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Northernlight13 chapter 28 . 4/18
The father and Harry argued, Harry left in a huff, and Doll then spirals down to suicide. The only thing I don't like is that there's no trigger warning for suicidal thoughts/actions. That's literally the only problem I have with this fic; the rest I like and reread :)
kyuubilover chapter 25 . 4/9
Continue PLEASE I'll beg if have to!
kyuubilover chapter 28 . 4/9
What about Cealus! poor harry has to try and find a way to get him, why did you make him leave him behind!
Monkshood and Angels-Trumpet chapter 27 . 3/28
Want more want more. sorry need for more leads to zombification. I don't want to be undead!
Guest chapter 13 . 3/24
Not Nuff Romance. :c And the romance it does have is mushy. I don't like Mushy romance. It reminds me of... Mushy things, like... like mud and dirty things. Ech. Give Strong Romance Please :x. Want Strong Romance!
Guest chapter 7 . 3/24
Hmm, alright, I guess if you know what you're doing. Still, rushed romance is just... And is the pairing set in stone? Meh, never mind that, it'snot like I have an acc to get a reply to my request.
Guest chapter 6 . 3/24
Eh. Happened too fast. You're rushing. It's not very entertaining when you rush :c. Bonds don't just build in one day, even if the virtual person in question forces it -_-", that sounds a little like rape, actually. Mech.
Guest chapter 3 . 3/23
Lawl. Well, it just seems a little to similar to the manga, but then again, I haven't read it in awhile.
Guest chapter 28 . 3/22
altruisticfish chapter 28 . 3/22
Hahah! I have just finish posting my review for 'Precious Wings' your Supernatural/Harry Potter story and I was thinking if I should follow the story or your works as a writer. So I thought I check out your other stories only to find that you were also the author that wrote 'A Prince?' Hahah!
I love this story! Can't wait to see what's going to happen next!
From the looks of your story Harry is going to lose his magic but that alright. It really shows the weight of what he is prepared to do to save the souls. I am curious about what impact this will have on Harry. I read this Naruto/Harry Potter story ages ago when Harry gave up his magic resulting in him become slight detached from the world for a while, but with this story you'll need to take into account that he has a soul mate and death magic and :DD
Haha! I think I'll leave you to real life and hopefully writing more *wink wink nudge nudge* but I know that realistically the amount of time one can put to writing if different for everyone but it'd be amazing if you could write more 3
Svren chapter 17 . 3/22
...Trust me to forget something right after my first review.

Naming. Now, I don't know how much you know about it, but usually newborn Chinese children are given two names: an official one and a nickname. For example, Harry's official name would be Wang Fei.

You're missing a nickname in this story.

No one's going to call him Fei. That's just not how it works. Especially because his name is only two characters long instead of three, it's just too short. He would affectionally be known as something else.

The nickname does not have to be "Fei Fei" or something of that sort, though it happens very often. It can be completely unrelated. There just has to be one.
Svren chapter 16 . 3/22
Just some minor Mandarin corrections (I'm fluent, don't worry):

"Dian xia" is actually "Tian xia" if you're using the han-yu-pin-yin version of Mandarin. "Tian" is sky" and "xia" is under; therefore, the emperor is king of all things under the sky.

"Huang hou" does not mean "royal mother." It means "queen." Of course, back then monarchs had many wives and many children, and were very formal with them. In that case, it should be phrased as "the huang hou" (the queen).

Jist a tip that I am unsure if you know; "ge ge" does mean big brother, but it can be used in the literal sense or just as a greeting to someone you consider very close to you. Just because Doll called Harry that would not be enough proof that they were biologically related, in the eyes of the others of the squad.

In regards to your actual writing, I would suggest for you to move away from all the descriptions on Harry's physical attributes. They've already been covered quite extensively, and there'sno need for any more euphisms.
dao chapter 28 . 3/18
animelver14 chapter 28 . 3/12
Great Chapter, I can't wait till the next one :D
SullenFaythe chapter 28 . 3/12
Love this story :)
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