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Guest chapter 13 . 4/20
You could let Kim and Ron land somewhere with the flying car (ending of kp) and find Grimm. He helped during the invasion, but he and Rhonda are still not together again. He tells them everything and they help him
Luke Danger chapter 13 . 4/3
And, at long fricken last, everything comes crashing down around Grimm's head... and he still can't realize that it's all because he's too dense to see what's right in front of him. And now it's costing him his relationship with Rhonda because she could finally see just what kind of man she had been idolizing all her life: a sociopath who'd never take a risk for a greater cause while happily using those greater causes to shield himself from the wages of his sins.

I'll admit, I am a bit uneasy about the idea of Grimm being the one to piece together a heads up on the incoming invasion, but I suppose it's a necessary evil to have organized resistance - otherwise they'd be trying to get C&C and their equipment online in the middle of being bombed from orbit. Still, the main trick is going to be making sure that Kim and Ron's efforts aren't undermined into something minor going forward.

Grimm realizing that Rhonda was Proxorza was rather low key, and you definitely missed the 'I said I'd collar my girlfriend?!" joke... but then again, that can always pop up as Grimm's trying to piece together how badly he screwed up as he's flying off. Still, I have to say it's great that Rhonda finally got to see who Grimm was without the calm control covering it up and romantic notions dispelled... it's been a long time coming.

And Grimm of course still fails to realize how easy he has it! Man, every time Grimm whines about Kim I'm reminded about who has all the allies in his pocket and who is never able to find anything he doesn't let her find... you know, I'm now really hoping that the GBS sticks his sorry butt into an equivalent of what Kim had to go through. It was brutal enough for Kim, Grimm undergoing the same thing without the needed grounding of a higher motive that Kim has? That's something you could easily make plenty of out. 'course, the question is would it be before or after? After all, Grimm could just try to save Rhonda during it out of some sense of love but still leave the scars that need to heal... lots of options to go from, but man is it something Grimm's been needing for a while... assuming this doesn't go away again next chapter like his glumness about being golemized did.

Speaking of allies, I'll admit much as I think it was appropriate this time since Graduation is a big deal that Kim would be proud to announce, all the times Grimm got info he really shouldn't have had from "blogs" really made me roll my eyes. Which I feel bad about given that it wasn't because it was bad here - it made perfect sense and is just the kind of SIGINT that would be done IRL to pin down a target like Kim... it's just that it had been poisoned after constant repetition of 'lol Kim is vulnerable because she doesn't have a secret identity while Grimm is totally hidden because mommy and daddy are on Uncle Sam's payroll'

I do like how you used Shego's memories of being a golem for taking out the walker - perfectly fit, and TBH I might actually have to consider that for my own stuff, particularly the laser fencing. That was a really nifty idea - I saw it as just being something to contain prisoners, possibly more used for controlling a conquered populace and in combat is just used to pin down the enemy, maybe a top laser to zap them or a valve to dump mustard gas on them, but having the beams close in? Yeah, that's actually pretty nifty, though I imagine if the legs got too disrupted the beams would lose cohesion.

Though, uh, Warhok, you do realize that dropping a walker that blows up a residence has good odds of /killing/ the target, right?

Anyways, good chapter overall with Grimm finally being smacked in the face with how much of a prick he is (to put it mildly) and it genuinely coming up as an issue rather than being brushed aside. Now it just needs to build... though why do I suspect the invasion may get started early? I mean, everyone was still gathered for Graduation when the walkers fell, and dropping a walker near a city seems pretty poor for stealth... I mean, the markers were one thing... but a giant walker? Yeah that's a lot harder to hide even in a world of supervillains...
Guest chapter 1 . 4/3
wonder what Grimm wil do to make it up
Librana chapter 13 . 3/27
I've not had an opportunity to read the last couple of chapters so I started reading the entire story again last night and have just finished to this chapter. This gave me the advantage of following the entire Grimm-Rhonda diverging path arc from its fairly innocuous beginnings to the devastating break in the current has been paralleled by a portrayal of a growing weakness in Grimm's personal situation, whether it be receiving his diploma in near-silence or his cousin's detestation of his lifestyle.

I must admit that until the past couple of chapters, I was a bit unsure about this story. Grimm in particular seemed rather out of character, appearing almost too bashful and uncertain when interacting with his parents, family and especially his schoolmates. Only his conversation pre-graduation with Ms Darken and his attempts to solve the Pinky puzzle felt the real Grimm - arrogant, supremely self-confident and head-gaming. But watching his selfish egocentricity grow worse as the story progressed more than made up for that. And the breaking of the storm has been masterfully handled.

As you will know, there is a body of opinion about the earlier stories that Grimm is too powerful and gets away with too much. In AfiD he appears untouchable, a mercenary with the protection of the DOD, the ability to spy on Wade and Kim without them having the ability to drop the reverse, and even a legal eagle covering his back. Reading the current story I am unsure if you had pre-planned everything or if you are intentionally backtracking on this in response to criticism. From Leigh Gality's change of stance, Ms Darkin's criticism, through growing concerns by his father, and his general obnoxiousness with everyone, especially Jade and Rhonda, Grimm is turning into a pathetic figure who could easily be destined to go through life alone, with money his only comfort. If you were trying to claw back some of his successes previously, you have certainly gone about it the right way! I hope you won't let him off the hook too easily.

But you have given broad hints that all is not yet lost for him. If the Bear Priestess cannot defeat Maze without his help, then I am expecting him to make a return as some point to redeem himself. Whether such an appearance alone will be enough to regain Rhonda's affections must be problematic though. Their world views are now so different that he needs a huge change of orientation towards good, not to mention his attitude to Kim and Ron if he is going to be redeemed. Without such a dramatic character development - and not just improving his 'teamwork' - it is hard to see why his uncle could seriously consider him for a long-term role. Let it not be forgotten that this is the man who unleashed Zorpox on the world. Why he hasn't been locked up already remains a mystery to me.

If I'm being hard on Grimm and not wanting see him get away with a last-minute apparent change of heart, it's because I feel that he has much more to make up for than the events of this story alone. The news in the UK was recently covering the death of Martin McGuinness, a former IRA leader and killer turned statesman. Opinion seemed split here on whether his latter role as a peacemaker sufficiently made up for his earlier terrorism. Many welcomed his death, unable to forgive his earlier life. Others felt that he had redeemed himself, even though he apparently never gave up his core view that IRA terrorism was justified.

I wonder how people will feel about Grimm Probable after this story ends?
CajunBear73 chapter 13 . 3/24
What Grimm was warned about has come to pass. The path he would take, he was so shortsighted about, as all he had grown up to know, to be, came out in this confrontation with Rhonda. His 'big picture' is only as big as he projects it to himself. And he's lost in this regard.

Maze got his 'Eric-901' moment when Grimm took himself out of the picture, as it seems there's more to his partnership with Rhonda than just Team Grimm...

Shego fought for her life with the walker and learned a bit about herself, what she's fighting for and who she is to become.

Dominoes in place, but with wildcards like Ron in the mix, I'm sure plans within plans are going to rile the Lowardians, and Grimm, too before this is over. Remember, there's two 'Chosen Ones' running loose here...

Un83ata813 chapter 13 . 3/24
Why no more deviantart?
nightmaster000 chapter 13 . 3/24
Awesome chapter.
Eddy13 chapter 13 . 3/24
Well, this was a bit brutal. Looks like Grimm and Rhonda have finally gone down their separate paths like it was warned. While I don't know if the fate of the world depends on it, considering we know how the invasion is stopped, I do hope that this isn't it for their relationship. Interesting vision of what Shego went through following Drakken's capture. Guess it would make sense, how else would she know how to take one of them down when she appeared? That said, I was under the belief that Team Probable had helped her find Kim, but I guess she didn't need the help. Also, interesting explanation for why the Lorwardians struck the Possible household before capturing Kim. I just figured that it was a coincidental landing position. Anyway, the real action is going to start and Grimm is going to find out that the Lorwardians moved up their timetable. Once again, I do look forward to the reaction when the Lorwardians hear that their mightiest general has been defeated, not to mention Team Probable's reaction to who did it. Hope you won't keep us waiting too long for the next chapter. Also, I can't help but wonder what will become of Team Probable in the aftermath of this.
Guest chapter 12 . 1/28
Woah! Long chapter.
Very good. Interesting.
The cliff between Grimm and Rhonda is growing bigger and bigger. Grimm really needs to wake up. He knows he is wrong, but won't admit it. Way to go! Not.
I found the piece with Grimm's father very good. I didn't expect that. I wonder what he is going to do? And how he will react when he finds out how Grimm has been treating Rhonda. I think that once he finds that out, he and Grimm will defineatly talk. I would find it very interesting to know more about Grimm's family. I mean, we know how his uncle, father and cousins think about him, but what about the rest. We only had little sneak peaks during A friend in darkness. The same counts for Rhonda's family. About Jade I have only this to say. It sucks girl.
Ps are Lilo and Stitch and other aliens going to make appearence or at least help?
Eddy13 chapter 12 . 1/26
Well, didn't expect to see inserts from the finale in this story. Btw, Drakken being at his lair happened after the Possible household blew up (which I hope you'll give some resolution to unlike the show). I do have to ask, if Kim left her Kimmunicator at home, how was she able to contact Wade during the chase with Warhak and Warmonga? I do hope that Grimm and Rhonda work out these issues between them otherwise their future won't be as bright as Kim and Ron's. Also, I do hope that you give that Pricisilla girl so comeuppance. She's like Bonnie 2.0. Also, interesting that unlike Joss being a fangirl, Josh detests his cousin. Still, I'm hoping that he'll show Jade some sympathy for her plight. A lot of action is apparently going to go down in the next chapter. I just hope that Grimm and Rhonda won't be at each other's throats in the midst of it.
CajunBear73 chapter 12 . 1/26
As an invasion is launched, discord sets in with Team Probable...much of stems from the hubris and pride of their leader and his ego-driven methods.

Grimm seems to believe he can play in the big-leagues, but from the previous musings, it seems that he's really been on a 'job interview' as the stalking horse for several government agencies tasked with protecting the country...and their own interests.

A 'Wilderness of mirrors'...seems to be where Grimm's headed, but as more comes into play, if he makes the wrong turn, especially with Rhonda, he'll be alone on that path into the life he chooses.

Guest chapter 11 . 12/22/2016
I wish you a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Guest chapter 11 . 12/8/2016
Guest chapter 11 . 10/18/2016
update? when?
Guest chapter 11 . 10/5/2016
What is Grimm gonna do?
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