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Tsurai Shi chapter 64 . 1/18/2015
This is really fantastic, from beginning to end. I realize you haven't updated in a few years, but I wanted to let you know there are people still discovering and enjoying your writing afresh. The sheer amount of interactions between Hawke, Fenris, and the others you've written kept me hooked for three whole days as I read this.

Great job.
Muffy the Dough Slayer chapter 64 . 12/20/2014
Well... I just spent a day reading this... and it hasn't been updated in 2 years... WHYYY...

It is very well written and I have loved reading it so far, though I'm disappointed it ends here :P I really hope you write more to this some day as it is wonderfully written and I have enjoyed it and laughed a lot with the humor and everything. But I understand how life can get in the way, and how your interests can go to other things. But I will still hope for an update in the future!

Thanks for sharing!
Renna-Ray chapter 64 . 3/27/2014
I am completely enthralled with your story! I love the dynamic you've created between fenris and hawke. the humor in the story is wonderful as well, and I find myself giggling out loud. I know it's been a while since you updated and I desperately hope that you haven't abandoned this story. I hope to see more chapters in the future.
CrossroadsLovely chapter 1 . 11/9/2013
I miss this story. is there a reason you haven't updated?
Caitlynn552 chapter 64 . 10/3/2013
Love this story. I wish your link to the other site worked though. Such a pity, I was really hoping to read the rest of it.
Claire chapter 64 . 8/22/2013
I don't know if you ever check this site anymore, as it said this was the last you'd be posting on this site, and it hasn't been updated in over a year- but I had to at least try. When I entering the link on Archive of Our Own (Which, I love that site, by the way!) It gave me the Error 404 saying that the page doesn't exist. I really, really love your story. I read it all in one night. Actually, I stayed up until 7am in the morning reading it. And I can't stand to leave it here- so I'm really hoping you'll get this and maybe give me an accurate link or... something? You're an amazing writer, and you're story has character and plot depth and a good balance. It was more than I bargained for when I went searching for your usual short, FenrisXM!Hawke fanfic that's rated M for obvious reasons. And I'm glad I stumbled upon it.

Anyway, if you do, by some miracle, receive this message, I'd just love to finish your story. (Which, in reality means I'm going to cry if I can't find it somewhere.) You can contact me at (are you allowed to give emails in a review? Well, rules be damned, I'm going to. I suppose I could theoretically read the terms of service and all that but, honestly, even with my fast reading it would probably take me a century. Either way, it's the email I use specifically for online purposes, so It's not like I'm giving away personal information or anything, anyway.) But, back to my original point. Great story, I hope you continue writing, and thank you and... I hope you get this!
Malgraw chapter 64 . 5/12/2013
Hi there .

Well... this is a HUGE story indeed xD I really enjoyed reading this and I love how you captured the "essence" of many of the characters and how you made Hawke's personality to be like. I really liked Isabela's questions to Fenris about his marking xD Very funny and it really screamed Isabela.

Also, another thing, is how you managed to perfectly make a "copy" of Fenris's speach O.o I kind of have that style engraved into my mind lol

I really really enjoy big stories, especially ones as big as this one xD Well, I reached the "end" of the story on this site and I went to the one you told us readers to go to to read it. i went there but it says the page doesn't exist O.o

I copied and did everything several times but the result was the same. I was wondering if you could PM me the link, if you didn't delete that account.

I appreciate if you do and i congratulate you again on this story. The slow romance was wonderful and you made a story where I actually cried (I've only ever cried on 2 other books, which were during character deaths). I've read MANY books and fanfics and it really made me happy that this story made me feel such a wonderful swirl of emotions other stories didn't.

Thanks for writing this and I hope you never stop writing. You have real talent here and you really know how to "touch" people and make them really connect with the characters. I love this story very much and i doubt I'll forget it. In fact, I think I'll even bookmark it and save the link to read it again sometime in the future xD

Awesome work 3
computasaysnoo chapter 31 . 7/9/2012
Yep, and here's the part where I eat my words.

I'm starting to warm to Hawke more now. The slow pace has picked up between Fenris and Hawke and now it's completely real and believable.

The drunken Hawke made my night. The dialogue, again, was so real that it actually made me relate to it. Boy, no-one can forget the feeling of trying to get words out when your brain is tied with the ropes of alcohol. I love how you played with the exact thing I complained about in my last review: The over-usage of naming. You played with Hawke's addiction to addressing Fenris by his name in almost every dialogue with the drunk scene, where he couldn't even get Fen's name out. Absolute perfection! It actually made me like Hawke.

Also, loved the Sebastian and Fenris scene. Seb completely has him figured out and knows more about Fenris than Fenris even knows.

Starting to enjoy this story, and I'm looking forward to the rest :-)
Guest chapter 27 . 7/9/2012
I just finished a story about this length on this website. I can't help but compare. On a positive note, I see some good things in your writings. You're staying very true to the characters (especially Fenris; many writers on FF tend to play down his neurosis and social barriers,) however you didn't so kudos to you.

On a constructive criticism note, there's a few things which weigh everything down in my humble opinion. First, I can't seem to warm to your Hawke. I think it might be because he's either over-the-top happy or engaging in deep conversation during moments when it's not necessary. I can't pinpoint why exactly I'm not feeling anything for this Hawke but I think it might have something to do with the fact he's a little unrealistic. He addresses everyone by their name in almost every dialogue: "Fenris this," "Aveline that," it doesn't reflect real life dialogue as such, because I'd never say: "Lets go to the shop, John," "What're you going to buy in the shop, John?" "Do you like traveling, John?" Replace John with Fenris and we have the dialogue of your Hawke. We understand who you're addressing based on the context so maybe cut out some of the unnecessary naming.

It's wracking my brains to why I can't warm to Hawke. I wish I had an answer - for both our sakes- but I don't yet.

Also, at times I feel like I'm reading a written version of DAII, the game.

I'm willing to read more. If I could offer advise, I'd say that you should keep the conflicts continuing longer and have the characters change and learn from them. The "Sorry, Hawke," "Sorry Fenris," thing is a little tiring.

Anyway, I hope I'm not too harsh because you're a great writer with great descriptions. I just think that with some refining, you could be an even more incredible writer.
I will gladly eat my words if I'm proven wrong by the next chapters, though!

Thanks for all your efforts in writing this :-)
MysticGohan88 chapter 1 . 6/24/2012
Akatsuki Celeste chapter 64 . 6/4/2012
Oh man, poor Aveline... . Just what she doesn't need, right?

And as always, Fenris and Fletcher continue to be utterly adorable.

Sad to hear you won't be updating on - it's the easiest place for me to remember to check updates, lol. I'll write myself a reminder to go to the other site and monitor it.
haggardjax chapter 64 . 6/4/2012
I am most sad to hear that you're moving to another site, although obviously I reespect that you are.

Lovely chapter, it's nice to see Fletcher back to his old self, and for Fenris to be so understanding of it all. I like all the little threads of possible plot that you've laid down leaving us to wonder which ones you're going to follow.

If I PM you my email address would you be willing to drop me a line when you update so I can read it? I can promise you I'll never check the other site otherwise as I'm signed up to so many.

Good chapter, as always.
Vhelan chapter 64 . 6/3/2012
There seems to be some problem with AO3 too, I'm afraid. I can't open any page. Maker's breath... no site to trust your stories with, nowadays. Ugh!

As for the chapter - do I have to mention that Fletcher and Fen-fen are so sweet together that I'm all giddy and warm? And Anders, feeling sorry for our Elf and regretting the way he has been treating him...

The story of Amica - bloody brilliant. So emotional. Sad. Believable. I mean... I CRIED. Really. There're very few stories that make me cry, I'm a tough woman. Love? Nah. Death? No. Little fluffy animals? Nope.

Fenris bearing his heart to Hawke and describing how pathetic and helpless he felt that he had to envision himself somewhere else, with his own home, food, garden, friend... AAAARGH! Maker's arse. And my eyes are glossy again.

Shame on you, Little Leto. -_- Shame on you.

Will be followin' you wherever you go. You can count on me.

With you luck with future chapters. I cannot get enough of 'em.
Ami Metallium chapter 64 . 6/3/2012
Way to ego yourself out of a consistent reader.

I've been following this story since the 4th chapter. Thanks to this site's email alerts I've read each chapter within sevral hours of them being posted (as soon as time alowed).

But the way you put that note, as well as the fact that neither the link you posted or the website itself work on my phone..

There is no way I would have time to sit down at my computer, hunt for your story just to see if it's been updated. Let alone read it, regardless of how much I enjoyed reading it and how happy I was when I got the email saying you updated.

I fail to see how not putting in the effort to post to more then one site comes from anything but a hurt ego. And that's something else I don't have time for.
david9999 chapter 63 . 5/26/2012
Hey. :)

I liked this chapter it was moving so fast along,

how did you do that ?

It's nice to see Fletcher is slowly is on the mend.

I just hope the rest of his friend makes it out of the deeproads with their mind's sane.

Have a good weekend,



P.S I liked the video clip.
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