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Disneyqueen chapter 10 . 5/16
I just had to reread this chapter/ story again. The friendship between Quasi and Belle is so endearing. Please tell you are still thinking of posting the next chapter or at lease updating your profile page soon. I am sorry if I am annoying you but I swear this is while not the BEST in literature the emotions and characters truly raise this story to higher quality. :) Please send me a message if you get the chance. Belle and Quasi are the BEST pairing

dreamkeaper chapter 5 . 5/4
A really beautiful chapter. Thank you for writing this story. Your writing talent is an inspiration.
dreamkeaper chapter 1 . 5/2
A really great beginning. I hope you will finish this story one day
geckogirl chapter 13 . 4/1
Absolutely amazing. You did a great job bringing the characters to life and getting inside their heads. I loved the progression of it all. I read it slowly over a few weeks and it definitively brightened my day. I do hope you'll work on it again one day.
gothic rainbow chapter 13 . 8/12/2014
Can you have frollo what to have belle and if h said no she will be hunged.
Can you have Quasi save belle and her father.
Disneyqueen chapter 13 . 5/26/2014
One last review from me with the chapters I have been able to read. While I have praised each chapter with honest love for this story, I do have a few construtive notes for youe future chapters.

While you have captured the characters down, you also have a habit of telling the reader what they are feeling in the narrative. I know it is tricky, but it deepens the characters of their emotions are shown through their actions and words.

Also, like in this chapter, you did not truly describe Clopin when he reappeared. You simply say she found herself looking at Clopin T, and then have her say his name. Instead you could have said, "she found herself facing a tall, skinny man donned in a dark purple preformer' custom. "Oh, Clopin," she cried." It adds to the idea that the section is being told from her piont of view which I think is what you are trying to do.

Another thing to keep in mind, is when you are in the character's piont of view, it is best to keep it there. You are normally good at this, but there are a few times you slip. For example in this chapter when Belle runs into Pheobus, you switch from Belle to Pheobus' perspective. It would have been sharper in keeping it in Belle and then when Belle falls unconsious and Phoebus comes upon her then bring up the face that he had known her from their encouter before when he helped her. For example, cut "It was than that he looked over A's head... at the frightened girl" and such adn havd Belle study him because she has no idea who he is.

I hope these examples made sense, if not feel free to send me a PM and I will try to be clearer. I sincerely hope you are doing well and will update when you can. Thank yo for this incrediable story.

Disneyqueen chapter 13 . 5/26/2014
Hey, this is Disneyqueen

I already reviewed this chapter logged in, and I want to review it again. So onto the review.
The only solace I have is the length of this chapter. Oh the goodbye between Belle and her specail friend. It was so heartbreaking in the bittersweetness of it all. I was reminded of Quasi's song Heaven's Light as he returned to the bell tower after Belle kissed him.

And now the plot truy thickens now. I loved the reapperance of Clopin and Pheobus tryint o help Belle out. It spoke vulomes about both of those characters that even haven not known her they were willing to help. And man I still cannot believe you have left it hanging where it is. PLEASE! Update with a new chapter or update your bio page. You cannot leave us with this. PLEASE! It has been a wonderful story so far and it needs to be continued. :) I have truely fallen in love with this story.

disneyqueen chapter 12 . 5/26/2014
Aw, Belle and Quasi need that happy ending as in her book. :) Thier interactions in their relationship are so sweet. I almost feel like I am becoming Belle in the repetativeness of saying the wordsweet, in terms of the couple. Yet, there are no real words words I can use. They are just such a wonderful, beautiful couple.

While I did find Quasi's realization on him being beautiful (which is true) to be a little rushed, I ma glad he did not go with Belle. He has been taught for twenty years that he is a monster and NO ONE in two weeks is going to just break away from those thoughts. So, while I think it was a little quick, I still enjoyed that area of the chapter.

The dancing was so cute, I could picture it clearly in my mind. I smiled at the referance to Belle's oringal story of having their dance not be a ballroom watlz. :)

The word Freedom was used really well in capturing this whole chapter. I think it truely helped to set up the decisions made at the end of Quasi helping Belle. And aw she left her book with him. My stomach does drop a little in thinking of what his master could do to it. Yikes! Overall, I loved this chapter with Belle and shy Quasi.

I myself dread that the next chapter is the last one I can read right now. However, like Belle I must see what is going on. So on to the last posted chapter.
disneyqueen chapter 11 . 5/26/2014
Oh the plot thickens. I enjoyed how you intergrated Phoebus into the story and yes I am thankful that you are not going to have a triangle form between the captain/Belle/Quasi. To many stories both fanfics and published stories rely on that troupe. In fact you are avioding many of the troupes within the hunchback fanfiction world which I love such as Frollo lusting after Belle in most other stories.

As much I do not wish Quasi harm, I cannot wait for the scene between him and Frollo. You have captured both characters so well that the scene should be really good.

I will have many of my custructuive critism until the end (to help youe future chapters), but one thing is had you given us any distingished feature from Julius (the man who attacked Belle) such as a scar, his hieght, his eyes etc, than us the reader would be able to reconize him without having to be reminded in the narrative that he was the one who attacked her.

In other words, a pysical feature or something would have kept the "True, he left out him and his friends attacking her...". would not hve been needed and it would have helped the story flow better as an overall peice. Nothing to major as it did not disrupt the story, it is just something to keep in mind for future.

I did love the way the Frollo section ended, it just captured the danger of what is to come along with the religuous aspect of Judas' betrayal. Wonderfully written and I am on the edge of my seat.
disneyqueen chapter 10 . 5/26/2014
Yes, these two belong together! :) One of the final images of Belle setting the figurines down in the model village is just perfect.

I loved this chapter, all the ways that shared their own worlds with the other (Belle with the books and Quasi with his bells) was so sweet. They are truely falling for each other. The section with them reading the book still touches me so much. In sharing the activity of reading they were able to connect on a deeper level as reading is normally a solitary (one person) activity. I have no real words for that scene.

With Quasi sharing the bells with her, I enjoyed how it was simular to the film while still being orignal to this piece. I smile when Belle tries to ring the bells, though I am with her, it almost feels strange to imagine someone else ringing them. I cannot wait to see how Emmanuel will factor into the story. A wonderful chapter, capturing their developing friendship.

disneyqueen chapter 9 . 5/22/2014
Oh they finally see each other. I would have liked to see a tiny scene where Quasi said he was going to show himself to her instead of it being told to us, but it is a minor issue.

I really enjoyed how Quasi was singing and that was what partly due Belle to him. Also the way he revealed himself in him hiding under onf the bells and then slowly lifting it up. It kind of reminded me of the sequel to the film (yes it was horrible compared to the orignal, but it had its moments). Nicely done scene.

I wonder however had Belle not gotten to know Quasi over the last few days, what her eaction would have been. While she is one to see past apperances, I also feel that her knowing the kind of person he is played a par of her being able to see past the deformities SO quickly. Any thoughts?

Their climbing all over Notre Dame was pretty cool and I think there was a little bit more fun in those interactions than when Quasi was helping Esmeralda to escape. And oh Quasi is already making a Belle carving that's so sweet. A lovely chapter in truly introducing the characters to each other.
disneyqueen chapter 8 . 5/22/2014
Aw their conversations are so nicely done. I can easily picture their conversation as Belle is exmaning the table of carved figures. And I liked that Belle almost instictively is drawn to the carving of Quasi even though she has yet to see him. I think it adds something to their connection.

I did have a question on Frollo. Why did you go more with the book's backstory in him finding Quasi on the foundling bed since you have gone along with Disney for most of the other aspects of the story so far? I am just wondering.

Onto the next chapter.

disneyqueen chapter 7 . 5/21/2014
Aw so the two finally meet. It doesn't matter if they haven't seen each other face to face, their first conversation was wonderful and in character. And I like that Quasi while haven it been drailed into that differant is bad by Frollo, he has enough of his own mind to start questioning some what he has been taught.

I like that unlike B&TB story, she has a little more reason for being stuck in one location. While she did promose the beast to live with him, I feel her problems more here because both physically she cannot leave with her injured foot and that she coud be arrested, adds to the whole thing.

I did have small question, why now that Belle is awake did the sound of the bells not shock her at all. Ears are very sensative to sound and to have such loud sounds that close, I'm certain her first reaction would have been to clasp her hands over her ears and then eventaully get use to the sound. I guess it's part of Disney magic, but I just thought it would have added a little more realism to the scene. Though that is a minor issue. I loved this chapter as a whole. :)
disneyqueen chapter 6 . 5/21/2014
I loved this chapter. It was so sweet as Quasimodo cared for her with such tenderness. Hi, talking to her and noticing that it felt differant from talking to Frollo and the garygoles was a nice touch. And even his interactions with the archdeacon were very well done. I always wondered if Quasi and the archdeacon from the film ever interacted and I imagine it would be very simular in how you protrayed it.

I know Belle was healing from the tramua of the night before, but part of me says, she is a very heavy sleeper to not have been woken by the bells ringing. :)

Your repeated descriptions of Quasi's strength and skill while pulling the bells is very beautiful in that pysically he might be deformed, but he can still create such beauty tells alot about him as a character. Well done.

disneyqueen chapter 5 . 5/20/2014
Another really good chapter. I did enjoy Epic Quasi as you call him. The fact that here he goes down into the city to defend a woman from harm is what makes Quasi such a good man and I think adds something. In the film, he was more a curious child who wanted to go to the festival, which has its own merits, but I think the way you wrote his first reasons for going beyond the towers works just a little bit better. Also his reactions to holding Belle after he rescuses her is so cute. :) Good job.
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