7 . 5/9/2012
Alho and Yupa in New York Review/Ideas/Suggestions continued:

Smilin she felt quiet funny, but for once she felt not barriers between them, what she was confused by could be answered together. Now they were going to enjoy their weekened together as a couple away from their friends, a time they really could be alone to know one another. Something was telling Airy that this weekened would mean the world to her. Something in her gut told her she was not going to return home the same lady, but different, for something about this trip new and exciting was going to change. Yet she did not know what, she only could look at the man she loved and smile. SHe knew the one thing that could not ever change was the way she felt for the bird who held her hand, and courted her like a gentleman of the old days. This was the perfect man for her and it would remain that way she was sure forever.

"I love you" she sighed undoing her seatbelt so she could snuggle against the duigised bird that she loved. Watching the clouds only could remind her of one thing many nights ago, after making the plans, how she dreamt she was flying in a sky much like today but without a airplane or kite to keep her up. SHe remebered circling and spiraling everywhere with joy. Though when she looked to her body she remembered quiet clearly in the dream who she was, and that was not completly herself. Closign her eyes as she moaned in the comfort of her love listenign to his heart beat. She could still see how she looked to her body to see it was gone arms and hands replaced by wings and her legs were those of a birds her body was covered in feathers as she were black and white.

It wasn't the first time she had the dream, at least tothis exent, maybe that's why she could see it asl as clear as day as soon as she closed her eys. The changes of ehr body she did not care for, she'd seen it all before, and she only could be happy that now she was at last finally free no longer bound to the earth as humans so were or wingless creatures she had wings as she should and could soar to her hearts desire.

Except this dream had been different, it changed weeks ago soon after her first date with Crane. For after sprialing and loooping eveyr which way diving through clouds having the best joy of her life she finally could see what she figured was a man but when she passed his laugh made her swoon as her heart lept. They spun and doze, he chased her over his and over dale, through forests and feilds till she finally landed finding herslef human again as she log roled onto the glorious flowered clearing next ot the most beautiful lake most likley in hte mountians since it owned a waterfall.

Laughign she turned to see the mans tanding in the lihgt, but like her he was a bird, and soon he turned to that man she lvoed.

She knew these were always dreams, but as she thought over her long continued dream sicne childhood, she had to wonder if their was some hidden truth to them. She felt free nothing tied her down in them, nothing tied her to the earth, 'Am I supposed to leave? Am I to leave with him and leave the world I know behind?' SHe asked herself, trying to even imagine doing so, she couldn't this was her kind, a world where her kind lived and prospered how could she turn her back on that. ONly she was conflicted because staying would in turn, end up with her turning her back to her love.

She could not figure out which was was right and which was up or down. Everything seemed if not felt dizzy.

Then again as she held he tightly to his arm, their was the truth he was alive and he was a man what more truth could she ask for. He lvoed her and she was with him now.

Forgeting the troubling dream her heart sighed remembering seaing his hair shine in teh sun, somehow she felt the moment she saw this jsut as ecited as the strange dream days ago some how Kims and her twins often do, thought hey were only best friends shared together. Their she remembered the sound a a baby laughing. She saw herself in a nursery holding a little girl, one like she always wanted beautiful small and perfect.

She was singing as she made baby sounds. Little kids were playing with wooden blocks trying to make a castel. BOth with flaming red hair like her father only darker and more brownish red sort of auburn, auburn brown in contrast to regular red hair or brown.

Her best friend entered a door till now did she notice was old fashioned chasing after a fast little tik who was in his undies refusing to be clothed. It made her laugh while her friend glared at her like she was not helping.

Sighing she put her baby girl in the crib as they both looked to him running outside when they heard him laugh. She was blinded by the lgiht. The doors were gone and they were somewhere where time and space were unexsistant. Suddenly two figures apeared, only it made both of them smile "Papa"

"Bro bro" like little girls they giggled running and embracing them never wanting to let them go.

"You need to keep your chin up sweet heart.. Theirs a long road ahead of you... I told you your life would be one worth living, one full of adventure and excitment one beyond yoru wildest dreams you would make us all proud."

Smiling Kims brother looked to both of them gleamign "the both of you we both saw would always be that, even if we never all met in life we felt it for those we loved when we lived."

Kissing his daughters forhead stroking back her hair her father smiled "I told you someday soon you'd have that knight in shining arm, that someday soon when you were older you'd have the biggest adventure to live, that you were special and going to do great things"

"We are counting on you both, to make the right desisions. You know to folloow your hearts, but we cna't just give you everyting on a silver plater life would be boring for anyone and everyone if we did so.. You have to make the rest of the way for the msot part on your own we can't tell you what to do only hope you choose wisely"

Snuggling into them they watched curiously as a strange figure approuched smilling up at them. The first though Kims had was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Ok so TMNT is here, now I know I'm dreaming.. THough I can't imagine why I'd dream any of them as old farts, that's no fun."

Airy giggled it was like her friend to complain. "I'm not anything to do with a show you'd watch as intertainment... But am here as both part of your past present and future, as I have always been. As I have planed and known through knowledge of what you would do and become."

"Wha?" they asked confused, he only chuckled as two cheerry trees floated out of no where, their family members releasedthem and stood close by as if guarding and watchign. Gently with the push of a incredible breaze the full bloomed flowers landed smoothly in their palms "The cherry blosums have their time to grow and are always the most beautiful in their time to shine for that is the time when the most grow. THe most beaten and torn scathed and trampled buds arethe ones at the worst hands of fate, strocking time. With all the odds agaisnt theM. Yet these buds, although their never asked blosum themselves, help eachother grow together feed eachother and love. Giving eachother strength until their time finally comes. They'll surprise everone even when others like them turn away go other routes teh flourish the most and pop in the brightest bigest sunniest and most often darkest of all the seasons. It is these times that the blosums become the rarist and msot beautiful of them all.

"Sir... Excuse me I don't quite understand you?" Airy interupted after exchanging a baffled look with her best friend.

"Yeah what do cherry blossums have to do with us?'

Laughign he nodded "Why don't you see' the unbloomed buds suddenly grew and blosumed so huge unlike their tatered hurt looking selves "You are these blosums set ot cary out great things and lvoe others tatered like you who just need extra push... A woman is the most glorious of all blosums she feeds the roots and states ehr mind she does her own thing and knows the wisest of all things. She hold men true, but can be the boldest of heroes in all time. FOr a woman bolder then any man will sacrifice all she knows for the love of goodness of man or her people and friends. YOur my flowers have withered in your times to soon before you popped but you soon will see you are meant to bloom just like the flowre. For the smallest fot hem can grow to become teh biggest, brightest and most special of them al in both big and little ways. IN a way I think you will amke both big and little ways of change making them all special. Both to someone you know and to a larger picture. You were meant to bloom for such it has always been part of you who you were, you just have ran from seeing it... But soon you will see... Just follow your heart and all you see will be guided on a path before you.

"Open your heart and see what you refuse not"

THose words echoed as she oepend her eyes to see the sky, sighign she still felt strange her best friend and her soon woke that very day to find they had the same strange dreams

Sighing she shook her ehad, but suddenly she felt something in her hand and heard that vocie ehco Open your heart so you will always see what's before you... Open you heart. it echoed as if he were in the very coc pit. Looking down at her hand feeling something soft. SHe gasped to see their in her hand was a tattered worn berry bloom, and their before her eyes like magic or sparkling light of angels it blomed within her hands to ecome just as big an exact replica of that which was in her dream.

SHe heard her fathers vocie so strong and true yet valorous and loving "Never forget me dear sweat freckle never forget."

"I won't I promise' she whispered cuddlign the flower close to her heart.

"What was that?" Crane asked as she was quick to hide the flower throwing it under her seat so he would not see. "Oh nothign.. Just... Just talkign to m
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Oh well Emmydisney17, I absolutly loved all of it, I hope when the third movie comes out (at least I hope there is a third) if there is a third I hope you continue with this awesomely terrific story... ;)

I really loved this chapter, sweet and awesome. I almost was afraid part way that you killed the parents off... Well that's good that you didn't :) what a sad ending that would be...

I'm so glad to have read this adventerous extravaganza :) I loved it so much and always looked forward to the updates... I'm sad to say goodbye on this note, seeing this is the end of this chapter... But I'm sure you will see me in many of your otherstories sometime soon, that's a definite cause your one AMAZING FUN Writer :) :D And that's something to cheer about, cause this story is so fun and amazing...

I can't wait to read other stories you have up your sleave. I also hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks once again for such a wonderful amazing story... Till next time TTFN TA TA FOR NOW, HTTTYS HOPE TO TALK TO YOU SOON... BLURR GIRLL OUTIE :) ;D :D ;) HAVE ONE AMAZING DAY, NEW YEAR AND MANY MORE ADVENTERS TO WRITE AND SPARE AHEAD THIS YEAR... Thanks and wishing you all the best and thanks with many more encouraging applauding words and frases I thank you (over a billion times again ;) :)... I know that's alot but I really can't thank you enough you diserve it, all of it and more 'a box full of thanks' as my friends used to joke when very grateful over something ;) lol) for this entire story and all you have done to write a sequal to fit with the second movie... Thank you again... Farwell for now :) ;) SEE YOU NEXT TIME, YOU CAN COUNT ON THAT ;) Bye Bye :) ;D :D ;)
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Now what to say, what to say... Hhhhhmmmmm ;/ ; ;\ : ;/ ; ;\ !

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~I know what I would want to say...~

I love that YES FINALLY all us readers get to know what exactly the parents reactions were to the... well uh sudden cercumstances they found themselves in... Though I'm still a little confused if they indeed had been canibales in this 'strange land' I now am sure, and would doubt they were... At least from the sound of things, though I hope the others (furious five) could and would realize this sooner then later...

Awesome their dad was the big tough father figure in the very end... well before his defeat... Yet still waita go... LOL ;)

At least the twins and their spouses know the truth, sad the parents weren't barried... Love everyones reactions to everything, I think I either laughed most (two nights ago when I was able to read it) when Dylan said "Seesh, look at the mess." Or when Al-ho and Yu-pa's father made some spoof on the 'We're not in Kansas anymore Wizard of Oz spiffy joke... ;) Nice going..

I absolutly loved this chapter heart ache, excitment, sadness, spoofiness, gagging laughs in all... It was totally great, and I just can't wait for more...

Most importantly I hope you update really soon, though with this being around school in all I can understand if your not able to update too soon... I will just patiently be waiting till you update once again, it's such a good story I can't wait for more of the exciting adventure :)...

I really can't wait to see or well read what will happen to the twins and their family next... Especially with the epic fight scene coming up... I have so many ideas of things that could happen, I just can't wait to find out what really will...

I also wonder if the Furious five have some remorse/regret after the way they sorta treated their friends/teammates, when you know the peackock gloats in their faces so proudly etc in the movie... It would be nice to see something like that, I mean I've been also wondering about that scene...

Well I can't wait to see what does happen next... I know whatever it is, it will be absolutly amazing... Well till next time I bid thee adu, Farwell.. And say TTFN TA TA FOR NOW, HOPE TO TALK TO YOU SOON... Bye and thanks once again for everything, such and amazing chapter and one incredible story :) ;) :D ;D
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Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Everyone... well mostly everyone made up, and had a nice group moment :) What a sweet thing :) ;)


I really enjoyed this chapter, it was sweet, heart warming and plain fun... I loved the scene before they snuck into the factory, and I loved the factory scene.

Finally! We get to know why Shen was completly after them... I was wondering if they did infact kill bistandards in this world, or if they infact had animal blankets and the like... Shesh talk about not liking the neighbors, "Honey the cow through a hammer at me time to send him to the end of the line..." sorry bad joke I just couldn't resist...

Nevertheless, if I was one of the characters I would probably say this that the parents were 'idiots! "!"' but hey that's me. I can see why he got all homicidle on them, besides him thinking them as abominations... But hey he's still a psycotic loon. Just saying..

I'm just glad to finally know a little more of why they were killed, it was fun to read.

I'm so proud/really happy that Po did the right thing and stood up for them infront of Po... That was awesome.

And I'm completely giddy to see this chapter up, I've just been waiting for it, I've been so excited I'm so excited you have it up now... I love how you presented this scene, and can't wait for the next it's one of my favorites from the story as well... Thank you so so so so very much for updating, thank you for it was one amazing chapter.

Well I best be going.

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Lets see... Hmmm... Lol It's a no brainer what I want to say first... I 'LOVED' how you brought up the 'human canibalism thing' in the story and around in this chapter ;) I wondered if that would come around, I loved it. Yet I felt absolutly bad for Alho and Yupa, well also the kids etc... But it's a good way for them all to find out... ;) nice one, nice call ;) Sad... Hu so Shen killed the family out of missunderstanding... :(, well at least we know he had other reasons then them being different and him being such a biggest racist oaf... Though it would be nice to know how he came around to find hte book and choose to kill them, that or if the parents went hunting... maybe one of his men... Hmm who knows ;) be nice to see the parents point of view on the matter for fun ;)

I hope they are found soon...

BUt I love that we finally get to see how Po met Alho and Yupa, how did you know I was wondering about that lately... LOL ;) joking, yet true... lol ;)

I really can't wait for you to update.. I can't think of anything else to say then WOW, that was one amazing chapter, keep it up ;) :) cause every chapter becomes more and more amazing ;) :) :D ;D! and Bravo (applause applause) I loved it so much, I really want to find out what happens to Alho and Yupa, I want to know what the others on the side are thinking or saying (I mean the furious five), and I can't wait to find out what happens next, especially the chapter I've been waiting so long to come (the factory/mill scene is one of my all time favorites in the film. SO I can't wait to see it) ;) :) ;D :D Well till next time TA TA and thank you for everythign and updating only a few days ago, it's so great you did... And a all time thanks for your message, it was so sweet and awesome I can't thank you enough it just warmed my heart... Thank you... emmydisney17 you're amazing and incredible :) ;) Till next time Farwell :)...
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I don't blame Po to call the humans... monsters, I just don't
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WOW! ;) :) I really really like what you've done so far :) it's amazing...

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Ok... Hmm where should I start... Well I love all the flash backs, I loved in one of the past chapters where you brought the grandfather in :) that was amazing... Then to start in this chapter I loved how we gotta see some of Dylan and Sophie's past... Also love the jokes here, they were great lol... I really thought they were funny, CLassic Dylan ;) he would totally say something like that...

So they had a controlling mother... Hu understand that side ;) but mines not that controlling... Well counting she forced me to go to the college I didn't wa... well i wanted to go but didn't have my major and wasn't my absolute favorite (which my favorite college that I was excepted in my major and Science and Math, I had been excepted to) and I quote in a argument years ago said "I'm going to fail out of this school if I go here" and forced my dad to change his mind, not to controlling, then yeah.. But it was all good in the end :) sorry this chapter really made me laugh I really can sympothsize with Sophie... Just not completly as my parents support me and don't force me to do somethign I don't... Ok well maybe my mother's getting close to making me go in things i'm unsure of and having the same fights as Sophie had with hers, it's not like she actually would do anything... She's just looking out for me and I get that... But still I realy can relate to her case...

I don't get the problem with the girl Dylan was set up with... She does seem like a maniac, I had a picture of a crazy girl with those desperate faces chacing him when running through my mind when reading that section of the story... So I can realy find it funny... No wonder he ran ;)

Think it was classic the come backs Dylan had with the wolf... Too bad it got him and everyone of the jumans knocked down... ;) :) laughing about the jokes still they were awesome...

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Oh my ... I can't breath. So much. Incredible humor, love it

A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs - jolted by every pebble in the road.

You have ten wheels
xXVen-nificentXx chapter 11 . 1/23/2012
Hahahaha... calling Lord Shen a Christmas Turkey is funny, even the chopsticks factory joke was funny and the other chapters were funny too
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